I’ve GOT to Knit This

Isn’t this just the cutest tank top and cardigan combo?! Of course I had to purchase them – Drunkknitter is an amazing designer, look at those cables!

A Girl and her Chicken

Any game where I can wander around holding a chicken in my arms is an instant win for me.

Snarf II

This little fella looking at me through the window of my base is Snarf II – the first one having been eaten by something (I am not quite sure what). Cute? Yes. Absolutely.

I’m back playing ARK with a handful of people from Combat Wombat, and I’ve already died more times than in any other game I’ve ever played, I am pretty sure.

Animal Update

Wurm Online has recently released an update that includes an overhaul to the animal husbandry system – and I’m very excited. They’ve added new animals, new traits, new methods of feeding them, and all sorts of other goodies for those who are interested in breeding animals with specific traits. You can finally make use of traits in ‘farm’ animals, having them provide more milk and other products.

I don’t have any donkey or mules yet, but I’m excited for the people who are breeding them. I think it’s a nice overhaul to the system (though it’s not without its bugs at the moment). Gives players something ‘new’ to do, whether they are veterans or new players.

I have been continuing on with my deed on Independence. I do still have a second deed over on Cadence as well, but I haven’t been doing much with that one. I would still love for them to join the North and South servers sometime in the future, but it’s looking like that might not actually be a thing. We’ll just have to see. I have a 100 faith Fo priest over there that I’d like to bring over to Indy, in the meantime, I suppose I could work on my Vynora priest.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weight Loss So Far

I have almost lost 20lbs, and while it might seem pretty fast, I feel confident that I’m doing things correctly. I log my food properly, I figured out my macros, and I’m honest with myself and how much I’m eating. I know a lot of my loss is water weight, but I think by now some of it must be actual fat as well. Now I just need to stick with it. I’m determined to get below 200lbs by Christmas. I’ve tried to lose weight in the past and it just never stuck, I feel like this time is different, that I’ve finally hit rock bottom and it’s time.

Stepping Back In

I stepped away from World of Warcraft for a few months because I just wasn’t feeling Shadowlands. It has a bunch of rehashed systems that are not enjoyable, a huge grind with multiple currencies (stygia anyone? How about anima) and even though the zones LOOK pretty I find the entire expansion a slog.

The one thing that DOES interest me and continues to do so, is gold making. So, I jumped right back into it. The felfury gauntlets I’ve had for ages (I farmed them myself) finally sold for an enormous amount, and that was all it took to hook me. Since I already pay for my account with gold, I never really ‘left’ per say, but it’s still nice to be playing again, in some capacity.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

So Many DLC (so little time)

It has been quite some time since I’ve played Cities: Skylines, and it showed when I went to see which DLC I was missing. Even with the 50% off sale that was going on, it would cost me over $100 to purchase the ones I was missing. A lot of those are cosmetic items, but I did pick up four DLC that I was missing that looked moderately interesting. They were the more expensive ones, as I was hoping they’d provide actual content. I didn’t get a lot of time to play, but I did re-familiarize myself with the basics. This game is one of my favourite city builders, and if for some reason you haven’t picked it up yet, you should give it a shot.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Washcloth 2/9

I bought 3 skeins of 100% cotton ‘Dishie’ yarn from Knitpicks during a sale not too long ago, and now I’m making washcloths for the family with it. I can get around 3 washcloths per skein, giving me around 9 and some change to knit. I just started the third one, the first two are not perfect but that’s the joy of creating something hand knit. I’m using a pattern called ‘Pips’ which is also from knitpicks. It’s a simple two line repeat that leaves a fairly detailed and scrubby texture – perfect for cotton cloths.

Mail Day!

I bought myself some linen to cross stitch with for a future project, having never used it before. I know some people don’t like the unevenness of the material, but I think the rustic look is nice, and I think I have the perfect pattern for it (an Alice in Wonderland inspired gradient pattern). Along with it, I bought some floss that I needed for future projects. I can’t wait to get started!

Cross Stitch Progress (6)

Progress is coming along! It’s nice and relaxing, and I just ordered a few frames so it’s more motivation to get these projects completed, yay!