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Torn Thoughts on The Agency

I have mixed feelings about The Agency screen that is now in EVE. I’m not sure when it was added, but it’s new to me, and while I like the fact that it gives people some direction on what they can do in the current system, I don’t like that it has made HI a LOT busier, and it feels like it has taken a bit away from the people who used to chase down those events on their own.

As an example, in the system I live in there is ice mining, and normally you’d have to scan down the signature for those with probes and find your way there – but now they just show up in The Agency, so there are over 50 people in what was once a quiet area, all mining ice.

On the other hand sometimes I’m at a loss on what I want to do, so seeing it all in a neat and tidy list is nice, I can just choose something and go from there. The direction and guidance is nice for those who need it or those times that I need it. There are still things ‘hidden’ in the system, but there’s a much larger chance of it being promoted (or such is my experience so far).

Lost a Tengu..

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I got in over my head. I had been flying my helios around scanning signatures when I found a particularly interesting wormhole. It was a class 5 which I knew was dangerous, but still I wanted to try. Inside were 8 more signatures, and one was a relic site. Since I had such luck with my first relic site I decided I’d take a peek. My helios warped in and immediately some big nasty were there, so I left and decided to attend with my Tengu instead.

Well, that was a huge mistake. I was jammed and webbed and I hadn’t aligned myself with a way out (though I did have the exit pinned at least) and unlike my helios who made it out, the Tengu was almost instantly smushed (NOT a good ship for tanking, the way I have it fit).

Insurance paid 35,000,000 ISK but the total value of the ship including fitting, was 895,000,000 ISK. My most expensive loss to date. There’s a saying that you shouldn’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose, and that holds true no matter where you are or what you’re flying.

Thankfully I could afford to replace it – and while I was on my way to Jita to do some shopping a good friend of mine logged in and helped replace those funds. He’s been playing a lot longer than I have, has more skills than I would ever know what to do with, and I regard him quite highly so this was a really big deal to me. Shopping in Jita was quick, prices were good, and I flew back home in my new Tengu – I’m still looking for a name for it.

Losing the ship sucked, but again, it’s EVE – and whether it’s players or pirates, you just have to be prepared. I, was not. For now I’m back to HI missions and grinding some faction, and doing simple mining runs.

Fly safe!

First Relic Site

After much humming and hawing over things, I decided to reactivate my account in EVE Online and dive in. Not only did I activate my main account, but I actually activated two accounts, my main and an alt. Why both? So I could have a dedicated miner and hauler, of course.

Once that was set up and I figured out what skills I wanted to train, I took a bit of a break from mining and went scanning some signatures. Out of the four that were in my area, three were wormholes, and one was a relic site, which I had never heard of before.

They’re a lot like data sites (which I’ve heard of but never discovered on my own). An area that was filled with little canisters that I had to play a mini game with. I failed one (twice) and the entire thing blew up. Hope there was nothing good inside. The others I managed to beat, and was rewarded with some pretty generic crafting supplies (which I am always happy to have, as I do a lot of industry). Obviously the rewards vary, and if you’re in LowSec or NullSec they’ll be better (risk vs. reward). Still, it felt good to find one and solve it, even if I did have to train archaeology I before I could scan the site.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

First Time Friday – 03 – Warsim

A developer reached out to me on Twitch and offered up a code for their game Warsim: The Realm of Aslona – and provided no other information about it. I was already curious because two other friends who also play / stream / write about Dwarf Fortress received these same types of offers, and my interest piqued. The game is on steam, early access, and has a very positive response from players so far.

You’re king of Aslona, and you can either prosper or have the kingdom fall due to your actions. There’s staff, knights, politics, visitors, and lots of bad guys out there to kill. There’s a lot of random events – and if you’re a fan of BBS games, Dwarf Fortress, and other ASCII art text-format based games, you might be a fan of this one.

I immediately hired some new muscle and set forth pillaging whatever I walked into. Came home and filled the coffers and then started dealing with the desk politics of running a kingdom – but not before I hired a jester. Priorities, after all. It’s one of those games where before you know it, an hour has passed, and you don’t miss the graphics because your imagination does all the work. I’m glad the developer reached out to people because otherwise I am pretty sure I would have never heard of this game.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Whale Watching

I was travelling to pick up my alt from Xanadu when I came across an actual whale in Wurm Online! In all my years of playing I had never seen one before.

It’s wonderful when you can still experience new things even after playing for years (and years). I didn’t try to attack it since I had no gear on and no idea how difficult they are, but it was still pretty awesome to see.

WTF Wednesday: 05

This game has been in the news a LOT lately, and one look at the title as well as the game description can pretty much tell you why. The fact that steam let this game remain on their platform for so long has been another point of concern.

Sure, we like to think we’re open minded and free spirited, giving developers the ability to publish unique and awesome games – but when do they cross a line? How much is just too much? This is certainly one that (IMO) just goes way too far to get a rise out of society.

I also wonder what the reaction would have been if the game play had included both men and women. Would the same outcries be heard? I would hope so.

Sometimes you really should think, just because you CAN do something, does NOT mean you should.

Ultra Casual Road to 5 Million Gold – Update 11

I actually had a nice amount of sales last week, but I also ended up buying a whole bunch of gear for my monk so she could queue for raids, so the gain isn’t nearly as nice as it could have been had I not spent that gold, but that’s OK. For the first time in a while it’s just nice to see almost 100k gain. I’m still on track for making 5 million gold this year, but as you can see by the chart it will catch up by May if I keep making smaller sales like I have been.

Honestly, as long as I keep moving upward, it’s not a big deal. I’ve been paying for my subscription with gold, I’m able to transfer characters, and just generally have fun. I had high hopes of buying a bunch of WoW merchandise with my gold, but the blizzard store doesn’t let you (which is fine, just something I wish were different).

Goal for next week is to get closer to breaking 2 million gold. I’ve been there in the past but I ended up spending it all on subscriptions and that was pre-BFA. I find the market post-BFA a lot more difficult to handle.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

One Down

The goal is to have 4 colossus on the circular edge of my volcano, and I’ve got one done so far. Dyed it with a rune, and it looks amazing. Inside I’ve hollowed out a tunnel for boats, and started building my cafe and an area for cooking as well as a winery. Nothing fancy yet, but I’ll get there with time.


My new 2080 video card is nothing short of amazing compared to the old 760 I was using, and I have (so far) absolutely zero complaints. The crashes and video driver errors that previously plagued me are all solved, and aside from some issues like WoW not showing initially after I upgraded the card (I needed to delete a configuration file from my WTF folder, then it worked fine) it has been smooth sailing. Here’s hoping it stays that way.

Last night I spent quite a bit of time just driving around in Euro Truck Sim 2 – it felt so good to get back to playing that game, and now it looks even more incredible.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Upgrades and Partnerships

I’ve been using my GTX 760 for so long that I practically forgot what it could be like to play on beautiful graphic settings without any crashes happening. Guild Wars 2 was especially problematic, I couldn’t play without crashing unless I turned settings down so far characters looked like potato sacks.

I had sporadic graphic driver crashes with WoW if I ran anything else at the same time, and it was getting annoying. It kept telling me to update my drivers even though I had, many, many, times.

My husband ended up going into town yesterday and buying me a brand new 2080 and wow, it’s amazing. Instantly my computer suddenly liked playing games. Graphics on high, GW2 and WoW no longer crashing, I am tickled at this upgrade. I hope it lasts a few years because ouch they are not cheap.

Aside from the graphic card I also got a bit of good news about applying for partnership with Medal – they accepted my application – yay! Medal is what I’ve been using lately to make video game clips. Similar to Forge in the past, they let you take 15-30-60 second clips and host them online for others to view. Since I haven’t been doing too much streaming (lack of time) taking clips is a fantastic way for me to get a little video out there within my regular gaming session. It’s not a huge amount of news, but it really made my day.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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