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Silver Bell Sweater – Completed!

It took a REALLY long time, and multiple time-outs, but I FINALLY completed my Silver Bell Sweater. I started this project back in December of 2020 but was constantly fighting with the needles as I knit it, making it a bundle of not-fun. I ended up having to frog most of the body due to some awkward dropped stitches along the neck line, then frogging most of the body a second time due to some dropped stitches in the back. I ordered a set of ChiaoGoo needles (best needles I’ve ever owned, incase you’re wondering) and got back to it this year. Then I messed up a sleeve, and had to frog that and start over. Finally, we were evacuated when I had just 10 stitches left and I didn’t bring any spare needles with me since I wasn’t expecting to be gone that long, and I couldn’t finish it until we arrived back home yesterday.

This sweater is so incredibly comfortable, and I’m very happy with it. It’s huge and oversized, perfect for wearing over a tank top. I expect I’ll get a lot of use from it in the fall and winter months. PLUS I knocked a large project off of the to-do list, and I’m glad for that.

Next? Finishing off the second heel on my socks so that I can hopefully fly through the legs.


Since I didn’t bring much knitting with me, I decided to buy a little yarn while we were in the city and I’ve started a scarf to keep me sane while we’re evacuated. It’s an acrylic / wool blend, but knits up quickly enough and seems soft. Pattern is from Ravelry, I’ll link it in another post. I normally dislike knitting scarves because they take FOREVER, but this one isn’t so bad so far.

Knitting Goals – July 2021

Completed in June:

  • June was a pretty unproductive month as far as knitting went. My hands were sore a lot of the time which always puts a damper on my crafts. I did manage to complete 1 wash cloth, which was a goal.

Current WIPS:

  • Scrap blanket
  • For the Horde mitten liners
  • TAAT January sock club socks
  • Silver Bell Sweater

July Goals:

  • Finish my Silver Bell sweater – this one SHOULD be simple enough. I just have one sleeve left.
  • Finish TAAT January sock club socks – another one that SHOULD be alright to complete, I need to do one heel and two legs / cuffs.

I don’t want to add too many goals to July as my multiple sclerosis has been pretty bad and it just makes me sad if I don’t manage to make my goals. I know I have to be gentle with myself, so if I get my smaller goals completed, I’ll be happy. I’d also like to start tracking my yarn use. I know I haven’t bought much this year, and I want to try to make sure I use up more than I purchase. Inspiration taken from another fellow knitter, as always.

One Down, One to go

I finally finished one of the sleeves on my sweater, and now I need to knit the second one. Then I’ll take care of the ends, block it, and it will be ready for snuggling up in and reading. I’m looking forward to finally completing this project so I can move on to something new.

Halloween Cross Stitch Progress – Day 9

Wash cloth 3/9

I’ve now finished 3/9 of the wash cloths that I had decided to knit, and I’ve finished off the colour I was working with. I have two more colours and 6 more to go before the set for the family is done, and I’m really excited about it. It was time we replaced the ones we had (I think we were using baby face cloths that we got when the kids were born) and I might even knit up some tea towels for the kitchen eventually, we’ll see.

Halloween Cross Stitch Progress (8)

It’s coming along! I bought three fairly cheap frames from Amazon this week and they should arrive before too long. Hopefully they’ll fit this cross stitch I’ve been working on. I was hoping to create a few seasonal pieces to hang up in the house. I love decorating for the seasons, but I haven’t really had any items to put up aside from cheaper dollar store purchases that I would then throw out at the end. Holidays are important to me, and I get so excited. I don’t want to ever give that up.

A year Spinning

I thought I had been spinning yarn for more than two years, but nope, it has been exactly two years. When I was first getting started I doubted that I’d be able to use anything I made, I was pretty bad. I practiced, a LOT, and eventually got the hang of things. Now I feel confident in my spinning abilities, and I make some beautiful stuff.

If you want to learn how to do something, be it speak a new language, a new hobby, or a new skill – stick with it. Practice it. Make time for it. It doesn’t have to be your entire life, but you WILL slowly get better. It just takes time (something not all of us have a lot of to spare, I know).

Silver Bell Sweater Progress (3)

Now that I’ve FINALLY received my new ChiaoGoo needles, it was time to take a look at that Silver Bell Sweater that I put in time out back in December. You might remember that I had just finished the 3 needle bind off on the shoulders when I discovered a whole mess of dropped stitches along the collar and along the back of the piece. I have no idea what happened, but it was not something I could recover from, and so into time out it went. I don’t know that my old needles were the issue, but I was constantly fighting with the cord, and it was a lot of NOT FUN.

Now that it’s back on my knitting rotation, I’m glad. I frogged all of the way back to before the neckline started. I re-knit the two front pieces, and the back. I re-did the 3 needle bind off on the shoulders, added the collar, and I’ve started knitting the sleeves. Once those are done, the piece is completed! It’s a relatively quick knit (thanks to using DK yarn and size 11 needles) but because I had so many problems with dropped stitches it has felt a lot longer.

I’m pleased with it, the piece fits, and it’s very comfortable and soft. This yarn is 50% alpaca, 30% silk, 20% tencel, so it’s got a lot of shine and it drapes wonderfully. Hopefully it becomes a nice oversized sweater that I can wear on cold days.

Knitting Goals – June 2021

Completed in May:

  • I started and finished two wash cloths, and have a 3rd one half way done.
  • I completed two squares in my scrap blanket
  • Did not complete my TAAT socks – but I am on the heels, so not much longer. I also did not even tough my silver bell sweater. I spent the entire month waiting on new ChiaoGoo needles that never arrived.

Current WIPS:

  • Scrap blanket
  • For the horde mitten liners
  • TAAT January sock club socks
  • 1 wash cloth

June Goals:

  • Complete TAAT socks (finally)
  • Two squares on the scrap blanket
  • Some progress on the silver bell sweater IF my ChiaoGoo needles arrive

It got real warm real fast here, and I have not been feeling the greatest so I haven’t been getting a lot of knitting time in. Tour de Fleece also starts at the end of June, so I expect my knitting will take a back seat to that once it gets going. On the plus side, I’ll have LOTS of spinning pictures to post. One day hopefully those ChiaoGoo needles will arrive. Mail has been very slow.

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