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Not feeling the Hype

While it seems like all my friends are ramping up their hype meters for the classic WoW experience that’s coming, I have felt almost the opposite start to take over me. I ended up cancelling my account a few days ago, and I have no desire to beta test or dive in to old world WoW. I’ve already done the legacy thing in EverQuest, EverQuest2, and LoTRO, and I have have to say, the grass is always greener. As soon as I go back I remember why I’m glad that games are fluid and constantly changing. I like the changes and improvement to quality of life.

Doesn’t mean I’m pooping all over those who are hyped, in fact I love to see their enthusiasm, it just means once again I’m feeling a bit left out in the shadows while my enthusiasm wanes.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Road to 5 Million (for the Ultra Casual) – 13

Well, despite the fact that I think I only logged into WoW twice this week, I did manage to break 2 million gold. I’ve been there before, just before BFA released, but that’s back when I was actually playing – and these days I’m so casual I wonder if it can even be called active.

Blizzard is giving a free weekend this weekend to anyone who doesn’t have an active paid subscription, so I’m hoping to get some good sales from folks logging in. It’s also fashion week, so that usually bodes well for transmogs. I’m thinking of leveling up my druid to 120 (she’s 111 at the moment) because why not, and it has been ages since I did any sort of farming, so I may give that a shot too. As always I have a love hate relationship with WoW. BFA hasn’t been the best of expansions for me and a lot of my friends are no longer playing. I keep it on the back burner and will probably always have a soft spot for the game.

Road to 5 Million – Update 12

Not a lot of sales this week, but for the ultra casual, we’re still on our way! We’re closing in on 2 million gold, and before long we’ll be half way there.

The auction house mount shall be ours! Even if we only game an hour or two a week at the moment..

Ultra Casual Road to 5 Million Gold – Update 11

I actually had a nice amount of sales last week, but I also ended up buying a whole bunch of gear for my monk so she could queue for raids, so the gain isn’t nearly as nice as it could have been had I not spent that gold, but that’s OK. For the first time in a while it’s just nice to see almost 100k gain. I’m still on track for making 5 million gold this year, but as you can see by the chart it will catch up by May if I keep making smaller sales like I have been.

Honestly, as long as I keep moving upward, it’s not a big deal. I’ve been paying for my subscription with gold, I’m able to transfer characters, and just generally have fun. I had high hopes of buying a bunch of WoW merchandise with my gold, but the blizzard store doesn’t let you (which is fine, just something I wish were different).

Goal for next week is to get closer to breaking 2 million gold. I’ve been there in the past but I ended up spending it all on subscriptions and that was pre-BFA. I find the market post-BFA a lot more difficult to handle.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


My new 2080 video card is nothing short of amazing compared to the old 760 I was using, and I have (so far) absolutely zero complaints. The crashes and video driver errors that previously plagued me are all solved, and aside from some issues like WoW not showing initially after I upgraded the card (I needed to delete a configuration file from my WTF folder, then it worked fine) it has been smooth sailing. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Last night I spent quite a bit of time just driving around in Euro Truck Sim 2 – it felt so good to get back to playing that game, and now it looks even more incredible.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Road to 5 Million – Update

Even though I’ve been taking an ultra lazy casual approach with World of Warcraft these days (I just haven’t been feeling BFA at all so far) I AM still ahead of my goal in order to reach 5 million gold in 365 days. By now I should have approximately 714,000 – and I’m closing in on 2 million. Certainly not complaints about that!

Road to 5 Million for the Ultra (Ultra) Casual (Update)

I moved my horde character over to Dalaran – and put about 100 items for sale. The crafting supplies that I carried over all sold, but not much else has. I also haven’t played hardly at all since I moved though, and like I said in a previous post, to make money you need to be at least somewhat active.

Part of the reason is because I just bought a volcano island in Wurm Unlimited, am also playing Wurm Online, try to spend time in a random game once a week, and I’m taking classes, while being a full time mom to two kids who use up pretty much 110% of my time.

Am I doing too much?

Probably. Something will probably have to give but for now I’m not sure what, and I don’t feel too bad so I’m going to keep juggling all of these balls until I can’t any more. Goals? Running some solo raids (older ones), getting into the BFA raids (I’ve only done the first one), monitoring sniper more frequently (I’m supposed to have scheduled game days but I keep flubbing because right now Wurm Unlimited is more interesting than other games I’m playing due to of course the volcano island) and .. crafting. Poor, neglected, crafting. When BFA released I was just so turned off from the changes that had happened that I couldn’t get back into the swing of things and I’d like to change that.

We’ll see how it goes. For now, I’m still on track at 1.5 million gold. Will it last? CAN it last? Who knows. I’m hoping for some happy mailboxes soon.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


This week I’m feeling a bit lack-luster in my gaming. It might be because of the weather (it has been between -30C and -50C for over two weeks now) or maybe it’s just lady issues, or just the generic feeling when winter starts dragging on for too long. In any case, I’m not really playing anything that any of my friends are playing, and I’m feeling disjointed and annoyed by simple things.

I’m currently playing WoW, Dwarf Fortress, a random game (once a week), and both Wurm Online and Unlimited. What am I up to in those games?

In WoW I’ve moved over to the Dalaran server with my 120 monk and I’m playing horde. I was hoping that a more populated server would inspire my gameplay. I had previously been playing on the Argent Dawn server (alliance) and the population is pretty low. I love the server, but I wanted to explore what gold making is like with more of a population. A lot of people really enjoy the lower populations but I just wanted a bit of a change.

In Dwarf Fortress I started up another fortress and was almost instantly mauled to death by 4-tusked mastodon’s. Then they entered my base and slaughtered everyone who was left (it was early on in the game and I only had 9 dwarves). Time to start over again.

In Wurm Online I have been working on getting settled on Independence with friends. Our deed is lacking a mine and that’s a downfall, so we might be moving (again). I also did some mining, but it takes 1h for every .17 gain at 74 skill, so it’s pretty slow (as it should be).

In Wurm Unlimited I recently purchased a wand of the seas which will create an island and raise it from the ocean – unfortunately it’s not working on my main Sklotopolis server. I’m hoping the developers can look at it, but if not I’ll have to find a place on Novus to use it.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Road to 5 Million for the Ultra (Ultra) Casual

Instead of tracking money every single day in World of Warcraft I decided to switch to a weekly system (along with blog post) so I could prevent myself from burning out too much. We’re still above where we need to be at this time – but if money doesn’t start trickling in a little bit faster we won’t make the goal of 5 million in 365.

Now a lot of this is not because of lack of sales (per say) but because I still haven’t gotten back to actually PLAYING the game. I log in and re-set the sales I already have – and while that does work to earn some coin here and there, in order to make the big money I need to be doing a tiny bit more than I have been. Being active is absolutely key to my earning gold in game.

Still, we’re closing in on 1.7 million gold, and that’s also not too shabby. There was a time I had never seen more than 100,000 gold before and I was always asking my husband to help me out if I saw a mount or pet that I wanted. Gold is also still moving in an upwards pattern and that’s really important, we haven’t slipped down too much with broker fees.

I do have a new gaming schedule set up that should help me get more involved in World of Warcraft and help inspire and motivate some money making. The problem is when I get attached to a game (currently Dwarf Fortress) I tend to ignore all other games and play that one until I burn out, and then I wander back to the other games slowly over time. I’m hoping to prevent that by spacing out what I play each day, and dedicating time to each one.

Will it work in rejuvenating my love of gaming? Who knows. I’m also taking a bunch of courses at a local school and of course I’m still a full time mommy to two littles, so it’s not like I have a lot of spare room on my plate – but I’m going to try.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Ahead, but not by much

The month isn’t quite over yet, but we started at 1,520,000 gold and ended at 1,680,000 – if I keep that up I’ll fail the challenge, but I haven’t been playing a great deal, and sniping only got a few items. I’m hoping that February will be better with more sales but that also means I’ll have to be more active. Lack of time, is always what I’m coming up against. I only have so much time in a day.

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