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Exploring, Crafting, and Friends

Last night was a quiet night. My shaman reached level 10, which means she was sent back to her homeland of Azuremyst Isle, to do a quest for a fire totem. The quest itself was fun, but involved walking from one end of the continent to the other. Twice. Not so much fun. I suppose at low levels games don’t really have much for you to do except be involved in the length of time it takes you to travel from place to place. One thing world of warcraft has done wonderfully (even more so then Vanguard, but on a smaller scale I personally think) is make the world feel like an actual world. I lamented often over how EQ2 feels like zones. Lots of little zones all smushed together to make a world. You zone from one end of the city to the other, you take bells to get to areas, and yes the newest expansion does have some wide open areas, but you still have to zone to get to any of them. World of Warcraft and Vanguard attempt ‘seamless’ zoning. Vanguard stutters a bit as you cross ‘chunks’ and isn’t exactly seamless, but they still do a wonderful job. World of warcraft still has zone lines as you cross continents, but the realms aside from that (and instances of course) are pretty smooth. In an mmo that is one huge factor that draws me in.

In any case, I did my level 10 quest, Daegon did his level 10 warrior quest (obtaining his defensive stance as well as a new shiny weapon) Gozad did his level 10 hunter quest (now being able to charm pets, one of the key rolls of a hunter) and Rumorr took some time away to work on wife faction which none of us could fault him for.

My 47 hunter and 44 priest both reside on the Uther server now along with my level 11 shaman, and so as Daegon and Gozad ran around doing their level 10 quests, I figured I’d go farming some lowbie instances for loot to pass off to everyone. One of my favorite zones in the game, Deadmines, was also one I’d not been to in a very long time. It was my first experience with an ‘instance’ in World of Warcraft, way back when and I remember it fondly. By the end my bags were stuffed with wool, macaw cages, swords, and various other goodies. I swear every named dropped their rare blue, something I don’t remember them doing so easily in the past. I regretted not having the group along with me, to take all of the BoP blues that kept dropping since my hunter is a 300 skinner, 212 leatherworker.

I actually had to look up some crafting guides last night, which was new to me. Things in WoW are pretty simple – but I had no idea if skinning or leatherworking went up over 300 now with the release of BC some time ago. Turns out they did. I need level55 though in order to raise my skinning any higher, as Master skinner is only obtainable in the Outlands. I need to raise my leatherworking a little higher first before I become too concerned with where to go for that. It’s nice being a higher level, as I can make leather items for my shaman, Gozad’s hunter, and also Rumorr’s druid. The 44 priest is also a tailor / enchanter combination. Though I recently sold off most of her mats in order to bring in a little coin. There was no use for me to be carting around so much stuff that I couldn’t even use right now. I’ll have time to gather it all later.

All in all it may have been a quiet night, and not a whole lot was accomplished, but I still had a lot of fun none the less. I plan on running the group through Deadmines when they have the quest chains, and today may farm Stockades. Another old zone but still lots of fun. I’d still like to do WC and even SFK, but those are both in Horde territory, so it’ll take a little work not only to get there, but to make sure we’re not all going to turn into Horde fodder along the way. Certianly good times though, good times.

It’s all Fun

Daegon and Minxes managed to both hit level 9 last night (and Minxes level 10 so that she can do her shaman quest.. which lead me all the way back to Azuremyst Isle.. annoying) and we had a blast doing it. There’s something to be said for experiencing new leveling zones that neither of us have spent any time in. Gozad created himself another hunter, and Mayadhros is now playing Rumorr, a druid. So that brings our little group of adventurers to: Warrior, Shaman, druid, and hunter. None of us have joined a guild yet, as we want to get a better feel for the game / our class and then we’ll probably join the WoW Safe Haven branch that’s on Uther.

One thing I’ve noticed (and this goes for most games) is that the starter areas for “old” races are not nearly as exciting nor do they pay as well as the “new” races. Specifically the blood elves and Draenei. I think it would be nice if any time a new starter was introduced, they (devs) also revamped the old starters, to be more in alignment. In Azuremyst Isle I’d be making 20-30s per quest at this level, where as in the dwarven starter I’m barely making 1s25c. Not that it’s a huge deal, but even little things like that make a difference to a new player.

I think we’re headed to Gholdshire (I probably spelled that wrong) tonight, so that we can all meet up and quest some place. I remember my humans starting out around that area, and it’s always fun to play with friends. I love the instance that’s out that way as well, and if I recall correctly, in a few more levels (18?) we’ll be able to snag the quests for that and get ourselves some pretties as well. I didn’t play for very long yesterday, but I did put more items up for sale on the 44 priest. She’s sitting on 170g now, and already has her mount, so I’m pleased about that. I know the level 60 mount is around 700g so eventually I’ll have to start saving for that. I already told Daegon that I’d pay for his mount for him if he wanted when he hit level 40. He’s not typically a crafter or a farmer of any sort, and I like to help my friends out. If I get enough coin I’ll more then likely offer the same deal to Gozad and Rumorr.

Other then that, and figuring out what everyone wants to do as far as crafting goes (I’ve got tailoring and enchanting, and I’m not sure what everyone else is doing yet) things have been blissfully quiet. Exactly the way I like it.

Slowly Settling

Last night was day two on Uther, and it went pretty well. After deciding to settle there for good, my small group of friends decided to make more ‘permanent’ characters. The previous paladin on Ravenholdt made a warrior on Uther, Daegon. The hunter on Ravenholdt decided that he already had enough alts on Uther, and would wait for us to catch up. I believe with a 15 druid, though he has a paladin, warlock, and rogue as well. I’ve probably forgotten some alts. Mayadhros I looked for in game last night, but missed since I didn’t know his character name. Hopefully we can all meet up, I’ve emailed a channel name to him so we can chatter through that if nothing else. We’ve decided to hold off on the Safe Haven guild tag for now, to get some levels. The guild of course is already well established, and myself at least would feel exceptionally newb-ish and I’d rather get a few levels first.

I started out playing a draenei hunter, and then by the end of the night decided that will be my ‘fun’ ‘farm’ character (like always) and decided to try out a shaman. Now, I know shaman in World of Warcraft (in the past at least, no idea if it still holds true for today) have always been over powered. I know that a LOT of people play them for this reason. I’ve never played one beyond level 6 before though, ever. So it’s a nice change for me. I like the idea of totems, and the lore behind the class itself. I made a draenei and slowly made my way from Azuremyst Isle, to Dun Algaz, and onward to the dwarven starting area. So I’m set to begin questing there tonight when we all start playing.

I also moved my 44 priest, Ysandria (renamed from Stargrace since that was taken) over. She brought with her items that I’d had stashed away for over a year now, and promptly stuck them on the broker making a few gold. I also sent over a bunch of bags for alts which is fantastic. The typical 8 slot bags I’m used to just don’t cut it any more.

So far the shaman is a lot of fun. I honestly don’t know very much about them, I have never seen their talent tree before and I don’t have the vaguest idea what to go down once I hit 10. I like that aspect. I’ve said this a few times now, WoW may be the ‘constant’ mmo out there along with EQ2 and a few others, but it’s the one game I’ve never really delved into. I’ve owned it since release, and played off and on, but never made it past level 47 before. I’ve never raided, I’ve done some pvp, but that’s where my experiences with the game end. So playing it casually with a few good friends has been a nice change, and I stress the ‘few good friends’ part, because if it wasn’t for Gozad, Growlius, and Mayahdros, I wouldn’t be playing. I don’t have too much interest in AoC at all, but I am looking forward to WAR, if for nothing else then to play a new game. I’m hoping to stick with WoW until then, but we’ll see how it goes since I’m notorious for switching games quite frequently. EQ1 was the only game I stuck with for a year and a half, until EQ2 came out (and then WoW shortly after) and I’ve flip-flopped between games ever since. I’m not exactly a veteran gamer, I’ve been playing EQ2/WoW since release, I only played a year and a half of EQ1, I played MUDS before that (specifically Redemption) and  aside from the Sims, I’ve never been one for console games either. I’ve met a lot of fantastic friends along the way. Which leads me to my next post.

The Other Side

I’d love to say I’ve finally settled down with one character, or even two character. Those who know me, know better though. I’ve constantly got alts on the go. I think the only game where I didn’t have a plethora of alts, was Vanguard where I limited myself to three, and EQ1, where I also only had three (a rogue, enchanter, and cleric. Sitting at level 72 last I checked). So it really came as no surprise last night when I brought up making alts to Zokor and Gozad.

Safe Haven’s “official” branch is on the Uther server, which is a PvE server. They have both an alliance guild and a horde guild. So we decided to make alliance characters there, since we already had horde on our PvP server of Ravenholdt. I wanted to be able to give Zokor a break from tanking some times, as I’m sure he can tired of it. Anyone can tired of anything if they play it enough I’m sure. I only know one person who has never had an alt in all the time he’s gamed and that would be my other half who plays a Shadowknight in EQ2, and has since release. A monk in EQ1 before that. A paladin in WoW when he dips in for maybe an hour or two a year. In any case, Zokor jumped at the chance, and thus our Uther characters were formed. A warrior (me), mage (Zokor), and hunter (Gozad). We didn’t play much, managed to get to level 6 before calling it a night. The lands were pretty though, and it was a nice change from playing horde. I miss having bags of a proper size, that’s for sure, and by ‘proper’ I mean.. well, even 8 slot bags would do. I’m pretty sure in every game I’ve ever played, the bag size is never quite enough. Especially not for beginner players. Not for pack rats either. I have items I don’t even know what to do with any more. That’s a whole other story though…

The whole ‘less game more life’ has been going great so far. It’s been very odd going from 17+ hours of gaming to 2-3. I’ve found myself with a whole lot of free time, but with great friends am managing to find plenty to do between writing, reading, artwork, going out. I’m glad I stuck with a ‘casual’ game, and I live vicariously through the Shadowknight on EQ2 as he does his Veeshan’s Peek raids (among others) nightly. With my birthday just around the corner I was going to ask for a new hard drive and video card, but I’m finding myself without a real reason to get them (quite yet, until WAR comes out). My trusty 7600 will do until then. My mom just upgraded her machine, and has been eagerly telling me about how well it runs now *chuckles* gotta love family.

Shadowfang Keep, Wailing Caverns, and lots of Fun

This weekend, between that real life stuff we all have, Unsafe Haven (the Ravenholdt branch) headed to a few instances, and wow did we have fun. Zokor had a paladin quest at level 20 that sent him to a few instances (Ragefire Chasm, Shadowfang Keep, and outside of that instance in Ashenvale that I can’t quite remember the name of right now) and we pinged those off easily enough. We only went far enough to get his update, and then moved on to the next area. By the end of it he had a shiny new polearm. I decided to get rid of my level 20 warlock, since I really wasn’t enjoying her, and started up a troll warrior. Why warrior? Well some times it’s nice to have a break from the general ‘mains’ that we’re all playing, and no doubt the tank would like to do something other then tanking some times. I wanted a little character to do that with.

Surprisingly enough Mayadhros from Vanguard came to say hello in World of Warcraft! It was a pleasant surprise when he joined the guild as his 25 rogue Skeletorn (yes, before you even ask, he is Forsaken). Since Gozad, Zokor, Skeletorn, and myself were all around last night we decided to do a full run of Shadowfang keep, which went off pretty well (aside from one mishap where Gozad’s pet decided to run ramped and train everyone — everyone except me) and everyone walked away with some experience, quest updates, and new gear. We had a lot of blues drop which was nice to see, and everyone got a level or two (even with reduced experience as I was there with my level 33). As people gain more levels that gap between experience will lesson, and I’m looking forward to it. If there’s anyone else out there who wants to join the (very small) group, please feel free! It’s never too late.

I decided to drop enchanting too, I know it’s a wonderful craft and very handy, but I just didn’t want to spend so much of my time disenchanting items in order to get mats. I figured I’d switch over to engineering. Is that a mistake? Should I just tough it out with enchanting? Tailoring is my other craft, though I’m only slightly into silk right now. World of Warcraft crafting is.. well, it’s all auto combines that never fail so long as you have the materials (at least, so far for me it is. Maybe this changes later on, I’m not quite sure). I don’t mind it though, it adds to the whole ‘casual’ thing that I have going on.

I’m sitting at 120gold or so now, and contemplating donating 100 of that towards the first tab of the guild bank. We don’t exactly NEED a guild bank, but it would be nice. Not sure, I’ll have to keep pondering it.

P.S. For more information about my plight with the pigeons, be sure to jump on over to this post here… it’s been interesting to say the least.

Ding, Level 20!

Ding, level 20! Which meant of course it was time for Tashia (the warlock pictured above of course) to quest for her new succubus pet. Call me weird, but I love the whip cracking sound that this pet makes. It’s just amusing to me. Zokor hit 19, and we’re making pretty good progress (for us at least) about a level an evening (we play for roughly 2-3 hours a night if that) a little more on weekends. Gozad and Zevad hit 15 and 19, and decided to do an instance last night. The name escapes me but it’s that one in Ogrimmar. RFK I believe (which stands for something that I’m not even sure of). They both had a good time (from what I know) even though they had to do it without my uberness. This weekend I want to try to get a wailing caverns group going, we’ll see how that goes.

One thing I like about World of Warcraft (but it also adds to the ‘ease’ of the game) is that my level 33 can group up with lower members just fine, and help them do their quests. They’ll also still get experience, granted it’s reduced due to the higher level member in the group. It’s still nice. Especially since (until people reach the levels of my priest) we have no healers in guild. Not that I’m complaining, I’m just ticking down time until I play mine. Itching for it, actually.

I’d originally gotten the succubus pet from Silvermoon City, however after checking Thottbot, it was apparent that if I was looking for the easiest one (and hey, lets face it, who isn’t) that I’d be better off to head to Orgimmar and do the one offered there. The quest was easy enough, a chain of 8 quests, mostly running around the Barrens and Stonetalon. Stonetalon was Zokor and my first time into contested territory since we’d started playing the game, and I gave him a few tips and pointers that I use for world pvp (which there is not enough of, I love pvp, I hate battle grounds though. I’d much rather world pvp constantly.. STV anyone?) not that we ran into anyone. We kept close to the Barrens area anyhow, as my quest wasn’t leading us too far.

An hour or so later, and I managed to get my new pet, as well as a 12 slot gem bag, which will be hugely appreciated. I was using an 8 slot bag and trying to keep at least 10 gems on me at all time. I got a summon spell, which will be nice when instances are running and if a member is further away (though there’s always those port stones I suppose, their names escape me). I love soul stones, that let me put a revive spell on people. Comes in handy for Zokor, so he can revive himself and then (good ‘ol paladins with rez) can revive me afterwards (If I’ve happened to die.. which does happen!)

Other then that, it was a quiet evening. I’m still loving the relaxed atmosphere and low pressure gaming. Tomorrow at 6EST I’ll be in Vanguard running my scavenger hunt event which should be fun. Lots of prizes for people and a good opportunity for Safe Haven to get to know their fellow guild mates even better.

Safe travels no matter which realm you find yourself in!

Unsafe Haven – Ravenholdt

Last night Gozad managed to convince some Safe Haven folks from the PvE server to help us sign our charter on the PvP server – and within a few moments, we were members of “Unsafe Haven” the rp / pvp branch. We don’t expect to be a large guild, but while there are 5 of us (give or take) all playing on the same server, it’s nice to have guild options available. I paid 10g to have a tabard  made up, and Gozad picked out a design that I think is pretty nice. The white tower representing a ‘safe haven’ of sorts. I bought everyone a round of the shirts for 90s each, and then went to figure out how much guild banking would cost.

100g each tab of banks, and there are 6 tabs. Ok. I think not. I’m not THAT rich in game, sure I’ve played on the server off and on for a little while now, but I’ve barely gathered together 70g (less now that I’ve spent some to get things done) and that was mostly going towards my mount when I hit level 40. So the banks will have to wait for now. A nice money sink on Blizzards part, it’s not an impossible task (I know money comes easily at later levels) and we’ll get it eventually.

Last night I managed to get 19 on the warlock, Zokor got 18. I was a little disappointed to hear that one of the guild members has a friend / family member leveling for them since they “just don’t have the time” to play. Come on now, it’s world of warcraft, how much time do you actually need in order to get anywhere in the game. So that was one let down. Then two members proceeded to have a conversation about how they would run money transfer services (for real life money of course) and power leveling (for real life coin, of course) and numerous other ‘iffy’ issues that revolved around mmos and made me sort of frown. I don’t mean to seem all high and mighty, but conversations like that just rub me the wrong way. I asked the two members if they could take the conversation to tells, but in typical male format, they decided to question me about why it bothered me, and continued on for a bit longer while I decided to just keep quiet. I don’t want to control anyones conversations, it’s just a few things get me riled up. So yeah, it was probably best that I just step away.

I helped Zokor get his shiny new sword from the ‘final’ ghostlands quest with my 33 priest, there was a line up of people all waiting to get their weapons as well. A 57 warlock made short work  of the named before a 70 rogue wandered in to take their guild mate through. Zokor and I finally got our chance at the named and he walked away with a nice new two handed sword (blue). My warlock doesn’t really need hers, since I will be switching, probably to my hunter around 23, and to the priest of course at 33. I am excited about this whole ‘casual’ gaming. It’s a lot of fun.

I’m also excited about the scavenger hunt I’ll be running in Vanguard on the 5th. There are about 20 people signed up and I hope everyone can make it. I have some good prizes for folks (since my account expires on the 9th) and I think they’ll get to know their fellow Vanguard Safe Haven guild mates, which is never a bad thing.

A huge congratulations to Siege on Najena in EQ2 as well, they finally defeated the Veeshan’s Peak encounter that gave 6 people their mythical last night – assassin, troubador, and wizard. Very well done, and hard earned.

It’s all about the troll juju


Warlock hit level 18 last night before I decided that I really didn’t want to play a dps class. WoW is one of those games where I know what I want to play. It’s always the same classes. A priest, a hunter, and a druid. In that order. Unfortunately the only druid I can make is a tauren, and I didn’t want to make another priest since mine is simply waiting for people to catch up in levels (I’ve had her a good while now). So I created Qutey, the moo cow druid. Now I need to catch her up to the rest of my friends on my limited play schedule. Ugh, pressure.

Well, not really pressure. My friends have been told about my limited play time schedule, and have been exceptionally supportive. I typically play in a group from 7pm-10pm and for the next night or two instead of playing in my usual group I’ll try to catch my druid up. Right now she’s sitting at level 5. It shouldn’t take too long at all to get to level 10, and then level 15. We’ll see how it goes.

So last night Zokor and I traveled to some tombs and had to collect troll juju. We also did a nice escort quest which is something I miss in other mmos. It seems like a majority of quests are Kill X number of Y mobs, and it’s nice to have a different type thrown in there. Though the npc was VERY slow as she meandered her way through the dusty setting, unaware that Zokor and I were fighting tooth and claw just in front of her to make sure her next step would be safe.

  • Her: Lala, isn’t it such a lovely day for a walk through this dank and musty tomb…
  • Us: *grunts and sounds of battle* Yes, yes, whatever you say Miss, could you PLEASE hurry it along just a LITTLE? *more sounds of troll guts hitting the wall*
  • Her: Ohh, LOOK! A zombie! *Squeels of excitement*
  • Us: *sounds of troll heads hitting the floor as we groan*

That’s basically how the night went. I still had fun none the less. Gozad has worked a branch of the Safe Haven guild onto Ravenholdt (there is another branch on Uther, but that server is PvE, and we wanted a PvP alternative) so members can keep in touch, and it was nice to chatter to Tazikor and Zevad last night. We should have a nice little group set up (pretty much all of us are waiting on WAR) with a warrior, paladin, priest, hunter, and either a mage or a shaman depending on what Tazikor decides to play. There’s always room for more, too, if anyone wants to stop by. I’m certainly not there as often as I was (that’s a GOOD thing, remember?) but the company is always nice, and we’re still low enough that no one should feel like they have to ‘catch up’.

It’s nice to feel so relaxed, I admit.

A Warlock and her Wild Thang


You make my heart sing
You make everythang
Come on, Hukthang

Hukthang, I think you move me
But I gotta know for sure
Come on and hold me tight
Oh you move me

You make my heart sing
You make everythang
Come on, Hukthang

Hukthang, I think I need you
But I gotta know for sure
Come on and squeeze me tight
Oh I need it

You make my heart sing
You make everythang
Come on, Hukthang

In World of Warcraft, warlocks are not allowed to name their pets. So basically, whatever you get as a summoned pet is what you’re stuck with. It can be both amusing and annoying. My little imp is called Pipnar, which seems to suit him enough, though he spends most of his time complaining anyhow. My tank pet on the other hand, was named Hukthang.

I wish I were making it up. Every time I summon him now, I sing the song in my head, and since this is a role play server, I’m thinking of attaching some sort of lyrical make up to the rituals. Maybe the next big hit?

Relaxing in Azeroth

Today is Tuesday, which means patch day for World of Warcraft, which is a good thing for me. Yesterday I think I barely played three hours total even though I did sit afk in game while I had some other things going on in real life. There’s talk of Gozad starting up a guild, which would be great for the people who we all know play there, as just a general tool to talk back and forth with and keep up to date on leveling progress. I’ve no doubt that this weekend may see the first instance run (or two?) and I’m looking forward to those.

Last night Zokor and myself didn’t get much leveling done since some bad scallops had me out of commission early but we’ve been having fun in the Ghostlands. The land is a little dark and drab for my liking (or perhaps it’s just because I’ve played a whole lot of lowbie blood elves over time) and I’m looking forward to moving on some place else. We got our first real look at the two elite guys who roam through the Ghostlands, we need them for a quest eventually (when we can handle them). I still have high hopes of playing my priest when people catch up, in the mean time the warlock is a lot of fun. Zokor hit level 16, and I managed to cling to 17.

I’ve been having fun playing the market game as well. I have three characters, one is a jeweler / alchemist, another is a tailor / enchanter, and the third smelts / does herbalism, which feeds the first one with supplies. Anything extra I typically send to friends and put up on the auction house. I’ve got about 52g right now – and I know that’s not a lot of money at all, but I’ve never had *that* much money in Azeroth. I’ve had enough at one point or another for two mounts for my level 40 characters and of course enough for spells. I do have a few other characters on other servers, but they’re alliance characters so I don’t typically play them.

Anyone remember the name of the map mod that used to tell you what areas were good for your level and what dungeons? I think it was locationFU but I could be wrong. I want to pick that up again and see what’s suggested, because there’s so much I forget now. So if anyone has some UI mods that they use and like particularly, let me know! Right now I’m using auctioneer, xperl, bongos, and atlas. Three essential for me. Since I’m not raiding I don’t need the big hefty mods, and I haven’t really delved into much pvp or anything yet.

The down side is that when there’s a game update the mods grow out of date, but so far I haven’t had too many issues. 2.4 just came out and most of the mods at had been updated for that at least.

Tonight hopefully both Zokor and myself will hit level 18, which is new spell time (woots). I know I have more quests for pets (I think?) coming up. I wonder if my trainer will give it to me or if it’s one of those hidden quests I actually have to find out about on my own. Either way, I suppose I’ll figure it out!

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