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What’s the Difference Between Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online?


Wurm Unlimited is a stand alone client version of the MMO Wurm Online. You can set up your own server to play on privately, host servers for other people to play on, and all sorts of other goodies. There’s a one time fee to buy the game from steam, and then the choices are up to you. Some servers do have a fee for upkeep, or donations to help keep that particular server running, but there’s lots of choices out there.

So how does wurm unlimited differ from wurm online?

Well, there’s one big huge difference. In order to preserve the ‘mystery’ of players skilling up in wurm online, wurm unlimited goes by a completely different formula. In wurm online there is a thing called difficulty. It means that for optimal gains in a skill you need to be skilling on optimal things. You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) skill from 1-100 on the same thing. Lets take mining, for example. You start out working away on rock, move to a different ore as your skill increases, and continue moving up different types of ore.

In wurm unlimited skills are based on actions. The faster the action, the faster you’ll skill. In wurm online you would typically want two sets of tools. You’d want a low quality set which would draw out the action timer and make things very slow – this would be your skiller set. Then you’d want a high quality set, this would be so you could get high quality results. In wurm unlimited, you only need one set, and you want it to be the best set possible because you want those high quality fast results. That means to level up blacksmithing, you don’t want to go slow and improve tools. Instead you want to make the fastest item that gives blacksmithing. In my case this has been small nails. Uses the least amount of ore, and it’s very fast. This is how you skill up in wurm unlimited. Fast actions.

What other differences are there?

Well, it honestly depends on the server. There are mods and rules that each one takes into consideration and it all depends on the play style for that server. Some may have 5x faster skill ups. Some may start you off at a higher level so you’re not beginning at 1. Some may start you out with full gear and weapons. Others may include more cosmetic changes, texture addons, maps, and things like that. A lot of servers have gone the rout to removing priest penalties so that you’re not required to play an alt but can enjoy being a priest as your main character. In wurm online, these things are just not possible.

Of course then there’s the difference in price. If you want to be premium in wurm online you need to pay a monthly subscription and this can be a deterrent especially if you like having multiple characters (priests, as example). It adds up. Wurm unlimited is a one time fee from steam to buy the game, and then you’re set. If you’ve ever been wanting to try out a fantastic sandbox MMO – but are reluctant to shell out for a monthly fee, wurm unlimited is a perfect choice.

That’s not to say that wurm online doesn’t also have its merits. The servers are huge, there’s more single players in the MMO version than you’ll typically find on any of the player hosted servers, and because of that the economies per server is pretty firmly established. People are friendly, and you don’t (typically) have to worry about the servers randomly shutting down because xyz person is unable to host them any more. In other words, it comes with some stability and you’ll not be subjected to the whims and decisions of a random GM who may or may not have the best interest of that particular player base at heart (not that Rolf hasn’t made his own random decisions over time, but at least he works with a team of people who can let him know if a decision made is a particularly poor one).

Playing one or the other? Have a preference? Let me know below in comments – and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Games for Christmas


The hustle and bustle of Christmas is coming to a close, and I hope everyone has had a happy and safe holiday. It’s a bit of an odd time of year for me. I love Christmas, it’s one of my favourite times, but it’s also incredibly lonely. My family lives too far away to visit, and I don’t know a lot of locals. My online friends are typically busy with their own happenings (as it should be) and so I watch from a distance, happy but sad if that makes any sense.

I did get a handful of great games from friends this year which was really awesome of them. I got enough WoW time to keep my account active for the next year (thanks Kasul and Shadowgeist!) I also received Stonehearth (thanks Scarybooster!) The Men of Yoshiwara (thanks Moumix!) and Aviary Attorney (thanks again Shadowgeist!) so even though it wasn’t quite the holiday I had planned in my mind, it was still very lovely. I didn’t spot anything in the steam sale that I wanted to pick up, but it’s always a great time for me to pass on some games to friends when funds are tight. I know Christmas is not all about the gifts or what you get from other people, but it does feel nice to be able to give and make someone smile.

I also decided yesterday to start up Minecraft again. I installed the new Infinity Evolved pack from Feed The Beast, and set the game to expert mode. This creates a more ‘difficult’ timeline in order to get things done, but what they mean by ‘difficult’ is ‘time consuming’. It’s not hard, it just takes a lot more time. One of the mods included makes it rain chicken / pigs from the sky on Christmas day. That would be what is showing in the screenshot above. I set up a home next to a mountain and began collecting items to better gear myself. The server is a bit crazy, I walked through 5 towns just to get to the place I wanted to settle. Each town had bits and bobs that I wanted to loot and take with me, so by the time I actually built my house, I had everything well established.

I’ve also been playing Wurm Online and World of Warcraft. In Wurm players received a reindeer decoration item which was pretty cool and nice of the developers. I didn’t log into EQ2 at all this holiday season, and a lot of the reason behind that is because I can’t seem to ‘get into’ it in such short spurt play sessions. I can’t do dungeons or raids simply by queuing, and I really wish I could.

A lot of my gaming has been limited because of a bug with Windows 10 and my mouse, too. For some reason it keeps performing double clicks when it shouldn’t. I know this is an issue with my logitech G700 mouse, I’ve seen lots of threads about it, but there’s no solution to keep it fixed permanently at this time and it bugs me to no end. It makes playing any game with mouse direction or clicking at all almost impossible, or at least incredibly frustrating. I’ve been plugging in the laptop mouse to game in the meantime, but that mouse is tiny and awkward. I keep holding off on purchasing a new mouse (like a corsair) in the hopes that microsoft or logitech or whoever will actually fix whatever my issue is (I’ve tried multiple drivers, I’ve tried no drivers, etc) but it’s certainly not happening any time soon.

Anyone else get any awesome game related gifts this Christmas? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Do You Need Combat in your Games?


Spurred on by a conversation on twitter with Belghast and Adrel I started thinking about the games that I play that I enjoy more than others. Two immediately came to mind, Wurm Online and the Sims franchise. Both are games that (due to my play style) have very little if any combat – and I love that about them. Yes, arguably you can combat as much as you want in Wurm Online but that’s not how I tend to spend my time. In the Sims games there’s almost never any combat, not in the traditional sense. Of course there are ways to encourage combat if you want (you can make enemies and start fights) but for the most part the game is pretty peaceful. Then there’s all of the visual novel games that I enjoy playing, games like If my Heart Had Wings, and Dandelion – Wishes brought to you. Mindless games I enjoy just because like Cook, Serve, Delicious. Building games like Cities: Skylines. These are the sorts of games that entice me the most and I suppose until I sat down and looked through my games it’s not actually something I noticed before.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy combat in games, too. I do. Diablo 3 is pretty much nothing but blowing things up. The thing is I get very bored of those games very quickly – just like Belghast tends to get bored of games that don’t have combat in them (per our conversation earlier). I think that in the majority of games I play I spend my time equally between combat and no combat depending on the game. EVE Online is a good example. There’s combat, and I do combat via missions, but a lot of the time I’m running delivery missions or I’m mining or I’m doing industry things that don’t involve any combat at all. The same can be said for EQ2 and WoW, sure, there’s combat, but a lot of the time I’m harvesting, decorating, or crafting and none of that (at least for me) involves any combat at all.

Do you have a preference or are you about equal in terms of combat vs. non combat gameplay? Would you tend to fall asleep if one or the other aspect was missing from your game of choice? Let me know in comments!


Canal dredging and Bridge Building


[28/30] This week I’ve been busy working on the market area at P22 on the Xanadu server. The canal dredging is coming along, but it’s a huge project so there’s still lots to do. So far Yetian (alliance member) has managed to complete the Northern end of the canal, and we’re working our way further down. As I mentioned before, right now the canal is only deep enough for boats like knarr and sailboat. It’s our intention to dredge it down to a depth so that the larger ships are able to pass. The shallow depth meant that I could easily walk between the market and my own deed with animals, the new depth meant that we needed a bridge. I’ve started a brick bridge over the canal, and have been busy collecting clay to turn into mortar so I can continue with the construction. It’s not difficult, but it does use a lot of raw materials.


[29/50] In the screenshot here you can see the shallow depth of the canal. This is what we’re working on lowering. To the left is my main deed (a bit through the woods) and to the right hand side is the market. A huge thank you to my alliance members for helping out with this project. Wouldn’t be able to do it without them.

[30/50] I’ve also started working on some of the decorative aspects of the market. I began a Vynora colossus closer to the water, and I’ve started placing some statues. I’m hoping to create some dye to help make them pop a bit more. Last week I also brought home a hell horse, I’d like to get a pair and start breeding them. I’ll just have to see how that goes. All in all, it has been a pretty productive week!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

It Takes a Community to down a Dragon


[19/50] Wurm Online has these massive battles (basically raids) where players go and kill “uniques” on each server. There are rewards for anyone hanging out in the general vicinity of the fight, then there are rewards for all players who land a hit on the unique, and then there are treasures on the corpse that are handled by the organizer of the event. In yesterday’s case, the organizer decided that all loot would be rolled on by those who participated. The crowd gathered at Summerholdt market, and wow, was there ever a crowd.


[20 / 50] In total there were 50 players not counting alts who showed up. People started showing up the night before, but when I got there at 4am PST the crowd was already bustling. Once we gathered at the market we moved to the staging area of the event, which was about 5 minutes away by horse. People generously offered up mounts, along with wagons for those who had come by foot. No one was going to be left behind.


[21/50] These events are a bit more complicated than just going out and killing one of these uniques. Wurm Online has a code built into the system that only allows for a certain amount of people to be actively hitting the target at once. That means in order for everyone to get credit for the kill players are required to take a swing, and then back off to allow for others to take their swing. It’s a fight that requires coordination and cooperation more than it requires anything else. For this fight in specific, there were absolutely no issues, everyone got their hit and moved away. We waited for the all clear, and then swooped in again.


[22/50] GM Renegade even showed up ahead of time while we were staging to chat with players and see how we were all doing. It was a nice little touch. Once the dragon was killed, Booskii generously offered to create potions from the blood we all received. In order to create the potion you need a source salt and you combine it with the blood. For this particular white dragon hatchling we received a potion of frost. This imbues weapons with frost. I was thankful she offered since I didn’t have any source salt on me.

After the kill we all went back home, whatever way we had gotten there to begin with. I was contemplating gating, but I had sailed up in a boat, and I didn’t want to just leave it behind. Thankfully it was a pretty fast trip back home, the entire East Coast is easy for me to travel these days since I can just cut across to Release and travel up that much smaller coastline – then head back to Xanadu, and have traveled the majority of the way. A 1h trip is much preferred over a 8 hour one depending on winds.

I also just want to wave and give a shout out to Kohle who sent me a PM in game mentioning they just recently started reading this blog. It makes me smile when I get these little messages, as most of you know I’ve been playing Wurm Online for over 6 years now, and the community still surprises me almost every day. They’re wonderful people, and it’s a major reason as to why I keep playing. Thank you for that!

Once I made it back to my deeds, it was time to get back to work on the market. The canal dredging is coming along nicely, and I have started my very first bridge. That will be in tomorrow’s post. It’s brick, and it looks stunning.

I also purchased a few more rare tools yesterday, trying to grow my collection (especially blacksmithing). I now own a rare carving knife, small anvil, hatchet, and saw. My priest Maivis owns a rare rope tool and spindle. Unfortunately a purchase I made from the Wurm Online web site didn’t go through, so I’m missing 10 silver, but I’ve put in a ticket and hopefully this week someone can help me out.

In the meantime, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Deed Pictures

Some very lovely screenshots from my latest deed acquisition (see previous post for details) I love that it’s already completed, so it needs very little maintenance.


[12/50] Looking towards the market, the archway welcomes merchants.


[13/50] The rare guard tower is surrounded by a stronghold building.


[14/50] This building is the kitchens and an inn for people to rest at.


[15/50] Side view of the temple where sermons take place.


[16/50] The temple, filled with preachers and sermons taking place. Enough altars for everyone.

The Kindness of Strangers



For a few weekends now I’ve been taking my two priests (Oshi, Maivis) over to F26 on the Xanadu map for sermons. I leave them up for the entire weekend, and when it’s my turn, I run a sermon. If we have enough players (7 total, all have to be premium) my prayers get re-set from the 5-a-day limit, and I’m able to earn a bit more faith for the day. Otherwise, I just wait the 3h timer to sermon again. In order for sermons to work “properly” everyone should leave their characters online even when they have to go AFK. The characters don’t need to do anything, they just need to stand around. Unfortunately there are always a few who tend to log out right after their sermons. When you do that, it means the rest of the preachers (you can only preach every 30 minutes due to alignment gains) won’t get the gains from having you around.

When the sermons dipped below the .120 required for prayer re-sets, I sent them back home. On the forums the next day I received a message from the owner of the sermon deed, and she had an interesting proposition for me. She mentioned that her time in Wurm as of late has been strained, and that she was longing for other games. She didn’t want to see her two deeds fall into disuse (and thus become disbanded properties) so she was offering me two deeds completely free of charge, so long as I agreed to keep them running for as long as possible. One deed is the area where sermons have been held and there’s also a market in the same place, and the second deed is a maze that players can adventure through. Each place costs a few silver a month in upkeep, but are lovely locations that have a lot of history for the area.

I already own two of my own deeds, but I really dislike it when people leave (for whatever reason) and then seeing their deeds become disbanded. I get that it’s the nature of the game, but it still makes me sad. So, I agreed.

Maivis (my priest) would take over the sermon / market deed, and the mayor came with the deed to the maze, so there was nothing for me to do in that regard except make sure that there was enough upkeep paid to keep it running. No problem there. While I had three of my characters settled at the sermon location, a few more stopped by – enough for us to run weekend sermons with prayer resets.


It was completely unexpected, and I had no inclination that I’d be taking over these deeds. I’m thankful that the owner trusted me enough with her hard work, both places are beautiful. She also included a few champion pets, such as the wolf pictured above – I know it currently looks like a zombie, but that’s a left over effect from Halloween, and is actually a wolf.

The community is just part of the reason I love Wurm Online, and one of the major reasons I continue to play, even 6 years later.


IntPiPoMo Day 1-4

Never heard of IntPiPoMo before? Well, no time like the present! I’m going to swipe the information from Gamer Girl Confessions, and you can find the post about it here.

NaNoWriMo is about writing 50k words throughout the month of November. If a picture is work a thousand words, that would mean we’d need to post fifty pictures!

These can be screenshots from any game, or even photographs you take in real life and want to share on your blog. They can be anything–character selfies, shots of combat, sharing your game UI, showing off that awesome-tacular Deathclaw kill you got in Fallout 4… you get the idea.

So without further wait, here are my first four screenshots for the IntPiPoMo of 2015. First up, EverQuest 2. Long time readers of this blog will be very familiar with my love affair with this MMO. I played it fairly steadily for 7 years before wandering off – and returning – and wandering off – and returning. It has been a few years since I’ve played with any sort of consistency, but ┬áthat seems typical for video games. Below I’m wandering around in Commonlands, enjoying the sunset.


Next up, another of my MMO loves (and my current one) Wurm Online. I’ve been playing Wurm for 6 years now, and if ever there was a sandbox to love, well. This is it (at least for me).


Next up, Cities: Skylines. This game (to me) was everything that Sim City should have been, at a more cost effective price. Bugs? Sure, all games have a few of those, but it ran the way I expected a polished product to run, and I had hours of enjoyment from playing. Now they’ve released a few DLC, and while I haven’t picked those up, they are on my wish list.


Finally, we have Tropico 5, and my island being pummeled by natural disasters. That’s OK, my citizens didn’t need homes anyway…


There you have it, the first four days of IntPiPoMo, underway. Expect more screenshots throughout the month, I’ll probably post them in a bundle like this every couple of days instead of posting them individually. Don’t forget, you can participate too! The rules can be found on the post linked above, and it’s a really simple little project to get into. Plus it gets you looking at your screenshots folders – and lets face it, there are probably a lot of those, along with some fantastic memories stored up.

Happy gaming!

Market Roads


The Rag and Bone Market (located on Xanadu at P22 for anyone who may want to stop by and place a merchant) is coming along nicely. There are market stalls up, an inn, pens for horses to be sold, a craft hall, a public mine, and other amenities. We’re also working on dredging the canal for larger ships, right now only knarr / sailboat depth boats can pass through. My next task was to join the market by road to a highway that runs North and South along the map. The highway is West of the market, a few hundred tiles away, through a desert and into the woods. It’s right beside a nice guard tower and travelers spot. I spent most of the weekend working on that road, flattening the path and then paving it. Then I went back and lined the cobblestone with gravel on either side, so that it’s three tiles wide and considered a ‘highway’. I can only place 1 sign every 24 hours if it’s off-deed, so I put one at the end of my new road that points towards the market and lets people know what direction it’s located at. I also added a fountain along the side of the highway so people can stop for drinks. I may eventually also plant a barrel in that spot and fill it will meals for travelers. I don’t actually know how many people use the highway, but I think it’s a great start.

In the meantime, my priests, Oshi and Maivis, have traveled to F25 of the Xanadu map. There they are participating in sermons that have been going on since July or so, in an attempt to raise their faith. Maivis (my Vynora priest) is sitting at 82.54 faith at the moment, and Oshi (my Nahjo priest) is at a quaint 61.61. I’m really trying to get Oshi to 70 so that he can cast genesis and strongwall, the two spells that I started a Nahjo priest for to begin with. There are enough others at the sermon that each time we preach the counter for prayers re-sets, so I’m getting quite a good gain. It should only take a week or two of preaching to reach 70, I’m hoping. A lot of that depends on who sticks around and how many are active listeners.

I’m hoping with the addition of the market, the area gets a bit more use. It’s on the East side of the server, so it’s close for those traveling from other servers. It’s not exactly coastal as it’s a mesh of waterways to get to our destination, but it’s accessible by the ocean which also helps a lot. There’s a ton of space in the area (which is the nature of Xanadu, the server size is gigantic) and it’s not too far away from Estron, one of the starter towns. Whether or not this attracts any new players we’ll just have to see.

I’ve seen a few new players coming to explore Wurm Online thanks to Wurm Unlimited. On that same note, I’ve seen a fair amount of older players selling their characters and leaving for Wurm Unlimited. I played Wurm Unlimited for a few days, but after my hard drive crashed (it had the server on it) I was once again reminded of why I prefer to play the MMO version of the game, and not the (much smaller) solo-esc version. There are just too many community aspects that I adore about the base model of the game. I’m hoping that Rolf doesn’t decide to terminate the MMO servers any time soon, and that the steam version of the game only enhances and adds to the support that the MMO version requires. I suppose only time will tell. I’ve seen my share of games shut down over the years and if that has taught me anything it’s that when you enjoy a game, you should play it. No matter what anyone else says about the game. I’ve enjoyed Wurm more than a lot of other games I’ve played, and I’ve come across a lot of naysayers over the years. None of this has ever bothered me, and I’ve always just continued doing my thing. Honestly it has been the best thing for me and as long as I enjoy playing, that’s what matters.

Anyone else have games out there that they enjoy playing, that perhaps the general populace does not enjoy? Did you continue to play it anyway?

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!






I’ve had my current deed on Xanadu for a few years now, but of course I always get an itch to expand. My most recent purchase has been to set up a market that is just across a small canal from my main deed. With the market taking up most of my time, and my priests back over at my main deed, my deed up North was seeing little to no activity, and it was my most expensive deed at almost 4 silver a month for upkeep. I decided that I would disband that deed and focus my efforts on the places down South, along with exploring if I started to get that itch again.

The problem with disbanding a deed, and this deed in particular, is that over time you tend to accumulate a lot of “stuff”. Now some of this stuff is useless and you don’t need to take it with you when you disband, but a lot of it can be useful items that you don’t really want to part with. So that’s how I ended up sailing for 5 hours up North with a borrowed knarr, and then loaded up 38 large crates with all of my possessions (each create can hold 300 items). I took everything that I couldn’t “easily” acquire at my main deed, and then I disbanded the place which gave me the 16 silver I had in escrow.

Now I’m happily back down to two deeds, and currently sailing my way back down to the Southern deed. I’m actually moored right at this second because the fog rolled in and I can’t see my way any more. Great time to do a blog post.

Even though I’ve downsized my deeds, I still have three active accounts (and will until sometime early next year at least). I’ve got Stargrace my “jack of all trades” main, and then two priests. The two priests spend mos of their time hanging out in my temple building enchanting tools and gaining favour along with taking care of mundane chores like farming and animals which reminds me, now that I no longer have the deed up North I’ll need to start a new farm for the priests to work on.

I love the flexibility I have in Wurm Online. Want to travel and explore? You’re welcome to do it. Want to settle down and never venture past the front door? That’s an option to. Want to join a village? Live the life of a hermit? They’re all options. You just have to have a plan in mind (which is often the most difficult part).

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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