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Back in the swing of things

A new pretty for Dasie

I’m slowly getting back into things in game, besides working up the lowbie quests in order to find supplies to cater to my transmuting needs, I’ve been edging my way into some small raids. I did the alliance raid for Deathtoll last week, and then a few days later was asked if I wanted to join in a Lyceum raid this Saturday night, as well as a Labs raid next Saturday. Last night having a small itch for a simple raid Shadowgeist set up a quick and easy courts run. Courts is T6, and can be completed almost with one group. We had about five guild members on and invited some random pick ups to fill the second group. There was only one small hitch.

I played both of the healers in the main tank group, and our only other healer was a fury for the second group.

Surprisingly enough, we only had one wipe, at the very end on the Queen. There was no power regen in group one, so fighting both named with out a power regen break proved to be a bit more then we could handle. We quickly rebuffed and finished her off, raid successful. Everyone ended up with something, which is the great thing about T6 raids. Between upgrades for alts, and crafting supplies that dropped, the majority of people ended up with a master or fabled item of some sort, and two crafting items each.

Since I was playing both the fury and the templar in the main tank group, I had my doubts. First of all could my computer even handle me raiding with two accounts? (answer to that is yes, on balanced settings none the less!) Could I keep the main tank (and the rest of my group) alive? There were a few fights that were close, it’s very hard to cure and heal at the same time, but we managed. I do not think I could play both MT healers in a T7 raid, especially not with the cures that are required (trama in labs for example). Was it fun? Yes! Stressful as well though.

Dasie’s second pretty of the night, a new belt

I know I’ve done the zone before with her, she’s gotten the hoop of endless time (a templar/inquisitor earring) in the past, it must have been before aa’s were awarded though, as she pinged two full aa while there and finally hit 44. Which is way far behind where I’d like her. On the plus side, she did get the aa ability called “blessing” which grants her group a 25% chance at more procs from items. A very nice aa. I’m hoping to get her to at least 50, I’ve not raided with her hardly at all since T5, she used to be my main character and I switched out quite some time ago. I’ve done a labs raid or two with her, but that’s about it. She hasn’t even started claymore, so unfortunately it looks as though I’ll be trying to at least catch her up to the illusionist and then I can proceed to work on it with both characters at the same time. She is my ‘old school’ EQII character, she has her prismatic 1.0 completed, the scepter of the scale (I think it’s called, I may be mistaken) and fought Darathar when she was level 45. That was pretty scarey way back when. She’s almost completed her Godking weapon, though I rarely ever see people doing that raid any more (mostly due to the huge hassle of farming eyes. If you’ve ever done that raid before you know exactly what I’m talking about). Again I think it’s a shame that the older quests get pushed behind and people rarely ever see that content any more. Even if they wanted to, it requires a raid.

Tonight I’ve been invited to a Freethinkers Hideout raid (with Dasie), I warned the guild who invited me that she’s not exactly geared up for that sort of raid (I should know, I played both the Fury and the Illusionist in Freethinkers in the past) although all of her heals (except one level 70 group reactive) are master quality at least. She also has a master of her hp buff, holy redoubt, which gives almost 1k flat hp. Playing a templar is very different from playing the fury. Where the fury can concentrate on group heals and fast casting times, the templar heals are exceptionally slow. It frustrates me some times because I’m used to fast casting times on my heals. The templar can heal a huge amount though, it just takes some time. They also have some of the nicer mitigation and hp buffs. The fury has one mitigation buff (that does not stack) and has no hp buffs at all (though they do have power buffs, where as the templar has none).

So we’ll have to see how tonight goes. Apparently this guild is looking for a raiding templar. Could be an opening for me if all goes well.

The Forgotten Zones – Nektulos Forest – Part I

Silverstep hunting down Asilian Vandal’s in Nek Forest

There was one other person in Nektulos Forest today while I adventured around, so I consider this to be one of the forgotten zones. It could also just be my servers population, either way. Nektulos Forest is home to 130 individual quests. 26 of those drop from mobs, so if you happen to out level the zone, and are one of those who love to complete all quests, be sure to find someone to mentor. 13 of those quests are book quests, found in various locations on both the Qeynos and Freeport side.

The forest has been revamped in the past year, mobs have moved around and if you haven’t been there in quite some time, I suggest you take a new look. The owlbears have moved locations, as have the various treants. When I was first leveling up the most popular quests were the Maid of the Mist access to Enchanted Lands, as well as the access quest to Cauldron’s Hollow. Unfortunately the  requirement for access was removed quite some time ago, though the quest itself still remains for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

On my venture for level 20-27 items I picked up each one of the Far Seas Requisitions from the docks, they each reward a nice item that I can transmute. Quest is from a table. They’re pretty annoying now that I have no idea where half of the mobs are located, I’m seriously wishing my fury had track. I also picked up the quest from the Augur along the docks, and I went and visited Bandit Kleron Asana who had a series of quests for some level 20 gear (if you’re looking for gear that doesn’t cover the armor quest slots, be sure to visit him, he has earring and hat quests). Do people even wear quested gear any more? I’m not sure how good they are with all of the player crafted out there, but it’s transmutable none the less.

I made sure to complete the griffin egg quest, being able to fly across the zone is a nice luxury that wasn’t around when I first started. The grinnins seem to have moved their way from the falls and I could only find a few spread throughout. Nektulos Forest is home to quite a few instances. There is Nektulos Castle, then the castle 2.0 and the castle 3.0. There’s also the Bloodline Chronicles adventure pack zone behind the main waterfall, home of vampires and other evils. The wizard spires will take you to the Barren Sky, and you can also reach the Island of Marr from the docks. The docks also lead to the Enchanted Lands (what was once misty thicket if you’re familiar with EQLive), Lavastorm, and Thundering Steppes. You can also hang out by the harbor master and wait for the boat to take you to Butcherblock Mountain. The Commonlands grace the other end of the zone. I’ll have more quests and screen shots to post tomorrow for part II.

The comforts of two-boxing

Silverstep and Stargrace hang out in Qeynos Harbor together now

Incase I have not mentioned it yet, I really am enjoying two boxing in EQII. With the shadowknight tank class around that my boyfriend plays, a fury and an illusionist (both who buff int, and haste / dps as well as spell procs and the like, can’t forget that power regen) the mobs die fast and there’s little to no down time. It was a good decision on my part I feel, especially with the amount of time that I play. So what have I been up to?

I need some transmuted parts for a heritage quest. They’re going for about 1-2p each piece, and I need 12 pieces per character. Needless to say I refuse to actually pay that. I decided that in the time it would take me to even come close to affording that, I could probably work my own transmuting to the skill required, then it’s just a matter of farming adepts and legendary T7 items to provide the powders I’m looking for. My skill in transmuting just reached 100, which is where the fun begins as I can no longer get skill ups from physically transmuting items, but now I have to make the combines in order to achieve them. Not looking forward to the slow grind, but it doesn’t bother me quite that much. I am farming the supplies myself with my lower level characters, Misako specifically who is level 27 and around the range I need for materials. This is the way I figure it:

There are pleanty of quests with item rewards (and coin) that I have not yet done. The ones from Antonica, Commonlands, Nektulos Forest, and Thundering Steppes off of the top of my head. If I mentor for turn ins but complete the quests while I’m level 70, it will help me in numerous ways. Giving me gear for transmuting, money for purchases, and on completion aa, which is always a huge deal. I need 19 more on the fury, and 10 more on the illusionist to hit my 100 for each character. Once I’ve finished all of the quests in each of those zones, I should (hopefully) be on the next tier of transmuting, where I’d do the corresponding quests and get more items / money / quest counts along the way. That’s my plan at least. We’ll have to see how it really goes. It’ll give me a lot of time to prepare my “forgotten zones” posts that I’d like to make as well. So much still to do, I love it. There’s lore and legends, the quest count, and signature quests that I’ve been trying to finish off. A few things there’s no sign I’ll ever be able to complete them (like the world event quest for marr’s chosen, which requires a level 50 raid zone, and those who are level 70 must mentor down or else they can’t zone in… which really sucks might I add). I’m certainly happy with my home in EQII.

Old Friends Remebered

The former Torrent Knights, about to kill Chel’Drak

One unfortunate side to MMO gaming is the fact that eventually, everyone moves on. Whether you are a life-time MMO player or not, it’s very rare you’ll see people play the same game for more then a few years. The games evolve, the people change, and we all wander that path and head different places. Over my years of gaming (5 now) I’ve met some fantastic people. Those who have become my closest friends and who I talk to on the phone as well as in game. People who I send Christmas cards to and who I would have never met were it not for the online community that I’d found. The above screen shot is my former guild, Torrent Knights. Towards the end, I felt that the guild was headed towards self destruction, they’d been asking folks to leave who simply could not attend a certain amount of raids due to real life issues. I don’t typically last long in guilds, and especially not raiding guilds, but TK was different. They were a close bunch of people who I felt very comfortable around. It was not just raiding (though it eventually turned to that) but felt like home.

With the onset of Vanguard the core of the guild left. What was once a some what hard core raiding guild degraded into something far more casual where now perhaps 4-5 people hang out while crafting or working on forgotten quests (myself included). I won’t forget those I’ve met though, or the stories we shared. Is it silly to think of this virtual world in such a sentimental manor? Of course not. Online or not, the emotions and feelings you can discover are not any less valid then a real life friendship (at least in my eyes – granted I’m exceptionally emotional, so I can be completely wrong here).

So where do I go from here? Do I attempt to find yet another new home or do I wander around Norrath on my own and form new friendships and do those dreaded pick up groups (yes yes, I know not ALL pick up groups are bad). It took me almost a year to find TK and settle in there. I’m not looking forward to searching for another home. I’ve got my small level 9 crafting guild with my alts, but the level 70’s still sport the TK tag for now. I do miss raiding on occasion, and there are still a few raiding guilds on LDL. Just not sure if any interest me, or if any are recruiting the classes that I play. I think it’s a shame that a new MMO came out (beta in a box at that) and my entire guild fell apart. The leadership and officers also went about it in a pretty crappy way. One day TK was raiding fine, and two weeks later they were completely done. Such is the way of MMO’s I suppose.

On a side note – there are plenty of guilds who are thriving and doing just fine since Vanguard has released, and in the 20-29 channel it’s been teaming with people who have moved to EQII due to the issues they’ve had with Vanguard. I think half of my sentimental feelings about the loss of TK is simply because I’m watching the other raid guilds move on and do content that we’d never finished off.

An eventful weekend

Stargrace on her pretty new horse

This weekend I actually got a bit done (for once). Well, I didn’t actually get a lot done, but I did finish off ‘Trading Information’ which is one of THE most annoying quests in the entire claymore line. If you hang out in SoS long enough and in the 60-69 channel, you’ll eventually learn of this dreaded quest. Part of the claymore chain and by the time people are through with it they don’t want to go back to SoS any more. I can’t say I blame them. Having already completed the claymore on my fury, I was not exactly that keen to jump right back in and try to complete it on both my illusionist and my templar. Since the templar has yet to even start the dreaded quest, but the illusionist was almost done the SoS portions, I figured I’d try to get some of it done. With Shadowgeist (70 Shadowknight), and a 70 wizard from guild, along with my fury and illusionist (boxed) we spent a few hours in there, clearing what we felt like clearing and training everything else. A master or two dropped and lots of vendor trash which is never a bad thing for me. Under the ‘quick link’ section on the left hand side I have the entire claymore quest posted. I’ve got one more quest to complete in SoS (which is not *horribly* bad, but bad none the less) and then I can move on (finally).

Made a little coin on the broker, but have been spending it as well, gearing up alts and purchasing masters for those of my gals who need them. My fury needs one more master and then she’ll have all of hers. The illusionist and templar both need a few more. I’ve been pondering playing my assassin for a bit, she’s been stuck at level 46 for quite some time now. Would be nice to at least get her to 50.

I still have lots of language quests and L&L quests to go through that I haven’t even attempted yet. Perhaps that’ll be a goal for today, to work on some of those. Couldn’t hurt at least. They do have to get done some time. I boxed the conj and the templar together and finished off the clockwork L&L in Klak’Anon, the kills were a little slow using the conj’s tank pet (not to mention every spell I have is app1 for now until I upgrade – except my pets which are all adept3) so I switched it out for a scout pet. Adds were a small issue but the mobs were mostly green / blue and I had fun working on the quest. The body drops were far too rare, my only issue. Of course there’s gotta be some challenge to the quest other wise why bother.


Dasie, who some how got dropped from group – hey wait. I’M Dasie…

I did my first Unrest group yesterday, having very fond memories of this EQLive zone it was certainly a walk down memory lane. Exceptional care was taken with this zone. The script was fun, even if the zone itself is quite long to complete. About 3 hours total with a few breaks. We wiped twice, both times from shiny traps. Those shinnies are killers. Literally. The first time spawned a whole lot of billy dolls onto us, and the second time just spawned.. stuff. Lots of stuff. The on our way back after the first wipe the Bugaboo (level 80 epicx2 who HAS been killed – just not on my server) decided he’d like to chew a few group members.

There were a few favorite parts for me, of course my least favorite part would have to be when you’re in the kitchen area at the lockers and when the zombie pop in front of your screen much like the halloween crow reward did – scare the living daylights out of you especially if you’re not expecting it and no one warned you. It also actually scared me when the picture below happened to my screen, as though it were possessed. VERY awesome effect.

… just plain scarey

Couldn’t even see my group members, only the skull and the eerie static, mixed between the sounds of the house which I eventually turned down. So what I’m a big baby! The loot was not too bad. The vendor trash loot sold for fairly well, 15-17g each piece. Stuff that was of no use for anyone to actually wear, but again, plenty dropped as vendor trash. It was also a lucky run my first time through. The group consisted of myself playing Dasie (my templar) a 70 Shadowknight, Wizard, Necromancer, Fury, and a 68 Paladin. The templar legendary class hat dropped, so Dasie won that. She also got a legendary dagger with a disease proc on it that will come in handy on the fae dirge I’ve decided to level up (eventually). The end boss typically drops one of the legendary set chest pieces – and I didn’t care which one dropped so long as someone from the group could make use of it. Typically they just end up rotting. Thankfully earlier on in the zone I was going to box my illusionist / fury along – but then a second fury joined the group so I switched both out and just brought my templar (the templar and illusionist are on the same account so I could not bring both). I had camped the illusionist out in the zone, and it was probably a good thing I did, as the illusionist/coercer robe dropped at the end. It’s a very pretty dress, dark purple with lighter purple markings.

Another wonderful house trophy

As the final boss went down, I got some mail which I was expecting, and joyfully placed the skull in Dasie’ inn room in the Baubleshire. She’s not typically one for keeping such gruesome trinkets, but hey there’s a first time for everything. My advise for this zone – be sure you go in with someone who knows the script. It’s complicated and you could be there a long time if you’re not sure what to do. Get all of the outdoor sections done first, and assign one person to collect the pieces needed to unlock the various doors. We also assigned one person to collect the shinnies, and then we randomed on them so that not just one person hounded them all (though it didn’t exactly work out well) it seems like the more instance runs I do that have shinnies like Nek3.0 and Unrest the greedier people become for them. Two healers meant we could get by without a mezzer, but we probably could have survived with one (good) healer if we’d brought an enchanter along. The zone was not overly difficult, the hag fight, was lots of fun. Freeing people from the jail cells (AFTER the mobs inside were dead, people having learnt that lesson before) was great. All in all, very pleased with this zone and looking forward to completing it on the other characters I have, hopefully a few times. The class hat and chest piece drops make it a very attractive zone to do. As well as some nice legendary jewelry pieces, a wand, a cape, and a few other pretties. If you haven’t been yet, be sure to check it out.

Tarinax eats dust and the necromancer moves to Qeynos

Stargrace standing on the rock to the left, amidst the Lucan D’Lere Raid Alliance

I don’t typically do pick up raids, for numerous reasons. They usually end up being huge disasters that leave me with large repair bills and a sour taste in my mouth. So last night when I was randomly sent a tell on my illusionist asking if I wanted to join a Deathtoll raid, I surprised even myself by saying sure I’d tag along. The Lucan D’Lere Raid Alliance is a mixture of mostly Legends of the Tundra (with wonderful coercer Rorion leading that night’s raid) with some unguilded, and Salarionn acting as tank for the night from Forsaken (which is a fairly acomplished T7 raid guild). There was a member or two from HoE, as well as myself from Torrent Knights (which died once Vanguard came out, but there are 4-6 of us who still frequent the guild and don’t want to see the level 60 home dashed so easily). It was a fun night, even if we didn’t accomplish killing the corpuscle (also known as the splitting drake, and a pain in many people’s arse) and we also called it a night on the diseased based snake who has a nasty AoE and port / root deal. Tarinax did fall on the third pull, having some issues with him clambering his way into the wall in behind the raid force and then AoE’ing us all with his frontal when ever he could. Meanie.

It was a change, from the raids I’m used to. A bad thing? Not really. I did enjoy myself. Will I make it a nightly ritual? Probably not. As fun as it was, I missed the polished feel from my previous raids. In my opinion it went very well for people who perhaps don’t raid together all of the time, and who are still working their way through the lower end of T7. One small pet peeve I had this time was the amount of noise on the vent channel. I actually liked the method my previous raiding guild used, on teamspeak (the alliance used Ventrilo) during the raid, only the raid leader / officers / tanks had access to voice. Which meant people were paying attention to the raid, and not breaking out into the latest sports scores or discussions on breasts as we’re going over the strats for a particular fight — that is purely situational though, I realize that interaction with people is what makes these mmo’s thrive and succeed, it’s the community and bonds you form. I’d just rather only hear one voice at a time instead of 10, and have it be on the situation at hand so I can do my job as a raider (I know, I know, raiding is not supposed to be a job) rather then have to listen to a whole lot of other stuff that I don’t have any input in. Maybe that’s weird of me to say, but I like to raid and know I do a good job, and pay attention and get that job done. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and makes me feel good. Just my weird twisted views.

As another first for the evening, I betrayed my 52 necromancer over to a conj! Oh, and I also run a second account now. I moved my 70 fury and the 52 necromancer conj over to the new account, so that I could box them (and anything else I decided to make) along with the characters from my original account. Worth it? Well, here’s how me and my boyfriend rationalized it.

  • Already paying for station access (price hike had not occurred yet) for EQII and Vanguard, but have no interest in playing Vanguard. This basically meant I was paying for 4 character slots, and adventure packs, and that was it. I don’t play anything else on their play list.
  • Play frequently enough and can box smoothly enough (I play the 2nd account we had along with my account to level up alts and what not) that the account would not go to waste.
  • Having a Call of the Hero character, as well as a character who can port, on a 3rd account, would benefit both his characters and mine (Can always park the Fury in Sinking Sands and port to all the EoF zones just fine, as well as dragging the conj to the basement of SoS or even Nagafen if needed and port people down).
  • Gives us an extra 2 character slots compared to station access, for a total of 12 characters vs. 10.
  • Veteran rewards to a larger amount of characters (the new account came with 6 months of veteran rewards, as well as the boxed rewards for each expansion since release, including the DoF statue, the KoS house plant, the EoF whirly clockwork pet thing.

So in the long run it was worth it. It also resolves my issue about the lack of population. I can box myself when I don’t feel like grouping (which is frequently) and I have extra character slots to create more characters (for example if beastlords come out with Kunark, or that Fae that I haven’t made yet). I’m pleased with it so far and don’t regret giving up Vanguard in the least. I figure perhaps when the first expansion for it comes out, I’ll give it another shot, but until then the bugs and glitches and over all beta feel, was just not what I was looking for.

The “Forgotten” zones – Introduction, and other ramblings

Dasie, standing in Everfrost near the Numbnuts — er, Numbfoots

Traveling through Norrath yesterday, I was surprised to see such a decline in the population of certain zones. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that EoF offers content from 1-70, as well as the fact that a lot of people are already 60+ and are adventuring in higher end zones. Just as an indication, I ran through at about 4:30 EST and the populations were as follows: Nektulos Forest: 5 people in the zone. Enchanted Lands: 8 people in the zone. Thundering Steppes: 4 people in the zone, Everfrost: 0 people in the zone (besides myself).

Have the original zones to the game become obsolete?

I figure once a week (or more if I’m feeling up to it) I’ll do a feature post on a specific zone. Outlining a few of my favorite quests, along with screen shots of course. Maybe (if I can get my hands on any, I’m horrible for it though) some information on lore. I’ll keep it to the original zones in the game, the “forgotten” zones so to speak. I’m trying to work Dasie’ achievement points anyhow (ew, she’s sitting at 38, such a slacker compared to my other two level 70’s) so the travels through the zones will be a good thing, she can brush up on old quests and mentor down for turn ins. She’s the only one of my characters to have completed the prismatic 1.0 quest with Darathar, which I’m not even sure guilds do any more. That’s one bad thing about being able to ‘outgrow’ the content so to speak. Unless you have a large amount of people working on the quest, chances are the majority are never even going to see it once a few expansions have gone by. The gear gets out dated and is no longer of any value to have at that level, you can find crafted and dropped gear that surpasses the raid stuff.

Looking through her quest journal I was ashamed to see I only had room for two more. Not only that, but she had a level 18 quest from Antonica that had been there since July 2005. I hate deleting quests, I’d much rather complete them if at all possible. Especially if it’s to a chain or perhaps a quest that I may not remember to get again. I really wish SoE would impliment a system where if you chose to, you can see the quest icon (a yellow feather) over the heads of everyone who has a quest at all, no matter if the quest is grey or not. Maybe that’s a feature that they could add eventually, I know I have submitted it as an idea before.

So Dasie hit level 68 in jewel crafting, did an order for a few moonstone pieces, I didn’t charge for the combines because she still gets fairly nice experience off of them, I’d have wasted the coal on crafting a few apprentices anyhow. I also got her two aa’s, working on her Tunare deity quest. I had her mentored down for the earlier turn ins and netted about 20-25% experience each quest. There are 4-6 quests for each deity, so that’s always very nice.

Cancelled my station access, there was no need to pay $29.99 a month when I’m no longer interested in Vanguard at all. Maybe when the first expansion comes out and the bugs are fixed I’ll go back to it, but in the mean time EQ2 will remain my home. Especially because I’m already looking forward to the Kunark expansion. SoE will continue to get my money though, as I’m probably going to invest in purchasing a second account for myself (making this three total accounts for the household, since my boyfriend also has an account) and eventually transferring my 70 fury and my 52 necro (who is going to betray to a conj) over to that second account. Why bother? Well, number one my computer can handle boxing flawlessly, on balanced settings. So when I need a port, or a CoH (Call of the Hero) it’d be nice to be able to use it for my own characters. Plus then I can play a DPS or a healer or both to the 70 Shadowknight on the other account. One of my friends on Najena and her husband actually 4-box, and each have a second account that they play. It makes up for the lack of population or the desire to group with others.

Why bother playing an MMO if you’re not going to group up and be friendly? Easy, for the community. I don’t have the patience most of the time to deal with people. I hate waiting around. I don’t enjoy teaching the game to someone. That doesn’t mean I’m a bitch nor am I rude in game I’m actually quite nice, but I value my ‘alone time’ so to speak. I group with my guild mates and those I’ve met who know how to play their class. I do on occasion join a PuG or two, they’ve not all been bad, I will admit. But at the end of the day no one else pays for my subscription except me, and I should be able to play the game exactly how I want to. If that means not hanging out with a tank who couldn’t tank their way out of a wet paper bag, then so be it. I do like to chatter to people though (especially on the crafting channel) and I can be helpful when I put my mind to it.

So, we’ll see how things go from here.

A little sanctuary

A little garden sanctuary in Stargrace’ house, complete with fountain and roses

Yesterday being the first “real” game update of Vanguard and not just a build patch, I expected servers to be down for quite some time. I was not wrong, last night attempting to play around 6pm EST resulted in the message that servers were down. Around 8pm EST I began the longest download of all time to reinstall all of the graphics that were for some reason missing / needed to be replaced from their earlier patch. I didn’t log in for more then 5 minutes when the channels were flooded with people complaining, those threatening to leave for other games, and various random insults. So I logged off and headed to EQ2.

Above is a screen shot on the upper portion of Stargrace’ 5 room house. I decided she needed a little get away up there, complete with comfortable benches, roses, and a fountain for that quiet gurgle sound that we all adore. Banzai trees and bushes complete the little nook on the upper level. All I need is a few books placed I think, I did add a box of chocolates to one of the benches. After all, what’s more relaxing then curling up by a fountain with a good book and a box of chocolates hmm?

My mystic hit 26 yesterday, playing in the Ruins of Varsoon. I love that zone when it’s empty. Other wise it’s typically packed with farmers (not that I’m any better, running through the zone hitting as many named as I can). I was a little too small to handle very much, even though I was boxing a 70 shadowknight who was mentored down to her level. Trying to decide when I want to betray to a defiler. Probably not until T6-T7 I think, if I even get her that high. I bought the templar a buckler of blight, which drops from Obelisk of Lost Souls, I could have probably tried to get one myself, but there’s really not much to spend coin on in game, so I decided to splurge and drop the 5p on it. It’s a huge upgrade from her past one. Maybe later today I’ll do the final grind to level 70 jeweler for her.

Since they’ve added a bunch of new Lore and Legend books to the game, that’s one of my goals, each one of my characters actually need to work on it. The clockwork one is located in Steamfont Mountains close to the Klak’anon entrance, Werewolf is in Loping Plains, in a bookshelf in Somborn, Brownie is in LesserFaydark in a tent in the lower grove area, Minataur is in Steamfont in a bonepile near the southern crater in Smokehorn Baison, Bugbear was in Kaladim in a wheel barrel near some goblins, and Kobold is in Butcher Block in the same hut as the transmuting vendor. Sadly enough, my illusionist only has 10 of the L&L’s completed at all, there are over 30 in game right now. Ouch. Pieces are at a fairly reasonable price on Lucan D’Lere — except for the new ones. Or werewolves at least where the pieces can go for anywhere from 1p to 10p depending on what you need. Gives me a goal at least to work towards though, and something to do.

Hip hip hooray!

Not sure where this cheerful guy is from? Hint: In order to spawn some named, you place him and his friends

Yesterday was very much an EQ2 day, remembering all of the reasons that I fell in love with the game to begin with two years ago. It was nice to get away from the bugs and lag and just, everything, from Vanguard. My mystic (who’s going to go defiler eventually) got two levels from 23-25. She also got a tailoring level to 31. My jeweler (and 70 templar) Dasie has been sitting at level 65 forever, so I decided it was about time I at least get her to 70. Using some of the three year veteran crafting experience rewards, she hit 85% through 67. It’s about one potion a level, so I can hit 69 before I’ll run out. Of course now she’s out of vitality, so that really sucks. I figure I’ll wait a day or two before getting the last two levels. Then I’ll have the 70 illusionist / 70 provisioner, and the 70 templar / 70 jeweler. Next? The fury is level 70 in adventuring, but level 60 in woodworking, so I’ll try to get her to 70 as well. The sage (level 52 adventurer) is at 60 too. The alchemist (42 assassin) is sitting at 50, where she’ll stay for quite some time.

I did a run through the Shimmering Citadel, which is where the screen shot is from. It’s still one of the best zones to farm the high end T6 masters (which are still far too rare), even if you get no masters at all you’re guaranteed a platinum in vendor trash, and typically a few crafting rares (on very difficult setting, which lets face it, is not all that difficult at level 70). A level 58 defiler ancient teachings spell dropped, but there’s one on the market already for 8p, so mine’s up there for 5. The legendary robe also dropped, another 50g or so. If you’re looking for shinnies, specifically the ones for the moppet house pet, the roof top of shimmering citadel is fantastic, there are about 6-8 shinnies that spawn around the roof top where the mirror is for the citadel, and you can just run in loops farming them (everything is grey).

I also did a fast Acadechism run, nothing interesting dropped but it was fun none the less.

One huge difference between Vanguard and EQ2, is that when you run around from place to place in Vanguard, you get a sense that it is a world. It’s huge, and there’s huge spaces of running with nothing around. It can take you a real life hour to run from one place to another on the same continent. In EQ2, it feels like zones. Antonica is a zone, Thundering Steppes is a zone, Feerrott is a zone. It doesn’t feel like the world of Norrath, it feels like a bunch of zones of Norrath. It’s great that we can all buy these 50% speed mounts, but they’re hardly ever used, because there’s no real place that you need to run (with an exception of quick jaunts through zones). It’s one thing Vanguard really did right (in the mix of so much stuff that they did wrong).

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