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TWO Non-Gaming Posts?!

I know, I felt the shiver too as hell froze over. Looking at my Xfire profile, I had to chuckle. On the weekends I typically have a lot of hours in game and my Xfire profile hovers around 70-89 hours a week. Of course a lot of that time is spent AFK while I do other things, or just chattering while I run other programs. While I’m working on art projects I try (some times unsuccessfully) to close down all other programs, and keep my chat programs to a minimum because I’ll just get distracted and not get anything done.

Anyhow. Since I’ve been spending far more time doing 3D rendering then anything else lately, Xfire dropped from 89 hours to 50. It was at 48 yesterday but I played a little bit last night.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with it (as is obvious by the post) and don’t get me wrong, I’m still in Eq2 as well. In fact today I think I’m going to finally get my miniature replica of the Temple of Life, as well as finish those harvesting quests for guild halls and we’ll see what else comes along. Sorry to those who are not interested in reading about anything aside from my gaming experiences, but I typically do try to keep them at a minimum. If you’re interested in looking at the detail work from the picture above, check out this image here. LOTS of details that you can’t really see in the over all picture (especially since it’s re-sized for this site). Anyhow. Enjoy!

P.S. Yes, Openendge, that one’s for you

Not About Gaming.. This Time

For once, I did not spend the evening gaming. I know, I almost thought hell froze over too. Instead I spent it lost in DAZ Studio – a 3D rendering program that I’ve been (slowly) trying to teach to myself. Tonight was the first night I actually felt like I ‘completed’ an image, instead of just worked on portions trying to learn the program. I know, there are lots of issues, the floor especially.

The image was rendered in DAZ Studio, and then post work was done in Photoshop CS2, no doubt I’ll be linking my DeviantART gallery here some to show off random bits. I realize it’s not the greatest, but hey everyone needs a hobby (or two or three).

Shameless Art Plug

A shameless plug for some of my art work I’ve got over at DeviantART. Who says all I do is game! This Christmas I was given my first ever SLR digital camera, an Olympus E-410, and I love it. I’m typically a pen and ink sort of artist as is apparent by some of my earlier pieces, but recently switched away from traditional art to delve more into photography. I’m still meandering my way through the phone book sized manual, but am having a blast with it in the mean time.

Ideally, I’d like the bit of code up above to go into one of my side bars in my wordpress template, but I use widgets, and have no idea how to go about that. I’m not a web designer, though it’s always one of those ‘things’ I’d love to teach myself. Speaking of teaching myself – I’ll be (hopefully) getting into HDR and tone mapping here in photography shortly. Should lead to some interesting pictures.

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