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Legacy Family Shenanigans in The Sims 4

06-20-15_4-08 PM

What’s new in the realm of The Sims 4? Well, they quietly released another ‘stuff’ pack. This one is ‘Perfect Patio’ and costs $9.99. Included is 32 new items, and 12 new outfits. The previous stuff pack was Luxury Party, and included 12 new build items, and 40 new outfit items. It was also priced at $9.99. The game still has a lot of bugs (at least for me). One of them has been around since release, and it’s where my screen goes black every time I try to place anything I buy in build mode. Of course there is a work around (I can change the resolution, save it, change the resolution back, and it fixes the issue for that gameplay session) but I shouldn’t have to do that every time I want to build anything in-game. Of course mine is just one smaller problem with a workaround, where there are many others who have bigger issues (and who have no workarounds). Yes, I bought both stuff packs. There are stuff packs for $9.99, game packs for $19.99 (Outdoor Retreat), expansions for $39.99 (Get to work) and the base game. Right now these are all on sale, too. Unless you happen to be a big fan of the franchise (which I am) I wouldn’t go spending money for anything other than Get to Work, and the base game.

My legacy family ended up bugged in my last session. I threw a party, and everyone who attended that party decided to stay on the lot, forever. I attempted to move to a new lot and move back – bam, people there. I took my Sim off to a little mini vacation, and when she returned, yep, people. Eventually I ended up selling the lot and moving to a new map all together, which IS against the legacy family rules, but I didn’t want to have to start my game completely over. My sim already has a pretty robust history, and is established with her family (or what remains of it).

So Jessica Little lives with her daughter Emily. Her husband has passed on, his grave sits in the backyard under a lovely tree. They managed to save up enough money for a lovely home, and Emily goes to school full time. Jessica hasn’t found anyone to replace her deceased husband, but that’s alright because he rises out from the grave every night to keep the family company when he can anyway. I haven’t gotten very far with my legacy, only on the first round of children, but I’m hoping with a few gameplay sessions I can expand that. Now that they have a comfortable nest egg, it’s time to see who Emily is interested in as a potential mate..

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

What am I playing? LOTS!

Screenshot_20150305_164319I’ve probably played more games in the last week than I did most of last year. Part of that is due to having a bit more time on my hands than normal (hopefully a temporary situation that will be resolved by the end of this month) and part of that is because there are just so many wonderful games out there.

EverQuest2: My defiler is still only level 95, but she did manage to reach level 100 in tailoring. Crafting is an odd duck with the latest expansion, Altar of Malice. Doing the crafting quests themselves won’t get you to level 100, and grinding out writs goes quite slow – however, doing the daily craft mission will easily net you 30% experience, and doing the weekly got me an entire level. Missions re-set on Wednesdays. You can find me in game on Antonia Bayle as Stargrace.

Cities: Skylines: This game just released, and it’s so much fun. In fact it’s everything that I wanted from SimCity, at half the price. There’s an enormous mod community and enough content to keep me satisfied for quite some time. Well worth the cost, and I highly recommend it if you’re into the city building games at all.

Elder Scrolls Online: I just started playing this. It apparently starts going free to play on Tuesday. I’ve had a subscription for quite some time because I did some alpha testing on their billing system, but I never actually played. It wasn’t because of any drastic reason, I simply didn’t have the time. The game is beautiful but I’m not far enough into it to make any other calls about the game quite yet.

EVE Online: Still training skills, still working on faction, PI, and all of that good stuff. EVE Online is still one of the best games I have to relax with. That’s right, even though the skies are filled with pirates and horrible people looking to scam and pod you, it’s still relaxing.

FFXIV: I’ve started a new character on Cactuar. I’m hoping to go white mage, but I’m taking my time and things are moving along slowly. I believe my character name is Velours Reveurs for those looking to add me to their friends list. This game is absolutely gorgeous, and I’m hoping to keep it on my rotation. We’ll have to see how things go though.

Minecraft: I’m running The Dark Trilogy as a server right now for some friends. I’ve created a portal to the Twilight Forest, as well as a portal to the Nether. There are some really awesome mods in this pack, and I’m having a blast. I’m hopping to get some nether quartz so I can make some furniture that comes in a specific pack. Furniture like refrigerators and televisions. Mods really do make this game.

Sims4: Still working on my legacy family. Tristan is going to be the next person to carry the legacy name, and so I’ve been preparing him for adulthood. Right now he’s best friends with a feisty redhead neighbour girl, and they’re promised to each other. Meanwhile Jessica will probably just move into the basement (that’s right, Sims 4 is patching in basements!) and Elizabeth will age gracefully, as she watches her children carry on.

Wizard101: My life wizard is level 27, and I’ve been questing in Marleybone. It’s the home of cats, dogs, rats, and proper manners. Based on 19th century London. It’s also my favourite zone to date. It has been some time since I’ve played and it’s interesting getting back into things, but this is still a fantastic game no matter your age.

WoW: This has been taking a back seat to other games, but I still log in to check my garrison resources and to trade and do the dailies. As others have mentioned, by the time you take care of all of the garrison chores, my game time is already spent for the day. On one hand it’s great to have a reason to log in every day but on the other hand it would be lovely to play the game instead of just playing the garrisons.

The Secret World: A handful of combat wombats have decided to start up in the Secret World. We’re playing the Dragon faction, and while the game has never been a genre that I’m completely comfortable with, it does have one of the best (IMO) quest systems and story lines that I’ve ever participated in. Playing with friends makes it seem a little less scary, and even though I’ve just started (again) I’m looking forward to playing.

Wurm Online: Now that my guard tower is completed, it’s time to work on the rest of my deed along with taking care of my horses. I’ve been trying to breed 5 speeds for a while now and to also breed out the grey colour. It’s coming along well, but it requires time. In between that I’m trying to decide which skill to work on next.

Those are the games that came to my immediate mind when listing what I’m currently actively playing. There’s others I’ve left off the list on purpose – like GW2. I want to get back into the game but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to keep playing. Since it’s a buy to play game, that’s alright. I’m also still playing WildStar, but again it’s very casually and sporadic, so I don’t feel comfortable putting it up there with my ‘most played’ games. What about everyone else? Where are you spending your time these days with so many options available? Let me know in comments!

Sims 4 Legacy Family – Day 2

03-01-15_11-17 AMPlaying a Sims 4 legacy family is a pretty humbling experience. In the screenshot above you can see how Elizabeth started out, a single room with a bathtub, toilet, a cot, some pizza she ordered since she can’t cook, and her penguin TV (which she’s still using). She has the childish trait, so she requires high amount of ‘fun’ in order to keep her mood up, and lets face it, fun isn’t free in this world.

03-02-15_7-31 AMEventually the story progresses. It’s no longer about Elizabeth, but about her children, and providing for them. She managed to fit all of their beds into the house, and can cook them homemade meals, but they have to eat outside. Instead of upgrading her own items she also purchased them an activity table, so they can do arts and crafts. Her entire world becomes about her children and providing for them, so that they can have the best future possible. “J” comes over often to visit with the kids, but continues to turn down Elizabeth whenever she proposes (I think it might be the 8th time or so now).

03-03-15_7-35 PMBy the time the kids are on the brink of turning into teenagers, the house is looking a bit better. While both children are in bed, Elizabeth spends hours (and hours) outside, collecting rocks, flowers, and fruit in order to sell them at a local market for pennies. She has taken to breeding exotic frogs in her inventory for a bit of extra cash. She was able to scrape and pinch enough coin to purchase a second hand computer – this is a big deal, it means she can work from home, and do paper work. Of course now in her current position (assistant to the manager) she requires logic, so she spends a lot of time at the library. The children’s room used to be covered with their artwork, but she had to sell all but one picture in order to afford payment for their rent. Because they live on such a giant plot of land (even though it’s mostly empty) they have incredibly high taxes.

Elizabeth is about to age up, and it’s important she see that her children grow up well. When she’s no longer around they’ll be responsible for keeping the family line going. Both kids are B students, and they’ll have to keep working at things. The best thing that has happened to the family recently was a $1000 that Elizabeth got for staying loyal to her work. Even if her loyalty was out of fear. They’re not the most wealthy family out there, but they have lots of love and laughs. That’s what matters.

A New Legacy Family – Day 1

03-01-15_10-28 AMI deleted my previous legacy family because I was getting frustrated with bugs and issues. Today, I finally found the motivation to begin again. Elizabeth was a single gal, looking to rise up in power at her tech job.

Unfortunately things did not start very well for Lizzy. She met and fell in love with “J” – he didn’t bother giving her his full name. They dated a few times and things seemed to be going well. Key word there, seemed. Lizzy proposed, thinking that was the natural progression of things – but J had other ideas, and declined. Three times.

Little did he know that Lizzy was actually with child.

Little did SHE know that it was twins.

So that’s where I’m at now. Lizzy doesn’t make enough money to afford a computer, so she finds it hard to get promotions at work. She spends as much time with the twins (Tristan and Jessica) as she can, but they tend to spend a lot of time at daycare. Their house at least has four walls now which is a bonus. Tristan and Jessica aged up and spend most of their time doing homework. They share a room at the moment, with Elizabeth. The house only has two rooms, and the 2nd one is a bathroom-kitchen-livingroom all combined into one. That’s how houses are made these days, right?

I’m hoping to make it past the 2nd generation this time! For some reason I always seem to lose track of the legacy family after the 3rd generation or so, and I’d really like to play through to the 10th! We’ll see how it goes.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

An Expansion In the Works (Sims 4)

It was only a matter of time before EA released information about the first Sims 4 expansion, and now we finally have those details. Their first expansion will be called “Get to Work” and includes three new careers for your Sims.

I was personally hoping for a pet expansion, but I don’t think we’ll get one for some time. The expansion releases in April of this year, only a few months away. Players will be able to choose from careers like doctor, scientist, and investigator. One feature that we started seeing at the tail end of the Sims 3 is the ability to create retail businesses, and that is included in the first expansion of the Sims 4. You’ll be able to create bakeries, clothing boutiques, art galleries, bookstores, and basically whatever else your little sims heart desires.

Aliens will also be making a return, but this feels like less of an expansion feature and more like something that should have been included in the base game that is finally ‘done’ and they decided to tack it on as a feature.

Of course I’m excited about the expansion, even if it isn’t pets. I’m hoping EA also goes through and eliminates some of the bugs we’ve had since release, and I hope the expansion gets off to a good start. I’ve been afraid to patch lately because of the latest fiasco, and EA doesn’t exactly have the best of track records.

Do you plan on picking the expansion up? Are you sticking with Sims 3 for now until 4 has a good backing behind it? Let me know in comments!

The Sims 4 – Outdoor Retreat(soon)

09-06-14_3-00 AMBig news has been coming out about Sims 4 this week. Well, big news for me at least. A release date was set for Outdoor Retreat, which is basically a “stuff” package if you’re familiar with previous sims expansions, but here it’s called a “game pack” that is going to release next week. An exact date next week hasn’t been given yet, but of course I’m looking forward to it. The game pack costs $20,  and adds a bunch of new features for your lovely sim families including a herbalist skill. Your sim family will be able to head to Granite Falls, which is a new world and partake in a bunch of outdoor related activities.

EA also released a mobile version of their Sims 4 gallery in an app on the itunes and google play stores. This lets you browse, favourite, and add to your download list. Great if you’re not at your PC and you want to get a fix of sims 4. The interface is easy to use, and I haven’t had any issues getting it to work so far. In fact I quite like browsing the gallery to see what other people have created, especially when I’m in the mood to play the game and not decorate (it happens, rarely). Lately I have been looking at unfurnished homes, and then designing the interior myself once I have downloaded a new home that catches my eye. Designing the structure of a home is something I don’t always feel like doing, mine end up square blocks of ugly, but I love interior design.

There are still a lot of aspects I miss from Sims 3 (most notably the expansions and the open world feel) but I also think they have done an amazing job with Sims 4 and that it will come into its own with time. Once we get some real expansions and maybe a better ‘feel’ for the world (I really want a pet expansion) I can certainly see myself spending a lot of time playing (not that I don’t already spend a lot of time playing).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Recent Sims 4 Updates

12-19-14_1-27 PM-3There have been a handful of great updates for the Sims 4 lately, and of course I had to check them out. Unfortunately one of the biggest problems I have (my screen going black every time I enter design mode and want to purchase an item) still has no permanent solution. I’m still able to temporarily fix this problem, but dang it gets frustrating.

A small handful of free content has been added to the game so far, mostly quality of life changes that were needed. One of the more recent updates included a bunch of career additions, along with some Christmas decor, which I was excited to get. My legacy house (pictured above) got a bit of a makeover with some snowmen, wreaths, and garland – plus a Christmas tree, of course. It’s not quite as good as the ‘seasons’ expansion from Sims 3 (there’s no actual holiday) but at least it’s something.

On the career side of things, there were some bigger changes. Your sims get PTO now, along with family leave. Even my little Emily who is still in elementary school gets to take a few days off of school if she wants (I’m not sure if that’s intended). New careers were added, such as business and athletic career tracks. Plus there were a whole lot of other changes which you can read about on the EA site here.

Excited? Yes, yes I am.

The Legacy Family Continues (Alonzo Does Not)

12-09-14_4-28 PM

Ah, my poor neglected legacy family. With rumors of a careers update just around the corner, I decided it was well past time I returned to the Sims 4 and see how everyone was doing. When we last visited, the family consisted of Jessica Little (founding sim), Alonzo (her elderly husband) and Emily Little, their daughter. At some point I decided to scrap their entire home and start them over new. The place I created for them was a disaster. Jessica works as a writer, Alonzo a programmer, and Emily was just going to school and doing whatever it is that kids do.

I knew it wouldn’t be long before Death came to visit the family due to Alonzo’s age, but what I wasn’t prepared for was Emily’s quiet acceptance of the death, and befriending of Death himself. Screenshot above shows the two hanging out like best mates, discussing cartoons on TV. I haven’t decided at this time if Jessica will remarry, or if her and Alonzo had the sort of relationship that lasts through the ages. I did begin a graveyard in the back yard, I figure when possible all legacy family members should have a grave there.

Emily is focusing on her creative talents and spends a lot of time with her violin. At those times I turn the volume down because dang that kid just does not play well AT ALL. The home that I eventually remodeled for them includes 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, and while that may seem like an enormous home it actually only cost $27,000 and is quite small (especially compared to their gigantic plot of land). I’m hoping to get some time to have Emily age up and begin on the second generation of legacy family members, but I’m enjoying the slow progression.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

10-25-14_6-28 PM


Content Locked Behind Levels?


In games (especially in MMOs with linear progression) I expect that certain content will be ‘locked’ behind levels. Things like raid content especially. Then there are games that seem to lock everything behind obtaining some magical number, and those games I’m not quite as fond of. I feel that locking content, behind levels in specific, deters a certain group of gamers who may otherwise enjoy that aspect of the game and continue to play because of it.

Lets take housing for example. In WildStar housing is locked behind obtaining level 14. Now, that’s not a huge amount of leveling in the grand scheme of things, but then there are fabkits and other useful housing items that are also level locked. Even some decor is locked behind a level. Motivating people to play your way is one method of doing things, sure, but for the truly casual gamer all this will do is deter them from sticking around.

In games like EQ2 housing (in specific) is not restricted by level. Casual and hardcore alike are free to decorate to their hearts content starting at level 1. Aspects of housing, are of course locked. For example if you want the best of the best, you’ll need to work towards it. Working towards it does not always include leveling or adventuring. It could include finding methods of earning in-game currency in order to afford the items you want, or hiring players who are level appropriate to obtain rare items for you. There are workarounds to getting what you want.

How do you feel about games locking content behind levels? Does it have to be this way? Does it not matter to you any more because it’s simply the way things have always been? When World of Warcraft released Warlords I was pretty excited about garrison, but then I saw how locked behind leveling they were. It’s great for your main and your first run through the content, but what about all those alts who wanted to have a garrison too.

Is there a point to playing games where everything is just handed to you and there is no progression locked behind levels? Even Sims 4 has gone the rout of locked content where you need to level up your skills before obtaining certain house items – though this can be bypassed with cheats at least.


Lets go Swimming!


Yesterday it was announced that pools were finally making it into game, a long awaited feature that most expected would go live when Sims 4 released. Unfortunately time doesn’t always work  on our side, and the ability to swim or create pools had to be left out. I understand that time is a precious thing, and even though it’s easy to say “well, if all the features are not ready, postpone the release date!” the video game industry doesn’t always work that way. Sometimes you need to release your product no matter what you have ready to go.

Others made comments of disbelief that this was a free update. EA is well known for their nickel and dime routines, especially when it comes to the Sims franchise. I wasn’t surprised that this was a free DLC, after all it is a basic function that should have been released with the base game. Now EA comes off as “the good guys” when they finally release their content. I have no doubt that once the basics get implemented they’ll go back to releasing paid for content.

That being said – I am very happy that pools were added. Of course that means there’s a new way to kill your sims.

There were other bug fixes that were added with this patch, unfortunately the one that turns my screen completely black when I make any purchases in build mode until I change the resolution of the game and then change it back, is not fixed. I’m glad that this glitch has a temporary fix (that I have to do every time I play) because I’m sure there are other glitches out there that are not solved so easily, which may account for why it hasn’t been addressed yet.

Have you created a pool yet? Are your sims now living the high life? Let me know what you think in comments!

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