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Time to Knit the Hood

I know, I have many ends to weave in and I’m procrastinating on those, but now it’s time to knit the hood! I’m finally out of sleeve island.

A Starling V3 of my Very Own

For a few years now I have been following the progress of e-spinners. There are some lovely ones out there depending on how traditional (Ashford) or non traditional (e-Kube) you want to go. They all work similar, but one that I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time is the Starling (V3) from Daedalus. This year my husband decided to surprise me by adding me to their queue list, with the hopes of purchasing one when they do a batch.

This is a 3D printed e-spinner (with some non printed parts, of course) that just looks like an absolute dream. I’ve wanted an e-spinner for days that I can’t treadle (which lately, are quite a few) or when I wanted portability. My Kiwi2 is a lovely wheel, but I’ve always wondered how much easier on my body it might be if the machine was providing the twist for me instead of having to treadle. Then I could focus on drafting, or not focus at all and just watch some TV while I draft. The machine weighs 2.5lbs, comes with 3 bobbins that hold 12oz (!) includes a battery, and a speed control box. The Starling V3 is their mid range model, and can do everything from lace to art yarn.

I’m on a wait list right now to try to get one, but I know it will take some time. I’m OK with that. One of the great things about e-spinners is that they don’t really change, and they don’t lose value (nor do regular spinning wheels, don’t get me wrong here). I’m hoping it will be a 2022 delivery, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

Almost out of Sleeve Island

I’m almost done the sleeves on my cable crush hoodie – then I just have the hood (and the cord for the hood) and I will finally be done this project. Will I complete it in 2021?! Only time will tell!

DailyCreative Goals – December 2021


November was a pretty good month as far as knitting goes. I finished four socks on my circular sock knitting machine (gifts for Christmas) and I also knit a Christmas ball (I know the goal was two, and technically I DID knit two, but the second one just wasn’t working at all and I frogged it) – AND I made progress on my cable crush hoodie. I just have one sleeve and the hood left to knit. I decided to chart out how much yarn I used over the year vs. how much yarn I purchased, and I was pleasantly surprised. If I manage to finish my cable crush hoodie that’s another 2100 yards of yarn out vs. in, and that will put me in a pretty large deficit for this year. That’s going to be the goal for December. Of course I also didn’t make that many purchases this year, and I don’t have any advent calendars going or anything like that, so even with minimal knitting, I would not be far behind. My goal for this hobby is to use more yarn than I bring in – or at least keep it equal. Granted, I already have quite a yarn stash from previous years, but I’d like to keep it (somewhat) under control. I’m also not including spun yarn in this math, because that’s a whole other ball game.


  • Cable Crush Hoodie

December Goals:

  • Complete cable crush hoodie
  • Complete 1-2 more Christmas balls
  • Complete one or more other creative pieces (drawing etc)

I know December tends to be pretty hectic and I don’t expect this one to be any different – but I do have all of my gifts completed, so we’ll just have to see. I hope everyone has an amazing month, no matter what it brings.

Cable Crush Hoodie Progress

It’s a lot of ribbed stitches which are really slow for me to get done, but I’m loving how this sweater is turning out so far! I can’t wait to get both sleeves done and then work on the hood. I’m hoping to get this completed in December so I can mark the ‘yarn used’ off of my list, too. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

Christmas Balls

Last year I attempted to participate in a Christmas ball advent calendar knit a long, but my hands were in poor shape and I wasn’t able to knit that many before I just called it. I’m not going to make any promises this year but I have been feeling pretty good physically, and I did jump right back in and I knit up this Christmas ball in an evening that I’m quite proud of.

I also created a few knitting patterns so I can easily share my designs with other people, I really wanted to ever since I knit my ‘For the Horde’ mittens. People asked for the pattern then and because I had created it from scratch and didn’t write it down any place it made it difficult. I still have some learning to do (you can’t just design any pattern at all, tension and colours play a big role in these decorative knits) but we’ll see what I can come up with. I’m also pretty close to passing the amount of yarn I bought by the amount of yarn I used – something I’m really tickled about because I wasn’t sure I did that much knitting this year. If I can finish my cable crush hoodie I’ll surpass it by almost 2000 yards, and that is something I’m looking forward to.

Halloween SAL Day 25 – Snow White

This version involved iron shoes, tongs, hot coals, and dancing until someone fell over dead. Not a pleasant version of the story we’re all pretty familiar with, this one is from the Brothers Grimm.

My cross stitch is coming along, and is nearing completion! I’m glad, it has been interesting but very difficult to keep up. I haven’t decided how I’ll finish the piece yet, but hopefully I get it hanging on the walls in time for Halloween.

Halloween SAL day 24 – Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Halloween SAL day 23 – The Exorcist

I’m not actually sure what a Ouija board has to do with The Exorcist, I remember the creepy girl but not much else about this movie when I watched it. I’m honestly not a big horror fan, so that’s no surprise. In any case, we’re getting close to the end!

Halloween SAL day 22 – The Picture of Dorian Gray

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