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An Extra Life Weekend

This weekend was one that I certainly won’t be forgetting any time soon. The Combat Wombat Extra Life team did amazing, and almost reached our total goal. I had a pretty low threshold for my own goal, but I reached it and that makes me happy. After all, every little bit helps. I was raising money for the BC Children’s Hospital Foundation – a place very near and dear to my heart since Leo was in the NICU for three weeks after being born and if we had any issues he would have been sent there. They do great work. Anyway, I streamed some RimWorld and then my husband donned his Daddy costume and played Dream Daddy: A Dating Sim on stream. You can catch the videos of that over on my twitch page and my YouTube channel. It was hilarious.

I’m so proud of our community. We don’t always play the game games or have the same interests but it was absolutely amazing to come together for an event like this. When I wasn’t streaming or watching my husband be silly I tuned in to the other Wombats and friends who were participating. You all did wonderful and I hope everyone had fun.

There’s still time to donate over at my page, and you can also check out the Combat Wombat team page for progress. I’m already looking forward to playing next year. I did intend to get some Fortnite played but I had to quickly change my plans because my Llama Bean had other ideas. Ideas that involved him sitting on my lap, and typically that means one hand to hold him and the other hand to game with. Fortnite is one of those games where you need both hands.

Did you raise money for Extra Life? How was your experience? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Oh, and another HUGE thank you to everyone who donated. You guys, are amazing. This smile I have today is because of you.

IntPiPoMo 2017 – 12/50


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IntPiPoMo 2017 – 10/50

Star Wars: The Old Republic

IntPiPoMo 2017 – 9/50


The People You Love

I never made any secret of the fact that when my husband went off for training 4 months ago I was going to be pretty lost. I was suffering from postpartum depression and I wasn’t in a good place. I was forced to either drown in those waves, or learn how to lean on myself. After having my soulmate by my side on paternity leave for 8 months he was going to be two provinces away. The first few weeks were the hardest. There were days I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it. Days I wanted to call him and beg him to come home and help me raise our son. Days I didn’t believe in myself.

There is a common saying that depot days get easier – this is not true, not in our case. They are the same difficulty all the way through.

Having him home for a three day visit was something that I looked forward to (as did he) and I just don’t have the words to express how thankful and blessed I felt the entire time. We went out for lunch together and had pho – it was his first experience with the soup. It was delicious. We laughed at jokes that only the two of us would understand. He ended up streaming for Extra Life and playing the Dream Daddy: A Dating Sim game. He even dressed up for the occasion.

I’m incredibly lucky to have this person in my life. He has seen me at my absolute lowest and stood by my side. He has also seen me at my highest points. He has changed, since he has been gone. As have I, as has our son. We all recognized how much stronger we are.

The point of this post is – if you have such a person in your life, remind them. Even if you think it’s silly. Remind them as often as you can just how amazing they are and how they have changed your life. The saying about you not realizing what you have until it’s gone is absolutely true. We took each other for granted and I realize that now.

We have three more very long months ahead of us, but Christmas will be the next time I see him and I’m excited about it already. Instead of focusing on the sadness I feel because he left today, I’m going to focus on the excitement of him coming home for the holidays. Whatever it takes to distract myself from the empty house and the silence.

Lets get back to some gaming posts next up!

IntPiPoMo 2017 – 8/50

Saying hello in Wildstar!

IntPiPoMo 2017 – 7/50

Minecraft! One of my favourite games.

IntPiPoMo 2017 – 6/50

Guild Wars 2

IntPiPoMo 2017 – 5/50

EVE Online – Fly Safe!

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