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Mining and working on that Fo priest


Moumix completed the corbita and I’ve been working on my mining, clearing out the ore from his already established mine to bring down south (even though we have a mine there, too, it’ll be nice to have ore ready). Today I’ve been working on my Fo priest, I’m trying to get her to 60 faith. I’d also like to work on her animal skills but that will come with time.

Charm wore off of the champion wolf pretty quickly, and I don’t want the wolf to be charmed when she gives birth because then the baby wolf will attack her and will die. Sort of defeats the purpose of breeding wolves that way. I do want 60 faith though so aggro creatures don’t come after her, the wolf is currently in my farm land which means I’ll need to avoid the pen when she’s untamed until I reach the faith amount required.

Meditation is another thing I’m (slowly) working on. The cool down timers for path questions are shortened by 80% which makes a huge difference. Both of my characters are on rank 5 of their paths, and have a bit less than a week to wait until they can move to rank 6. At rank 7 I’ll be able to start enchanting grass, something my horses will be pleased about.

Blacksmithing is at 48, just shy of making level 60 gear (I can typically make gear 10 levels above my skill) – I need to raise my mining to the same level otherwise I won’t be able to improve gear that far. Mining is moving at a much slower pace, I worked on some copper and zinc today and only gained 2 points which puts me at around 56 (slightly over). Ideally I’d like to reach 60 in mining before I start improving tools to 60.

I’m noticing more and more cliques on the server. People who carry over the ways and rules of WO and who are adamant that their way is the only way (or at least the only right way). It’s interesting to watch the ebb and flow, I typically keep to myself, answer questions where I can, and just watch the other discussions going on. There’s a lot of… genital waving (for lack of a better term) that goes on between people as they each try to one up the other with their stats from WO and other achievements like PVP and who knew who or who was around first and remembers the very first servers. That comes in pretty much every game, and I find it amusing when I see it carried over here, too.

I still have no neighbours even though I live pretty close to the spawn area. I imagine all of the deeds around me must be abandoned. I’ve reported one because there’s absolutely nothing built there, but the others I’m giving a bit of time. I’ve seen a lot of new players log in recently and one comment they all have in common is that it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of land around for them to settle on. I personally wish there was a better method of dealing with abandoned deeds – but I also remind them that they need to move further away from populated areas and they’ll find lots of places to settle.

Tomorrow? I work on… who knows! I never run out of things to do in Wurm Unlimited. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Charming Wolves in the Wilderness


Some players have been making note of a lack of mobs in the northern areas of the map, so they went down south to where everything has apparently been spawning together in clumps. Mizova and a few friends took down 600+ mobs according to them and it actually did make a difference because when I logged in this morning there were wolves, wild cats, and other critters all over the place. Everyone mentioned that they too had seen a sudden increase in the spawns around their areas – now that less mobs were hanging out together all in one place.

As luck would have it I stumbled across a champion wolf. I charmed it with my Fo priest, found a male wolf, and in 7 days I should have a little baby wolf wandering around the pen. I’ll need the Fo priest to reach 60 faith so that she’s not aggro to the animals, for now it’s not exactly safe to be around them. They do look awesome though. I’m hoping to capture two brown bears in the future to breed, you can hitch young and adolescent brown bears to your cart. Having some with a few speed stats would be ideal.

We’ll see how that goes.

Moumix, Maya, and I have also planted a community deed for the three of us down in the south. It’s enormous, we pooled our earnings together so that we could get it as large as possible. There’s lots of free room down there so we’re not intruding on anyone and we’re away from the hustle and bustle. In the mean time, I continue to work on my skills, I’ve been trying to get a few points in each skill each day. They raise pretty nicely so even though I’m doing a bit of grinding each day, it doesn’t necessarily feel like it.

I created a leather hat and some gear for myself, improved it to 35-40ql so it’s better than the beginner gear. I also improved all of my tools to 50ql, a great start. I’m hoping to be around 60ql before too long. Moumix is also constructing a corbita to move goods from the central deed down south. Ideally I’d love a knarr, but I don’t have the skills quite yet to craft one, I need tailoring and rope making for the sails and other components. I’m pretty excited about moving down south – it’s a coastal deed so it’ll be fun to make a big grand waterfront for boats.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Docks, Boats, (more) Buildings, and Even Some Pens


I live beside a very tiny lake and even though it’s very tiny I decided that my house needed a little dock to spruce it up, along with a building that could act as a shipyard, and yes, a little boat. The boat (a rowboat pictured above) is intentional, I needed to do some dredging and that’s the simplest way so that you can still see the corners of the tiles as you lower them. Everything built up pretty quickly, and the dock looks great.

In the meantime I noticed that my horses were stomping all over the farm fields I had planted, wrecking the plants and smashing them to bits. I decided that instead of re-planting all of the crops they kept stumbling over, I would build new pens to the side of the property. This required me to expand a few tiles (no big deal) and then I flattened the area and created some iron fences. I also made a few lights to help the property at night. I quite like how it all turned out. I don’t have a lot of room for animals, but that’s OK, this round it’s taking a back seat to other skills I’m working up.

Moumix came over and improved my mallet to 61ql, which I really appreciate. I in turn improved his metal tools to 50ql. I’m not quite at the point where I can make 60ql, but I’ll get there. I’ll need to raise my mining a bit so that I can keep the ore I need in stock. Since there’s always so much to do, it just hasn’t been a main focus (yet). We’ll see how that goes throughout the week.

Another happy day on Sklotopolis, in Wurm Unlimited!


And Down Comes Kyklops, Rare Bone and All


We gathered at noon PST, setting up our tents, riding our carts. A few wagons parked back at the camp so it wasn’t too crowded. In total over 33 unique individuals took part in the slaying of the Ancient Starving Kyklops. It was a long fight and there was a moment or two when I didn’t think we were going to make it. Both of my characters took 70% dmg from a single AoE hit. I backed off with the alt afterward and watched from the sidelines so that the stronger fighters could take part in the defeat.

In the end, the massive creature did fall. We all earned titles, and blood that can be used for leatherworking potions. There was loot to be rolled on, including a rare bone. RNG was not on my side (when is it ever) but I did congratulate those who won, and I did have an amazing time at my first server event. Everyone listened (fairly) well to the instructions from our fearless leaders and there was zero drama – all the more reason why I’m playing on this particular server. I think everyone had a great time, and I look forward to our next event like this. Dragons and other uniques can respawn on the server, but I would imagine it will be a while before that happens. Wouldn’t want too many rare items floating around, makes things a bit redundant otherwise.

Speaking of rares! While working on a sword (to join my large maul in my weapon collection) I managed to turn the item rare. I was very happy about that because as my luck would have it just earlier in the day I tried to cast a spell on my rare small anvil, and instead I shattered the damn thing, which destroys it. Sigh.

I’ll work my alignment and channeling up quite a bit further before I attempt any more casts on rare items I own, that’s for sure.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Altars, Fences, and Disbands – Oh My!


Another day, another round of Wurm Unlimited. After having spent most of the previous day mining, and uncovering zero useful ores in my mine I decided that the best thing to do would be to disband the deed and just leave a mine door up for the off chance that I wanted to return (for iron, or low quality copper, the two ore I managed to find). This would free up my alt to find a better place if I happened to stumble into one. For now both characters reside at my main deed, Quail Ridge.

I also stopped procrastinating on that wooden fence that needed replacing, and I knocked it down without too much trouble. I crafted a few 40 ql large mauls which means things take time, but it’s not too bad. Replaced the fence with iron instead of wood and as you can tell by the screenshot above, it’s much improved. I also knocked down my stone altar and replaced it with two gold altars. One for Fo, and one for Vynora. It’s hard to see, but there’s a meditation rug under them too. My Vynora just hit 55.5 faith, and the Fo is at 38.9. I’m eager for the Fo to reach 60 faith.

On a whim I had my Fo cast courier on my mailbox – and she actually succeeded in improving the 30 cast that was already there to 45. The better cast you have on your mailbox, the faster your mail will be delivered. I attempted a few more casts after to see if I could raise it even further – but I think that first cast may have just been luck, I failed channeling both times. I haven’t been grinding channeling, just casting the odd spell here and there, so that’s something I’ll want to work on eventually.

Saturday marks the Kyklops slaying! I’ll be bringing both my characters over to take part, hopefully I’m able to get a hit in on the mob. I know it tends to get crowded pretty quickly so we’ll just have to see how that goes. I’m very excited in any case.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Then There Were Two


I buckled down yesterday and completed the second house on my deed, otherwise known as  my storage building. I figure I’ll stock bulk items into this building so that they’re not taking up room in the main crafting building, and I can easily load and unload items into a cart or eventually a wagon. It’s nothing fancy, just a plain stone house with a slate roof, but I think it suits the area.

The building marks the lats major item of construction required for my main deed. I like that it’s quite small, and won’t require a lot of upkeep to keep things looking tidy. I do want to complete a dock area and the land does need more lights, but that will come with time. I also still need to replace the wooden fence with an iron one, it looks pretty rugged this way. There is a server event happening on Saturday that I’m pretty excited about and I’ll be sure to make a post (or two) about it as we get closer.

GL-Freedom brought about a bit of an argument (again) last night, this time from a player who was frustrated over “abandoned” deeds. Because deeds here have no upkeep disbanding abandoned places requires a player to report the abandoned place on the forums. After a given amount of time, if the owner has not been seen and there is no progress on the deed, and no one has replied to the forum post (it takes about 4-8 weeks) the GMs will disband it. The person in channel last night was complaining that it takes time to report these places, and that people who are leaving or going on a break should report that they’re leaving first.

Unfortunately real life isn’t always something we can plan for. If an emergency happens, someone loses their internet, an accident takes place or what have you, the last thing on their mind is going to be logging into a forum so they can announce that they’re leaving the game for xyz amount of time. It’s much easier for those who are actively playing to report a deed, stating they haven’t seen anyone around for the past 4 weeks or that they haven’t seen any progress being made on the deed. As a player I don’t find this inconvenient and I’m glad there’s a method that both allows for the ability to free up land and takes care to protect those who may have to step away for a length of time. Completed and finished deeds are given much more time before they’re considered abandoned, obviously whoever lives there put a lot of time into their place. Still, things happen over time and I think we need to be mindful of that.

I’m coming up on 50 faith with my Vynora priest, just over 36 with the Fo. I worked channeling a bit between other tasks and I’m really pleased with how nicely the skill raises – especially if you have any sleep bonus. I used up my sleep bonus making coal piles so I could get ash to make lye for leather and I’ve been debating donating to the server (again) so that I can get 10 sleep powders. It’s certainly not required but it does make things a bit faster.

I also reached 30 mind logic which means I can queue 4 actions instead of three. How I missed having this! Over all things are going pretty well, and now that most of the deed work is done I can focus on working up some skills. I just have to decide which one…

Not Everyone’s Vision is the Same


Just down the road from me is the monstrosity posted above in the screenshot. What used to be a wonderful forest is being converted into a gigantic desert. Unfortunately this is one of the downsides to sandbox MMOs. Your vision for the area you live in may not be the same as someone else’ vision and so you end up with conflicts. I personally love forest and lake life in Wurm which is why I settled where I did, but not everyone is going to share that love with me. In the end you have to be OK with people making decisions like this and you can’t let it get under your skin. Instead you focus on your own little area and turn it into your own vision. In my case that means surrounding my deed with maple trees so that I can’t see the various atrocities from my front step, heh.

Yesterday was a less productive day than I had intended, but that’s alright. It’s nice to relax a bit. I created a few coal piles so I can get some ash to make lye and then I can work on my leather working a bit. Moumix gave me an 80 ql toolbelt which I absolutely adore. I worked on Goldstrike Outpost a bit and did some mining, I’ve almost uncovered some copper but I’m not quite there yet. I cleaned up the water front of my property and began a road that will curve around the lake.

I also gained rank 3 on path of knowledge (meditation) with Stargrace, and my alt is working her way down path of love. My meditation is 28.7 and raising well. I also reached 43.37 faith on the Vynora, and the Fo priest is just over 36 faith now. I’m trying to get her to 60 so that she can go around without worrying about (most) aggressive mobs. I’ve set up timers using a Wurm Unlimited version of Wurm Assistant so that I can keep track of who needs to pray and meditate when, and it seems to be working fairly well.

I haven’t made the alt any tools yet nor a lantern so at some point in time I’d like to get those done. She hasn’t been doing that much (just prayer, meditation, and the odd bit of mining here and there) so it hasn’t been a very high priority. I’ve seen lots of new players around lately and I hope even more join. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Results of the Hunt


Yesterday was a fantastic day on the Sklotopolis server of Wurm Unlimited. I started out by finishing my main building, the second floor done in timber and then the roof done in slate that I got from Moumix’ mine. The black slate looks amazing, and I’m very proud of the house. Afterward I decided to improve my tools to 40 ql, and I created a few tools for Moumix and Mayameran too. Moumix had found a small anvil that was better quality than the one I was using and offered it up to me but I decided to improve my own instead – and good thing I did! I managed to turn the thing rare. Not only that, but I turned a needle rare that I was improving, too. I was very pleased to finally have a handful of useful rares.

I tentatively decided on a few skills to focus on. I’m going to continue working blacksmithing, weaponsmithing, leatherworking, and natural substance. I’m sure other skills will come along the way but those are the ones that I’d like to work at. Basically the same skills (minus leatherworking) that I was working on in Wurm Online.

When the chores were done and it was daylight in game again I hitched up the cart and forgetting anything useful (like bandages, meals, water..) headed out to the steppe and desert that lay to the East. The lands may have been empty of deeds, but were absolutely full of mobs to help raise up my combat skills and to collect some leather and natural substance materials. I can’t handle bison yet, but there were plenty of horses around and I took advantage of that. I came home with 4 female horses for Mayameran, who is going to dedicate her skills towards animal husbandry.

A few trolls tried to eat me along the way, and I was chased by a gator and a diseased bear for some time, but over all the trip was fantastic and I got to explore some pretty deeds in progress. There was a little bit of drama in GL-Freedom early yesterday that involved someone buying tools from another player and then going AFK when they were delivered (even though they did ask for the tools to be COD to them in the mail) but honestly little things like that come up often in MMOs – it’s just what happens when you have a group of people playing a game together. Thankfully it wasn’t anything drastic, and it didn’t interrupt anyone else’ game play.

Since I’m not able to afford a subscription to Wurm Online at the moment, let alone three of them, I decided to go ahead and sell off two of my priest characters. A few minutes after I put the auctions up I had a response about a buyout and I let them go for what I think is a pretty fair price. I still have my main character, as well as the character holding onto my second deed, in total besides those two priests I have 4 others, so it’s not a great loss to me. I had purchased those two priests to begin with a few years ago and just couldn’t give them the attention that a priest requires in Wurm Online. Another reason I’m thankful for Wurm Unlimited.

A lot of the ‘to do’ list has been completed, and there’s only a small portion left. Moumix helped craft two more beds and he brought over some BSB so that’s all done. He’s going down the path of Magnaron so we can have someone collapse a few mine tiles. Maya is going Fo, so hopefully in the future I can link up and get a few life transfer casts onto some weapons. I need to complete a few mailboxes (they start with a default courier of 30) and I still need to complete the storage building some time but I’m not exactly in a huge rush. Over all I’m incredibly pleased with the progress so far and I’m having a lot of fun.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Deed Chores and a Hunt in the Works


Sunday was a really relaxing day. I did a bit of deed work but not too much, and focused on working my alt up in faith and meditation while I watched Netflix. Wurm is great for that sort of multitasking. I did work on the main building at Quail Ridge quite a bit, I completed the main floor, added a staircase, completed the second floor, and almost completed the walls to the second floor. After that is all done, it will be time for a roof, and two beds so when I log off I can finally get a little sleep bonus.

I’m also thinking of going on a hunting expedition. I need some leather, I’m tired of the three slot tool belt and I couldn’t find anything I wanted at the NT market (the main market on server). I’m hoping to save up my silver for a merchant that I could place there, I’m not sure they make many (any?) sales, but I love being more involved with the player base and the economy. I’ve started getting to know the regulars in GL-Freedom, and I try to take part in conversations where I can. There have been a few people here and there in local too, and I try to be friendly and chat when they’re paying attention. Over all I still really enjoy the community that has settled here, and am very happy to be a part of things.

I still haven’t decided what skill to settle on working so I imagine I’ll one again be a jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t mind this at all, it’s nice to be self sufficient. In most games I play I create alts so that I can handle “all the things” myself. In Wurm Unlimited this isn’t a requirement since your character can do pretty much everything (and on this server in particular you CAN do everything since priests have no restrictions).

The second floor of my main house is timber and I noticed they added a few new(er) models to the selections. Balcony was one of the choices, and even though you can’t actually walk out onto them, they’re quite pretty. I placed two balconies on the top floor, along with some fancy windows. The first floor of the building is for the workshop and holds my forges, loom, food storage bin, and a few other odds and ends. The upstairs is the living quarters, and will have some beds and other fancy furniture as I work up carpentry and fine carp. Then I have a second building that will be for storage and just hold bulk items in storage bins / crates.

It’s not a fancy place with fancy architect but it will allow me to focus on working up my skills which is what I enjoy doing. Some people like designing fancy places to live but I’d rather buy a place that’s already complete, and then make it my own from there.

The goal this week is to complete the main building, maybe work more on the second building, and organize that hunting trip I want to do. Maybe work a bit on natural substance, and clear out a few more tiles of my mine. I’d also like to find some time to work on channeling, my Fo priest is almost at 30 faith and she’ll need to travel to the white light to get converted to a priest, my Vynora priest has barely cast any spells at all (whoops) but at least it’s another thing to do in game.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Things to Do


A list of things I need to get done both at Quail Ridge, and Goldstrike Outpost – these are only deed chores, they don’t include things like improving my armor / weapons or working on getting better tools. That will come in time.

Quail Ridge: 

    • Complete storage building main floor, stone.
    • Complete floor of main building, slabs.
    • Complete floor of storage building, slabs.
  • Complete bed x2 x1
  • Re-do fence in iron instead of wood
  • Complete 7 3 bulk storage bins
  • Complete 1 large barrel
  • Complete 3 small barrel
  • Create a dock area
  • Complete Path of Love tile
  • Complete loom
  • Complete staircase
  • Complete floor 2
  • Complete floor 2 walls (timber)
  • Complete main house roof
  • Mailbox

Goldstrike Outpost:

  • Complete 2 forge
  • Complete 2 bulk storage bin
  • Bring over fuel
  • Complete a mine door
  • Complete 10 5 lamps
  • Complete large barrel (with water)
  • Complete Fo altar
  • Complete horse pen (2×2)
  • Mailbox

This should keep me busy for a while.

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