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October Sales in Review

It’s the end of October and that means time to tally my totals on pivot tables to see where the money is coming from. I’ve earned almost a million gold in October alone – nice! So what were my big sellers?

Number one was my ‘misc’ category. I classify this as transmog, mounts, and any craft items that I don’t focus on (right now that includes ores, and hides). I made a grand total of 600,000 gold from that one category alone and couldn’t be more pleased.

Inscription did pretty well too, drawing in a total of 92,000 gold. Cooking brought in 67,000g, alchemy was 46,000g, tailoring 45,000g, and enchanting a wooping 111,000g – this doesn’t include any coin I earned from world quests, vendor sold items, or straight up coin that I farmed. It’s just sales.

At the end of week 6 I was sitting at 1,812,776 gold, having earned the most ever during that week, 357,057g.

It will be interesting to see how sales go now that the next expansion has been announced, the auction house changes in 8,3 and the level squash coming in Shadowlands.

Daily Mailbox

A Few Flips

These sales are from a high population horde server I play on – I wish my low population RP realm did as well with consumables!

WoW Classic MailBox Update

WoW Classic has become a bit of a sour point for me. My guild completely fell apart once the whole Blizzard & China thing happened, and I lost all motivation to log in. The whole point of playing was to be there with friends. I felt bad that I gave away gold and items to people who left – and I get it, it had nothing to do with me and was completely their own decision and choices, but it left me feeling sorry for myself. I use gaming as a means to be social when I spend the majority of my days watching out for my two littles, and I was sad that it was taken away from me. I know why lines in the sand are drawn, but my mental health plummeted.

So I avoided playing until today. I decided to return to making a little gold and seeing what I could acomplish with limited play time. I’m sitting on around 211 gold at the moment, with about 150g worth of items in the auction house. Here’s hoping some items actually sell. I’m a small time goblin compared to most, but every little gold helps.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

WoW Retail – Gold Making

We’re part way through week 5 and have 1.7 million gold out of our goal of 5 million. I can practically taste that auction house mount.

Nice Snipe

I purchased these for 2 gold, and sold them the next day for 100,000 gold – which is well below what they usually sell for if you’re patient, but I just wanted a quick turn around because I’m already sitting on a lot of transmog gear.

Still, 100,000 gold for spending 2g is nothing to sneeze at (IMO).

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A few Expeditions

I’ve started running a handful of expeditions with my husband while boxing my mage – she gets a fair amount of experience, and we get our necklaces’ leveled up a bit and a chance at some gear and pets. It’s not much, but it’s something fun and a good change of pace.

Bracer Shuffle

By now you’ve probably heard about the infamous bracer shuffle in BFA – and if you haven’t, well, you will. It’s pretty simple. There’s a google document that you fill out with information about your server prices, and you figure out which bracers are worthwhile for you to craft – then you craft them. You craft a lot of them. Once crafted, you scrap the greens, and pray for expulsom (or whatever those no trade blue bits are called that are also used in crafting). Then you DE the blues.

From there you can do a few things. Take the items you get from DE and craft enchants to sell (especially with 8.3 coming up, people will be getting new gear and want it enchanted) and then you take the items you make that will be purple, and you DE those. Then you sell the raw enchanting materials – OR you craft that into valuable enchants that sell for well above what the cost of the original bracer was.

That’s why in the screenshot above, my guild bank is full of cloth.

Bring on the bracer shuffle.

Daily Mailbox

Daily Mailbox

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