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Getting Organized

One of my favourite things to do in real life, is clean and organize things. I know, how odd is that, right? It’s something I take pride in and something I do very well. When I’m stressed I clean. When I’m happy I organize. I just like things being neat and tidy. A messy desk (my work station) will bother me to no end.

Gaming is the same way. This week I took some time to organize my sellers, and split them into 4 different merchants. I have one selling nothing but pets, one selling nothing but recipes, and two selling everything else (a lot of transmog items that I know will be around for a while). I also have my tailor selling bags. There is a practical reason behind this besides my personal OCD, too. One reason is that if you have more than 1k items on the auction house and you happen to use tradeskillmaster it can cause a hit in performance. It’s a known issue that the developers of TSM caution against – as lovely is it may be to see your name up in the stars on sites like the undermine journal for having the most value posted.

It can also take a long time to scan your auctions when it comes to posting, so I like them split for that reason. Then there are my personal reasons. I like to run a cancel scan on pets and bags (and drums) but I leave transmog items up for the full 48h instead of looking for people undercutting. I would just lose too much money if I was checking them multiple times a day to see if any were below mine. I know some people swear by this method and they log in every few hours and cancel all their undercut items but I don’t have the patience for that and I’m a firm believer that you don’t have to be the cheapest for your items to sell. The quick fast sales will go, leaving yours next in line.

All in all, I have about 10-14 million gold worth of items up on the auction house, 600-700 items total, spread between four characters (two accounts), and two servers. That’s just right for me and my gameplay. I know some of the bigger goblins out there are on 20+ servers and making a killing, but I’m just a small fish and I’m content with the way my gold making has been progressing.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Gold commeth, and gold goeth away..

Well, my dreams of amassing 4 million gold by the release of BfA have all but flown out the window, but I sort of knew they would. At the beginning of July I decided that I wanted to have my horde and alliance characters each on their own servers, and I wanted them to be different servers in terms of population. My horde characters are comfortably sitting on a high population server now, and that’s why there’s a dip in my money – I bought 6 WoW tokens to complete the various faction / server transfers while I got set up. My alliance characters are together on a low / medium population server (my main server as it were).

Why the two different servers? A lot of reasons, one of which being I wanted to be able to have one of every class for each faction. I have the alliance side taken care of, along with 8 of those characters sitting at level 110. The horde side isn’t nearly as fleshed out. I only have two characters (a third I’m still waiting to transfer) and only one of those is 110. Will I play them all? Probably not. Does it matter if I separate them? No. It’s just one of my weird OCD quirks. I like the idea of having 1 of everything, and then getting professions etc. all set up on them. Plus if there’s another garrison / order hall type mechanic in BfA I’d like to be able to take advantage of that. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

I did at least manage to stay above a million liquid, and that’s my smaller goal in the meantime. The AH mount or any other big expenses will just have to wait. It’s really not that big of a deal to me, but I hope sales pick up because they’ve been pretty slow. I still see lots of goblins making some really good coin, but I am not one of them. Plus, Nugette is due in a week, so I know my play time will be greatly reduced for the next few weeks while we get adjusted to another newbie in the family, and work on our schedule.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

My Road to 4 Million Gold

I started off tracking my gold May 16th and I had a total of 176,000. Not a very impressive number by any means. Now, June 26th, I’m at 2,174,000 and I’ve crossed over into the 2 million gold mark. I’m still quite far away from my desired goal of 4 million, but I have been keeping above where I need to be just slightly. Again this will probably take a nosedive in a few short weeks because I’m due with my second baby, but it has still been a fun adventure so far.

Where does the gold come from?

By far my biggest sellers have been flips that I picked up off of the auction house. I bought a Guardian Cub for 75,000 and I re-sold it for 400,000 gold. The person who bought it from me relisted it for 550,000 but I think I’m still the winner in that deal. I have had a few smaller deals like that but as you can see by my chart growth is not steady or rapid. There was a period of almost two weeks where I barely made anything and sales all but dried up.

I have only 1 character doing order hall missions and I tend to hoard my crafting supplies instead of selling them. I found an amazing deal where a player was selling 100 spirits of harmony for 35g each, so I picked them up and I’ve been making living steel on my alchemist that I hope to use towards a sky golem. Of course the other part of that is my engineer needs to create a daily for 30 days and there’s no way to bypass that. I do have two engineers, so I’m contemplating making two sky golems a month, but creating mounts is a market I’ve never really gotten into.

I have been doing a few monk farms, mostly for BC recipes and I’ve gotten a few lucky drops that way but nothing astounding. I am still playing on three servers total but I’m contemplating downgrading to just two, a horde and an alliance server. I don’t want to spread myself out just to try to obtain gold when I honestly have plenty for my needs. Gold is just a fun challenge for me, a new way to “play” the game when I don’t actually have a lot of time to game. It’s mostly passive (at least the way that I’m doing it) and doesn’t require a lot of hands on time. Sure I might be sitting in game, but IRL I’m typically tending to my little, doing chores, or just trying to beat the heat while I deal with this 9th month of pregnancy (it has been rough). It gives me a way to feel connected to the game when I would otherwise want to quit.

I’ve been doing the Midsummer Festival quests on some of my baby alts, farming blossoms so I can pick up pets and toys that I don’t currently have. I know fellow goblins are stockpiling them for when the festival is gone and people want the pets again, but I want them for myself and my collection, first. Spares can certainly go towards the market.

I’ve almost got one of every alliance created now on my main server, and I have been contemplating doing the same for horde on my backup server. There’s also rumors of server merges and I wonder how that will affect gold making, more competition and more goblins crammed into the same places. I don’t tend to run cancel scans because I find them a waste of time, I know sales would increase if I tried to undercut every time a player undercut me. To each their own, there’s no one “right” way to make gold.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Kindness (and Pets, of course Pets)

After my last post here on Nomadic Gamers an incredibly kind person reached out offering to trade me some duplicate pets in order to help ease the issue I was having of trying to replenish those pets in my collection that I had foolishly sold off in order to acquire more liquid gold. I was stunned, not only because I was not expecting the offer, but because of the immense generosity the player displayed. In the end I think I ended up with close to 50 battle pets that I didn’t already own. They happen to play on my server, so I vowed to look over their own collection and try to figure out if I could help fill in any gaps and of course I said I would pass on the kindness should the situation arise. Paying it forward is a theme that I am only too familiar with, and one I fully embrace.

This kindness set the tone for my entire day, and it came at a time that I really needed it.

Later on that same day I managed to find a guardian cub for sale for 75,000 gold. These pets used to be sold in the blizzard store but have been removed for 4+ years now and can no longer be obtained. They normally go for 150,000-500,000 gold, and I decided that there was no better time to splurge, so I picked it up and eagerly added it to my collection. I’m still looking for deals on most of the trading card game pets but I’m hoping that over time I can get my battle pet collection back to the gloriousness it once was. I’m very glad that I’ve learned my lesson regarding selling off my own items / supplies (don’t do it!) and I am eternally grateful for the kindness of (virtual) strangers who can sometimes take a very poor week and turn it into something I won’t forget any time soon. Something so simple can leave a lasting impression and create waves that spread to other players, too.

Be kind to one another, folks. You just never know.

(Many) Mistakes Were Made

When I talk about my adventures into making gold in World of Warcraft, it’s only too easy for me to highlight the good sale days, or days when I managed to catch a fantastic item priced for cheap that I flip for a large profit. If I only talked about those sorts of days, that would be pretty misleading.

This week, as an example, I’ve barely made 50k total. Compared to the previous week where I easily pulled in 600k, this one has been a bit of a downer. That’s OK though, patience is key. You just keep hoping and waiting it out and maybe expand your markets and try a few new things and see if you can get those numbers rising again.

One of the biggest mistakes I made happened early on when I was first learning how TSM worked and how to make gold on my specific server. I had a pretty hefty pet collection, almost 700 pets, including four TCG (trading card game) pets. I had very little liquid (remember, money in gold form on hand) to invest in anything, and I had no idea how sales worked or what I was doing. In order to make some liquid so I could begin my empire I decided I would sell off my own pets.

This was a HUGE mistake. Not only because I sold them all for well below their value, but because I LOVE pet battles! I leveled them up, completed quests, hunted for ones I didn’t own, and invested money over time into my collection that I absolutely loved. Now, a few months later, I regret it deeply. ESPECIALLY selling off my TCG pets. I’ve been trying to recoup my losses by making smarter decisions and buying pets I don’t currently own when they are 50% lower than market value, but since I play on a low population server, pets are always quite pricey. If you want to buy pets, the best places are high population servers because there is more competition and in MOST cases the pets will be cheaper. Pets are account bound, so it doesn’t matter WHERE you buy them from, you can use them on y0ur server.

My collection isn’t nearly as impressive as it used to be, and I still debate with myself every day if I want to drop the 300-400k (each pet) gold to pick up the TCG pets that I so foolishly sold. I have been slowly working the collection back up and giving some much needed love to my pet battles, but it is a slow painful process.

At least I learned something.

Do NOT sell off your personal belongings (this goes for transmog, pets, crafting materials, recipes, whatever) just to boost your gold count. You need to take some enjoyment in playing the game, too, however you find it.

The Road to 4 Million

In Battle for Azeroth it was announced that there would be a mount (pictured above in that fancy bar graph) that cost 5 million gold. Currently 4 million if you faction first. I am not sure if I actually want to purchase it (it has a mobile auction house, which is awesome if you use the AH a lot and don’t want to get phased) because my servers have been pretty low population and I don’t really need a mobile auction house – not to mention 5 million (or even 4 million) gold is a LOT of cash.

Still, I do enjoy challenges. I enjoy working towards goals. I decided to set my goal to 4 million earned by the start of BfA, and so far I’m actually on track (I had a few fantastic sale days). Lately I haven’t been making that much, and I expect that as we get closer to the expansion and I get closer to my due date that the amount of coin I pull in will drop quite significantly.

I do have over 1 million gold and I’m pretty close to hitting 2 million. It’s the most gold I’ve ever had in WoW, but it didn’t happen instantly. I’ve been learning how TradeSkillMaster works since December, learning my market and figuring out what sells and what doesn’t. It has been a trial in patience, and honestly it has been a really good trial. I still make bad purchases from time to time but I feel like I have a fairly good understanding on what is going to sell and what I’ll be sitting on for quite some time.

If I don’t get the mount I imagine I’ll just try to keep my liquid gold (the actual amount of gold I have on hand) over 1 million, just because. It’s a pretty number to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

An Odd Conversation..

Every so often I’ll have a really weird conversation with someone, and yesterday was the day.

I got the tells above, and then the person said that their lag was too bad and so they’d have to write their proposal out to me and send it to my character in the mail. I said alright and said that I hoped their lag cleared up soon, that was the extent of our conversation.

They never did mail me, so I have absolutely no idea what they were going to propose….

Very weird.

Some Days you Make More than Others

This morning I had one of my largest sales yet, and it’s one I’m glad I went for. I found a Teebu’s longsword for sale on the auction house for 70,000 gold. Thanks to Tradeskillmaster I knew that this typically sells for a LOT more – so I made the decision to buy it and flip it. Normally I pass sales that are this expensive, 70k isn’t exactly a lot of money, but I’m still new to the markets and learning my server.

I’m very glad I picked it up, since it sold for 250,000 gold over night – of course now the person who purchased it is attempting to sell it for 500,000 gold, but I’m still really happy with my turnover and my profit. I expected to hang onto it for months, transmog does not move fast – but I was pleasantly surprised. Doing all the calculations I’ve made almost a million gold this month alone – minus the 240k I spent on a token and working my crafts up. Will I be able to keep it up? Probably not, and that’s OK. I’m not making gold because I HAVE to in order to support my account, I’m just doing it for fun and because it gives me goals to work towards. I really enjoy having goals and seeing what I can earn. A meta game, if you will.

Still, it was sure nice to wake up to that gold in the mailbox. I wouldn’t complain at all if it happened a few more times, teehee.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Using Tradeskillmaster to Snipe

I’ve said a few times that my time in-game is pretty limited, and nothing has really changed there. I often sit in game at the auction house waiting for sales to snipe, only glancing at the screen every so often or when something triggers my sniper. This allows me to play with my son, clean the house, and do chores and whatever else needs to get done while still having a potential of making some coin. What it doesn’t do is automate anything for you or allow you to gain money AFK, so that’s not what this post is about.

Sniper is a feature of tradeskillmaster.  It scans items as they are placed for sale, and allows you to see if they are under the market value. Having this information is only half of the equation though you still need to know the market of your server and understand how it can be manipulated. You also need to know what sells and what won’t sell. For example vendor sold items are often placed for auction well below what they seem to be ‘worth’ – that worth is an inflated price from people playing the market though, hoping to catch snipers unaware.

With Legion ramping down and most of us eagerly awaiting for the pre-show to BfA, I haven’t been sniping as much gear as I normally would. People are liquidating their stock hoping to sell before it becomes worthless (aside from appearance items). This is a great time to buy things like craft supplies.

There are some unique instances where sniper has really paid off for me – it doesn’t happen ALL the time, especially on a low population server, but if you’re lucky you can walk away with some amazing deals. Someone who forgets a zero, someone who doesn’t know the worth of an item (especially if none others are for sale), someone who just wants to sell fast and they want to sell fast now. Take the screenshot above as an example. The flame shield currently drops in game, and even shares an appearance with another item – a player put it for sale for 500g and less than 4h later, I re-sold it for 43,000 gold. Not a bad little profit.

Again, sales like that don’t always come along. I (these days) run two accounts, my main one that I use for playing, and my husbands I leave up so I can snipe. There are good days and there are bad, but it’s all a little extra income on top of my main money makers, and pretty hands-free, which I appreciate. Sometimes I strike it ‘big’ (not big compared to real goblins, but big for me) and other days are a bust. It’s all about waiting, and patience. So. Much. Patience.

There is also a short list of items I’m always in the market for if they drop below 50% market value in order to resell. Medallion of the legion, elixir of rapid mind, most craft materials, a handful of pets and mounts. They don’t come up in my sniper searches too frequently, but when they do I’m almost always guaranteed a simple sale, which is nice.

I did some calculations yesterday, and so far for the month of May I’ve earned almost 500,000 gold, and I’ve spent 240,000 gold (I did pick up a token earlier in the month to help pay for a character transfer). That’s not too bad. It’s not a great month but again we’re in a weird lull where it’s a sellers market (liquidating for BfA) and I expect that things will turn around once the expansion gets nearer.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Slow Sales, and an Increase in Spending

Sales have been slowing down as we approach the release of BfA, and I have been struggling to manage even 6k a day in order to continue my subscription using only blizzard balance. Of course it’s not a huge deal since my account is paid in advance for a few months now, and I already pre-ordered BfA, but still, I was really enjoying those 50-100k days. It doesn’t help that I’ve been taking a more laid back approach to my gold earning, and I’ve been spending a LOT of gold myself on trying to raise my professions to 800.

I found out that you’ll still be able to get to max level in crafting using just BfA – but if you want the recipes for the previous tiers (and lets face it, completionist in me does) you’ll need to level up through those tiers. I’m pretty sure this is for the vendor recipes only and not the dropped ones, but you’ll still want to have a good collection of recipes either way. That’s why I’m expecting an influx of more expensive crafting materials.

I’ve also heard rumors of Ashran being changed / removed so that the only way to raise faction will be through the medallion of the Legion item that allows you to raise Draenor factions. I’ve purchased a few and I’m hanging onto them in case these rumors prove true (I believe there’s a guide about this on YouTube as well). Along with the Ashran rumors is the fact that no one is really sure what will happen to the auction house components you need from Ashran, so people are stock piling those items, too. Just in case. Having an auction house in your garrison is really nice, chances are if you’re sniping you don’t have to worry about being phased, especially on a busy server where that happens quite frequently.

I’ve got so much Clefthoof meat that all of my characters are now at 700 cooking, which is nice. It takes less than 1k meat to raise the skill, and I end up with all sorts of discovered Draenor recipes. I did raise cooking to 800 on my main character (old main? Not sure who I’m going with for BfA) and fishing is on my to-do list as well.

I’ve been making various bags to sell along with living steel combines, but money is still only trickling in. I know it’s partially because I play on a low population server, but I hope to see it pick up eventually. I snagged some semi-cheap 880+ ilevel gear and have been attempting to flip it, but there just hasn’t been a market. From what other goblins are saying they’re also experiencing a bit of a dry spell, but there are always some sure wins. I have a very difficult time trying to sell pets at all on my home server, and I wish this were different.

I’m over 100k liquid gold at the moment, but I really had my eyes set on breaking 1 million, and it feels like I’m starting over from scratch. Not a big deal, I’m certainly not hurting, but if I want to ever reach that 1 million I’m going to have to cut back on my own spending and find out what is currently selling, even if it is just a few gold here and there. I’m also still doing garrison missions, but with only 1 character having max level followers, coin there is only a few thousand a day, too.

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes. I know money making will return as soon as BfA hits, and maybe even as the pre-patch stuff goes live, so I’ll just have to keep an open mind and prepare myself for the expansion.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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