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Slouchy Hat

I recently knit myself a slouchy hat using some of my handspun yarn from Three Waters Farm. I absolutely love how it turned out. It’s a merino / tencel blend and I did it up in a three ply. Not only was it one of my best spins ever, it just knit up so beautifully.

I’m quickly learning that just because a batt or skein LOOKS good doesn’t always necessarily mean I’ll enjoy working with it. I’ve come across more than my fair share of hard to work with materials. I’m also learning which one are a dream to process, and what price I’m willing to pay for that.

One Sock Done

I finished knitting one of my cable socks and now I need to knit the second one (I’ve cast it on and started the ribbing so far). Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long to finish up, I love how these turned out. Next on my needles? Not sure, but I’m thinking a sweater or cardigan of some type. Winter is coming, after all!

Clark Sock Progress

It won’t be too long until I’m onto the toes! Then it’s time for sock two…

Alpaca That Up

I recently participated in an auction hosted by a Canadian alpaca farm – and in my eagerness to ensure I won ‘something’ I ended up winning -9- fiber auctions (each for an amazing price) and a little over 6 pounds of fleece. Oh. My. I am REALLY looking forward to this fiber. Alpaca is fantastic for those who suffer from wool allergies because there’s no lanolin in the fiber, and typically those who are allergic to wool have no reaction to alpaca.

The fiber also has a few other unique properties – each fiber strand is hollow, and it provides more warmth than wool. It does have a few downsides, like it has little elasticity, and doesn’t hold shape very well – but I’m hoping to knit a hat and mitten set for me and my husband, and maybe for friends / family depending. I have no doubt it will come in handy here in our Northern post. I’ve never spun 100% alpaca before, but I did knit a part of socks using alpaca, and I loved them (and learned not to put them in the wash, next time). Fingers crossed I don’t have too much of a wait!

Dragonstone Shawl – Completed!

I still need to block the shawl, but it is now completed! I’m so happy with it, the size is lovely, the silk lace portion hangs wonderfully, and I had a lot of fun knitting it up (even if it did seem to take forever). Onward to the next project!

Clark Socks

I’ve started my next knitting project! A pair of socks – these are called “Clark Socks” on Ravelry. They knit up beautifully, and I could not be more in love with the pattern.

Another Skein Done

Another skein completed! It just needs a bath to set the twist. No idea what I’ll make with this yet, but I’m happy to have freed up two bobbins.

It’s Here!

I recently acquired a Brother KH-930 electronic knitting machine from EBay, that was in really good condition, owned by an older lady who very obviously loved it. It has all of the components for it (and then some) and also came with an 850 ribber (which I will learn to use one of these days).

I’ve been waiting for parts for it for a few months, mail is incredibly slow with covid and who knows when things will get here. The first thing I ordered was a USB to port cord so I can plug it into my laptop. This means I can use patterns that I design in programs like GIMP and then knit them up. I’m INCREDIBLY excited about this.

I’ve also ordered a new sponge bar, but that hasn’t arrived yet. It’s an important part that needs replacing with use and time. The ones that came in the box are absolutely disintegrated. It won’t ruin the needles if I don’t replace it – but knitting is much more difficult, and stitches tend to fall off the needles.

Since I’ve been waiting for these things I haven’t done anything more than a test knit. That, and I’m still trying to make my way through the phone book sized manuals that have come with the machine. It’s quite a learning curve, but I’m pretty excited about the whole process!

The Shawl Goes On

Progress on this is so hard to picture because I’m only getting a row or two (or three) done each day, so instead I’ve been measuring it by how much yarn is left in the ball that I’m knitting from…

Shawl Progress

I feel like this is the shawl that just wouldn’t end – the ball of yarn doesn’t seem to be getting any smaller, but the lace section of this shawl is growing at least. I’m ready to move on to a new project but I really want to get it finished, first. I’m trying to use up all of the yarn on this instead of just the suggested 18 rows.

Pattern is Dragonstone found on Ravelry