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Easter on Sklotopolis

I know not everyone is a fan of real life holidays making an appearance in their MMORPGs but I happen to enjoy them quite a bit, whether they follow the footsteps of real life holidays, or they’re completely made up new ones. Last weekend was Easter, and that meant the GMs of Sklotopolis got together and offered the players some fantastic events – and I had an absolute blast.

First, there is the foraged Easter Egg that you can find. If you’ve ever played regular Wurm Online you may remember this item. You forage around in the ground, find your egg, and then place it somewhere to decay (on deed unless you hide it really well..) eventually out pops something useless like cheese, or flint. If you’re lucky you may get a gem.

The Easter Bunny also made an appearance. This is a mob players can hunt and (gulp) kill, then butcher. You can make a gravestone out of their corpse, and sure it’s a bit morbid, but listening to the eerie laughter of this creature as you’re out hunting is a bit spooky. I’m pretty sure he had it coming.

Finally, we had an amazing Easter egg hunt set up in Haven, one of the starter towns. 10 eggs were hidden around the area for players to find. You right click and select ‘grab’ and inside were all sorts of treasures ranging from silver, to supreme fireworks. It was fantastic. Some of those eggs were pretty tricky to find, too! The egg hunt lasts until tomorrow (Friday, April 21st) so if you haven’t logged in yet to take part I highly suggest finding the time.

These events (as well as the many others I’ve written about) are just some of what make Sklotopolis so special. It’s more than just a server, it’s an active community with a great range of people.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Hunger Games 2.0

I know, I haven’t written in a few days but a lot has been going on (both in real life and in Wurm) so you’ll have to forgive me.

To start with, Friday was my birthday (yay) and I spent it with family which was great. Then Saturday was the Hunger Game event on Sklotopolis – it was a blast!

Basically we all stripped down to our .. well, nothings. Empty inventory and all. We were ported into the pvp area and stuffed into tiny little houses so we couldn’t see anything. Then once we were all in place, the walls were removed. In front of us were chests with random items. Some had weapons, others armour. Mine had three balls of cotton, because that’s my luck.

We all scrambled to grab the items from the chests and ran off into the woods, trying to avoid creatures and thorns. I avoided the thorns, but managed to run smack into a hardened bear who chased me across the area. The rest of the game is pretty easy to understand. Survival of the fittest. Some people teamed up to take down the solo players, others just hid as much as they could. Along the way if you were lucky you’d stumble into another chest of goodies to help you out.

I’d like to say I was brave and took down a few players. I’d like to say I wasn’t the 2nd person to die. I’d like to say I fought bravely and that I went down in a fit of glory to another player – except I didn’t do any of those things.

Two people started chasing me, and that blasted bear took me out before I got so much as a swing off on either of them.

So I watched the fight and waited for round two.

Round two didn’t go any easier! Another bear…

This is where being a Fo priest comes in handy. They’re immune to the aggro from most mobs, and they’re also immune to thorns. My advice, next time, be a Fo priest.

At the end there were treasures raffled off to participants, but as is my luck I didn’t win anything. I had to AFK around then for real life so I suppose it’s just as well. I’d love to win some moon metal, or a HOTA statue. I know there were bigger prizes (drake set) but I won’t hold my breath on ever winning something like that.

A few players streamed the event on Twitch, it was awesome to see Wurm get some attention. This is a game I’ve been playing for over 10 years now and no matter how many other shinies seem to distract me I always return.

The event was a lot of fun, Engineer and the other GMs did wonderfully, and it was great to see so much participation in an area of the map that sees little action other days of the year. It’s one thing I really enjoy about Sklotopolis – there are constantly events going on for the community to participate in, and you’re welcome to run your own events too.

That wasn’t it for the weekend though, oh no. There were more Easter events to be had – but I’ll get into details about that in another post (need some content for tomorrow after all).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Wall Hype

I love updates in Wurm Unlimited and I wasn’t expecting another for a while because we just had the enormous cooking update not too long ago – but then the developers went and announced that we’ll be getting some new wall types. Along with those wall types come new paving options, and I think I even saw some new fence options (all of them matching the wall options).

Excited? You bet I am.

They’re also updating hell horse models to have a few new colours, and while most of these updates are simply graphic changes I’m still excited. I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to re-do any of my houses (I tend to like the stone / timber look) I am pretty sure I’ll be updating my roads.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and then this weekend is Easter, so I doubt I’ll be on too much (or if I am I’ll be AFK) but I still have some smaller goals in mind. I reached 70 in hot food cooking and ropemaking, bringing my total title count to 62. Today I’d like to get some pottery under my belt (I’ve never raised it) and make a few more coal piles. I transformed 4 peat tiles for Tomservo and now I’m creating 4 for Wreck, except the combines were frowned upon by the RNG gods of Wurm and it took a lot more than I was expecting, so I ran out of coal. Go figure. Sometimes it seems like even if you have high skills RNG can still mess you up.

Take for example my Vynora priest casts. I have really good channeling, wear cloth for the 30% cast bonus, have a deed bonus of 25, and have a 50ql gold altar – when I cast on other peoples things I get pretty good casts. Yesterday I landed my first 100 circle of cunning – on a tool created for someone else. When it came to casting on my own tools I managed to land a 10. The RNG of some skills is just too much.

Are you excited about the new wall types? Going to take down any buildings and redo them just because you want to try them out? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming. No matter where you find yourself.

P.S. if you’re interested in learning how to create your own affinity meals, check out this amazing tool.¬†Also, look into moonshine.

Making Affinity Meals for One

Ever since cooking was introduced to Wurm Unlimited I have been obsessed with collecting as many recipes as I can – and figuring out what food granted me what affinity. As time went on I learned that this would be a lot more difficult than I thought because there are a ton of variables and it’s not quite so simple. The first thing I learned is that if you substitute any one ingredient in the list you altered the affinity buff it granted. If you used a chopped carrot instead of a tomato, or added a different type of grain you’d see a different result even though the meal may end up the same.

Then I learned that it varies depending on who cooks the meal, too. So you can’t just copy a recipe from someone else unless you’re going to have them making your meals for the rest of your life. A nice idea in theory, but not very practical.

I spent most of yesterday playing around with different meals trying to create a complicated base meal and then figuring out what my character ID was so that I could match it to the key list of available affinity. The whole basis for this was to create a semi-complicated meal that would grant me any buff that I wanted and have that buff last for at least an hour. In order to really accomplish this I need to get my cooking skills higher. Yesterday I reached 50 (yay new title) and I’m hoping to grind my way to 70-80 this week or next. It depends on how busy real life gets, lately all I have time for is standing around AFK.

I managed to improve all of my cooking tools to 80 (I could get them to 90 but it takes forever) and next I’ll need to improve the stone ones. I haven’t worked up pottery, but I really should. My oven doesn’t stay lit nearly as long as my forges even though it’s the same quality, and that bugs me. It seems like I’m constantly re-fulling it.

My list of recipes continues to grow. I am getting close to 200 learned recipes, a lot of those are drinks. Drinks also grant affinity, but I have no idea how that process works as far as finding out what drink grants what affinity. It’s enough that I’ve managed to figure out meals I suppose. I also spent some time making coal piles yesterday and transmuting some grass to peat, but I’ll get into that more in another post.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

If I didn’t have Bad Luck, I’d have No Luck at All..

It never fails.

I spend a day or two working on my own tools, improving them to 90, creating ones I’m missing and I don’t get a single rare (or above) roll. I don’t even pretend to look for them any more because it just doesn’t happen. Today was just like that. Moumix then put in a trowel of his in my forge to improve since he’s been working on the walls of Sybaris and BAM – I turned it supreme on the first action.

The only thing I’ve ever made supreme in my entire WO / WU time is a forge (which I absolutely love, don’t get me wrong). Of course after a day of creating tools to sell / improving my own tools I would happen to turn the ONE item I was improving for a friend supreme. THAT is my luck in Wurm Unlimited. I am lucky for everyone – except myself.

It’s not a bad thing I suppose. At least I’m lucky at something.

I re-stocked my merchants at Haven (I sell cooking recipes on one merchant and I sell rares & enchanted tools on another). I think I’m up to 40 silver of items sold now – and I’ve spent all of it on armour and other tools. I don’t sell a lot (it takes weeks for me to run out of stock) but it’s a little bit of pocket change here and there that really helps me out over time. Creating colossus for players is a great way to make some extra cash but it has been a bit of a lull lately.

There are a small tiny handful of people on Sklotopolis who rub me the wrong way but for the most part I get along with everyone and I don’t mind helping out where I can. I helped convert Reko to a Magnaron priest (and before that a follower) with my alt, and I lent another player a few silver so they could purchase a hell horse (fantastic animals for traveling the server). I like to help, and there are certainly people who have helped me out over the last year so it’s only fair that I return the favour. My mailbox was enchanted to 93 for no cost, and some horses were returned to me after my time away. I know if I need help with something I can call on folks to be there. It’s a nice feeling and one of the reasons why community in Wurm is so important. But, like I said above, sometimes a person comes along who just rubs me the wrong way. You can’t get along with everyone after all (even if you try). Usually these types of people are trolls who are purposely causing drama that I just don’t have the patience for. Sometimes it’s just a misunderstanding and all is well after things are cleared up. In both cases talking things out like mature adults is a good way to go about a resolution. Sometimes it just requires you to simply ignore the offender.

I better get back to improving someone else’ tools so that I can turn theirs supreme (or fantastic? I’ve never made anything fantastic before) because I know it won’t be one of my own tools at this rate.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Temple of Three and Server Events

I’ve been revamping my deed on Sklotopolis, and yesterday I finished the outside of the Temple of Three building that I had been working on. I used a bridge as an arch over the doorway, and the entire thing is made of stone. There’s a rare rock slab in front of the door on the ground with a meditation rug on top, just to give it a little flare. The inside is filled with enchanted grass at the moment because this area used to be my pens, and I’ve enchanted all the altars so my priests have a place to hang out. A large magic chest with some food, and a barrel with some water, and everyone is set. I haven’t finished my craft hall yet (still needs a second floor and a roof) but I’m out of rock shards so that will have to come first. I’ve also been thinking about mining a tunnel from Quail Ridge to Dwarf Fortress. It would be quite large, but could be a fun project. Something to think about in any case.

There are a few events coming up on the server that I’m pretty excited about. The first one is a PVP Hunger Game type event. It happens next Saturday, and I’ve signed up to participate. I’m a bit worried about people using some mods that will give them a hefty advantage in finding the key to unlock a chest and grant them gear – but the prizes that are given out are random to participants, so at least it’s not a big deal if I come in last place (which I probably will). It should be a good time for everyone.

The next event is still being decided on as far as dates go and includes a double feature of dragon killing. One is a hatchling (drops drake hide) and the second one is a full grown dragon, drops scale. I’ve never actually won anything from the events that go on, but maybe my luck will change and I’ll get a chance at some dragon armor. Then again, knowing my luck, nothing will come of it. I’m expecting a huge turn out from everyone on the server, it’s usually a fantastic way to get people together. The date for that one hasn’t been decided yet, but it looks like it will also happen on Saturday. We’ll just have to see. Next weekend is also Easter, so there’s some family stuff going on as it will be my little guy’s first.

Busy? Yes. Things are busy, but always having something to do in game is not a bad thing by any means. If you’re playing Wurm Unlimited don’t forget to stop by the Sklotopolis server and say hello! I’m typically there as Stargrace, and you really won’t find a better server out there.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Wurm Unlimited, and (unrelated) Anxiety

A little bit of non-game related, before we get to the good stuff. Apologies for not diving right in!

I was diagnosed with agoraphobia a few years back after experiencing some intense panic attacks that left me vomiting up blood any time I tried to go anywhere outside of the house (especially the car, and the elevator in my building). They came on suddenly and I honestly thought I was dying. Thanks to some medication I was able to get things under control and as the years went by I decided to stop taking that medication on occasion. Every so often I’d get it into my head that I was fine (the fact that I was taking the medication that was making me fine was sort of lost on me) and that I didn’t need the help any more. Except with things like mental illness they don’t just vanish, and sometimes (like in my case) it’s an imbalance in your brain that causes the issues, and that isn’t something that goes away.

I had to deal with a lot of stigma surrounding mental illness. Some of my friends stopped talking to me and drifted away. A lot stopped asking me to do things because they knew I’d decline. I hated declining. I absolutely hate the fact that having this sort of an illness prevents me from taking advantage of some situations that are presented to me. It’s not logical, and it’s not something I can control, and it’s something I have spent many conversations apologizing for. I’m the person who will say sure lets meet up, and then cancel at the last minute. Not because of anything anyone has done wrong but because I simply can’t handle it. So I totally get why people bailed on me, I’m not the most fun person to deal with. A few managed to stick around and for those people I am eternally grateful, let me assure you.

Anyway. Recently an amazing opportunity presented itself to me and I accepted – only to decline again at the last minute. These things don’t happen often, especially for this stay at home with a 6 month old Mom. I hated myself for declining. Hated myself for having this mental block. Hated myself for many things. I know it’s difficult to talk about mental health. I know it’s difficult to look outside of our boxes and realize that the person we’re talking to is indeed a person and they have a whole bunch of stuff going on that doesn’t even register. I just wanted to say that to anyone else in this situation, you’re not alone, you’re never alone, and to just keep trying.

Lets get back to gaming!

Wurm Unlimited is going well. I managed to create a rare glimmersteel pickaxe, and improved it to 81 quality. I’m hoping to get more glimmersteel so I can improve it further in the future. I created a colossus over at Dwarf Fortress, and I’ve been enchanting tools for friends. Pretty basic stuff, really. The troll king went down last week, and we’re all hoping that a dragon spawns next. Whether or not that will actually happen I have no idea, but here’s hoping! My deeds are coming along really well. I built pens for the hell horses and the unicorns and then I created a slate (black) road along the side with the hell horses and a marble (white) road along the unicorn. In the centre I have marble statues of horses, along with a path of flowers. It looks amazing.

One of my beehives spawned a second queen so I’ve been trying to get it to migrate over to a new empty hive. That would make three. YAY! It’s fall in game so migration works a bit different.

Fall also means that winter is just around the corner and for the first time we’ll be able to make those snowballs and stock our larders! Awesome! All in all, I’m still having an absolute blast (as I always do) on the Sklotopolis server. If you happen to decide to play over there be sure to give me a shout (I play as Stargrace) and as always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

You get a Colossus, and YOU get a Colossus, and You get a…

Things have been going well in Wurm Unlimited. At first I missed Wurm Online, but I don’t miss having to pay a subscription, and believe it or not, I don’t even miss Xanadu. The community on Sklotopolis has made sure of that. Every day is still an adventure.

I recently started offering my colossus building services to players. I charge 15 silver and provide all supplies and go out and build. It takes me less than a day to complete one (more like 5 hours) and it’s perfect for people who may not want to under take such a task or who may be unable to create one of a specific religion they want (you have to be a follower of that religion to create a colossus of that deity). I already built two this week, one for a future impalong site (free of charge of course) and one for a customer (pictured above). Exciting times!

I also managed to create my first ever useful supreme item yesterday – a forge! I was so incredibly excited. It glows a nice purple, and I know I’ll make good use of it since I spend so much of my time at the forges working on weapons and general blacksmithing items.

The teraforming on my own deed is finally completed, and now I just need to decide what I want to do with the space. I have some ideas, but haven’t built much yet. In the meantime I’m just glad it’s done.

My channeling is finally at a place where I’m starting to get some nicer casts. Not all of the time, but occasionally which is better than never. I managed to get a few 90 casts yesterday on items for a customer. Of course I pull off low 60s on my own items because Vynora is not very nice. Go figure.

All in all, a great time Wurming. If you’re looking for an active friendly server, check out Sklotopolis. Highly recommended, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Enter the New Players

I know I’ve been going on about the 1.3 update for quite some time, not only in Wurm Unlimited, but when it was released in Wurm Online – and it appears that I’m not the only one excited, because yesterday saw a HUGE influx of new players to Sklotopolis, I think we were nearing 100 players online at one point (not including any alts, these were unique steam IDs) which is fantastic. It seemed like new player after new player was logging in to check out the changes and see what was happening. Thankfully, Sklotopolis is an amazing server with a fantastic community. It’s also a large server, and there’s tons of space to move around and place your own deed at (or you can join one of the many amazing villages that the server is host to).

New players, old players, it didn’t seem to matter, they arrived in droves. I’m actually surprised no one has tripped over the Troll King yet that’s out there wandering around.

In my own news, my wild bees have FINALLY migrated over to the hives I created. I was a bit worried about one because the wild hive was 66QL and my crafted hive was 66.1QL, but it worked (even if it took a few days). I was incredibly happy to drive up to the hive and see “active” scrawled across it. They even have a cute little graphic of the hive rocking back and forth when it’s got active bees in it. Too cute.

While it’s producing honey, it’s not producing wax, which I find slightly annoying. The devs tell me it’s just very rare, but I personally feel like it’s bugged. Not much I can do about it aside from hunt for wild hives to obtain the wax from them instead.

Ogur and I have been working on terraforming my back yard. I want to create a sort of public park / forest back there. The first thing we have to do is flatten the area, it was covered in hills and rocks. A long project considering I expanded it 70 tiles to the North, but it’s coming along. I also created a new area for the bees, and some tree sprouts were planted along with a fancy marble path. It’s slow work, but it should look fantastic once complete.

I worked on my channeling a bit, enchanted some tools for friends, and generally mucked about doing typical wurm things. Chatted in GL-Freedom to players and enjoyed watching new deeds (and players) crop up. In other words, a very typical Saturday playing Wurm Unlimited (and tending to RL by way of all things baby, of course).

Today I hope to continue working on my channeling, meditation, farming, and maybe work on the second story of my three houses that I’ve added. Then there’s also cooking.

Who am I kidding, there’s always cooking.

OH! One very handy thing that Moumix pointed out to me – you can now center items on a tile with the move option, or place them on a corner. This is the BEST OPTION I have EVER made use of. My altars, and house furniture and statues, and so many other items are now perfectly aligned and I absolutely LOVE IT. I don’t know when the feature was added but I spent many hours yesterday moving items this way and that.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

1.3 Progress on Sklotopolis

Now that the much anticipated 1.3 patch is live I’ve been spending most of my time cooking, creating tools to use for cooking, and farming items to be used for (you guessed it) cooking. I’m absolutely loving the new recipes that have been added, and making notes in my cook book about which foods give me which affinity buffs. I haven’t found a lot of useful ones yet, but I’ve found a small handful (like meditation, and jewel crafting). The one I’m really eager to find is the food that will give me a channeling buff. With my current skill in cooking most buffs last for a good half hour, and the more complicated a recipe, the longer that buff lasts.

It hasn’t all been cooking though. I recently added three new buildings to my deed, Quail Ridge. I decided I needed a dedicated kitchen house, so I added a new smithing building along with a carpentry house and tailoring. They’re not huge places, but I do plan on adding a second timber floor once I have more time. Maybe a bridge filling in the gap between them, too. I haven’t decided yet.

I also created some of the new storage options. WOW. They’re amazing. The barrel rack and planter rack are adorable and make everything look neat and tidy. The new large storage rack is great for holding all sorts of things although I didn’t really enjoy crafting it since it took three rafts.

I’ve also been trying to collect bees of my very own. I have two hives out in the wild (near wild hives) hoping that the queen will migrate to my (better quality) hive. So far that hasn’t happened, but I go by every day and take the honey and wax from the wild hives to add to my collection. If I can get a queen to migrate to my hive I’ll plant all sorts of flowers in the back yard to encourage more production. We’ll see how it goes.

Have you played around with the changes in 1.3 yet? What are some of your favourite things? Let me know below in comments and as always happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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