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Minecraft – Bedrock Edition

I claimed a free copy of the win10 minecraft so I could play with friends across different platforms. I’ve never played the base game before, I’ve always played a modded version. Me and the husband logged in and set out from the base in search of adventure. I have no idea what biome we stopped at, but I’ve got a castle in the works and a neat looking bridge completed. My husband is working on a log cabin and then we’ll start up some farms! I’m also going to be on the lookout for some cats!! I’ve not seen any yet..

Broken Isle Safari

This week I went back to Azuna and started collecting pets that I had missed the first time around. I think I was so focused on grinding factions and leveling up my alts (at one time I had an entire stable of 110 alliance characters) that I forgot there were pets I still needed.

There were no real difficult fights aside from the erudite/eldritch manafiend which you need to capture during specific times in-game (day/night server time) and that brought my collection up just over 900 pets. I’ve set up a character on my alliance server to sell my extra pets, and I’ve been trying to pick up cheap ones on my horde server (higher population, so the pets are quite inexpensive there). A handful have sold so far. Nothing extraordinary, but it’s a start.

Blaugust – What’s in a Name

It is almost August, and with it comes Blaugust. I’ve signed up as a mentor, and I’ll be making some posts throughout the month for those beginner bloggers, those thinking about starting, or even veterans who are not sure what they want to do. Hopefully someone finds them useful, and if not at least I’ve had a good time posting and working towards my personal goal of posting every day for 2019.


This site used to be called MmoQuests, and I kept that name for a very long time (12 years or so). It was the first rendition of my blog, and I chose the name based on what I was writing about at the time, which happened to be EverQuest / EverQuest II – along with many many quests. As the years went on I started to feel that the name of the site was no longer relevant. It started to bother me. I would avoid blogging, and I wasn’t feeling inspired.

I made the decision last year to change to NomadicGamersEh – bringing my love of all kinds of gaming to the forefront (as well as the fact that me and my family are Canadian gamers). I felt MUCH better about the site, and I didn’t feel constrained to write about quests, or mmos. I know it was just a name and I could always write about whatever I wanted, but it felt like an invisible wall pressing down on me. I knew I’d have to make my way back to search functions, tell my audience (what little I have) about the change, get other sites to update their links but I was pretty sure the end result would be worth it.

I have no regrets about changing the name. Since the change I’ve been writing more often, and I don’t feel the old restrictions. I spend a lot of time writing about knitting and fiber arts, even though it says ‘gamers’ in the title. I feel like my site can grow with me, especially as my children grow up. Whether it was all in my head or not I just wasn’t feeling happy about the site, and even though change is pretty scary, I’m really glad I took that jump forward.

If your blog isn’t exciting you any more try to pinpoint why. Do you feel that invisible wall stopping you from making a post because you don’t feel like you have anything relevant to say? Maybe it’s just time to make a little change.

Tour de Fleece 2019 Ends

Well, that’s the end of Tour de Fleece. I didn’t meet all of my goals, but I did get quite a bit done. My goals were:

  • Spin every day (done)
  • Spin 100g (done)
  • Spin a sweaters worth (incomplete)

I ended up spinning merino/silk 4oz (brown), wool of the Andes 4oz (red), rambouillet 4oz (white), merino/nylon 8oz (on the bobbins), and corridale dyed with kool-aid 2oz (drop spindle). I’m really glad I participated, and I can’t wait to see how my spinning gets better over the year, and then participate again next year as a novice instead of a beginner.

Close Call

I was working on capturing pets I didn’t have yet – and managed to land this one with 4 hp left. Yikes! A bit too close for comfort.

Stage 19

Hard to believe there is only a few days left in Tour de Fleece for this year. I’ve managed to spin every day of the race, which was one of my major goals, and I surprised even myself by not only wheel spinning but also digging my spindle out and getting more of the corridale roving done. It was my first year participating and I’m so glad I have. My instagram is completely filled with spinning awesomeness, and I hope it keeps up after the tour is completed.

Pictured above is my corridale dyed with kool-aid. Pretty proud of how consistent my singles are coming out.

Trying to Break into the top 100

I’ve been working on my pet collection – slowly. Leveling up the ones that are not 25 yet (I have a LOT of those) working on achievements, doing dailies, dungeons, and all that fun. I managed to do the celestial tournament without too much hassle, and next week I should be able to purchase my 2nd pet from there. Otherwise, I’ve just been watching the market and picking up anything that is 50% lower than normal market dictates

I don’t typically purchase duplicate pets because I’ve never really seen a use, but I might start doing that too, and selling them. We’ll see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

More Tour de Fleece

Tour de Fleece

I’m really tickled with the result of my first 4oz of merino/nylon from Knitpicks. The roving was on sale, marked 40% off, so it was $5 for 4oz, plus I had a 20% discount coupon so after I purchased 2 (planning on plying them together and then knitting socks) I lamented to my husband that I should have purchased more, and he suggested I purchase -20- more.. I thought he was joking, but turns out he was being serious, so I made the purchase and I’m so very excited. It’s roving that I know will get used, that I happen to spin well, and while it’s not coloured, I’m thinking I might dye some up, either as roving or yarn (probably as yarn, I’m afraid of felting roving). The price was amazing, and came with free shipping so I really have no complaints. Except that now I have to wait for it to ship here, of course.

Gaming? Still doing that (a bit)

It’s summer time, so between kids and the husband working insane hours, time at the beach, and tour de fleece, I haven’t found a lot of opportunity to game. I AM still gaming, but it’s a lot of semi-afk sporadic stuff that doesn’t really get me anywhere until I finally look back and think about it.

I’m working on collecting pets, leveling pets, doing dailies, and not much more. It’s slow, but it’s fun. I also managed to participate in some LFR and got a few upgrades! I was praised for my healing in the latest LFR that opened last week, and it left me with a really good feeling.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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