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Decisions Decisions!

At a year old, my kid still doesn’t sleep through the night very well if he’s left on his own. He wakes up frequently and cries. Dealing with a cranky kid is no fun, especially when you’re parenting solo, and so I’ve taken to hanging out in the room with him (his crib is in my room anyway) while he’s sleeping. That means for 2 hours a night (before I go to bed, basically) I have “free time” – but limited time because I don’t want to wake him up.

Thankfully I came up with a temporary solution that seems to work. I have a rocking chair, his change table (a wooden table basically with shelves) and my laptop set up. A lamp nearby with a light blocker so that the light shines for me but doesn’t interrupt him. I’ve tried many other things to get him to sleep better, less blankets, more blankets, white noise, a routine, the only thing I haven’t tried is letting him cry it out, and I’m not comfortable with that. Anyway. That’s not the point of this post. The point is that I finally have a little niche for me, so I can spend two hours a night feeling a little more like a human being, and a little less like a walking milk bag (remember, milk comes in bags here).

With that extra time (that’s not extra, but lets just dream here) I’ve picked up WoW, knitting, blog posts, some anime, and doing my Inktober entries. It is absolutely amazing how good I feel after a little bit of a baby break. I love my son with all of my heart, but you start to wonder whether or not you’re actually a person after spending 24/7 attached to them for so long. Once our family is settled again (three months down three to go) I like to imagine that we’ll move on to the next round of challenges but at least I won’t be solo parenting them all.

With my decision to return to WoW came the decision on what the heck I should do in game. I’ve returned and I have no clue what’s going on. I did pick up the new quest I was presented with but the zone it sent me to seems woefully overpowered for my character. I’m sitting at a lowly 871 ilevel, and mobs are just busting me into the ground. With glee.

I created that warrior I wanted to, a happy gnome named Petites. She’s sitting at level 3. Do I continue with the gnome? I have two level 110 characters, both on different servers. I have a handful of other level 100 characters that I’ve never gotten to 110, do I work on that? Perhaps some old achievements? Pet battles? Collecting mounts? Titles? Farm coin? Work on crafting?

You see the issue? Returning to the game is all fine and dandy, but feeling like I have no idea what’s going on (because I don’t, even though I’ve only been gone for three months) is annoying. So if you have a good resource for me to read on what I’ve missed and what’s going on with the story (and have it match up with what the heck my character is doing) I would greatly appreciate it!

Hmm. Just realized I also have a 100 druid I’ve always wanted to get to 110.. and a shaman.. and a pa– OK OK there’s never a lack of things for me to do in game, but I am so indecisive.  Someone help me out here.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

It’s That time of Year

It never fails. Right around the beginning of fall, nostalgia rears its ugly head. BlizzCon is just around the corner, hype is starting to build up from those of my friends who are attending, and those who are not attending. The virtual ticket goes on sale and everyone is talking about their awesome goodies and inside I’m thinking I really want to be a part of all of that too.

There’s nothing wrong with that. I think the hype and excitement is good. The only ‘wrong’ part is that of course I found myself debating whether or not I should also subscribe to World of Warcraft, whether or not I could justify the cost, if I could find the time to play.

Does any of that really matter if deep down inside I WANT to play? Not really because I’ll make any line of reasoning work. For example, I have 2 hours every night of freedom between when my kid goes to sleep and I go to sleep. Sometimes that’s even 3 hours depending on how tired I am. Two hours should be enough to get a few things done IF I were going to subscribe.

Then there’s that gnome warrior I’ve always wanted to make but (so far) have not. Low level tanking could be pretty fun and the levels might not be too painful. I could learn to play a class I’ve never played before and learn to let the comments from other people roll off my shoulders (hey, this is my fantasy, let me live it).

The hype, friends playing, a class I’d like to try (even though it’s one of the original classes – oh and have I mentioned I’ve never even created a demon hunter before?) and not currently being subscribed to a game all weighed on my soul as I stared at the ‘renew subscription’ button.

Of course I subscribed.

I want some of that happy feel good energy. My husband is still gone, my days are long, and I grasp for those moments, they are what keep me going. So if it costs $20 a month (approx, remember I’m Canadian) for a little bit of that joy, why not. I see so many people beating themselves up for enjoying the small things. If you’re a hard worker, have a roof over your head, food on the table, take care of yourself and your family, why shouldn’t you be allowed to have a few small pleasures? It’s really time we stop making ourselves feel guilty every time we want to buy a new game or spend a little time in front of the TV. Of course all this is based on us being logical and working on moderation, but seriously, it’s OK to get excited.

Bring on BlizzCon… (I still don’t own a virtual ticket, but this is a start)

Pet Battle Dungeons (and other fun)

Today was an odd mixture of accomplishments. I finished off a few raids I wanted to get done before things reset on Tuesday, obtaining a few upgrades (mostly artifact items for my weapons, and a wrist piece) and I got my dailies done. Then I attempted to clear out some quests from my journal, wandering around aimlessly in Broken Shore because I still have no idea what’s going on there.

I managed to unlock more traits on my DPS weapon which is pretty neat. I’m close to “finishing” the basic traits on my holy weapon, so that’s nice too. I’m not punished too much for spreading my artifact points all over the damn place.

Eventually the evening was dragging on and I decided I wanted to attempt one of the pet battle dungeons that were added not too long ago. Friends who know me are aware that I have a lovely little fascination with pet battles (and collecting pets) with 603 unique pets in my collection. Of course not all of them are level 25, or rare, but maybe one day. I haven’t done a lot of pet collecting in Legion (if any) so that number should go up before too long.

The pet dungeon I decided to try was Wailing Caverns, and it was awesome – but a few things frustrated me.

There’s an achievement for completing the dungeon, but you can’t get it on your first attempt through with the weekly. Instead you have to try to get it on your second attempt, the attempt that doesn’t let you heal any of your pets. Great achievement, but it should specify that some place.

Completing the weekly did give me a token to boost a pet to level 25, so that was nice, but I found the dungeon very long. Maybe it’s just because I wasn’t sure what pets to use and it required some trial and error, but it took a good amount of time to defeat the final boss. Of course that’s also a rewarding feeling, but I was hoping for something I could dart into and not worry about if I had to leave early.

Still, I love the idea, and hope they can make a few improvements with time and practice. I only had time for one run through and I don’t think I’ll have the pets required to make a run without heals, so for now I’ll be happy with that.

I also collected enough essences to boost my 940 legendary to 970, yay! Almost forgot to mention that.

So while I don’t have a lot of time to play, I AM making progress. Slowly. In my own time. It’s still a pretty nice feeling. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

The Broken Shore (Lost…)

This weekend is a holiday weekend, so I was able to dip into some WoW while the other half took kiddo for a walk – it was glorious because I finally finished off the very beginner part of my class hall campaign! YAY!

Then I started working on The Broken Shore stuff.


I don’t understand the point of this zone. I understand what’s going on from a lore perspective, but the place just doesn’t make sense to me. So far I’ve run around completing a few missions / quests, but I’ve seen only a handful of other players, the place is awkwardly packed with encounter after encounter, and I haven’t gotten a single item as loot / quest reward yet. What am I missing? Do I need to progress further in the chain before the usefulness of this zone becomes apparent?

Am I working towards something? I couldn’t even tell you aside from the ability to research my artifact stuff beyond 25.

Speaking of artifacts. I wish I had of been much smarter when it came to spending my points in the beginning. I swapped between all three of my weapons and spread points everywhere. I’m finally on the last 1.2 million required for my main spec (these days that’s DPS) and then… well then I work towards finishing off my holy weapon, I suppose.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying playing a huge amount, but I just don’t understand what I’m doing in this zone. Plus, I have a quest to go do a dungeon, and it’s causing me some anxiety. It’s not a mythic dungeon (I believe it’s some sort of citadel?) but I still don’t see myself doing it any time soon in a PUG. We’ll have to see, I suppose.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

I’m Good With LFR, Thanks

I don’t like grouping with strangers very much – but there’s one very odd exception to that rule, and it’s in LFRaid in WoW. I have absolutely no problem doing any of the raids, and even have a few favourites. I try to get a handful done each week (I just don’t have time to do everything) especially when the extra incentive options roll around.

So why is it that I have no issue in a raid but I almost always absolutely refuse to be in a group? I suppose it’s because I feel a lot less pressure in a raid. You can still get called out, still get kicked out of the group, and still be commented on – but there’s also a lot more people around, and chances are unless you’re doing something that’s causing large scale wipes, you’ll be fine.

Tonight I ended up doing a few rounds of dailies along with a handful of raids. I didn’t get any gear upgrades but I did get an item for my holy weapon. I’m only at 859ilevel right now and there’s still raids that are blocked to me until I hit 860, plus I haven’t even completed the previous four (I’ve done some of them but not all of them). I’m working my way slowly through the broken shore quest chain and I still have my class hall chain to complete, too. Problem is trying to find the time for everything. I’ll get there. Eventually.

I suppose that’s one of the huge pluses of not having any time. There’s no way I’ll run out of content any time soon. I’m also contemplating leveling up a druid on the new server I play on, because why not. I love druids and I miss mine (and I don’t want to move her). We’ll see if I go anywhere with that. In the meantime I’m having an absolute blast on my priest.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Short and Sweet (Dailies in WoW)

It had been a few days since I logged into World of Warcraft, but my priest was right where I left her. I jumped into some dailies because I was out of resources (again) and sold a BoE chest I found for 35k, not too shabby. I wanted to do another round of dailies, but alas, the clock was ticking and it was nearing bedtime. That’s the trouble with there being only so many hours to a day.

I’ve been thinking of setting up a Minecraft server to play on in between my rounds of WoW but so far I haven’t decided on a mod pack to use (or if I even have the time). When I do have a few seconds I’m typically diving into some game that requires zero thought to play it, like Hell Girls.

My adventures this week have been short and sweet, so this post shall be the same way.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Steam Sale! Oh, and Questing

It’s been a while since I got excited about a steam sale. I normally see them and completely pass them by. I set myself with a tiny budget this year ($20) and waited for it to go live. Like most steam sales, their system wasn’t able to handle the masses of people swarming the sales, so I only had a chance to look briefly, but I already saw two games I want to pick up. They’re not especially popular games, and one came out in a bundle not too long ago (but I missed out on that).

Shoppe Keep, and Junk Jack are the two games I decided to go with. I’ve got quite a few more on my wishlist, including Colony Survival (looks fun!) but they’ll have to wait. I haven’t actually made the purchase yet because at the time of writing this Steam is still pretty flooded, but I’ll get there eventually.

In the meantime I logged into WoW and did my daily quests. I didn’t get anything fancy, but I did unlock another rank of my DPS artifact weapon and I got a piece for my holy weapon. I’ve been trying to collect resources, but it’s slow going when all I really have time for are those daily quests. I need them to progress my class hall quest too where I’m collecting shiny rocks. At least I think that’s what they are.

Anything tickle your fancy from the steam store? Plan on making a purchase or two (or three?) what games? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Hanging out in my (boring) Class Hall

I am probably one of the few people who really liked the Garrisons when they were around last expansion. It was a bit too easy to make gold, but I felt like they were valuable places to do quests from and I felt a sense of purpose every time I found myself there. Yes, there were downsides (worlds felt a bit empty with everyone just hanging out at home) but I still used them quite a bit.

Step forward now to the Legion Class Halls. They’re beautiful, populated, and I barely use it. I don’t send my followers out that often because I find it a pain to collect resources. Unfortunately I have to do some very specific follower quests for my class hall so I don’t have a lot of choice in the matter. These take time and resources and I don’t appear to be the only one hanging around the table waiting for a mission to complete.

I don’t do mythic+ runs so I don’t get the awesome chest that others get on server re-start (Tuesdays) and aside from pumping up my artifact weapons there’s not a heck of a lot for me to do in these class halls.

Ah well. I suppose we can’t win it all.

Daily Quests, 600 Pets, and MORE!

When I found my new home in WoW I knew I’d probably want to bring over a level 110 character (and some money) instead of leveling from scratch. I’ve only got two 110 characters right now, a priest, and a hunter. My priest was also horde, so I faction changed and swapped servers. Was it worth it?

Well, I’ve only been on the server a few days now, but I’m enjoying myself. There’s no pressure, guild is active and friendly, and I’ve just been puttering about doing my own thing because chances are I have to randomly AFK. I don’t mind paying for server transfers and faction changes if I’m confident that the place I end up is going to be a good fit. I have made the mistake in the past of transferring only to have the guild disband but I don’t let that cloud future prospects.

Yesterday I managed to earn the achievement of owning 600+ unique pets. I did splurge a bit of coin on collecting the last few I needed, but I’m tickled that I got the achievement (which of course gave me a pet). I believe there are also pet battle scenarios now – no idea what is involved in that but I’m looking forward to trying them out! For now I’ve just been doing my daily / weekly quests. I’m holding off on turning them in until after the update tomorrow because I hear there’s better rewards being added. I haven’t done anything on the broken shore, and my artifact power is only 16/40 (I find this slow to level up) but playing casual is exactly what I wanted to do. Content should last me a REALLY long time.

Tomorrow? It’s back to fishing.


Bigger Fish to Fry

One really easy thing for me to jump into game and do when I may not have a lot of time and I don’t know how long the time I do have is going to last, is fishing.

I’ve parked myself down in the little pond below Dalaran, and I’m currently fishing up Drowned Manas for Conjurer Nargoss. I’m also hoping to catch a Mark of Aquaos, which will help spawn a creature and grant a buff to let more Drowned Manas spawn.

While fishing I got some really  neat toys that change my fishing bobber into different things like a wooden Pepe, a Tugboat, and a floating cat head. I love the flavour the game has! So far I have 41/60 drowned mana, we’ll see how many more I can catch before my little guy wakes up.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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