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Stage 11

Tour de Fleece – Stage 10

Spinning this silk / merino blend so far has been the most enjoyable experience I’ve had. I’m spinning it from the fold (from the tip) and it’s so easy to control. Really glad I decided to swap things up.

Stage 8 & 9

On Stage 8 I decided enough was enough. I filled a bobbin with rambouillet and then on stage 9 I plyed it, and started on something a lot more fun. I’m really enjoying spinning from the fold.

Stage 7

Tour de Fleece is going well, but I’m getting a bit tired of spinning the rambouillet.. especially because I’m still finding it very difficult.

Stage 6 – Tour de Fleece

At least I’m managing to spin a little bit every day!

Stage 5

I’m frustrated with my spinning today. I attempted to draft my rambouillet but it’s a difficult product, and I need way more experience. Instead I decided to ply my red/white wool of the andes together from knitpicks, and this is what I have left on the bobbin.

TDF Stage 4

Stage 3

I finished spinning the rest of my wool of the andes, and so tomorrow I’m going to ply and then prep the rambouillet for spinning!

TDF Stage 2

TDF Stage 1

You might see quite a few spinning posts over the month of July as I participate in Tour de Fleece. Each day I’ll be aiming to spin for at least 15 minutes, working through some fiber I’ve had stockpiled. I’m trying to get more consistent in my spinning, and get a better feel for my wheel.

Wish me luck!

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