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Free Patterns Galore

There have been so many amazing free patterns to pick up from Ravelry lately, I have no idea what I’ll knit next! I’m thinking of this shawl for my handspun, alternating white and colours that I’ve spun up. Shawls are nice for projects like this because gauge isn’t essential.

Not Quite TAAT Socks (4)

I’m only getting a bit of time each day but the progress is happening. I’m just past the mid way mark on both heels. Once they’re as long as they are wide they’ll be completed and I’ll be ready to knit back into the round again and continue on the foot!

Not Quite TAAT Socks (3)

Don’t forget, Blapril is going on, you can see my other posts under the same tag to see what it’s all about – so far I’m feeling alright and doing my part posting every day, but we’ll see how long I can keep it up for.

Above – my socks! Heel flaps are coming along. I’m alternating between pairs so I can keep tension some what the same, and so that they count as ‘two at a time’ (to stave off second sock syndrome where I get very bored and don’t ever knit the second sock). They’ll be little ankle socks, and I’m excited to continue back in the round once these flaps are done.

Not Quite TAAT Socks (2)

I’ve started working on the heel flap along 1/2 the sock. This will go on until the heel makes a square (as long as it is wide) and then I’ll start shaping the heel.

Not Quite TAAT Socks (1)

While technically I am knitting them two at a time, I’m using two 9″ circulars, my needles of choice. I’m making the pattern up as I go along, but I think they’ll be fraternal pairs, and short ankle type socks. We’ll just have to see!

Here’s hoping I finish them this #Blapril2020 but if not that’s OK too. I’ve been trying to get a bit of creative stuff done each day to ease some stress, but sometimes it’s just not possible.

Circular Sock Knitting

The above machine is from 1893, created by a company called Creelman Bros which was based here in Canada, in Georgetown Ontario. The design is quite simple, you crank a handle, needles move, yarn moves, and it stitches for you. There’s an attachment that fits in the top so you can do ribbing, too. They’re solid machines, weighing about 28lbs – and I recently purchased one off of EBay.


Because these textile machines absolutely fascinate me – and they’re no longer in production except for one company that creates reproductions for upwards of $1200 USD. It honestly blows my mind that something I am so incredibly passionate about hasn’t actually evolved or changed over time, it is that niche.

It hasn’t arrived yet, but I’m excited to try it out and see how well it knits. The test samples shown seemed to work well, but sometimes you just don’t know when it comes to EBay. I certainly didn’t pay as much as the reproductions go for, but it wasn’t a light sum, either. Hopefully I’ll have an update on the purchase in a week or two.

Lace Scarf (2)

It has finally been blocked (I really dislike blocking, so I procrastinate) and it looks wonderful! My first knit piece using my handspun yarn. Rustic and delightful (IMO).

Daily Creative – Lace Scarf (1)

I tried this a year or two ago but just couldn’t keep up – and I want to give it another try. I typically do something creative each day but I rarely write about it and I want to try.

My inspiration is this site here by Gracie. I think she’s really inspirational, and I’m using her posts as my motivation. Check out her past projects, some are just amazing.

So here’s my first post for 2020. It’s a scarf I’m knitting using handspun yarn. The lace is hard to picture, and the colours are a bit muddled with the lighting, but hopefully I get a few better pictures as time goes on! I’d really like to complete this project so I can start a fresh one. I’ll post some goals for February too, and try to update them monthly.

Coffee Socks

Now that I’ve finally finished knitting my sweater, it’s time to move on with some coffee socks. I am knitting these in a grey/pink combination and I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I haven’t done a lot of colour work in the past, so I hope I can do them justice.

Finished my Love Note Sweater!

I absolutely love how this sweater turned out. It’s incredibly soft, warm, and just beautiful. It took me just over two months to knit in fingering weight because I barely get any time for knitting, but I am proud that I completed it, and now it makes me want to have an entire wardrobe of hand knits to wear.