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Just a Little Snipe..

I bought this 385 mythic item for 38k – and I’m hoping to flip it, but lately sales have been slow so we’ll just have to see how it goes. I can’t say that I’m actively playing BFA right now because I spend most of my time in the auction house, but at least it’s something. I keep meaning to do this or that, but instead I end up falling asleep, such is the way of parents with toddlers.

A Handful of Sales

I’ve had a hard time figuring out what to sell since the release of BFA. I was rolling in money just before the expansion came out. Transmog was slow but steady, crafted was OK, and I was able to pick up a number of great items to flip.

Since the release my luck has fallen and I find it much more difficult. Whether it’s because I’m not playing WoW quite as much (possibly) or because the market has shifted and left me behind (probably) I’m not sure, but I am curious to find out what does actually sell on my small low population roleplay server.

So far crafted goods are still doing pretty well, especially BFA craft materials. The problem is I actually need to log in and farm said materials in order to sell them, or find some items to flip.

Either way, slow and steady is the way I’ll win this 5 million gold race (with myself). Making 13k a day is my minimum to surpass 5 million in 365 – a goal that’s still very much obtainable.

A Very Slow Start to 5 Million Gold

I said I was going to be pretty casual about earning my 5 million gold, but I didn’t expect to be QUITE this casual. We’re 12 days in to my 365 days to 5 million gold, and I’ve only earned 23,000 gold. There’s a pretty good reason for that, and it’s simply because I haven’t been playing WoW nearly that much. I haven’t been logging in to restock my market, I haven’t been crafting, I’ve basically just been logging in twice a week to re-set things and even then it has been a halfhearted attempt because I’ve had other real life things on the go.

Thankfully I do have a 1.5 million gold head start. That means even I earn nothing, I should still (hopefully) be ahead the 322,000 gold I “need” by the end of January. As long as I’m staying ahead of the curve, I feel pretty good about things. The problem is if every month is like January eventually that will catch up with me, and I’ll be behind.

What I’d like to do is get back into some farming and crafting. Maybe pick up some pets to sell on the AH. Ultra casual methods that won’t require a lot of time, but should leave me with a little bit more profit than I’m seeing when I do absolutely nothing (lol, funny how that works).

Lets see if we can pick it up the rest of January and February!

Road to 5 million – for the casual gamer

Before BfA released I was making a fair amount of gold in Warcraft, but that was before my second child was born, and as surprising as it is to say, I had a lot more free time back then. Now, not so much. I earned just a hair shy of 5 million gold and then I spent it on subscriptions, the BfA collector’s edition, all of the battle pets from the shop that I didn’t previously own, and a few other bits and bobs. That depleted my gold but not down to zero.

For 2019 I’d like to try to reach 5 million – but in an ultra casual way. I’m not starting from scratch, I’m starting with a little over 1.5 million gold. I’m averaging things out to 14,000k a day, 365 days, and we’ll see how long it takes me to get there with my play time which ranges between 10 minutes and an hour daily.

I’m confident it’s possible, and I love that it’s something that will span over the entire year rather than just a few short months (that way I don’t feel pressured or that it’s too hectic). I’m not sure what I’ll actually DO with 5 million gold, I haven’t decided if I want to purchase the AH mount – but I probably will, if for no other reason than to be able to use the AH at remote locations where I won’t get phased due to population.

Each month I’ll create a new chart like the one above, so I should have a collection of 12 that put me closer and closer to the end goal. Exciting? Well, depends on how you like to play. For me, yes, this is exciting. I love making gold in WoW, and while I may not be the best at it, it IS something I think I do OK at.

I plan on doing some farming, some crafting, and whatever else manages to pop into my timeline that I can handle. End game? Probably not, but that’s alright.

I probably won’t write about it here every single day, but I’ll try to post at least once a week with the progress, maybe I’ll set it to be every Wednesday just to follow with tradition. Check back next Wednesday to see if I’ve met my goal of 126,000 gold (this is a joke, I’m already at 1,500,000, so if I can’t keep above 126,000 there are some serious issues we’ll have to look at).

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

BfA Sales

Sales have started to pick up a little bit, and the price of tokens continues to drop (it’s almost dropped below 140k at the time of this post) as people return to game and buy tokens for real world money in exchange for in-game gold. I picked up a few new tokens myself, stashing the bnet balance away for a rainy day.

I haven’t gotten to play very much, my monk (the character I decided to level) is sitting at a comfortable 113. I expect that getting one level a day (for now) is a pretty ambitious goal for me, and I’m content with it. In the meantime I browse the auction house looking for deals. I did manage to level my inscription to 90/150 but even that is pretty slow going. Engineering will take some time because the cost of ore is absolutely insane on my server (it’s 10k for 100) but I expect it should get better over time or I’ll just go out and harvest it myself in the future.

How are you spending your BFA time? Let me know in comments! Also, no spoilers, but the story has been fantastic. I am a huge fan of the opening cinematics.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A very Slow Day of Sales

Bags, a few pets.. and a very slow day as far as sales go.

They can’t all be winners!

Daily Mailbox Shenanigans!

Not many sales this day, but I did sell a pattern and two medallions which of course add up! It’s not always about getting multiple hundreds of thousands of gold a day, especially if you’re only playing for a few minutes here and there between other happenings. Still, gold growth is gold growth, right? I’m still holding out hope that things pick up at the release of BfA. We’ll just have to see.

More Daily Sales

Netherweave bags continue to be a daily seller, if only the price was a bit higher.. still, it adds up over time. I also sold a few pets, finally, yay! Pets are slow sellers and my supply isn’t that large but I’m working on it.

Medallion of the legion is still a great seller if you can buy them for cheap and then flip them – and there’s even a transmog in there!

August Sales – Day 2

Tiger fang inscription items seem to be selling pretty well, along with my ever reliable netherweave bags. Someone actually re-set the market from 5g to 75g, but I am pretty sure they’ll go back down to 5g before the day is out. Hopefully I sell a few at the re-set market price first, I’d like to ride that as long as I can. There are three people who actively sell netherweave bags on my server, and they’re constantly undercutting one another. I just price mine once a day, and I seem to sell out, so I’m happy with that. The big seller of the day was a scepter that I looted in a burning crusade farm, I’m not sure how long ago I looted it but it was a nice sale to wake up to.

August Sales – Day 1

I thought I’d share my sales – they’re not huge, I’m not pulling in hundreds of thousands of gold a day, but I sell enough to afford a token a month (at least) and a bit extra. It might not be interesting to anyone other than me, but we’ll see.

Netherweave bags are a big seller in multiples for me, but the cash doesn’t add up to too much. Elixir of the Rapid Mind is a nice seller, and I only see this going up. I’ve started stocking up on some inscription items, we’ll see how that goes.

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