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Wurm Unlimited – Sklotopolis

It’s fall, I’m feeling nostalgic. I decided that I had just enough free time to dive back into Wurm Unlimited (the steam version of Wurm Online) and meandered back to my old server of Sklotopolis. I’ve been logging in semi-regularly to keep my deed from vanishing, but other friends were not so lucky. Pictured above is Moumix’ deed that has since fallen, which made me pretty sad because he put a LOT of work into his grand castle of a deed. Maybe too much work, because eventually we all burned out.

I’ve got two deeds at the moment, Quail Keep which is an underground dwarven deed, and Quail Ridge, which looks more like a European village. There are sprawling buildings for each craft, fields, and horse pens. Since my return I’ve continued to work on the tunnel that spans between the two deeds, widening it to 3 tiles instead of the current 1. I’m hoping I can complete this project and then reinforce the entire thing, securing it. We’ll see how that goes.

If you’re looking for a fantastic Wurm Unlimited server with some of the kindest people you’ll meet, then I highly recommend Sklotopolis. The players and staff are both incredibly friendly and it’s just a good place to be.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Archaeology Added

Wurm Unlimited (and Online) continues to be one of my favourite games of all time, and I still pop in and play as often as I can. Last week brought about a fascinating update to the game, where a brand new skill was added – archaeology. Basically players run around with a trowel active and poke around at the ground. You have a chance at discovering a fragment, different types if it’s in an area where an old deed used to be.

I think this is a case of a great idea that was implemented poorly. I spent a few hours roaming around looking for fragments, then a few more hours identifying all of those fragments (you use different tools depending on the stage the fragment is at) and then more time attaching fragments together so that I could create – welp. Not much of anything. By the screenshot above you can see I have some ribbons, bricks, branches, pegs, and other bits and pieces like ore. The thing is, after spending a few hours hunting down the components to make a lump of tin, I could have taken 10 seconds and just gone and mined the same thing from my deed.

The time required to get any type of ‘good’ fragment is too dear, and because there are so many different types of fragments you can obtain, piecing together 26 of any one type is going to take you a very long time. Now, I know we don’t want everyone running around with the best of the best and I’m not saying that’s the way this should be, but it’s a really neat idea that just is not worth the time required. At least not on the unlimited servers. I have hope that our server (Sklotopolis is where I’m still at for those wondering) will add to the base features and maybe help players out a bit with some better rewards or faster skill gains because as it is now, it’s just a waste of time. Of course it could be argued that everything one does in Wurm Unlimited is a waste of time since the entire game is built around skills that take time, but this one just sounded so absolutely amazing and I was let down.

There were other features added with this update that are also pretty neat including a new ‘place’ function for putting items down on the ground specifically where you want them to go. Wood types were also re-introduced, which affects the way dye looks on items, and the ability to dye clothing that you’re wearing two tones was added. Over all, it was an amazing update, and I’m glad to see that developer work on the game continues, even if not all of the update was exactly what I was hoping for.

It’s OK To Like (Even Love) an Unpopular Game

My absolute favourite game of all time, is Wurm Online (or Unlimited, either one). Wurm Unlimited has “mixed” recent reviews, and “mixed” all reviews. There’s not even 1500 reviews total of the game. I have 2,399 hours on record on steam (so that’s Wurm Unlimited, and doesn’t count any Wurm Online hours). I could talk about the game for hours, and while I may not be playing right this second (I come and go in my Wurm obsession) it is one that I constantly suggest people try out, and will them to accept.

I rarely succeed.

The thing is – it’s perfectly OK to dislike or like this game – or ANY game out there. I know the reasons people don’t like Wurm. The outdated graphics, the incredible grind, the dislike of Club Code, the bugs and other issues. The unbalanced PVP. I’ve heard them all – and still this game owns my heart, as far as video games go.

I’ve never gotten mad at someone for not liking this game because I don’t expect everyone to like it. If you don’t like it, it’s quite simple – don’t play.

Please. Don’t waste your precious time on this earth playing a video game that you’re not having a great time in. Move on to something else. There are TONS of games out there catering to all sorts of gamers. Keep searching and trying to find the one that calls to you – and it doesn’t matter if everyone else is playing it or if no one else is playing it what matters is what YOU think and how YOU feel when you play it.


I meant to write about this a few days ago but I hadn’t gotten around to it and I want to apologize for that because it’s something I should have posted right away.

Many times now I’ve attended an event on the Sklotopolis server and commented about how RNG was just not my friend. No big deal, but after a while it does weigh on you to see people who play for only a short time show up and win some of the awesome gear.

When I went and checked my mail a few days ago I had a surprise from Wreck, an alliance mate and friend of mine. He had gifted me a complete set of black drake, created by Densetsu. I was speechless! He told me he had taken it upon himself to collect bits and pieces of drake to help create sets of gear for veteran players who had not won any. I am incredibly humbled and thankful for the gear, it looks fantastic and stands up very well to the trolls that are hanging out around my deed lately.

I know I haven’t written much about Wurm lately, but I’m still playing (just not as much as I used to, I haven’t the time at the moment). Deed work still needs to get done, animals fed, chores taken care of. I also streamed a bit of it last week while I had the chance. My merchants need to be restocked, so tonight I’m copying out recipes to send to Zuca (my merchant holder). Enchanted tools and weapons will have to wait, but I’m glad for whatever time I can find.

I know I’ve said this multiple times before, but if you’re looking for a friendly server please do check out Sklotopolis. The folks there really are some of the best I’ve met.

Wurm Chores – A way of Relaxing

For me, playing video games is a way of relaxing. I typically play whatever I’m in the mood to play, with little to no outside pressures. Sure, I keep a streaming schedule now, but the games I play during fluctuate, and if I’m not keen on playing what I have scheduled I’ll change it.

I decided to stream Wurm Unlimited in a very impromptu stream (you can check it out over on my Twitch page!) and it was a really relaxing time. I tended to my fields, took care of my bison, went and harvested my wheat – and noticed one of my hens had succumbed to old age. Chickens don’t live as long as other animals (for whatever reason) so they die at aged. Sad times. Since watching Paw Patrol (thanks to my kid, I swear) I have become obsessed with naming all of my hens Chickaletta. It was sad to have to bury the animal, but she had a good life.

Then I tended to my cows and my sheep, harvesting the fields. I showed off my winery, stuck more moonshine in the distillery and was going to go do some meditation when I had to cut my stream short. Such is the way of life. Still, it was relaxing, even the 20 minutes I got to spend in game. I love talking about a game that I’m so passionate about. It makes time go by much faster, and I like feeling confident in what I’m saying.

Things have been pretty quiet on Wurm, but I still log in often, even if it’s just to take care of the chores. I know I’ll be back full time before too long, as always my interests are just all over the place with my lack of availability.

I did put up the schedule for my streams this week, too. I’ve decided to start a Throwback Thursday feature, and the remaining days I’ll just play whatever I happen to plan. This week (because I know you’re all so interested) I’ll be playing:

  • Tuesday – RimWorld
  • Wednesday – Pinball FX 2
  • Thursday – Redemption Mud
  • Friday – Castle of Illusion

As well as any impromptu streams I manage to fit in there (maybe some EQ, or some EVE Online). Next week I’ll switch things up again and we’ll see about getting a visual novel in there for one of the days. I am trying to get qualified for affiliate on Twitch, so if you like my channel please do give it a follow and tune in during my streams – it really helps me out a ton.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Goblin Leader Bites the Dust

Yesterday was another server event, this time we gathered together to take down the notorious Goblin Leader. Not as big of an event as say, a drake, but we still had a pretty good crowd, with 40+ people showing up. There were body drops from the Goblin Leader, as well as items donated from staff and players.

Now, one (small) issue I have with these events is that if someone wins something they don’t particularly want, they can pass, and have a chance at something better. The downside to this of course is that you may not win anything at all or you might get incredibly lucky and have your name drawn again on the uber_item_101 that you wanted. The problem I have is that sometimes the items being rolled on really suck (this is IMO, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure and what have you) and there are still good items waiting to be rolled on, so staff allows us to pass.

I wish there was no option to pass. If you win something, be thankful you won, and accept it – or give it away or trade it away, or decline – but that removes you from future drawings from that event. I think it should be up to players to make a deal or figure out what they want to do with their wins.

See the problem is sometimes the loot REALLY sucks, like, goblin meat. There’s nothing special about it, regular goblins drop it, it’s not used in anything fancy. Of course this is the item that I “won” so I passed it. So did a few other people. It takes time to pass until someone finally shrugs their shoulders and says OK fine I’ll accept it, or auto accepts because they’re not actually present. If you get picked to win something, that should be it. Take it upon yourself to handle how you deal with your win. It’s only logical that (most) people will pass on things that are “useless” if there are “better” things in the draw. I say this because again, one man’s treasure.

Trade it, give it away, destroy it, whatever. It doesn’t matter. When your name is drawn for a raffle item that should be the item you win (or don’t win). So far I’ve won some goblin meat and a canopy bed. Both of which I passed on because there were better items (like a drake set, remember I still don’t have that sort of armour) further down the list.

Anyway. That all being said, the event went pretty smooth and people were happy. The smaller gatherings seem to work out well, the staff and organizers (as always) did a fantastic job. We each got to pick items from a chest afterward (two chests). I got a weapon smithing potion, and a chunk of rift wood. Ogur got a rare piece of iron (43ql) and a chunk of rift wood which he gave to me. We all also got ourselves some Goblin Leader blood which is used to create mining potions.

Afterward I logged Zuca in to check on my sales, and ported her home to help work on the mine tunnel I have ongoing. Moumix was helping me reinforce the tunnel but he hasn’t been around for a month or so, so I’ve slowly been working on it myself. I’ve got most of the tunnel mined two wide, and am working on getting it three wide, and reinforcing the entire length of it. Slow progress, but hey it’s a nice project. I love having a tunnel from Quail Keep to Quail Ridge, saves me a trip through the steppe.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Walls, Glorious Walls!

Things have been busy (as always) especially with Summer (we’ve skipped Spring this year) beginning. Still, those magical walls I was waiting for finally hit Wurm Unlimited last week, and I wasted no time in getting a new house created for pottery. It shows off the new pottery floors, along with the matching brick walls. I created a roof out of pottery shingles too just so the whole thing matched, and then added a kiln for good measure (plus I didn’t have one before now). There are a few issues with the patch (you can’t create fences on the left side of arches, and sandstone tiles are not working as they should be) but overall it has been a good update.

Zuca, my Magnaron priest also managed to (finally) reach 70 faith which means she can strongwall. I’ve been trying to inch her towards that goal for quite some time. I’m not sure why it took so long, I do have both a Fo priest and a Vynora priest at over 80 faith, but the Magnaron gains seemed to take forever. My tunnel between Quail Ridge and Quail Keep is currently two tiles wide, and I’m working on expanding that to three wide, then reinforcing the entire thing. I’ve been taking a bit of a break to deal with real life so only part of that is done so far. Having projects is always a good thing though.

I also re-did the entire front of my forge building in slate. I love the look and I’ve been contemplating re-doing the Temple building in marble. Sklotopolis is also accepting submissions on designs for the newest starter town, so DeedPlanner has been a good friend over the past few days while that gets worked on.

I was expecting to spend a lot of time at the Impalong last weekend but I got side swiped by some real life drama and then I caught a horrible cold, so I could do little other than logging in for a single morning. By the time I got to log in again the Impalong was over. One of the GMs kindly sent me an Impalong item so I didn’t miss out, but I felt horrible that I couldn’t be there for the duration, especially after all my excitement about it. I know attendance was low but the community of Sklotopolis makes such events awesome.

For the next little while working on the tunnel between my two deeds is my main focus. I’d like to get the entire thing mined three wide, and reinforced. Afterward I’d like to create some sort of plan for Quail Keep, and then Quail Cove. Quail Ridge is the only one of my deeds that I feel is “completed” and even there I have a building or two that still requires a roof (and a second floor). The majority of that deed is completed at least.

Anyone else playing with the new wall textures? What are some of your favourites? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Building an Obelisk (or Two)

I own three deeds. Quail Ridge (my main deed), Quail Cove (a coastal deed), and Quail Keep (pictured above). Quail Keep is almost completely below ground, with only the entrance indicating that the deed is there. Eventually I’d like a sprawling underground city, but that’s a long way off. In the meantime I’ve been working on making the small portion above ground to my liking. The goal is to touch as little of the terrain as possible, leaving it in its natural form.

First off I used a rune on my Vynora colossus – which turned it into a shade Tomservo said reminded him of the Statue of Liberty in the USA – I agree, and it’s a very neat colour. Next I completed a steel door (but first that required me to collapse the current door and mine it straight, otherwise the door would have looked horrible). Then I created a raised platform on either side of the door – the perfect spot for an obelisk (or two). With one obelisk down I just have one to go. Even with 98 masonry skill these things are difficult to build. Hammering away at them will get them completed eventually.

Another server event is coming up. One I’m REALLY excited about (and that I hold near and dear to my heart). It’s the Spring Impalong. You’ve probably seen me talk about Wurm Online Impalongs in the past. Gatherings of people who improve tools for others, cast enchants, and just generally hang out and have a great time with various games and events planned throughout. While WO Impalongs tend to last a week, this one runs Friday-Sunday of next week (also happens to be Mother’s Day for NA). I’m excited to bring my alts out there. I’m hoping Zuca (my Magnaron priest) reaches 80 faith. I plan on leaving everyone online as a ‘warm body’ for those performing sermons. I’m wondering how organization of those sermons will go. Even if I don’t get a chance to preach, I’m happy to help out.

Stargrace (Vynora), Arysh (Vynora), Minxes (Fo), Blesse (Fo), and Zuca (Magnaron) should all be able to make it and hang out. I’ll be bringing them a bit early since it’s quite a distance from my place, and I’d like to just hang out without any pressure of getting to the location.

Have I mentioned yet that I’m excited? Because I REALLY am! I don’t know what part I’m most excited about. There’s going to be recipe trading going on, meals being cooked, of course the whole reason we’re all gathered – improving tools! I can’t wait to meet even more people from this amazing server. If you’re a newer player looking to have some tools improved, or wanting to meet some of the friendliest people, then the Spring Impalong is one event you just won’t want to miss.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

White Dragons, New Starter Towns, and WALLS!

First of all my apologies for not writing for a bit. Real life of course reared its ugly head and made things difficult, but after a bit of sulking I’m back. Things have been pretty busy on Sklotopolis – which is great!

First of all, last weekend we took down the White Dragon that had spawned. In a move that surprised no one, I won nothing. I did get a scale and blood though, and Moumix, Maya, and Ogur all graciously donated me their scales too. I think I’m the only one out of our little bunch who has not won anything but I do have incredibly nice friends that make it all worth it in the end! lol. The event was a ton of fun, lots of people showed up. There was a tiny bit of drama as someone yelled charge before the team was ready with the dragon in position, but it got sorted.

There’s a new starter town being built right now, too. I’m a bit confused as to why, since it hasn’t even been a year since the 2nd “new” starter town has been built, and I think it just makes the first two starter towns fall into disuse and disrepair (the market of the first starter town is all but abandoned, and I expect the same will happen to the second one) but people like fresh exciting projects to work on, and this is certainly that. I donated a few thousand bricks and mortar along with concrete and hope everyone can make use of it. I dislike terraforming (I much prefer the work already done when I move to a deed) so I’m standing by the sidelines helping where I can (I gave away a 90ql hatchet and some other tools) and watching the work take place. Everyone is working really hard, which is neat to see. They’re taking a bit of a break to plan the next stage.

Speaking of, it means our next Wurm Unlimited update (due out tomorrow) is just in time – we’re finally getting new walls! I’m excited, even though I’m not sure where I’ll start. I expect I’ll swap out the bottom level of my blacksmithing building, and change the walls to the pottery house. I want to swap out some fences and roads, and I really wish they were adding the new reinforced walls along with the new mine “lights” that I’ve seen hints of. I hope they migrate to WU with time.

All in all, days are satisfying and full. If you happen to find yourself on the Sklotopolis server, be sure to say hello. You can find me there as Stargrace. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Learning More about Runes

A lot of things in Wurm are learned through trial and error. Sure you could go digging through the code to learn all the ins and outs of a particular system, but it’s much more fun and interesting to figure it all out in-game.

One of the things I know pretty much nothing about (hey, after 10 years those moments are further and further between) is runes. Runes are a newer addition. There’s a wurmpedia entry on them but they’re not very specific.

So yesterday I made a handful of runes with the rift materials I had obtained and those that were given to me. I learned a few things. First of all, the ones that grant capacity do not actually work on bulk storage bins or crates. I’m not sure if this is specific to my server or if it doesn’t work on any of these items in the real world, there’s no notes.

Second, the ‘glow’ you obtain from some runes doesn’t work on some items. Like kingdom specific wagons. Wish I had of known that one before I applied it.

Anyone can create and apply any rune – but if it’s a rune outside of your deity the chances of creation are typically lower, as are the chances of apply that rune (or so I have found with my personal experiments). So as a priest of Vynora I stuck to those ones. I did create one Magnaron rune but my chance at creation was pretty low and the application of the rune itself was not even worth it.

Not all the runes failed. I didn’t get the glow or expanded volume, but I did get two rarity bonus chances on some tools, and I reduced the damage and fuel cost of my supreme forge. Nothing game breaking or earth shattering there but it’s just a little convenience. I was trying to purchase a few extra rift items, but after an hour or two of advertising someone started to buy them for a full silver more than I was (I offered 2s per piece) and I just can’t compete with that.

So I swapped over to work on weapon smithing. I’m inching my way to 90, right now I just past the 84 mark. I figure I’ll create a bunch of weapons, get them to 90, and then enchant them with animal demise, nimbleness, life transfer, and mind stealer. Whatever else I can fit on them at that point (I think maybe circle of cunning stacks too? I’d have to consult my chart) and try to get those casts as high as I can. Maybe that’ll help bring in a bit more cash. My casts have been doing pretty good as of late, but my Fo priests have been sorely neglected. Since I stream Wurm from my PC to my MacBook I can’t play multiple accounts, I haven’t figured out a way to share the screen from my PC to my MacBook – I know it’s possible, but I haven’t looked into it at all. So for now I just stream (via steam) from one account at a time.

Anyway, enough rambling. I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far and that life is good. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!


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