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Oops, I did it again

I resubscribed to WoW, even though it has been almost a year since I last played – I know, I know. WHY. Right? Well, I have reasons (I always do) so here they are. Number one would have to be the fact that for the past two months I’ve been suffering from gallstones which are exceptionally painful. I have one more month before I can even be considered for an operation to remove my gallbladder, in the mean time I have good days and bad days as everyone who has read my blog knows (I try not to vent about it but it happens, I’m sorry). The day after a ‘bad day’ is spent in bed for the most part, recuperating. Laptop is thankfully never far from my side (notice this post has no screen shot? A sure sign that I have been dealing with health issues and it’s not just pure laziness) along with lots to drink and a warm kitty watching over me.

In any case, WoW is one of those games that runs on anything, which I appreciate. Sure, EQ2 also runs on the laptop, but I ‘m used to boxing in that game and I feel like half a person playing from the bedroom and not the pc. No fault of the game to be sure, it’s just my personal view. Also, being confined to my room means I don’t have the wonderful gaming selection that my PC has, so I’m restricted. I have EQ2, EQ, WoW, W101 and Sims 3 installed on the laptop and they run wonderfully. You can expect that with so much time to do nothing, I get bored, easily. This will also help a little.

I’ve played WoW off and on since release. I’ve never gotten a character over level 50 and I’ve never been end game in any sense of the word. I’ve never made much money, and I’ve always found it amusing that the ‘easiest’ game out there was also the hardest for me at least in terms of leveling. Probably because I’ve never had a steady guild or known anyone else who was playing. I love pvp (but can’t run WAR on the laptop) and while it is HIGHLY doubtful that I will play for more then a month (it’s about all I can handle at a time) it does fill the gaps of my gaming needs for now.

I just need to decide what I’m going to play, and where. I have some characters on Uther (44 priest and my 50 hunter) as well as Ravenholdt, or maybe I’ll just start some where new fresh. I always felt like WoW was the sort of game where it really was too late to start over anywhere new, but I guess we’ll just see.

No, I’m not giving up EQ2, or EQ, or VG or any of the other games I play, but if you see a post or two about WoW or notice my xfire time I didn’t want anyone to think I had betrayed over to the dark side or some such.

In other news, Fan Faire starts today. I’m incredibly jealous. I hope everyone has a safe and fantastic time, I’ll be cheering from the sidelines!

New Game in the Works?

‘Warcraft’ Sequel Lets Gamers Play A Character Playing ‘Warcraft’

I don’t know how long this has been out, I haven’t seen it before but then again I miss a lot living under my rock here in Ottawa.  Watching this was just the funniest thing ever today. Thank you Kasul for sharing.

Now Where Did I leave Off

It took me a long time to get my addons straightened out. They’re not even really fixed yet. What I should have done was deleted the entire addon folder and then reinstall the ones I wanted using the curse client. Sounds easy enough, right? Well since I had already spent a few hours moving hotbars around I didn’t do that. I just went through and updated or un-installed the ones I had with curse client and it made a mess of things. So I spent a few more hours last night fixing everything up on the pc. 

All of my characters are currently on two servers. I used to have more but I think I must have deleted and moved them all. I have 4 on Uther, and a few on Ravenholdt. Uther is a ‘normal’ server, where Ravenholdt is an rp-pvp server. They’re both fairly nice, Uther is quite populated from what I’ve seen. I do have one friend who plays with me on Uther, so I’m not completely alone. He spent the evening last night patching, there may be a chance that I switch servers to play with someone else too. We’ll just have to see how that adventure goes. 

Once the addon situation was finally fixed, it was time to play. Or at least, attempt to play. It’s been so long since I’ve been in game I had no idea where I left off, or what I should do. Looking at my gold (180g, ouch) I figured I could stand to do a little farming, and I have a hunter I use specifically for that. Arysh is level 49, with a giant serpent who follows her around named Flirt. I stopped by a few inns and grabbed a handful of candy from each one that gave some fairly nice experience (and something to nibble on later), peeked at my quest journal and gave one of those puzzled frowns because I didn’t have the slightest idea where to go at level 49. After a few minutes of searching, I decided to just pick a random quest and work on that. 

I had one quest that sent me to Un’Goro Crater – which I had heard of since level 47 but had no idea where it was or how to get there. Looked it up and off I went. Along the way I saw these huge space-ship looking islands that made a lot of noise and seemed to suck things up into it, or maybe they were shooting, I couldn’t really tell because they were swarmed by things far bigger then me. I’m sure it has to do with the expansion due out, but I’m still just getting my feet back into things, so I could be completely wrong. 

It was nice to wander into the jungle again after mucking my way through the desert. Until that giant dinosaur decided he’d like to step on my head, of course. Screen shot of me Feigning Death on the ground before he finished me off. I managed to pick up some crystals along the way that I thought may have been for the new inscription tradeskill (Hey, give me a break I’m new!) but later found out they are used in a quest given at the flightpoint way way North in the zone (of course I came in from the South). I did get about 50% of my level, so that was really nice. Who knows, I may actually hit level 50.

A quick side note because these articles are getting scraped a LOT lately – if you are not reading this at – then why don’t you head there, I don’t have ads on the site, no spamming for gold selling, and it’s much nicer then reading it from those annoying bots who keep taking my stuff. Plus, maybe I’ll actually get credit for writing it. Thanks!

Dabbling in WoW (again)

No, I’m not leaving EQ2. Or EQ1 for that matter. I’ll still be partaking in the Friday night Nostalgia, and still playing EQ2 (though lately that has been less, I simply don’t have anything I feel like doing right now. I’m eager about the expansion and looking forward to that). You can blame my re-kindled interest in WoW on a few select people, whose blogs I read daily. With NaNoWriMo coming (two days away!) I wanted a game that I think of as on a ‘lighter’ scale. Where I can dip in for an hour or two and feel like I finished something. Right now (for me personally) that game is not EQ2. Don’t read into that though! I’m not going anywhere and Sony knows they own my soul. 

So I patched (for three hours?) and then moved WoW over to the laptop. Grabbed the curse client and fanangled my way through add-on city. Finally I was ready. 

A few changes happened while I’ve been away. I haven’t been away *that* long. 

Achievements. I LOVE this. They remind me very much of the knowledge book in WAR. I’ve always loved being able to look at my characters and KNOW what they had done. It gives me something that WoW had always lacked for me (due to easy leveling, and cheap server transfer costs) PRIDE in a character. I don’t have the slightest idea what the points are used for (if anything) but I’ve only finished off a very small percentage of the ones available. 

I’m low level, no where near end game. My highest characters are level 47 (I have a few of those) but I’m looking forward to exploring and getting back into things. We’ll see how long it lasts this time around. 

Oh, another thing I know nothing about. Glyphs. I have a glyph page. I don’t know how you make them, or what they’re used for (something about enchantments?) so if anyone has some resource out there I could read, send it my way! I read everyone else’ sites about WoW and what fun they’re having but a lot of the technical bits are still in some foreign language to me. I’m not too worried (yet), but I know I have a lot of catching up to do!

No, I won’t ever be the big end game player like others I read about. I’m sure I’m too far behind, but I will have a lot of fun learning and relearning everything I need to know.

Shaman Pains

I hit 20 on the shaman two days ago, and promptly started the level 20 water totem quest. I’m almost regretting that now, and wishing that I had held off for a little bit, or at least tried to convince my group to come along with me to do it. The first portion was alright, head to the city on Azuremyst Isle, and talk to the shaman trainer there. Great, no problem. He sends me to talk to a giant water elemental, who’s on Bloodmyst Isle. Well, of course since I left my home land at level 6 to go adventure with a dwarf, I had no clue where that even was. After talking with some friends I found out it’s actually an island north of the city. Alright, swim way out there, and I need the complete opposite side of the island. Of course. It couldn’t just be nice and simple. I use thottbot to look up the quest and get the locations I need, assuming that will make things easier.

The water elemental sends me on a quest to collect 6 pieces vials from other water elementals, up north. You’d think I could just walk there, but no, there are cliffs in the way and I need to walk 10 minutes out of my way up and around in order to get to where I need to go. A few kills later, I’ve collected my 6 vials and I return only to have him tell me he needs special water from a fountain in Auberdine.

Wait a second, Auberdine? Isn’t that the night elf town way out — yes, yes it is. Of course I’ve never been there yet, having hung around Westfall and Lakeshire the past twenty levels or so. I sigh inwardly to myself and begin the walk, picking up flightpaths along the way. I find the location of the fountain I need which is of course surrounded by level 24 elementals that like to quickly add. I’m level 20, and they hurt. I try to fight one, promptly get an add (remember, I’m not twinked) plop down a snare totem and run away. Rinse repeat. This is obviously not going anywhere. So I decide I’m frustrated enough with the game for one night and logged.

Today I think I’ll just run my 49 hunter there (who does have flightpaths) and kill the elementals leaving their corpses on the ground so they don’t respawn so fast, and run my shaman over to the fountain while everything is dead. If that doesn’t work, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow when my group is on again and try to hack our way through the level 24 mobs. Of course, this is not the end of the quest. No, that would be too easy. Once I get this water I travel way back to the elemental who asked for it to begin with – and then I’m not sure what. I didn’t look the rest of the quest up to peek.

Shesh. I understand sending us all over to accomplish these goals, but for a level 20 quest, this one is hard. I’m almost starting to wish I were twinked up a little now. On the plus side, the quest (plus killing random things that got in my way as I traveled) has pushed me almost to level 21, so it was not as though the evening was a total loss. Tonight is my EverQuest Nostalgia night (see post below) so I won’t be playing WoW, but I already let my group know that will be a Friday night deal for me. I failed utterly at convincing any of them to come test the waters, and I’m sure more then a few have chuckled and laughed at this whole nostalgia expedition. Ah well.

Good Times in Redridge

I know people are probably more eager to read about the EQ Nostalgia group then about my trek through WoW, but be patient, that post is next. Last night found Gozad, Daegon and myself eager to level so we decided to knock out a few more of our Redridge quests. We killed everything in our path, or at least tried to. It was a little rocky, we had a few deaths. The quests we’re working on now are level 23+ where as Daegon and myself were still only level 19. I hate mobs that run, what I wouldn’t give to have a warlock join our little static group so that they can curse and prevent that sort of thing. As it is, the warrior, hunter, and shaman combo make a poor one for stopping them in their tracks. At least for now. I know the hunter has the concussion shot, but it’s got a long recast and at times isn’t enough to stop everything from running we’d like.

I’ve stayed away from tradeskilling on the shaman, and haven’t worked it much on the other two characters lately either. I played a lot this weekend and it’s nice not to have a set schedule per say in order to get things done.

So Gozad dinged 21, while Daegon and myself hit 20. I went to my trainer expecting to have to do a quest for ghost wolf form, and was surprised to find out it was just a regular bought spell. I did of course have a quest to pick up as well, for water stuff. I’ve already learned fire and earth, I’m hoping water is healing. I could use more heals. It’s hard to play the shaman with only one heal. Well, hard for me at least. I didn’t do any research into the class at all and had never listened to the hype about them so this is all very new to me. I’ve spec’d down the restoration aa line and have been having a good time of it.

So I picked up my level 20 quest, headed way back to Azuremyst Isle from Ironforge, and then decided to call it a night. Plagued by annoying headaches that refused to leave through out the day. Mayadhros was unable to play last night due to real life restrictions, I’m sure he’s starting to get frantic now that we’ve reached our 20’s. We haven’t done any instance runs yet, but maybe we can do a Deadmines run (a real one, with the group as opposed to my hunter taking everyone through) for a few remaining quest updates that folks have as well as the major quest lines that Minxes has yet to complete (even though everyone else has). We’ll see how it goes. It would of course be better if Mayadhros were there for some heals / dps / tanking too *hint hint* and Klorel reached level 15 last night on his warrior (who’s spec’ing down the dps line I believe). It’s great to be playing with friends in so many games lately. I think that’s what I’m loving most of all about any of these games. I’m playing with friends in all of them.

A Quiet Night

The rest of yesterday was fairly quiet. I wasn’t in the mood to do too much on the shaman, so I managed to ding her 18 and catch her up to the group, bought my new spells (I could really use another heal some time.. one is just not cutting it) and then decided I would camp the blood elf mask that drops on Azuremyst Isle. The mask sells for 35g or so on Uther, and for no other reason then the fact that it looks cool.

It’s a level 5 item that’s not bop, and you can share it between characters if you so wish. Since most helm pieces are level 24+ it’s nice to have a little bit of ‘fluff’ armor at such a low level. The mob who drops it is a blood elf bandit, and he has 8 or so spawn points. He’s also stealthed, which is why I took the hunter to farm it. She’s got her mount, and track stealth. He always spawns close to the road sides on the island, in a huge circular swoop. He also spawns very fast, less then one minute apart. The annoying part (aside from the drop rate on the mask) is just simply getting to each spawn point.

The mask has a 5% chance to drop, and I spent about two hours farming it last night. I managed to get two of them to drop, and gave the first one away to Daegon for his dwarf warrior. Looks mighty fine in it too. The second one I sent over to the shaman, and I contemplated farming a few more just for auction house. Not sure how much time I want to devote to that though, I can make more money (faster) harvesting an instance (or two) and it’s a lot more fun then just riding around an island in circles killing level 7 stealthed bandits.

Tonight I assume the ‘regular’ group will get together and try to make a push for 20. I believe I get my shaman ghost wolf quest then (even though honestly I haven’t the slightly clue what ghost wolf form does for a shaman) and we’ll be moving on to some other quest areas. Redridge is alright, but still not my favorite. I took the shaman back to Auberdine to quest there and catch up to the group, and was given a good 10 quests. Redridge has a few that I can do but I find the area annoying. Maybe it’s just me. After Redridge though is Darkshire,  which I adore. Then there’s STV (Stranglethorn Vale) which I have always avoided like the plague because I play on pvp servers. However, on a pve server it’s safe to hang out there, and I remember that area being a huge quest hub. Even my level 49 hunter is still doing a few strangling quests for that area. Should be fun.

Which is the key to this whole little experiment, right? Having fun, hanging out with good friends and just kicking back and relax. It’s been so long since I’ve really played EQ2 now (I basically quit the day epics came out and only popped in from time to time since then) and I really enjoy not having to log in for raids. Feeling very few obligations to play, which is what I wanted. I didn’t want to feel forced to play. What fun is that after all. Of course the game still has its allure, and EQ1 even more so lately. If SOE offered free transfers I’d probably go join Tipa in a heart beat, just for something fun and ‘new’ to do.

No sign of Rumorr last night, but I’m sure he was busy doing ‘the family’ thing. Hopefully he’s not even more discouraged by the levels we’ve (by ‘we’ I mean Daegon, Gozad, and myself) gotten. Klorel I believe hit level 10 on his warrior last night but then had company show up so he had to log early. It’ll be nice when we’re all around the same level again and can spend a little time doing instances or what have you. In the mean time though, I’m certainly having fun.

Ding 27! (IRL Omg..)

Ok so the title is lame, I thought it was pretty cute. Last night Daegon and Gozad managed to cling to 18 and I took them through Deadmines on the 49 hunter for quest updates. Minxes is a little left behind now and has no real pretties to her name, but there was nothing I really wanted anyhow (aside from maybe the 2h staff reward from a quest chain). Today I’m running a few more friends through the instance, can never have enough Deadmines! Rumorr logged on for a bit to chatter about transferring that paladin of his, and hopefully it all works out. We’ll see later this week. When the groups and questing around Lakeridge calmed down for the night (and I was still wide awake.. for the most part) I decided to go solo Blackfathom Deeps, located in Ashenvale.

I love being able to run through these instances with my hunter tanking and feeling all big and ‘uber’ as I three shot the elites that scatter around. Even more, I love being able to help outfit my friends with the items we can farm from there. That way when we do the instance ‘for real’ people have some gear already (and then my Minxes can get gear too). An ok dagger dropped (blue) that was not BoP (bind on pickup) so I stuck that on the AH (auction house) and we’ll see how it goes. I’m at 295g now, after spending some coin making a new dress for the priest (Dreamweave, which has +spell dmg and +heal, can’t go wrong) and getting some crafting skill ups. Hopefully the shaman will hit 18 tonight, maybe 19 by the time everything is said and done, we’ll see how it goes. I think I have a quest to do at 20, and that’ll be fun.

The game all in all, has been fun. I’d say it’s 99.9% due to the people I have around me. Klorel, Daegon, Rumorr, Gozad, all of ’em make the game a fun place to be for the three hours or so in the evenings we play. It’d be better if Rumorr didn’t feel any pressure to level with his already busy life, but hey, nothing is perfect. I’d been contemplating Eq1 some, of course due to Tipa’s posts over at West Karana, but alas can’t bring myself to install the game. I haven’t bought any expansions since Depths of Darkhollows (and not even sure if that was the name of it) and I know I have three level 70 characters, a cleric, rogue, and enchanter, but no idea what sort of state I left them in. It’s tempting though. So tempting. I wish after a certain number of years mmos would just grant people free transfers. If there was a chance at me getting to play with Tipa, I’d probably consider it even more. As it is, I am fairly certain we don’t play on the same server (I don’t even remember which server I’m on.. I want to say Veeshan but I believe it merged.. to Luclin?) and as she herself has mentioned, who wants to play alone.

Wow.. now does this bring back EQ1 memories or what….. what a long time ago that was..

Omg, haha. My shaman gal here, is wearing the original earing of the solstice. Sighs. Good times. Good times.

It’s The Weekend!

The weekend is half over now, and it’s been a lot of fun. Saturday I spent some time adventuring (and shopping) and I think I managed to get to level 14 in the afternoon. That evening I decided in lieu of my birthday (which is tomorrow) I’d have a few drinks. Apparently it was amusing, I was on ventrillo with Daegon and Gozad, Rumorr around for the first portion. We continued to quest (from what I remember, which is scare few details) and I believe by the end of the evening were half way through level 15. I stumbled to bed some time (I can’t recall when) after training my level 14 skills. This I found out second hand from group members. It involved liver dances (and song?) charging camps (which is something I rarely do) and just a plain ‘ol good time, had by all.

Today (after a lot of water, and some complaints about why the sun had to be so dang bright in the mornings) I took care of my real life chores and then started doing a few quests in the afternoon. Daegon and Minxes (my shaman) managed to take a hold of level 16, and Gozad hit 15. Our travels took us to Redridge, which is actually one of my least favorite zones. I typically hang out in Darkshore until 20 or so, and then move on from there. Having a good bunch of people around though makes a difference, and it’s bearable this time around.

I also managed to hit level 49 on my hunter, which came as a huge surprise. That’s two levels this weekend without me even trying to. I got myself familiar with older quests I’d had stashed away (and a few walk throughs since I’d forgotten where I even got the quests from) and spent a lot of time in Feralas. One of my favorite zones by far. I’ve spent so many hours in that area. Harvesting leather, and killing for general experience and loot. After I cleared out my Feralas quests I flew down to Tanaris and picked up more quests. Some where of course already green, but experience is experience, and what better way for me to learn the lands (again). I had a lot of fun just roaming around, without the pressure of pvp. It’s certainly a different experience. I’d been lurking around on pathways just out of habit. The relaxed atmosphere is doing me good though I think. Skaara (from Vanguard) also decided to show up on Uther, as a warrior. I’m not sure if he wants to keep playing or not, but he mentioned needing a break from VG, and that’s where he ended up. It was great to see him of course.

Rumorr spoke of moving his paladin over, which I encouraged mostly because I know he feels ‘left behind’ with his lack of play time. Not his fault he has more of a life then all of us, family obviously comes first. Plus just by the way he spoke about the paladin, it seemed as though he’d be happier playing that (verses the druid he’s currently playing). We’ll see how it goes. Hopefully everyone else had a wonderful weekend, and enjoyed adventuring no matter the realm!

Exploring, Crafting, and Friends

Last night was a quiet night. My shaman reached level 10, which means she was sent back to her homeland of Azuremyst Isle, to do a quest for a fire totem. The quest itself was fun, but involved walking from one end of the continent to the other. Twice. Not so much fun. I suppose at low levels games don’t really have much for you to do except be involved in the length of time it takes you to travel from place to place. One thing world of warcraft has done wonderfully (even more so then Vanguard, but on a smaller scale I personally think) is make the world feel like an actual world. I lamented often over how EQ2 feels like zones. Lots of little zones all smushed together to make a world. You zone from one end of the city to the other, you take bells to get to areas, and yes the newest expansion does have some wide open areas, but you still have to zone to get to any of them. World of Warcraft and Vanguard attempt ‘seamless’ zoning. Vanguard stutters a bit as you cross ‘chunks’ and isn’t exactly seamless, but they still do a wonderful job. World of warcraft still has zone lines as you cross continents, but the realms aside from that (and instances of course) are pretty smooth. In an mmo that is one huge factor that draws me in.

In any case, I did my level 10 quest, Daegon did his level 10 warrior quest (obtaining his defensive stance as well as a new shiny weapon) Gozad did his level 10 hunter quest (now being able to charm pets, one of the key rolls of a hunter) and Rumorr took some time away to work on wife faction which none of us could fault him for.

My 47 hunter and 44 priest both reside on the Uther server now along with my level 11 shaman, and so as Daegon and Gozad ran around doing their level 10 quests, I figured I’d go farming some lowbie instances for loot to pass off to everyone. One of my favorite zones in the game, Deadmines, was also one I’d not been to in a very long time. It was my first experience with an ‘instance’ in World of Warcraft, way back when and I remember it fondly. By the end my bags were stuffed with wool, macaw cages, swords, and various other goodies. I swear every named dropped their rare blue, something I don’t remember them doing so easily in the past. I regretted not having the group along with me, to take all of the BoP blues that kept dropping since my hunter is a 300 skinner, 212 leatherworker.

I actually had to look up some crafting guides last night, which was new to me. Things in WoW are pretty simple – but I had no idea if skinning or leatherworking went up over 300 now with the release of BC some time ago. Turns out they did. I need level55 though in order to raise my skinning any higher, as Master skinner is only obtainable in the Outlands. I need to raise my leatherworking a little higher first before I become too concerned with where to go for that. It’s nice being a higher level, as I can make leather items for my shaman, Gozad’s hunter, and also Rumorr’s druid. The 44 priest is also a tailor / enchanter combination. Though I recently sold off most of her mats in order to bring in a little coin. There was no use for me to be carting around so much stuff that I couldn’t even use right now. I’ll have time to gather it all later.

All in all it may have been a quiet night, and not a whole lot was accomplished, but I still had a lot of fun none the less. I plan on running the group through Deadmines when they have the quest chains, and today may farm Stockades. Another old zone but still lots of fun. I’d still like to do WC and even SFK, but those are both in Horde territory, so it’ll take a little work not only to get there, but to make sure we’re not all going to turn into Horde fodder along the way. Certianly good times though, good times.

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