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Steam Autumn Sale

It’s that time of year, right around the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, sales. Sales all over the place. I look forward to steam sales (for the most part) and this new autumn sale that showed up yesterday was no exception. I was pleasantly surprised to see just how many visual novel games were heavily discounted. I tend to keep a nice selection on my wishlist, games that I’m either interested in but don’t want to purchase at the moment for xyz reason, or games I really want that I just can’t afford. It’s rare that I purchase a game for full price unless it’s something I just really can’t live without. As time goes on, those games have become further and further apart, especially because I know a few months down the road I can usually get it for a better deal.

In a world of instant gratification having the patience to wait until something goes on sale to pick it up is a skill I’m still working on – but I’ll get there.

Have you picked any games up this sale? Holding off for something better? Let me know in comments!

Also a very happy Thanksgiving to all of my friends down in the states, and a happy Thursday to those of us who are just having another day!

The Count Lucanor

You’re a 10 year old boy named Hans, and it’s your birthday. Instead of being happy for surviving another year, you’re angry at your mother because your father is off to war, and she doesn’t have any gifts or sweets for you.

So you decide to leave, in search of fame and treasure.

That’s how my experience with The Count Lucanor started out. I believe I got the game as part of a humble bundle, and I decided that I should try to play through some games that I wouldn’t normally play. I may not get very far in them, but it should make for an interesting post.

This game is a pixel rpg game, and I had no idea what to expect.

Hans set out from his home with some coin, a cane, and some cheese. He ended up finding a bone for his dog first – the start of many good deeds he thought he was doing. As he wandered away from home he gave his cane (his mother had given it to him, it was an heirloom from his grandfather) to an old woman who said she needed it. How was he supposed to know she was going to use the cane on her poor pig to whip it!

Continuing to walk along, he came to a donkey that looked like it was starving, so he fed him some apples. Then he found the donkey’s master – and the guy stole gold from Hans! He had intended on giving the guy just one gold coin but he took two of them, leaving Hans with one gold remaining. Mother did tell him not to be wasteful.

Walking even further, Hans spotted a shepherd with his goats. The shepherd was hungry, so Hans offered to give up some of his cheese. The shepherd said he had some wine he could give Hans in exchange, so they had a lovely picnic together – until Hans passed out from too much wine.

When Hans woke up.. creepy weird stuff was going on. With goats.

The shepherd was dead, his head sitting on a log, and he was surrounded by evil goats. Hans ran. He ran. He ran.

He didn’t make it.

This is a VERY weird game, but I’m enjoying it so far. We’ll have to see what adventures Hans gets to next time. Maybe he’ll hang onto that cane and try to take down the goats.

An Extra Life Weekend

This weekend was one that I certainly won’t be forgetting any time soon. The Combat Wombat Extra Life team did amazing, and almost reached our total goal. I had a pretty low threshold for my own goal, but I reached it and that makes me happy. After all, every little bit helps. I was raising money for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation – a place very near and dear to my heart since Leo was in the NICU for three weeks after being born and if we had any issues he would have been sent there. They do great work. Anyway, I streamed some RimWorld and then my husband donned his Daddy costume and played Dream Daddy: A Dating Sim on stream. You can catch the videos of that over on my twitch page and my YouTube channel. It was hilarious.

I’m so proud of our community. We don’t always play the game games or have the same interests but it was absolutely amazing to come together for an event like this. When I wasn’t streaming or watching my husband be silly I tuned in to the other Wombats and friends who were participating. You all did wonderful and I hope everyone had fun.

There’s still time to donate over at my page, and you can also check out the Combat Wombat team page for progress. I’m already looking forward to playing next year. I did intend to get some Fortnite played but I had to quickly change my plans because my Llama Bean had other ideas. Ideas that involved him sitting on my lap, and typically that means one hand to hold him and the other hand to game with. Fortnite is one of those games where you need both hands.

Did you raise money for Extra Life? How was your experience? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Oh, and another HUGE thank you to everyone who donated. You guys, are amazing. This smile I have today is because of you.

Gaming Together When You Can’t Be Together


I remember when Yahoo games used to be the way that me and friends would game together. I used to play scrabble and other board games online for hours at a time. There was a chat room and tournaments that I never paid attention to and most of the games were private, but we had a lot of fun.

When my husband went off to depot I installed Tabletop Simulator and sent him with the ancient laptop we have. We played it together when we were both at home and I was on baby duty, and I knew it would be a great way for us to be able to game together with our very limited amount of time. One of my favourite games to play which I’ve discussed before, is Pass the Pigs, so last week we set up a game and tested out his wifi connection.

The lag on his end was pretty bad but thankfully these types of games don’t require a whole lot of deftness. We used the chat room to talk and had a good time throwing the two little plastic pigs around. I won, but it didn’t really matter.

I downloaded other games like Cards against Humanity, and some favourite board games like the game of life, chess, and a handful of card games. Being able to game together a bit even with the distance gave me a little piece of normal for the evening, and reestablished our connection when most days are so busy we don’t get to say more than 15 words to one another.

I love the changes in tech and gaming that have happened over the years, and this is just one reason why.

Amnesia: Memories

A friend told me a few weeks ago that Amnesia: Memories was discounted to $3.99 from the regular price of $32.99 (CAD) and of course in an effort to promote otome games as well as support developers I picked it up.

[Potential spoilers below, stop here if you plan on playing through yourself]

Right now I’m going through the Spade world, which involves myself and a character named Ikkyu. He comes off as quite a playboy, barely paying attention to the main character when he’s in public because of some ‘condition’ he has that causes people to fawn all over him. As the title of the game states, you wake up having amnesia, and not knowing who you are, what you were doing, or what you should be doing. You’ve also got a new little companion by your side (Orion) that only you can see and hear. In an effort of restoring your memories they take you through different moments in your life and you play detective, trying to piece together who you are.

Ikkyu knows something is up but he can’t figure out what. You’re not behaving the same as you normally do. He has this vision of you being incredibly prudish and depending on how you answer certain social situations he’ll call you out on it. As you develop the story line with him he leaves hints that it’s some sort of competition to win you over, and so your initial views of the guy are not very high. After all, who wants to date someone who ignores them when in public and who is just trying to win them over in a game! You also work for an odd cafe as a maid. It’s one of those cafes.

I haven’t gotten very far into things yet, but this is one of the better otome I’ve played, and I’m really taking my time and enjoying the story as well as the artwork. It’s a style that I find pleasing, which isn’t always the case. Bright colours, interesting designs, and a story that I find fascinating is just one of the reasons I suggest picking it up if you haven’t yet. I do hear that one of the story lines is quite disturbing, but I haven’t gotten there yet so I can’t talk about it but I’m already fascinated even if it is completely messed up. We’ll just have to see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Do You Use the Wishlist Feature?

Just out of curiosity, how many readers out there actually use the Steam Wishlist feature? What do you use it for?

I tend to wishlist games I want but can’t afford at the time, or want and don’t want to spend money on, or want and just.. want. Sometimes an incredibly generous friend gifts one to me and I try to return the favour as often as I can (which isn’t nearly as often as I want, I can tell you that). I try to keep the wishlist up to date and as recent as possible, weeding out games that I don’t REALLY want and that I can’t remember why I actually wishlisted (probably had something to do with a steam sale guiding my hand). My wishlist is a mixture of early access games I don’t want to forget about, and older games that I’m just waiting to go on sale.

If we’re not friends on steam yet, we should be! You can find me there as Stargrace.

Still Gaming – Sort Of

Life has been kicking me around for so long now I don’t even know what I was doing last, but I do know that I want to get back into the swing of things, back into being me. So here I am. I have done pretty much zero gaming these past few weeks. It’s not that I haven’t had the time, I do, but I’m just emotionally spent and so I end up watching Netflix or reading for an hour and then going to sleep. Or tossing and turning and dreaming about wildfires (that was last night). Either way, I love gaming and I love writing so it’s time to suck it up and get back to it as much as I can with the turmoil that’s going on (if you want to know details you can PM me on twitter / facebook or email).

Yonder – love this game. I’m unfortunately limited to gaming from my MacBook for the foreseeable future, which isn’t completely horrible because I can still stream from my PC to my MacBook, but lets face it, this is not a gaming laptop. I’d love to save up for a proper one but that just isn’t in the cards right now (if you spot a fantastic sale on a gaming laptop that delivers to Canada please let me know). I’d love to get rid of my desktop completely and just use a gaming laptop as I don’t see things changing any time soon for the next couple years. Yonder isn’t compatible with my MacBook but I’ve been streaming it and that works out pretty well.

I’ve also started playing RimWorld again. I downloaded a whole slew of new mods (more details about that later) and happily enough the game doesn’t have to be streamed to play it. So long as I don’t fry the MacBook everything should be good. I haven’t played a lot since the A17 update, a lot of my older mods were broken and I was waiting on them to get fixed, but now some time has passed and the majority (of the popular ones at least) have been updated. I’d love to stream my game play, but for now it’s just not possible (unless I get that gaming laptop, then I will gladly set up some streaming) so you’ll have to live vicariously through my gaming blog posts.

Games coming up? There are a few of them, but honestly I have my hands full with the games I’m already playing. My renewal for WoW comes up soon and I’m still working on my deeds in Wurm Unlimited on the Sklotopolis server. We took down a drake on Saturday and I won another set of gear – but passed it off to the next winner because I’ve already won some and I wanted someone else to get the opportunity. People sort of looked at me oddly for passing, but I felt confident in my decision.

Anyway! This is a post to basically say yes, I’m still here, and I do plan on getting my post counts back up there again. It may not be every day, but we’ll see how it goes. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Yonder – Where did you come from?!

I had never heard of this game before, Yonder, but then it started showing up in a few Twitter feeds that I follow and of course as soon as I heard it was a Steam game I had to check it out which lasted not even a full day before I ended up getting the game.

Yes, it’s good.

Well, that depends on what you’re “into” as far as gaming. There’s no combat which for some people means they simply won’t enjoy the game. You basically run around as a shipwrecked person doing fetching / finding quests for townsfolk and eliminating “Murk” (the big evil) from various places while playing hide and seek with sprites that you collect.

There’s crafting, there’s housing (in a way, you’re given a farm to run), there’s collections, quests, exploration, and all of it is bundled into a game that looks absolutely beautiful. There’s seasons, weather, and so many little tiny details that I have no idea how I had never heard of the game before.

The best part? It was on sale (already) on steam, and even without the sale it was under $25 CAD. That’s a big win for me.

Oh, and there’s fishing, too. Because what fun is a game like this if it doesn’t have fishing!

If it sounds like something you’d like to play I’d seriously consider picking it up. Give it a try, if you don’t like it get a refund from steam (with their guidelines and rules of course) but I know I’ll be sticking with it and continuing to play. Every so often a gem wanders into my little ring of static games, and this is most definitely one.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Steam Sale Results

I ended up buying 8 new games during the steam sale (so far) this year. Since I’ve been pretty good at holding off during the previous sales there were quite a few games that I actually wanted. Plus, I don’t have a lot of time to game lately so my current selection of games was a bit outdated for my lifestyle changes (ie: I have a kid and no time, but still want to game).

My Lady was a gift from a friend, it’s a cute (short) little Otome, perfect for a few minutes of play here and there. The winners that I ended up buying were Shoppe Keep, Tabletop Simulator, and Cosmochoria. I also ended up returning one game, Junk Jack. The game felt clunky and was more suited to a tablet than it was a PC (which makes sense, because it was an import). Shoppe Keep is hilarious even though there’s not a lot to it (and it looks like the developer is calling it done even though there are some.. issues.. with it). It’s not a game I would suggest paying full price for, but on sale it’s a winner (at least to me).

Cosmochoria is adorable, and I can’t wait to dive into the other little games I bought. I was pleased that I came in around my budget for the sale (remember I said $20 total) and walked away with so many games. Not everything I buy has to be a triple A title, there’s tons of little gems out there.

Anyone else walk away from the steam sale with some gems? Let me know in comments!

The Family That Games Together..

Ah, steam sales. I’ve seen Tabletop Simulator in a few humble bundles, but I’ll be honest, I didn’t really know what it was. I never went to the store page and never checked it out.

I regret that.

During the Steam Summer Sale one of my goals was to find an easy game or two that me and my other half could play together. See, right now my little one doesn’t sleep very well when alone. So I’m often parked in the bedroom watching over him (well, providing a warm body really) so if / when he wakes up he doesn’t freak out and he’ll just drift back to sleep. Otherwise he’ll scream and I have to go rescue him. Anyway. Both husband and I are gamers, but I’m restricted to my laptop and whatever runs on it. I love games like chess and wanted some easy games we could play together but that I could also easily step away from should the need arise.

Tabletop Simulator is all of that, and so much more.

I remembered a game from my childhood called Pass The Pigs, and I wondered if there was a version on tabletop. Turns out, there is. So I passed my free hour or so of gaming time before bed playing. It was glorious. There are a LOT of other things / games you can do with Tabletop Simulator too. People use it for D&D, they use it for RPG, they use it for games. You name it, someone is using it for something. There’s a bunch of fancy paid DLC but there’s also a workshop of 15,000+ other things to check out. There’s the default games, and just so much content. You can play alone but where it really shines is with friends. After one evening playing I just can’t stop raving about this little gem. I can’t wait to see what we play next.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself (and if you have any tabletop simulator suggestions, please drop them in comments below!)

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