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Legacy Family Adventures

10-25-14_6-28 PM

I love that your sims can play the sims on their computers. The screen is a bit hard to see, but that’s what Alfonzo is playing above. I spent a bit of time with my legacy family during extra life, but aside from that I haven’t had a lot of time to play. Emily aged up from baby, and changed colours which I found amusing. She had a good childhood and I picked two positive traits for her. As soon as she aged up the family decided to throw a party, so she missed school and everyone missed work. I decided that was alright, at least for one day.

The screenshot I actually wanted to use was when Alfonzo caught on fire as he cooked dinner, and then set fire to the rest of the house. Unfortunately I must have been too caught up in the moment and so I missed it. I was hoping (secretly, of course) that the grim reaper would pay him a visit, after all he IS an elder with a frail heart, but alas he pulled through just fine (after a shower or two).

Jessica (the founding sim) is still working on being an author. She has published two children’s books so far. One was titled something about not eating your turtles in kindergarten (game generated title), and the second one I named after my extralife stream for a bit of flavour. Their house is growing very slowly, I find making money in Sims 4 much harder than it was in 3. Not a bad thing, but it does make the game move slower.

Their party was a huge success, and I loved that I was able to choose spooky theme music thanks to an update a few weeks back. I still haven’t seen any ghosts in my game, I have been avoiding reading up on any details and was hoping I would just fall into it naturally. Of course there’s still time.

I’m really excited about the November patch that will bring pools into play. As the seasons in real life also switch to fall it has me missing certain Sims 3 expansions (like seasons). I get tired of looking at the desert all of the time.

Hopefully the 2nd generation of my legacy family grows up well, and before I know it I’ll be on the 3rd generation. Of course in order for THAT to happen I have to actually play the game..

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Lets Get Married

10-01-14_9-20 AM-2There’s nothing more romantic than proposing to someone in a bathroom, on the first date, while they’re dressed in a hotdog costume.. or is there?

My legacy family is coming along. Jessica Little met up with Alfonzo for a date and they fell madly in love. Jessica decided not to waste any time, and proposed on the spot. Turns out that Alfonzo is an elder, and quite a few days into it already. That bodes well for Jessica, but it does mean they had to start their family as soon as possible in order to continue the legacy. Little Emily was born – and I’m glad it was just one kid instead of a handful.

When they got married Alfonzo came with $20,000 which I used to upgrade the house to an actual home and not just a room with a toilet. They still have to hunt for plants and statues to sell for extra cash as they don’t pull in nearly enough right now to be comfortable, but I am sure that will come with time.

Jessica is taking some time off work right now, but she has aspirations to become a writer. Alfonzo decided to reboot his career and he’s in the IT department, though he doesn’t know anything about what he’s doing.

This was also a week of announcements, as EA finally announced swimming pools coming in November. I’m really looking forward to that. They also included a bunch of halloween features, like ghosts and spooky radio stations. Best of all the content is all free. Who doesn’t like free things!

I’m Loving Sims 4, Here’s Why

09-06-14_3-01 AMThere has been a lot of discussion lately on what Sims 4 is missing. Things that were in previous versions of the games, beyond toddlers and swimming pools, that you won’t find in Sims 4 (yet). Many people comment about how the game is sure to be a cash grab offering players extra features in DLC. It has stirred up quite a lot of controversy, and many of the discussions include reference to people returning to Sims 3 which has an incredibly robust world and is full of features. Of course that happens after so many expansions are released.

For myself, I am completely smitten by The Sims 4, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Are there things missing? Sure. Does it take some getting used to (especially the loading screens) yes, yes it does. Is the game fun? Incredibly.

I love that they have opened up things with the gallery features. Being able to create, save, and upload entire families, houses, or rooms, (as well as download others creations) is fantastic. There are some days I don’t really want to build an entire home, or I need some inspiration. The gallery feature makes this incredibly easy to do within game, and you don’t have to download items from an awkward UI before you load in (or from a web site, as example).

The worlds do initially feel smaller because there are loading screens between almost every location you travel to including your neighbours but now that I have played a few hours it’s starting to fade a bit more into the background and it’s by no means a game breaker for me. The locations you do travel to feel like they have a higher population of people wandering through and there’s loads of interactions to do. Plus there are collectibles in every corner of the map, fishing, dig sites, and frogs. I started breeding them and now my house is overrun. There’s a TON of interaction, and I can’t help but think that now that the major things are taken care of the dev team can focus on adding those little things that we all feel are missing from the game.

I have ran into one major issue, and that’s with the screen going black any time I build / purchase an item from the build screen. It has to do with dual monitors, and there is a work around that includes alt-tabbing and changing the resolution of the game a few times, then swapping it back to the normal resolution. I’m able to continue to play the game normally after this, and it doesn’t prevent me from playing (though I do need to ‘fix’ the game every time I play). Aside from that, I haven’t encountered anything major.

TL;DR? I’m loving the game. It’s fun, intuitive, and I’m willing to overlook the small things that annoy me. I wouldn’t go recommending the game to others quite yet, because I do think a majority of people may feel the game is too lacking, but I think that the game will be even more amazing in a few months time.

What Happened Next?!

09-04-14_12-24 PMI made it to August 31st and posted every single day – and then something happened, and I stopped. Since I moved to BC my PC has been giving me issues. Nothing big, just the odd program not working here and there (microsoft outlook, for one). Problem was that the program that wasn’t working ended up being The Sims 4. One of my most anticipated games for the year. I was pretty heart broken. I got the game to run just fine on my laptop and another computer in the house, but no matter what I tried, it simply wouldn’t run on my main desktop. I tried pretty much everything. I re-installed windows (three times), re-installed Origin, The Sims 4, disabled all firewalls and anti-virus programs. I swapped out the ram, I swapped out my video card, you name it and I tried it.

After attempting almost every possible solution I could, and even talking to an actual person at EA (I know, they exist!) I decided that the last thing it could possibly maybe be, was an issue with my aged first generation i7. In other words it was time to replace my motherboard and processor. There hasn’t been a BIOS update available since 2010, and lets face it, it was time.

So I ordered the components from, they arrived the next day (I love their prices and prompt service) and after a few stressful hours (I have a watercooler that needed installing too) I was faced with a new PC. It was time for the moment of truth. After ALL of this, would The Sims 4 finally run? One thing that I really liked was that I didn’t need to re-install windows when I added the new components. I had to activate it again, but aside from installing new motherboard drivers, it ran perfectly fine.

I swear I held my breath while I loaded the game.

IT WORKED! Finally, days after launch, I was able to get in-game. Everything runs like a dream. I wouldn’t suggest if a game doesn’t work that people should run out and purchase upgrades but in my case it worked. I honestly did attempt every possible solution first (did clean boot, couldn’t launch it in safe mode, attempted cleaning my registry, etc etc, you name it, I did it). Now my computer is MUCH happier, which of course in turn makes ME much happier. So. Expect LOADS of Sims 4 stuff over the next little while. I know, the game is lacking some features, but I have been having a lot of fun playing with it so far, and I know it will only get better and gain more features as time goes on. Maybe I’m just using rose coloured glasses, but oh well.

And Then there were Two

14 - 1

Chewy is great, the guinea pig I adopted yesterday – but they really should be in pairs for optimal guinea pig happiness. These are herd animals, and they’re used to having one of their own kind to get along with. Then comes along Mog, my second guinea pig. They’re getting along pretty well so far, talking away in their cage together and making all sorts of guinea pig noises (Chewy wasn’t making any sounds at all when I first brought her home) and I assume they’re being happy after listening through some “what sound is this” clips.

On the gaming front, I pre-loaded the Sims 4 and I’m all set and ready to play! I can’t wait. O.K. technically I can wait because I have no other choice, but I’m really dang excited. I can’t help it, the game looks amazing from all of the developer ‘lets play’ videos I have seen so far. I have been contemplating picking up a console system as well, I would probably go with a PS4 but I’m not completely sold on the idea yet, especially with so many PC games coming out that I know I am going to fall in love with. Still, it would be nice. I have also been looking at the Nvidia Shield tablet, which I think would get a lot of use here at my place.

I haven’t been doing a lot of gaming this weekend, but I’ve been thinking about doing a lot of gaming, and I suppose that’s alright too! As always, happy gaming!

Counting Down Till Sims 4

The-Sims-4-House-DuskAs we get closer and closer to September 2nd I get more excited. I’ve been watching some videos for the game which have included a bunch of Let’s Play created by the Sims team and they are just awesome. The game includes classic cheats like #motherlode to grant your family more money and while I haven’t played with cheats in Sims 3 for quite some time (legacy family rules discourage it) I might look into it for Sims 4 so that I can play with all the pretty bits and bobs. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates, and what sort of houses will be out there. I’m also excited to see how Sims interact and what their stories will be like.

It has been a little while since I’ve gotten this excited about a game coming out, and I know, there are lots of people who say hype is a bad thing and that we should refrain from building up our expectations – but honestly, I say build up the hype. Get excited. Smile, laugh, and giggle.

Have you been planing out what you’re going to create? Have any ideas on what sort of house you want to see your Sims living in? I think my first house will be a country-esc type house, maybe with a wide porch. Side note as I’m watching this video, you can add foundation after the fact, and I am so excited about that. I love that there are different heights for the walls, that not everything is a square, and a LOT of other awesome things that are built into the tools (this is from the video that’s linked above, it was released two days ago).

Have I mentioned I’m excited? Just once or twice? Well, I am. SO EXCITED.

Bring on the Sims 4..

Create a Sim Demo


EA was kind enough to send me an invite to try out the Create a Sim Demo for The Sims 4. I was incredibly excited. Not only have I been following the game since it was announced, but I have been a huge sims 3 fan for years (and years). I ended up streaming it on my twitch channel, but for some reason my microphone was on mute or not working, so even though I spent a glorious 30 minutes squealing and chattering about everything, you’ll have to be content with the game music.

Stream located here

Right now you’re only able to create young adults (male and female), and while I DID enjoy creating sims, I REALLY wanted to play the game.

Anyway. There’s no real tutorial in the demo, but that didn’t stop me from exploring. Everything is very intuitive and easy to figure out but I did have a few issues with a lack of options. Men get fewer options than females, at least in the demo. I didn’t particularly care for many of the items that were options for either sex (clothing, shoes, accessories), but I did really like the enormous possibilities in character creation as far as body / hair / eyes go. I also found attributes were severely lacking but because this is just a demo, I don’t expect to find everything there.

Having 7 different styles of walk is neat, but I’m sad that it came at an expense (losing toddlers and pools for now at least).

You can adjust everything. I mean, everything. Just click on a body part and you can zoom in and drag any body part any which way. There are also some traditional sliders if that is more your thing. Once you have created a family you’re able to upload it into their gigantic database, complete with hashtags. There are categories for different types of sims, like celebrities, and you can go through and import other sims from the gallery or add yours to the collection.

I found the demo fun, but again it just made me want to play the game, and I lamented over the fact that if you’re coming from a game like Sims 3 where there have been numerous expansions and ‘stuff’ packs, you may find the options available slightly lacking. You may want to wait a few months for the game to get a little more robust (and perhaps go on sale) before investing, and keep playing Sims 3 in the mean time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

The Sims 4 Official Gameplay Trailer #TS4 #TheSims4

The Official Gameplay Trailer for Sims 4 was released today and even if I wasn’t a huge fan of the franchise I think I would be excited about this release. Creating a Sim is like moulding clay. You don’t use sliders, you click on the actual person. You also get to give them personality which is something we haven’t seen before. They can walk differently and they have emotions far beyond what we’ve seen in the past.

As far as building a house goes, it’s simple and powerful. You can pick up entire rooms and move them around. The trailer spends a lot of time talking about the new emotional states that sims have, but I wish there was more of a focus on the creation process, because that’s what I like most about Sims, creating new lots!

Are you looking forward to playing? What are your thoughts?

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