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One Down

The goal is to have 4 colossus on the circular edge of my volcano, and I’ve got one done so far. Dyed it with a rune, and it looks amazing. Inside I’ve hollowed out a tunnel for boats, and started building my cafe and an area for cooking as well as a winery. Nothing fancy yet, but I’ll get there with time.

Home Sweet Home

I absolutely love my home in Wurm Unlimited. Everything about it suits me. I just had to say it.

Another Round..

I ran out of items to sell on my merchant fairly quickly last round, so Barefoot has been out on Caza gathering more supplies, and I am turning those into crafted goods to enchant and then sell. I also added a bunch of whetstone this round. Still no 100ql, but I’m sure I’ll get there. In the meantime, no complaints about a 99ql one.

Unfortunately it takes forever to try to get a good cast, so I’m probably still a few days off from having this stuff on my merchant, but I’ll get there.


Graphics for Wurm Online sure have come a long way since I started playing, as well as game mechanics. I remember when we were all identical, standing on top of horses because we couldn’t sit. Now we have towns like the one pictured above being built by players. It’s simply amazing, Wurm holds my heart unlike any other game I’ve ever played. If you’re feeling daunted by the steep time requirement of Wurm Online, I highly suggest you check out Wurm Unlimited, first with your own custom server where you can create at your own speed, and then perhaps on one of the many player hosted servers (like Sklotopolis, cough cough).

Fo Sure

Thanks to a new set of cloth gear from Takah, and some green dye I made for myself, Minxes, my Fo priest, is all set for her daily priest duties! Fo is a nature orientated deity, so it feels fitting that she be geared up this way. She’s also sporting an emerald staff.


I was sailing around Liberty headed to a fishing competition when I spotted this amazing construction of a rainbow someone built. It’s all done out of walls, and I can only imagine the time it took to get such vibrant colours in game. Well done!

Will I Ever Tire?

I keep trying to play other games, but honestly, Wurm has so much of a hold on me it’s unbelievable. The graphics and changes they’ve made over the past few years are just astounding, and I can’t really imagine playing anywhere else.

Sales & Expansions

I’ve been doing quite a bit of archaeology in Wurm Unlimited lately, on my server of choice (Sklotopolis) trying to reach 90 in the skill (I’m still a ways away). I have managed to collect a few rare items though, including the pickaxe, shovel, and 2 handed sword pictured above.

I’m attempting to sell them so I can expand my deed. I disbanded my volcano deed so that I could expand over that, and I’ve recently added some farmland. Last, there is a mine to my north that I have deeded as Quail Caverns, but I’d really like to bring it all together under one deed. Less things to monitor, less deeds to have to log in alts for and less chance of being disbanded.

I need about 60-70 silver to cover the area I’d like, and more would be better. For now, I just hope to get a few more sales.

Rare Smelter – YAY

I finally created a somewhat useful rare in Wurm Online after all of this time! The first thing I created was a rare forge, which I have been carting around with me from deed to deed. Today I started smelting some ore and on a whim I improved the village smelter – which also turned rare. YAY! I believe this works the same as a rare forge, it will burn longer, faster. Perfect.

Wurm Unlimited Sale

I’ve entered into a partnership with an alliance member of mine, since 90% of the time I’m stuck on my deed unable to go any place because I might have to AFK (having kids will do that to a gamer) he is the adventurer and I am the crafter. He goes out looking for treasure chests and other articles of interest (Deathcrawlers in Caza) and then sends the items to me, where I make tools and then enchant them to prepare them for selling. We split the profit 50/50 and this way I get to make some neat things, and he gets to do what he loves which is adventuring and exploring.

It’s a way for me to feel ‘active’ in the game even though I’m not really that active. I love keeping the market alive, helping the server grow, making items for people and then taking their hard earned money and spending it on other things that I really dislike crafting (a good example is support beams. I really REALLY dislike crafting those, and so I purchased 200 from another player for 10s).

In Wurm Online we’ve moved our deed, hopefully to our last location. The previous place was great except it didn’t have a mine and that limits your space. If you have a mine you double it, and can put a distillery and all sorts of buildings under there. We did have a mine a short way away, but items left inside wouldn’t be secure, and that’s not cool.

I can’t wait to see what sort of things we sell, hopefully it all goes well! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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