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Priestpalooza Update

I’ve been running an event at my deed on the Sklotopolis Wurm Unlimited server since Saturday, trying to help people reach 100 faith before the next update comes out. How it works is every 30 minutes someone can hold a sermon, and for every listener you’ll gain .02 faith. Then your individual character is on a 3h count down before you can sermon again.

The goal is to get a large number of listeners so that the faith gains are as big as possible. When you pray at skill level 90+ your gains are close to nothing. An example? My gains are currently .0010 so getting to 100 is almost impossible (you can only pray every 20 minutes to up your gains) without doing sermons.

We’ve had 6 people reach 100 skill so far, and I expect our grand total Saturday should reach at least 10 total. That’s wonderful, I’m very pleased with the turn out and the effort that everyone has put in. We’re using a google sheet to track the sermons, who goes when and next. It automatically updates columns with a time stamp based on when you post your faith gain, so it’s pretty hands off and an amazing bit of script work from two members of our server. One with the original page for tracking and another for the added automation.

I’ve been pretty stressed out hosting people all week long. Doing sermons is boring, but you wan’t listeners. Because it’s on my personal deed I haven’t given permission to people all willy nilly and I’ve only allowed a few things. I’ve supplied food and drink, and the GMs came by and dropped a julbord for food. I supplied fishing rods so people can raise up some skill, and gave advice on spell casting and stuff like that.

Still, a week straight is a LONG time to host an event that runs 24/7 – as much as I love my server and my new room mates, I’ll be even more glad for the quiet once the event is over.

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Priestpalooza Begins

With today marking the official start of Priestpalooza, I was both nervous and excited. I’ve never hosted a server event before (well, I hosted Secret Santa, but that was different) and I certainly haven’t had a huge gathering of people on my deed before. I wanted to provide food, drink, and a little bit of entertainment (fishing) for people between sermons.

We also set up a sign-in sheet where people could put down their names for sermons. They happen every 30 minutes, with each priest being able to sermon every 3 hours. When a lot of priests show up you want to make sure everyone can get a turn or two throughout the day.

So far everything is going pretty well. People are taking turns, most are around for when they signed up, and it’s smooth sailing. The stress I feel is something that is probably not necessary at all, but my anxiety ridden self doesn’t know of any other way to cope. GMs came by and dropped a julboard making it even easier for players to eat (and prevent disease). Gains were as high as .96 today – an amazing feat when you’re in the 90’s for faith.

Overall I’m pretty glad I decided to run the event, and I’m already looking forward to planning something new for February. My goal is to plan one “event” each month for the server of Sklotopolis. December was the Secret Santa, January is the Priestpalooza, and who knows what’s just around the corner. Something that doesn’t involve quite as much work, but is still really fun. Maybe some sort of play on Valentine’s Day. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Failing (sort of)

I had every intention on following through with my schedule of games – but then life happened. A few stressful days, a lack of sleep, and suddenly I didn’t want to play whatever I had schedule. That’s perfectly OK. The schedule is meant as guidance, and if I don’t need that guidance or it needs to change and adjust for xyz reason, it’s not a rule that’s set in stone.

I WILL keep making the weekly schedules for gaming, just so that I have a plan when / if I need it. Then I’m not spending hours trying to decide what to play, I can just look at what I’ve scheduled. If I follow it, great, if I don’t, that’s great too.

Sometimes we need to give ourselves a break. We need to not stress out about really simple things, and we need to realize that we are human. Our schedules are evolving flexible timetables. Learning how to be flexible like that has been really hard for me, especially once we had kids.

What have I been up to? In Wurm Online I’ve currently deeded on the Deliverance server. I’m setting up in an area that has seen many owners in the past, but I’m eager to make it my home. I’ve pre-built portions of the deed on DeedPlanner where I can customize the buildings and land to suit my needs, then have an idea of what supplies I require. So far it’s just a bunch of fields and one house, but I’m pretty excited. The house is a more ‘out there’ plan than my usual ones. I’m try not to make square buildings quite as much. It includes stairs and a bridge, a tower, different wall components. I’m eager to get this one built.

In Wurm Unlimited I’m hostly Priestpalooza next week and so I’ve been preparing for that. Food, drink, extra statuettes, making sure permissions are set properly. All that good stuff.

In Dwarf Fortress I’ve been watching tutorials on picking a place to live. I still haven’t actually PLAYED the game yet. Well, that’s not entirely true, I tried and was overwhelmed so I went back to the tutorials.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!


One of my game resolutions for 2019 is to run more player events on Sklotopolis. I’m kicking January off with Priestapalooza, in preparation of the priest changes update that we all hope land on our server in the future. At 100 faith priests are able to cast a new spell, but getting to 100 can be a drag. Sermons with listeners can speed up the process, so I’m hosting a week long event where priests can come for sermons, have some great food, and do some meditation. My goal is for as many people to hit 100 as possible.

In my own roster I have 2 of each priest type, with one Skloso priest. In the future update priests have the ability to cast spells at 100 favour instead of 120, so batteries may become a thing of the past – which I personally am looking forward to. That will let me drop off and ignore 2 alts, rather than continue with 6 characters as I have been.

I’m looking forward to the event, and I hope to run it a few times this year. Hopefully it goes nice and smooth.

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Sklotopolis Server Events – Troll Invasion

Engineer informed us that some over zealous trolls had taken control of a town on the Novus server and it would be up to us to rescue any survivors and free the town from their wrath. We showed up on horses, no wagons, no carts, our best armour polished, war cries on our lips and we were ready to go.

A lot of troll bodies hit the ground… a lot of players, too. It was awesome. In the end we DID rescue the village, and we were rewarded with donation chests that contained sleep powder for our efforts. It was a fantastic event, a nice change from the player-run slayings, and the rifts that happen.

I’m looking forward to more of these events in the future! I went with Minxes, my Fo priest, and I’m really glad I did – although next time I’m going to take a surplus of gems with me so I can have more favour for healing..

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A Tale of Two Deeds – Part Two – Liberty

Liberty has always been my home in Wurm Unlimited, but after two and a half years at the same location I decided it was time for a change. I moved to Novus and settled into a great deed there created by Barefoot, but I still wanted to have a place over on Liberty. Once again I took to the forums, this time offering a set of dragon scale armour as payment to whoever took on the contract. I had a few offers, but eventually hired Takah, a well known housing developer. She had created a few popular buildings, including a lovely tavern I had seen previously at a rift event.

Takah’s work is nothing short of absolutely stunning. She began early in the day, making light chatter with me as she went about her planning. I gave wide berth and let her make most of the decisions as I did with the first deed, but kept some control over necessary buildings. After a week she had designed an absolutely stunning masterpiece. It was enough to encourage me to stay on Liberty full time, passing my Novus deed to Minxes, my alt. This new waterfront home leaves me speechless every single time I look at it.

A miniature village that leaves nothing to be desired, this town comes with impressive hanging bridges to take in every view.

Now I’m able to customize the deed to my preference and decorate to my hearts content. Just because Wurm allows you to build from scratch doesn’t mean you HAVE to enjoy that aspect of it. Life is too short to spend it doing something you don’t enjoy. Hiring Barefoot and Takah to create my deeds for me so that I can enjoy my time in Wurm is absolutely one of the best decisions I ever made, and I’m so thankful that others out there enjoy that aspect of the game, so that I can continue on with what I enjoy.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A Tale of Two Deeds Part One – Novus

For those who know me in Wurm Unlimited, you know that I have never been the greatest fan of building deeds. I used to, long ago, but I’ve been playing this game for many (many) years now and I just don’t find the same thrill in it. What I have done for the past few years and my preferred method, is to buy a completed deed that has everything I want. 

In Wurm Unlimited this is sometimes difficult to do, as everyone I’ve met enjoys building up their own places and are reluctant to part with them. What I did instead was post a WTB post, and hire willing players to build the deeds for me, giving them complete control over pretty much every aspect – with a short shopping list of what I deemed requirements. 

The deed pictured above is my home on Novus, a newer server with a higher population. It sports an amazing cottage with working kitchen, a nice workshop, storage area, and many animal pens. The whole deed is surrounded by maple trees (my favourite) and has lots of room for animals. It also has a sizeable mine. I originally wanted the deed built for my Fo priests, but decided to keep it for my main character, Stargrace, instead. Barefoot took on the challenge of building it for me, and I’m so thankful he did. 

I love owning completed deeds. Then I can focus on what I enjoy doing – crafting, working skills, breeding animals. In the past I would do a lot of exploring but my time these days is limited, so I haven’t done as much of that. 

clay and peat area being built 
A look into the main area as it was being built 
Temple area, and a view of the stables 

Christmas in Wurm Unlimited

This year I decided I would run a secret santa event on Sklotopolis for Christmas, and I had 40 participants sign up – I’m so excited! I’m hoping for unique and thoughtful gifts for everyone, and I hope everyone has a lot of fun with it. Little did I know that one of the first people who would receive a secret santa gift would actually be me!

My alliance got together and painstakingly gathered up four champion trolls (two breeding pairs) and hitched them to a beautiful wagon that Elfin created. a kind GM gifted me one of the skins of my choosing as a thank you, and the alliance filled the wagon with goodies, and left it on my deed. Taka, who is at my Liberty deed currently building on the property, contacted me and told me she needed me to log in to help with something. I figured it was placement of a bridge or something like that. I had no idea it was to reveal the champion trolls pulling a wagon!

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I was absolutely floored. The thoughtfulness my Liberty alliance displayed was amazing and completely unexpected. Elfin thanked me for being such a staple to the community (I’ve only been playing on Sklotopolis for 2.5 years now…) and I am pretty sure I turned beet red. I am just another player, and while the community IS key to me, I don’t think I’m anything special. I just absolutely love the server (and the palyers). This generous gift is one more reason why. 

Events, Deeds, and an Anniversary

This week Sklotopolis turned 3 years old – an amazing feat for a Wurm Unlimited server when in so many cases they tend to fall apart and become empty within the first few months. It’s thanks to our amazing staff (and players) that this place is so great, and I made sure to thank them all for their hard work. I couldn’t see myself playing anywhere else.

Barefoot is just about done with my new deed on Novus, and it’s looking spectacular. I’ll add some screenshots later this week to show it off, there’s still a few odds and ends that it is lacking and the workshop building isn’t quite done yet. It has lots of room for expansion, which I love.

In the meantime I looked for a small counter-deed on Liberty, and ended up moving (again) where I had settled. Originally I found a place along the East Coast, but sailing from Novus to Liberty (although quick) was still too much of a pain – so I decided to see what was available if I sailed straight from one deed across to the other server.

As luck would have it, I found an enormous deed that was recently disbanded. I claimed a small area of it with Minxes & moved my other Fo priest over there. Now I have two well sized deeds, one of Novus and one on Liberty, and I’m quite happy with the choice to re-locate. I’ve been playing on the Sklotopolis server for over two years now (off and on due to real life breaks) and I needed a bit of a change. Never a bad thing.

This weekend was also another double slaying. We took down a white drake (baby dragon) and a goblin leader over on Liberty. After there was a Ritual of Spring casting, so my main earned herself 5 hours of sleep bonus and a little mind logic. I’m almost at 60 mind logic, which will give me 7 actions – something I am REALLY looking forward to.

Otherwise, things have been quiet. Working on my deeds, meeting new players, making a few sales, the usual, and just how I like it.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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