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Sock Club Yarns

My first sock club yarn arrived! It’s by The Blue Brick, a Canadian indie dyer in Ontario. Honestly, I’m not a HUGE fan of the colours, but I am excited to try knitting two at a time socks (toe up) and seeing how they knit. There are two skeins for the socks, and one for a contrasting heel / toe if I so wish. I was a bit sad to learn that this round of the sock club doesn’t include any perks or goodies, but that’s alright.

Happy knitting!

Shawl Progress

I am now 20% into my shawl ‘Stillness’ – and the gradient has just started changing colours, which I can’t wait to see. I was hoping to get 50% of the shawl done for the month of February, but I think that might have been a bit ambitious. We’ll see. For now, it’s just a nice simple knit with enough interest to keep me going. It’s also incredibly difficult to photograph properly. Such is the way of shawl!

Knitting Goals – February 2021

I know it’s a few days into February now, but since I’m doing gaming goals as well as knitting, I decided it was OK if I post this a few days late. How did January shape up?

Completed in January:

Current WIPs:

  • Sockhead Cowl
  • Scrap Blanket
  • For the Horde mitten liners
  • Stillness Shawl

My January goals included finishing at least two WIP – done. I managed to finish two small WIP, the willy warmer and the heel/toe on a machine knit sock that I had been procrastinating about. They’re not big projects, but at least it’s something.

I did not end up frogging that silver bell sweater I was working on, it’s still in time out and there it shall remain until I’m ready. I’m still frustrated with how that ended up.

February Goals:

  • 50% of my Stillness shawl completed (the pattern tells me my progress, I’m hoping this will be an easy one to reach)
  • Frog that silver bell sweater
  • Complete the sockhead cowl

One of my 2021 goals was to work from stash only – and that went out the window because I bought some blank yarn and a bunch of dye to try out. I’m renewing this goal for the rest of 2021, after all there’s still 11 months to go. I’ve made no progress on any of my other 2021 goals – yet. We’ll see how February shapes up!

A bit of Alpaca

I’m still trying to work my way through the mountain of alpaca fiber I have – it’s going slow, but it’s such a delight to spin I know I just need to dedicate more time to it. I want to make this a three ply yarn, and I have 1.5 bobbins down. I’m thinking I should just learn to chain ply, I might feel better about the process if I could see more progress (like a finished yarn). I’ve tried chain plying before and I was absolute rubbish at it, so we’ll see how that goes. It just feels like this fiber is never ending – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it’s incredible to work with, but I’d love to start knitting with the finished yarn, or start a new fiber (or continue processing the two fleece I have).

Shawl Progress

I just made it past the 5% mark on my shawl – so much more to go! I’m very eager to see the gradient start to reveal itself. The first sections I worked were just simple yo lace eyelets, and now the new section I’ve started is some slip stitch designs that are pretty nice to look at (but difficult to photograph).

Knitting Goals – January 2021

I’m taking a page from Dr. Gracie over here and following along with her set up for goals in 2021. Not only do I find her an incredible inspiration, but I’ve been suffering from some sever depression, and keeping organized is one method for me to get back on track. I am also seeking some professional help, I know it’s not something that some bullet journal entries can fix. Hopefully she doesn’t mind if I use her method to help organize my own thoughts.

Completed in December:

Current WIPs:

  • Willy Warmer
  • Sockhead Cowl
  • Scrap Blanket
  • Heel/Toe on Machine knit sock
  • For the Horde mitten liners

January Goals:

  • Finish off at least TWO of the WIP I have. It doesn’t matter which two, just any two. I know the scrap blanket is more of a long-term goal that should span all of 2021 easily, but in that case I’d like to get a few squares of it done.
  • Frog the silver bell sweater I was working on. Right now I’ve placed it in an indefinite time out. Somehow I dropped stitches so bad that the entire neckline came undone. I’m disappointed, to say the least. Almost the entire sweater will have to be re-knit. I put it away in a project bag until I could cool down.

2021 Goals:

  • Learn brioche knitting. This is a big one, I’ve never attempted it before and I don’t have the faintest idea what’s involved. I make it my goal almost every year, and so far I haven’t had any luck at all.
  • Master double knitting. If I ever had a nemesis in knitting, this would be it. For some reason my brain cannot comprehend how the charts work when I attempt double knitting. I’d like to complete something, anything.
  • Work from stash only. Whether it’s fiber I already own or yarn, I’d like to only work from stash this year, and NOT add anything to it. We’ll see how that goes, with the pandemic still in full swing online retail therapy is all I have some months.
  • Process more fiber. I have two beautiful fleece that have been washed and are just waiting to be processed. Even if I just work on a small portion each week, I’d like to work through this. My husband also crafted me a diz I’d like to use to try to make roving.
  • At least 12 projects for 2021. I had this goal in 2020, and it seemed to work out well. I want to complete at least one project a month (roughly, average) for a total of 12. There were some years once I had children that I barely completed any, and I want to make sure that I make time for this hobby of mine.

2020 was probably one of the worst years I’ve had, but I still feel pretty blessed and thankful. I am hoping for good things to all in 2021, I think we all deserve them.

Spinning – Still

I still have SO much alpaca to spin into yarn. It’s daunting and makes me happy at the same time. It feels like I’ll never make my way through it all, but I know if I just spend a bit of time every night doing some spinning, eventually I’ll reach the end. Of this one bag. We’ll see about the 5 other bags I have.

I’m spinning this for a three ply, with no idea what I’ll use it for. Maybe a hap. Maybe a shall. Maybe I’ll blend it with something because alpaca on its own can be a bit difficult. That’s something to think about for 2021.

2020 Knitting Goal Summary

I didn’t have a lot of goals set up for myself in 2020 as far as knitting is concerned, but I did have a few. My main goal was to get at least 12 projects done – roughly one each month. This goal did well, I completed 19 projects in 2020. Some were small, dishcloths. Others were larger, I did two blankets early in the year.

Another goal was to master double knitting. Didn’t happen, so I’m going to move that goal to 2021, and hopefully I’ll actually accomplish it.

Overall, I’m pleased. I got some socks knit up, both hand knit and machine knit. I got some hats done, a shawl, a scarf. I did some spinning (though not as much as I would like). I have set up my knitting machine but I have yet to actually knit with it – I need some better yarn, first. My favourite knit are my ‘For the Horde’ mittens which were a lot of intense colourwork. They look incredible. I gifted a set of ‘RCMP’ wash cloths and that was fun too. For 2021 I hope to complete another 12 projects – but I also want to make progress on my scrap blanket, and on more Christmas balls. I just didn’t have the time this year, and my hands have been giving me some serious pains which make everything more difficult.

Silver Bell Sweater Progress

I’m having a lot of fun knitting this Silver Bell Sweater (pattern found on Ravelry). It’s an oversized sweater that you would wear with a camisole under with a pair of nice jeans – perfect for the holidays at home. There’s 6″ of positive ease, so it should fit nice and large. I’m knitting it with an alpaca blend, and I know it will require some blocking, but I love the colour and I just love how it’s turning out so far. It is also a neat construction. You knit it from the bottom up, separating after the body to a front left / right panel and the back piece. The shoulders are joined with a 3 needle bind off which I still have to learn. I’m working on the second front piece now, then the back, then the sleeves, neck, and cuffs. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Advent Balls – Day One

I managed to craft the very first advent ball out of 24 – and my hands are in a lot of pain lately so I’m not sure if I can realistically keep up, but I sure want to. I have a secret silly dream of one day having an entire tree decorated with hand knit decorations.