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TDF Stage 1

You might see quite a few spinning posts over the month of July as I participate in Tour de Fleece. Each day I’ll be aiming to spin for at least 15 minutes, working through some fiber I’ve had stockpiled. I’m trying to get more consistent in my spinning, and get a better feel for my wheel.

Wish me luck!

Finding a (new) Home

Due to the nomadic way in which I approach gaming, I’ve gotten kicked out of far more guilds than I can keep track of. I wander to and from games, dipping in here and there depending on my moods. I’ve learned over the years that it’s best if I just stick with my own personal guild, because at least then I can’t get kicked out.

I get tired and lonely of that, though. So I put out a call to friends on twitter to see if I could find a home.

I ended up on Hyjal (horde) with a guild called Seaghyn on advice of a friend. They have an incredibly active discord, though it’s not very active in game, I really don’t mind. It’s a start, at least.

I can’t raid because my hours are far too sporadic, but at least this gives me a tiny little glimmer of some sort of gaming. Even if I’m just pretending to myself.


Finding my Star Team

I’m still trying to grind my way through hard mode in Dragon Cliff, but I’ve come up against a bit of a wall. I need better gear, and better characters. Once you unlock ancient it’s a waiting game with RNG to see when you’ll get the next tier, called ‘star’. I’ve only unlocked a handful, and I need many more. Until then I’ve just been grinding.

Still, it’s the best $5 I’ve ever paid for an idle game. I think I have over 100 hours into the game now, and it was well worth the price of entry.

Tour de Fleece Goals

July 6th is coming up fast, and I’m so excited to be participating in Tour de Fleece for the first time. I’ve joined the twitch team, and these are my goals:

  • spin every day
  • spin a sweaters worth
  • spin at least 100g worth

For a challenge to myself, I’m trying to spin consistently. I don’t want huge thick spots mixed with really thin spots. I want to find a nice fingering / sport weight. I know this will come with practice (and more practice). I want to be able to use my yarn, and even though I know I knit a hat with the last stuff, I’d love it so much more if it didn’t have such varying thicknesses.

Happy Canada Day

I’m very proud to be Canadian, and a part of this family pictured above. Be safe, and have a lovely holiday everyone!

A Hat

I took that handspun from yesterday and knit my first handspun item – a hat, which my son has claimed. It’s rustic but I love it and I’m pretty proud. It just solidifies my desire to own a small flock of my own one day.

Spinning Yarn

I managed to finish spinning all of my wool of the andes comb top. I believe it’s just shy of 4oz, and I’d say the yarn is a mixture of bulky and DK weight. I decided to ply it, so it’s 2 ply yarn and I couldn’t be more excited with the results. I have some pretty hefty inspiration for spinning, my instagram is completely filled with amazing fiber artists from all over Canada and I can only hope that one day I come close to their skill. For now, I just need to keep practicing.

Still Waiting

You know who you are!

Steam Sale Additions..

Normally a steam sale happens and I don’t end up getting anything at all. Whether it’s because the games I really want are actually not discounted, or because there’s just nothing that piques my interest, this time was different.

I went in with a budget, stuck to it, and walked away with 7 new games (8 if you count Dragon Cliff, the idle game I wrote about previously). I’m pretty excited about everything from my list, they’re all games I know I will enjoy (to varying degrees) and all games I’ve wanted for quite some time. I decided instead of splurging on a really expensive game, I’d take a look at my list and purchase some of the less-expensive (but still highly anticipated) things I wanted.

Garden Paws in particular I’ve been eyeballing for a while because a few friends play it and spoke highly of it. Whether or not I actually manage to carve out any time to play, well, we’ll have to see.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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