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Giving Alts a Chance


Invasions. That’s pretty much all I’ve been doing in World of Warcraft these days, but for one very good reason. You may remember (but probably don’t remember / don’t really care) that I already have 5 level 100 characters. Needless to say, that meant that I’ve been VERY reluctant to go through 85-100 content again. As it turns out, invasions are a great way to level up your alts, so long as you don’t mind the wait between invasions. Right now (I believe) they’re still occurring every 4 hours, with people on my server (Area 52 at the moment) saying they’ll be increasing to every hour. I have two level 91 characters, a monk and a DK and I’d love to see them reach 100 before Legion hits, and since I can’t afford to boost them, invasions are the next best thing. I get 1.5 levels for every 2 invasions. My monk is already sitting at level 94 after my foray into 6 invasions (basically 3 sets) yesterday and this morning. It’s not a lot of work, you get neat chests you can open at 100, and I don’t have to quest grind through content. It does mean that by the time Legion rolls around I’ll just be running through that content a bunch of times to level up alts, but because invasions are a time sensitive thing, it makes sense to do them now.

Belghast brought up a good point about Blizzard wanting people to use these invasions for their alts to help them level up. The more people who are 100 and doing Legion content or ready for Legion content, the better. It also gives people more incentive to purchase Legion if they hadn’t yet. I do find that invasions are “cheating” a bit when it comes to experience. I don’t even have to hit anything between the phases in order to level up or to get the chests, I can just sit around and soak it all in. Of course you do earn extra nethershards if you choose to actually go out and attack the encounters, but it’s not required. I believe I should be able to reach level 100 on my monk before Legion without too much issue, whether or not I manage to tough out enough invasions to level anyone else up is yet to be seen. I’m thinking perhaps the DK, but it will depend on whether or not I can stomach more invasions.

If you’re attempting to level up lowbie characters through this method my advice is to run as many LFG dungeons as you can until you reach level 60 and then go purchase flying for 250g. You’ll be able to make your way through Azeroth much easier that way, especially if you haven’t unlocked many flight paths and don’t want to run all across the continents.

The break between invasions is also a nice cool down period. You don’t feel like you’ve been gaming the entire time (because you haven’t been) and you have space to do other things. It may take a bit of time (I’m looking at 14+ invasions to reach level 100 from 93) but over all it still feels like less “grind” to me.

Thoughts? Let me know in comments!

Invasions, and more Invasions


I didn’t get a whole lot of gaming done this weekend, but I did manage to complete all 6 of the different invasions that are going on in World of Warcraft. I purchased the leather appearance set because none of my leather wearing characters happen to be going through the invasions, and my paladin finished off her own set along with the boosted weapon (ilevel 725). I’ve been trying to think of ways to make money in game, but aside from garrisons (which are nerfed) things are at a bit of a standstill until Legion comes out and then we discover the latest money making effort.

To be honest, I’m already a bit tired of invasions and it hasn’t even been a full week yet. The experience is good for lower level characters but once you collect the items you want (including any appearance stuff, and of course the pet) there’s very little reason to keep doing them.

So it’s up to me to figure out what else I can do to keep busy. Running old dungeons and raids for transmog items is certainly one option. Making sure my professions are all at 700 is another. Leveling up that priest I started. There’s lots to do. It’s just a matter of me WANTING to do it. Meanwhile, a large portion of my friends are all involved with this game..


Their screenshots are beautiful, and I’m having a good time living vicariously through their game play in the meantime. The chances of them still playing it by the time I’m able to afford it are probably slim to none, if I know my friends, but we’ll see! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Everyone is Playing


I’m pretty sure everyone I know is playing No Man’s Sky, whether it’s on console or PC. I love watching gamers bond together this way, but on the other hand it also makes me feel pretty left out. At $66.49 Canadian it’s an expense I just can’t justify with a little one on the way. There’s still a car seat, stroller, crib, and clothing to purchase before October rolls around, and finding work-from-home jobs just hasn’t been all that kind to me. I’m glad I have my priorities in order, but it’s always nice to be a part of the gaming excitement, too.

With that being said, I do have tons of games to play. My World of Warcraft account is taken care of until July 2017 and Legion is on the way. This gives me a nice social game to play without a lot of cost worries. I’ve got a number of steam games, and Wurm Unlimited (and the various servers) is always there too. So there’s other ways to get my social video game fix – not to mention games like Civ 5 (I know, a new one is coming, don’t remind me) Sims, and all the other single player games I enjoy a great deal. Still, the excitement of a fresh new game is sometimes painful to watch from the sidelines – especially if you actually share in any of the excitement about the game, rather than just the excitement that others are excited (does that make sense? I hope it does).

I logged into World of Warcraft last night hoping to at least get my two invasions done but the invasion zones along with city zones were out of commission and instead I ended up logging over to my priest to try to get level 30. After two runs through the gnome instance (which is one of the few instances I REALLY dislike) and a run or two through Scarlet Monastery, I found myself at a happy level 30. Still a long way from 100, but it’s not a bad beginning. I don’t know that I’ll get my new priest to 100 before Legion, but at least I know the character is there. Maybe I’ll get up the nerve to grind out some levels this weekend, we’ll just have to see.

Is it Enough To Keep People Interested?


I openly admit that I am having an absolute hoot with the new pre-legion events. I love seeing just how many people are around partaking, the talk in trade and general is as active as I’ve ever seen it, and people seem to have some fairly positive views on how things are going. I can’t help but wonder – will it last. Will people continue to play right up until Legion the amount that they’re already playing. Will more return with the actual launch of legion, and with so many people decked out in ilevel 700 gear, what will keep them playing until the 30th?

I was a bit surprised that demon hunters released early. Sure it gives people a chance to get to 100 and then to get some gear but offering early content could turn out to be a bad thing, too. People burn through it and then log off dejected because they have nothing to do. Not that I’ve ever encountered this, there’s SO many different things for me to partake in – but not everyone has my play style, so grinding battle pets or reputation or going profession recipe hunting may not be what they’re interested in.

With that being said, I’m still having tons of fun. Yesterday I decided to dust my horde hunter off and ran her through the introduction scenario and a few invasions. She’s not quite at ilevel 700 yet, but she’s getting there, sitting at a respectable 698. I also got one of the fel weapons, a longbow and upgraded it once (so far) to 705. Hopefully I’ll be able to collect a few more of those.

I still have not created a demon hunter yet. I don’t really have the desire to start another new character, and I’m having a good time focusing on the ones I already have. My new priest that I made yesterday is sitting at level 27, I’ve been taking a break from leveling her through dungeons because I find it pretty tedious. It’s still a 10 minute wait to queue as a healer, and at these low levels with only three heals (and one of them an emergency heal on a one minute timer) and everyone running off in their own direction makes it a stressful ordeal. Everyone thinks they’re the tank and then blames the healer when things go wrong.

What do you think, is there enough content to keep people playing as they have been right up until Legion, or are things bound to taper off and slow down once the initial rush is over? Let me know in comments and as always happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Out with the Paladin – in With a Priest?



Yesterday I was convinced paladin was the class I was going to play on the horde side of Area 52. Today, that has changed to priest. Turns out I just really enjoy the class, and so I created a new one yesterday evening in the hopes of making it to 100 before Legion releases. Can I do it? Well, it’s possible. Will I? That’s yet to be seen. I did manage to get to level 11 or so before finally calling it a night, but that had less to do with playing the priest and more to do with the fact that I spent all day on the paladin doing invasions and pre-legion fun stuff (which was amazing, might I add).

In the end it’s just better for me to play something that makes me happy, even if I already have a priest on another server. None of the other classes have ever ‘spoken’ to me as much as the priest.

Thanks to some help from friends on twitter (@LadyEllindris, @Ysharros, @xgeistatwork, @CoutureGaming) I was able to set up a horde guild on Area 52. Since I spend most of my time either solo or LFG/LFR or trying to convince people from bnet to invite me along for the ride, I decided that my own guild was in order. It’s also a place any of my friends can gather on the horde side, since we already have Zero Commitment over on the alliance side (on the Dalaran server). As much as I enjoy playing Alliance, my true self has always enjoyed the Horde side of things just a little bit more.

There were tons of people in game yesterday, and a lot of the comments I read about the pre-legion experience have been positive. The massive invasions are a sight to behold, even if you don’t feel like grinding out nethershards for upgrades (which isn’t really that bad, all truth be told). I picked up a set of gear for my paladin, a 715 weapon (700 that I upgraded a few times) and of course the Felbat Pup companion pet which was really important of course.

I’m feeling excited about leveling up a new priest, though I’m concerned about how long it will take me. Especially the slog through Pandaria and Warlords, as those are two of my least favourite expansions. Still, challenge is always good and keeps me interested.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


Lets Change Things Up A Little


I currently play on 3 servers in World of Warcraft. Argent Dawn (Alliance), Area 52 (Horde), and Dalaran (Alliance). On each one I like to have a “main” even if I drift off to alts over time and as I finish content. I’ve been trying to decide who I want to play where and I think I’ve finally figured it out. Subject to change of course, but for now I’m sitting with:

  • Argent Dawn: Priest (holy / shadow)
  • Area 52: Paladin (retribution / holy)
  • Dalaran: Druid (restoration / feral)

Easy to tell what I like about each spec since they all have a healing and DPS component. How does this equal any change for me? Well, the paladin on Area 52 is a character I boosted when I first purchased Legion. I bought it ages ago when it was first announced, and I’m glad I did. I probably should have held off on boosting a character since I don’t think I even touched the paladin after I boosted her to 100 until recently, but that’s alright. I spent some time doing the shipyard quests and introduced the character to tanaan jungle. Invasions start in a few hours, and I’m hoping to pick up some more gear (at least a better weapon than the 640 I’m currently sporting) from that. I know I’m going to make a demon hunter but I’ll probably hold off in leveling the class because I know it’s just going to be a mad house of everyone else with their demon hunters. I’ll make the character, reserve the name, and then play when things have gotten a bit more quiet (if there’s such thing).

After running around tanaan jungle with the paladin I’m starting to feel a bit more confident about things. I know folks are saying that retribution spec took a bit of a hit with the latest class changes, but I feel that a lot has to do on gear dependency and lets face it my gear is quite lacking. As I upgrade things piece by piece the character gets better. As I learn my rotations and skills things get easier. I’m confident that if I just focus myself on playing the one character and don’t try to take on every class there is, I will enjoy the paladin as much as I enjoy any of my other “main” characters. A huge change for me since I’ve never played a paladin before in any great capacity.

Servers are down now for their three hour maintenance. It’ll be interesting to see how long they’re REALLY down for, and how crammed the servers are when they come back up. What will you be doing first when you log in? Let me know in comments! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself. <3


It’s Almost Time!


It’s here, it’s here! It’s almost here..

Demon Hunters, that is.

I spent almost no time this weekend playing games, and it looks like that streak will continue, at least for a short while. 28 weeks into my pregnancy there’s not a whole lot motivating me to sit at my desk, so if I’m going to game I’ll typically set up Steam Link and play from the couch. Even that seemed like a bother this weekend, so I spent it watching the Olympic games and knitting. It wasn’t all bad!

Tomorrow the patch goes live that will bring Demon Hunters to the game. I know I’ll make one even though I always say I won’t. I know it will be crazy busy as everyone and their dogs also make the class. I think it will be fun, and it will be great to see so many people out and about doing beginner things on their characters. I’m excited. I like the positive hype that I’ve seen.

Meanwhile I’m still trying to decide who to play as my “main” for Legion. I’m debating between my priest and my druid. Sure I could (and probably will eventually) end up playing both but for the first foray into a new expansion I really do like to focus. It will probably end up being my priest because most of what I’ve “done” in game has been on that one character. I have ties to her, feel connected. The druid is a newer character for me still with very few achievements under her belt. She hasn’t maxed out archeology, cooking, or fishing. They’re not exactly “important” skills, but it’s the casual fluff that makes me interested in a game and keeps me playing hence the lure of my “most worked on” character.

Will you be making a demon hunter? Going to jump right in or give it a bit of time? Anyone need a holy / shadow alliance priest? Give me a nudge! I’m stargrace#1783 on bnet (speaking of bnet, I’ve been playing the new season of Diablo III, too. So you can find me there! I rebirthed on a witch doctor).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!



Yesterday I decided that I’d  take my level 15 monk and run some LFG dungeons as a healer. I love healing in groups and raids and my character has lots of heirloom so at these levels it’s pretty simple. I don’t expect perfection from any group that I end up in – but it would sure make things a lot easier if people just had some patience. The first dungeon run I did went flawlessly. No problems, everyone followed the tank, smooth as could be. The second dungeon was a different story. We were in Wailing Caverns, and there was myself (monk healer), a tank (paladin), a hunter, rogue, and priest.

The hunter decided to take it upon themselves to tank and they ran every place that the actual tank was not. The actual tank didn’t know his way around the dungeon, so he was backtracking and just running where ever he wanted. Everyone else followed one of these other people but no one followed just one of them so the group was pretty split. I followed the tank.

As a healer this makes for an exceptionally stressful experience. I can’t heal anyone who isn’t in range. If you’re going to run and pull the entire dungeon (especially as a DPS class) and expect me to keep you alive – well, that’s just not going to happen. We managed through most of the dungeon without incident despite the mass pullings in all directions but eventually the hunter pulled one too many and they ended up dying.

I can’t resurrect in combat. My only option is to wait until we’re out of combat, and then cast it. The hunter had no patience for this and decided to leave the instance instead as soon as I told him that I couldn’t rez until after combat had ended. Since everyone kept pulling (and were finally in range) this put me in combat a lot. The tank then decided to run away from the rest of the group while we tried to trail after him and after another failed pull because people just couldn’t work together I decided to cut my losses and left the group.

I don’t like to leave groups, and like I said at the beginning I don’t expect perfection or even “good” game play. I don’t expect a new player to know the dungeons inside and out, and I don’t groan if someone can’t keep up optimal DPS. I will always complain if someone doesn’t have the patience to ensure their survival in a timely fashion. Don’t run away from your healers. It makes things difficult. Try to stick with your tanks. It makes things easier. Those types of tips are things people should keep in mind. If you’re new, unsure, or returning, just speak up. Yes, there are some less-than-kind people out there who may grief you if you speak up, but honestly you’ll find more understanding people than not.

I’ve done a LOT of pick up groups over the years so these types of situations don’t bother me long term and I was back to LFG later in the evening on my druid instead (until the DDoS stuff happened, but that’s a whole other post) where the runs went pretty well. My Dalaran characters are sitting in a comfortable spot. The deathknight is 60, druid is 27, warrior is 14, and monk is 18. I’m really hoping that some folks from Zero Commitment will be into dungeon runs this weekend, even if I have to tank them myself. We’ll see how that goes.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Three Humans and a Night Elf


Last weekend I decided to join up with friends on Dalaran, and I created four new characters (originally I created one). A human warrior, a human monk, a human deathknight, and a night elf druid. Why so many humans you may ask? Well, that reputation bonus that humans get is something I will always take advantage of if I can. Out of all of the racial bonuses the game offers, it’s the only one that I feel gives a significant advantage. There’s so many factions in game, and every little bit helps.

I created the deathknight so that I could farm lower level instances for transmog gear and sell them, earning myself a bit of coin. Little did I know that a billion other players would also be headed to the DK area. It was absolutely packed! It was so busy that trying to quest was a feat in itself. Thankfully you can tag other people’s mobs and still get credit, but I feel bad doing that because they also get reduced xp with that method. Since most of the experience you gain comes from quests and not from actual kills it’s not such a huge deal, but still something I don’t enjoy taking away from someone else.

Since my DK has lots of heirloom I managed to get almost 60 before leaving the starter zone. I really wish we could just skip that entire place, I’d rather level up some place else. There’s no option to skip it and you can’t leave until it’s done so you’re pretty much stuck there. A quick dungeon run and I should find myself at 60.

I haven’t decided who I’d like to focus on when it comes to this new server. Lets face it, I’m basically just wasting time until the 9th and then until Legion comes out. I’ll probably swap back over to my priest main during those other times, and group up cross-realm (hey, have I mentioned I dislike servers) through bnet. Speaking of, if you’re looking to add me, my bnet is: stargrace#1783 – I play both horde and alliance, and while I may not say a whole lot, I’m always eager to group up with friends!

Tired of Servers


Almost nothing irks me more than not being able to play with my friends in any particular game on any particular day because we’re all spread out across different servers. I know, servers used to be (and perhaps still are) the ‘norm’ in video games – but honestly, I feel that a better way should be found. Sure, WoW has come leaps and bounds in allowing people to group together by faction so long as they’re on your bnet, and by server cluster, but it’s not enough.

The whole reason this comes up is because I’ve recently started playing on another new server in WoW so I can play with friends (ie: in their guild). I don’t want to have to pay to move my 0lder characters so the only option I really have is to start fresh. I’m currently playing on three servers and I REALLY want to just be playing on one.

It’s not completely unheard of, I mean EVE Online does well with their shard universe and there are a handful of other games out there that will let you transfer (for no cost) between servers at your discretion but older games (EQ, EQ2, I’m looking at you two) require you to stay put unless there are server merges or free transfers.

Of course this is all easy for me to say. I know if it were as simple as developing a new idea to keep people happy then it would probably already be implemented. Plus there’s revenue generated when someone pays to transfer. Still, I can’t help but wish things were a little different, and that when my friends gathered in their respective games I could play with them too without having to start all over once again.


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