Category: Yarn

Latest Spinning Project

I bought a LOT of raw alpaca a few months back, and very slowly I’ve been spinning it into yarn. I still have a LOT to get through, but I’m taking my time and enjoying the spin. It’s probably one of the more enjoyable fibers I’ve worked with. On my wheel right now is fiber from a 14oz bag of mill ends I purchased. Once I have three bobbins filled I’ll ply them together. I normally do a lot of two ply yarns, but three ply is just beautiful.

Wurm Hat – Completed

I got some replacement needles, and finally finished off this hat for my very knit-worthy husband. The yarn is alpaca & merino, pattern is ‘wurm’ free on Ravelry. I love the brim on this hat, and it was a nice simple knit that I could do at night without needing to reference the pattern constantly.

For the Horde

I finally finished my World of Warcraft mittens, and I am so pleased with how they turned out. I knit them with wool & alpaca for extra warmth, and added a liner inside. It’s my first complicated piece of stranded work, and I was so enthralled with crafting them it inspired me to create more of my own designs.

Some Purchases

Knitpicks recently held a Black Friday sale that they continue to host once a year – and while last year I did not participate in any purchases, this year I could not help myself. I walked away with three skeins of the fur yarn pictured above (I am hoping to knit a teddy bear with it), along with some tweed to knit a sweater, some alpaca blend to knit a cardigan, and some reclaimed wool that I hope turns into another sweater. I realized that I have a LOT of fingering weight yarn, but not much heavier, so I tried to focus on worsted weight for a few quick knits and instant gratification projects. Sometimes it’s just nice to see something completed.

More Socks

I knit another pair of socks on my circular sock knitting machine, but I’m still trying to get the hang of how to knit them (including the toe) and have them be the right size. These ones ended up too long in the toe, so I frogged them back and knit the toes by hand instead. Yarn is knitpicks hawthorne. Even with hand knitting the toe, these socks take no time at all to knit up and they turn out lovely. I’m hoping to get a few more pairs done for Christmas gifts.

Car Knitting

I started a sockhead cowl as a simple ‘in the car’ knit for all of the times we have a 6+ hour drive to do groceries (we try to go once every few months) and any other car drives we might have (even going to the next town over is an hour each way). I’m using a single ply yarn from knitpicks, hopefully it comes out nice and comfortable. I am not sure I’ll get it done this winter (it’s a lot of garter stitch), but I’d also like to knit two dickies for the kids (they are too young for scarves) to keep them warm when we play outside here in the North.

Broken Needles & Dropped Stitches

While working on my rainbow wurm hat for my husband, my shortie knitting needle from KnitPicks broke, and I ended up dropping a whole bunch of stitches. I don’t have a replacement needle right now, so I picked up the stitches as best I could with some DPN, and I’m waiting for some super glue to arrive so I can try to fix the needle myself. I could order an entire new set, but mail takes so long to get here these days that I’m afraid winter would be over before I could even finish the toque.

These things happen, but it was still incredibly frustrating. I decided to cast on a new cowl project in the meantime while I wait for the glue to arrive.

Sock Tubes Completed

These socks were probably one of my fastest knits ever thanks to using my circular sock knitting machine for most of it. I added the cuffs, toes, heels, and that’s it they were ready to go. I will certainly make more socks this way in the future, but I think I prefer using my sock knitting machine to create the heels, they seem to fit a bit better.

Clark Socks Completed

Off the needles and onto my feet – these socks are finally done. The pattern is Clark Socks from Ravelry, the yarn is Prairie Smoke. They look and feel great on my feet.

Trying my Hand at Pattern Design

I’m working out some ideas for a new mitten pattern I’d like to try. It mimics some colourwork mittens I found on Ravelry, but I’ve added the horde logo – I call them ‘For the Horde’ and I hope to knit them up in October.