Look Ma, a Rare Bed!

I’m not sure if they actually have a use or not – but I created my first non-material rare – a bed!

It glows, but it’s not really noticeable. Still, nice to know I can make rares on occasion!

The Kindness of Wurmians – 1

I decided to add a new feature, it won’t have a set schedule, but will just pop up here and there when I have some content. It happens often enough that I’d like to take note of the instances. In a game like Wurm Online, reputation is everything. If you want business from other players, or you want to shop from others, chances are you care at least a little bit about your reputation. I’ve had both good and bad experiences with players over the years, but what I’d like to promote is some awesome acts of kindness that I’ve personally witnessed in game, both on the older SFI (South Freedom Island) and NFI (North Freedom Island – ie: active since steam release of Wurm). Eventually I may even take nominations of players, we’ll just have to see.

First up – Annuile – from the North Freedom Islands.

Annuile was handing out pottery bowls of random affinity alcohol to wurmians to that left them with over 24h of affinity buff. It was kind, required nothing in return, and as a thank you I sent them their pottery bowl back filled with honey from the local beehive. Hopefully they can use it in their next beverage endevours.

Thanks for your random act of kindness, Annuile!

A Cadence Home

I now have two premium characters on Independence, and two on Cadence, one of the newer servers that opened up with the steam release of Wurm Online. It’s quite active, usually around 200-300 players, and it’s the same size as Independence (I believe). I’ve settled on the North East coast (seems I simply prefer that sort of location) and set up a small 1s a month deed. The first thing I did besides opening my mine to find iron, was construct a guard tower. This gave me the 30 masonry I needed in order to begin building stone buildings.

I have a small garden started, and some waterfront terraformed. I started a spirit cottage in the hopes of having an easier time getting mail, but my skill is too low to attach pieces yet. I’m hoping to start a rice & reed farm, once I can get some of those as seeds. It’s not going to be a fancy place, but it’s a nice little project. My Fo priest has an active subscription until mid 2023, so it’s safe to say I’ll be playing for quite some time (thanks to the black Friday sale that was recently held). For whatever reason, Wurm is and continues to be one of my favourite games of all time.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Knitting Goals – January 2021

I’m taking a page from Dr. Gracie over here and following along with her set up for goals in 2021. Not only do I find her an incredible inspiration, but I’ve been suffering from some sever depression, and keeping organized is one method for me to get back on track. I am also seeking some professional help, I know it’s not something that some bullet journal entries can fix. Hopefully she doesn’t mind if I use her method to help organize my own thoughts.

Completed in December:

Current WIPs:

  • Willy Warmer
  • Sockhead Cowl
  • Scrap Blanket
  • Heel/Toe on Machine knit sock
  • For the Horde mitten liners

January Goals:

  • Finish off at least TWO of the WIP I have. It doesn’t matter which two, just any two. I know the scrap blanket is more of a long-term goal that should span all of 2021 easily, but in that case I’d like to get a few squares of it done.
  • Frog the silver bell sweater I was working on. Right now I’ve placed it in an indefinite time out. Somehow I dropped stitches so bad that the entire neckline came undone. I’m disappointed, to say the least. Almost the entire sweater will have to be re-knit. I put it away in a project bag until I could cool down.

2021 Goals:

  • Learn brioche knitting. This is a big one, I’ve never attempted it before and I don’t have the faintest idea what’s involved. I make it my goal almost every year, and so far I haven’t had any luck at all.
  • Master double knitting. If I ever had a nemesis in knitting, this would be it. For some reason my brain cannot comprehend how the charts work when I attempt double knitting. I’d like to complete something, anything.
  • Work from stash only. Whether it’s fiber I already own or yarn, I’d like to only work from stash this year, and NOT add anything to it. We’ll see how that goes, with the pandemic still in full swing online retail therapy is all I have some months.
  • Process more fiber. I have two beautiful fleece that have been washed and are just waiting to be processed. Even if I just work on a small portion each week, I’d like to work through this. My husband also crafted me a diz I’d like to use to try to make roving.
  • At least 12 projects for 2021. I had this goal in 2020, and it seemed to work out well. I want to complete at least one project a month (roughly, average) for a total of 12. There were some years once I had children that I barely completed any, and I want to make sure that I make time for this hobby of mine.

2020 was probably one of the worst years I’ve had, but I still feel pretty blessed and thankful. I am hoping for good things to all in 2021, I think we all deserve them.

Spinning – Still

I still have SO much alpaca to spin into yarn. It’s daunting and makes me happy at the same time. It feels like I’ll never make my way through it all, but I know if I just spend a bit of time every night doing some spinning, eventually I’ll reach the end. Of this one bag. We’ll see about the 5 other bags I have.

I’m spinning this for a three ply, with no idea what I’ll use it for. Maybe a hap. Maybe a shall. Maybe I’ll blend it with something because alpaca on its own can be a bit difficult. That’s something to think about for 2021.

2020 Knitting Goal Summary

I didn’t have a lot of goals set up for myself in 2020 as far as knitting is concerned, but I did have a few. My main goal was to get at least 12 projects done – roughly one each month. This goal did well, I completed 19 projects in 2020. Some were small, dishcloths. Others were larger, I did two blankets early in the year.

Another goal was to master double knitting. Didn’t happen, so I’m going to move that goal to 2021, and hopefully I’ll actually accomplish it.

Overall, I’m pleased. I got some socks knit up, both hand knit and machine knit. I got some hats done, a shawl, a scarf. I did some spinning (though not as much as I would like). I have set up my knitting machine but I have yet to actually knit with it – I need some better yarn, first. My favourite knit are my ‘For the Horde’ mittens which were a lot of intense colourwork. They look incredible. I gifted a set of ‘RCMP’ wash cloths and that was fun too. For 2021 I hope to complete another 12 projects – but I also want to make progress on my scrap blanket, and on more Christmas balls. I just didn’t have the time this year, and my hands have been giving me some serious pains which make everything more difficult.

No-Clucks-Given & Burt

Ah. Wurm.

Once again I’ve decided to start my own deed – on Cadence. Which is where I was a few months back. I even paid to premium another character, leaving me with a total of 4. Two on the old Southern servers, and two on the newer ones. Two priests, two ‘regular’ characters. The deed is small, located along the cost in the North East, and should provide easy access if the Southern servers are ever joined. In the meantime, I finally reached 30 masonry, so I’m creating stone houses, and a much needed guard tower.

I have my trusty hen, a bull, and a lot of .. well, nothing, really. It should be a fun adventure if I can stick with it.

Where did all the Oxygen go

I started playing Oxygen Not Included for the first time this week after it went on sale. I’ve heard a lot about this game, and I’ve watched quite a few streams on it – but had held off purchasing it because let’s face it, I already own RimWorld.

I don’t enjoy the game quite as much, I think both games are still very different, with different concepts, mods, and gameplay. The top down view of RimWorld is still my preference compared to the ‘ant view’ side cut of ONI. Still, it has been fun to play, and I did get it at a bargain at least.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A Wurm Christmas Present

Each year the developers of Wurm Online give players a unique gift for those who are premium. It has becoming a long tradition, one I quite enjoy. This year the reward is a checkers board – and you can actually play the game with another player. It’s quite beautiful, and opens some opportunities for people to get together and play at impalongs and the like. Players who missed out on the unique version can also craft one in game.

I’ve been trying to collect the rest of the Christmas gifts from years gone by, I think all I’m missing is a garden gnome.

Thank you Wurm Online developers & staff!

Down Goes a Kyklopse

I joined in with 87 others to take down this foe on the harmony server. It was a lot of fun and I was glad to participate. I also joined in a sermon group over at the Sklotopolis deed and have been working on raising my faith up. I left my character there for a few days 24/7 to provide .02 faith to other preachers, and I myself went from 40 to 52. One of my long term wurm goals has always been to reach 100 faith, but I don’t see that actually happening. As this is my Fo priest, I’ll be content with 70, which will allow me to cast genesis.

My vynora priest recently hit 70, and now I’m working on getting enchanted grass created with her.

I’ve also decided to join a very large village, something I probably would not have dreamed of doing in the past. We’ll see how that works out.