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Tour de Fleece Goals

July 6th is coming up fast, and I’m so excited to be participating in Tour de Fleece for the first time. I’ve joined the twitch team, and these are my goals:

  • spin every day
  • spin a sweaters worth
  • spin at least 100g worth

For a challenge to myself, I’m trying to spin consistently. I don’t want huge thick spots mixed with really thin spots. I want to find a nice fingering / sport weight. I know this will come with practice (and more practice). I want to be able to use my yarn, and even though I know I knit a hat with the last stuff, I’d love it so much more if it didn’t have such varying thicknesses.

Happy Canada Day

I’m very proud to be Canadian, and a part of this family pictured above. Be safe, and have a lovely holiday everyone!

A Hat

I took that handspun from yesterday and knit my first handspun item – a hat, which my son has claimed. It’s rustic but I love it and I’m pretty proud. It just solidifies my desire to own a small flock of my own one day.

Spinning Yarn

I managed to finish spinning all of my wool of the andes comb top. I believe it’s just shy of 4oz, and I’d say the yarn is a mixture of bulky and DK weight. I decided to ply it, so it’s 2 ply yarn and I couldn’t be more excited with the results. I have some pretty hefty inspiration for spinning, my instagram is completely filled with amazing fiber artists from all over Canada and I can only hope that one day I come close to their skill. For now, I just need to keep practicing.

Happy 13th Blog Birthday

That’s right, June 25th 2006 was the very first blog post I posted here. The URL may have changed, but the blog has remained pretty much the same over that time. I’ve talked about my love of gaming and I’ve done my best to keep a positive attitude about it all. Over the years I’ve tossed in some other hobbies, but I think the style has remained pretty consistent.

I’ve had numerous opportunities present themselves to me because of writing here. I’ve met some amazing people. It was because of my posts here that I got a job with Beckett Massive Online Gamer when that magazine was around. I wrote about Aion, EQ2, Wizard 101, and other games. From there I moved to working with the good people at SOE, I flew to California and met the team of Vanguard, and when Beckett MOG shut down, I landed a job with Carbine Studios. I swapped around a bit there and found myself with NCSOFT.

I eventually gave that job up and focused on starting my family and being a full time Mom, which is where I’m at now. My son is almost 3, and my daughter is almost 1. When I started the blog I was living in Ottawa Ontario. I moved to Kelowna, British Columbia – and now I live in Saskatchewan. I got married. Friends have passed away, and new friends have been made. It has been quite amazing to think back about these things.

Over 13 years I’ve made 3,482 (now 3,483 after this one) posts. Some have been thoughtful in-depth assessments of games and other posts have been nothing but a screen shot. I think that no matter what, I’ve kept true to myself.

Happy Birthday, to me. Here’s to 13 more!

New Yarn

I bought some amazing new yarn from Incyanity, a shop that recently opened. The colours are Into the Blue, a mystery bamboo blend, and a mulberry silk called Canadian Fall. I couldn’t be happier with the product. The colours are vibrant and true to the pictures, and I’m already trying to decide which patterns I want to use to knit them up. I have a shirt in mind for Into the Blue, though I haven’t purchased it off of ravelry yet. I’m thinking this Love Note by TinCanKnits would be perfect.


Silver Fox

Spotted this little guy today as we were out at a Provincial Park. It took me a while to identify, but turns out it’s a silver fox. Cute!


Spinning Motivation

There are some folks on instagram who are amazing at the craft of spinning yarn – and I hope one day I’m just as good. Look up the hashtag #spinnersofinstagram and you’ll see what I mean!

To get better at something like this you have to practice every day, just like any other skill that involves muscle memory. I’m hoping that a year from now I can look back and see a clear line of progress in my spinning, too.

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