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Velvet Blanket (5)

It weighs about 20lbs but it’s glorious and I love it.

Velvet Blanket (4)

I’ve used up the first six skeins of velvet chunky yarn, and now it’s time for me to start decreases! They seem to be pretty simple to understand, and this blanket is AMAZING. It’s very heavy, almost like a weighted blanket. I can’t wait to use it.

Lace Scarf (2)

It has finally been blocked (I really dislike blocking, so I procrastinate) and it looks wonderful! My first knit piece using my handspun yarn. Rustic and delightful (IMO).

Velvet Blanket (3)

3/12 skeins down! Once I get 6 done up I’ll start decreases. I’m hoping it I just stick to my 1 skein a day I’ll get it done without too much hassle. It’s quite large and heavy now, and absolutely warm and smushy! I can’t wait to use it.

Velvet Blanket (2)

My mother in law sent me 12 skeins of velvet chunky yarn, so I decided to crochet a quick C2C (corner to corner) blanket with it. I’m crocheting 1 skein a day, so it should be done in 12 days. It doesn’t take long at all because it’s so bulky. It’s incredibly warm and soft, I can’t wait until it’s done!

Crochet Blanket (2)

Another update! The blanket is coming along well. So far I have started all 10 colours, and now it’s time to repeat them all once. I think decreases will happen once that’s done, we’ll just have to see. Hopefully I have enough yarn for it all. It also will need some blocking since my stitches are not super even, but for just picking up crochet, I’m quite happy.

Crochet Blanket (1)

My daughter has a yellow knit blanket that she carries around with her that I made for her when she was born, but she’s starting to outgrow it, so I decided that I would make her another one. The problem is, knitting blankets takes FOREVER. They’re beautiful, but a TON of work, especially using sport weight yarn like I was going to.

Daily Creative – Lace Scarf (1)

I tried this a year or two ago but just couldn’t keep up – and I want to give it another try. I typically do something creative each day but I rarely write about it and I want to try.

My inspiration is this site here by Gracie. I think she’s really inspirational, and I’m using her posts as my motivation. Check out her past projects, some are just amazing.

So here’s my first post for 2020. It’s a scarf I’m knitting using handspun yarn. The lace is hard to picture, and the colours are a bit muddled with the lighting, but hopefully I get a few better pictures as time goes on! I’d really like to complete this project so I can start a fresh one. I’ll post some goals for February too, and try to update them monthly.

Pretty caked yarn

I decided to knit up my corridale into a scarf, and I’m tickled at how pretty the yarn looks all caked up. Not bad for this beginner spinner!

Spindle Work

A little action on my turkish spindle this week since I couldn’t get time to use my wheel.