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Just Playing Around

Didn’t turn out exactly how I had hoped, but spent another evening relaxing doing this instead of any gaming. 11,759 words into NaNoWriMo. Full version is of course far better and can be found here. There’s a million mistakes that I can see and 0 post work done, I want to add sparklies and what not to the version I have planned in my head. Was attempting my wood elf illusionist stargrace, who has that weird hair style of two little pom pom bits on either side. Background is actually a photograph of the sky today here in Ottawa. Hope everyone else had an amazing day gaming. 


Chosen of Innoruuk

Please do me a favour and go see this one in full view over here. Click on the image to enlarge from my DeviantART site. This is a picture of Silhouette, my coercer. The background is a screenshot of Everfrost, no post work done to it. That new video card comes in handy some times. I spent a little bit of time playing in Fallen Gate today with Said, power leveling him with my monk (who happened to hit level 50). I didn’t get a chance to play after that, and I wanted to spend the evening before bed relaxing, so the image above is what I came up with. I hit my NaNoWriMo goal today of 7,980 words. The story was starting to feel a little bit forced though, so I stopped there for now. I was going to plan out some ideas for it during the course of the day but that didn’t work out, go figure. 

I’m really happy with this image, and have a few more in mind. Can’t help that they all seem to follow a fantasy setting as that’s what I’m partial to, but I hope everyone enjoys it.

2:55am Art

Issues sleeping tonight so I did a bit of art. Full version looks way better, you can find it here. Isn’t insomnia grand?

Everyone Starts Somewhere

3D rendition of my wood elf illusionist – Stargrace. 

Believe it or not Stargrace actually has a history behind her. At least in EQ2 (and I mean the character obviously, and not my rl persona). She’s got a sister, Arysh D’Verilex – who’s a Teir’Dal. 

Stargrace is possessed by an evil spirit, Silhouette (who happens to be a Teir’Dal coercer, the opposite of the illusionist). Which is why no one ever sees them together. Stargrace shuns the Teir’Dal connection in her family, and that’s where Silhouette comes into play, since she’s all for promoting the family name and doing Innoruuk’s work. I actually played all of this out when I was on Antonia Bayle (roleplay server) but it’s been ages since I’ve added to the story any. It’s difficult now that I’m not on an rp server, as people tend to snicker and point if you attempt any such thing on Najena.

Anyhow, nice way to spend a Friday afternoon. Enjoy the long weekend those who are celebrating turkey day (all my Canadian friends).

Between Worlds

Okies. I like this one, a lot. It was a lot of work, I know it’s not perfect. I’ll see about fixing some portions tomorrow when I’m more awake. 

Do me a favour and view it full sized here. There’s no way the one above does it justice. Hope everyone has a fantastic night!

Fall Elf

Bleh. I was trying too hard today and it shows. I know her eyes are completely off, when I started I had not planned on putting the bits of fire and fairy around her fingers, so I had her looking off in the distant at something. The origional isn’t even worth linking, it’s bigger and her eyes are more noticeable. I have spring and summer left, I’ll have to wait until I’m in a better mood though I think. Feeling slightly stressed about life and I had wanted to try to relax with some art.

A Beautiful Night

Absolutely amazing sunset tonight. Taken with my Olympus E-410, you can see the full version of it on my DeviantART site here. I love sunsets like this. They make me think about life and just be thankful for everything that I have. I’m not sure if things are how I thought they would be when I look back on it, but I know I’m exceptionally lucky. I have great friends, a caring family, and despite the bumps that come along I know I’m a good person. 

Have a great weekend folks.

Winter Elf

Full version is of course better, thinking of doing some seasonal elves and this one is winter. I haven’t gotten the hang of doing too much post work yet, it’s a slow process. Having fun though, what better way to spend a Friday morning. 

There are a few things I can see wrong with the image, and I had really hopped to get working on some spell particles, but with the snow in the background I didn’t want the image to become busy. We’ll have to see how the other seasons turn out.


Keeping out of trouble on a typical Friday by doing more artwork.. the full version can be seen on my deviantART site if you’re interested.. the smaller version doesn’t do it justice. It started out as an image of Silhouette (coercer) but I couldn’t figure out what I wanted to do with it so instead it came out as this. Can’t complain I suppose.

Quiet Nights

Didn’t get a chance to game tonight, but I did play some Vanguard earlier in the day and managed to hit level 9 in diplomacy. More about that tomorrow though.

I logged into EQ2 as well today, though just briefly to check sales (which were far and few between, though I can’t exactly complain as I don’t have much for sale). I was contemplating leveling Stargrace (who has been neglected for quite some time now) to 80 and to have her join the other 80’s I have, but the thought of RoK quest grinding just made me log out. Maybe another day. 

In the mean time, my latest bit of artwork. It’s titled ‘Reaching Beyond’ and I added a frame and some text to the final version of it, didn’t want it to be any larger then it already is though for this post. It looks way better in it’s original dimensions. If you’re keen on seeing it let me know. 

I hope everyone has a fantastic end-of-week no matter where you are.

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