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Finally, Progress!


After moving to the new deed, I have FINALLY finished leveling and surface mining the dock so that it’s flat, and real construction has started. This is the very first part, the three towers and two arches. To the left of the first tower a vynora statue will stand, and then these towers, arches, and the vynora statue will be duplicated at the other end of the dock. In the center will be the shipyard, with bridges spanning from the towers to the building.

I’m VERY excited to finally be at this stage! It feels like it took forever. It’s also using a lot of bricks, not just for my portion of the docks but for the town that Moumix has been working on up above. Maya is also going to start on another field along the slope, which involves a whole lot of surface mining. I think I’ll take a little exploration trip before too long, I’m going a bit stir crazy on the deed and I haven’t been exploring in a little while.

Pregnancy woes have meant that I’ve been cranky and short lately. I don’t really mean to be, but I decided it would probably be best if I just (mostly) kept to myself and didn’t interact that much. Not that I don’t want to, I love interacting with people, but I don’t like snapping at folks for no reason at all just because my hormones are wonky and dancing all over the place. It’s a sure way to find yourself on the outside looking in.

Leatherworking reached 40, not a great feat, but it’s nice. I’ll have to improve my gear again before too long, it’s still 35 or so.

Natural substance, on the way to 70! Excited about that one. Potions and dye are much easier now.

I worked jewelry smithing up a bit so that I could make a neat marble brazier to stand on top of the center tower – and I love how it turned out. That skill is 30 at the moment. Masonry (which is my affnity) is almost 85! No surprise there, I think I spend 90% of my wurm time making bricks, mortar, or building.

So what’s next? I haven’t the faintest idea. Exploring a bit maybe. Relaxing before starting on the rest of the dock area. Making more bricks. More mortar. Saving up so I can place a merchant… somewhere. I haven’t figured out where yet. My enchants are not the best, but I’m not looking for too much.

Anyway, that was my Friday! I hope everyone else had a better one than I did. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Live Map and other Mods


One of the neat benefits of Wurm Unlimited is that there’s an active mod community. Maybe not as large as some of the other communities out there, but they do a fantastic job. A lot of mods are server side, so unless you’re running a server you may not even notice that you’re using them. Some of the mods are client side, and while there are such mods that actually change how the game is played, those mods are typically not allowed by servers and the only mods that are allowed are visual mods that don’t change gameplay. One such mod is called Live Map. The map in Wurm Unlimited is a default one that shows “Ocrea”. If you’re using a custom map, chances are it will make no sense for you. Live map takes the in-game map and puts it into a mini window for you. It also works in mines, such as pictured above. The coloured marks are ore, the bright red square is me. The map moves around you, and you stay centered on the screen.

As you can tell by the dull red squares, I’ve uncovered a lot of ore. The black tile is slate, and the faint grey tile to the east is silver. I’m working my way towards some zinc, and then I think the only ores remaining are copper, gold, and marble (which isn’t an ore, I know). I finally reached 70 mining which means I can improve tools to that quality. Unfortunately out of all the ore I’ve uncovered, only one (so far) goes above 65 quality.

I also managed to reach 60 in natural substances – down side to that is I haven’t found a single source salt, which I need to make the leather working potions I have. I’m pretty surprised at how rare they are, then again I haven’t seen any hellhorses or hellhounds either, so I guess some things are just rare.

Since I’ve been working up mining I haven’t been working on the deed aside from working on the garlic fields and some animal husbandry. Now that my mining is 70 I imagine I’ll go back to working on the dock, I’m so close to leveling the portions I need and then I can get started on building. Do I have a vision yet on what I want to make? Nope. Not at all. I’m not sure if I want to plan it out in deedplanner or if I want to just wing it. We’ll just have to see.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Farming, Knarrs, and the Economy – Oh My


Pictured above, me tending the garlic fields. My farming is only 35, but Maya has been busy with school so I’ve been tending the fields and harvesting garlic so I can use it. The upper field is now a combination of cotton and wemp, though I could still use more garlic – it’s important to have other things, too. I’ll get there eventually.

Yesterday I bought a knarr from Mara for 12 silver. I know I could just craft one (eventually) but there are so many other things that I want to do in game I just couldn’t be bothered. People keep saying that Sklotopolis doesn’t have much of an economy, but I find that it’s the complete opposite. You just have to be involved in the community and pay attention. There are always people looking for items in the trade channel as well as the market posts on the forums. If you’ve got something to sell or you want to buy something you really have to advertise it. People are not mind readers after all.

The knarr is great. It can sail at shallow depths which is what I really wanted it for, and it has fantastic storage capacity. I’ll need to get some large creates made for it, but then I can travel around to different hunting places or explore the server a bit more and at least I’ll have some space to put items. I’ve slowly been working on the dock. There’s just one corner left to dig to rock and then surface mine. Each tile is between 50-70 mining actions and I’ve had to dredge quite a bit to expose the rock but I’m getting there.

I haven’t found anything interesting in the mine yet, but then again I haven’t expanded it that much yet. There’s just too many other things that need to get done. Moumix and Maya have been doing amazing things to the top tier of the deed. Moumix has completed a kitchen / inn building, along with the first crafting building, and a natural substances building. Maya dug out two farm fields into the side of the mountain we’re perched on and she did a fantastic job getting the animal pets set up with hedges. It looks great.

As far as the dock goes, I still have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do as far as design goes. I’m thinking buildings and bridges attached to towers, on each end, with a Vynora colossus in the center. ¬†Ship building could be in the buildings attached to the bridges, and boats could park in between the two towers, in front of the colossus. So far that vision is only in my mind, so we’ll see where it ends up going (if anywhere). The one issue I have is that just out from the dock in the water is a whole lot of clay. Clay means that I can’t extend the docks out very far – I think right now it’s a maximum of 4 tiles before I hit clay. We could transform all of that clay into dirt, but wow that’s a lot of potions. I’ll keep thinking about it in the meantime.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!



What’s the Difference Between Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online?


Wurm Unlimited is a stand alone client version of the MMO Wurm Online. You can set up your own server to play on privately, host servers for other people to play on, and all sorts of other goodies. There’s a one time fee to buy the game from steam, and then the choices are up to you. Some servers do have a fee for upkeep, or donations to help keep that particular server running, but there’s lots of choices out there.

So how does wurm unlimited differ from wurm online?

Well, there’s one big huge difference. In order to preserve the ‘mystery’ of players skilling up in wurm online, wurm unlimited goes by a completely different formula. In wurm online there is a thing called difficulty. It means that for optimal gains in a skill you need to be skilling on optimal things. You can’t (or at least shouldn’t) skill from 1-100 on the same thing. Lets take mining, for example. You start out working away on rock, move to a different ore as your skill increases, and continue moving up different types of ore.

In wurm unlimited skills are based on actions. The faster the action, the faster you’ll skill. In wurm online you would typically want two sets of tools. You’d want a low quality set which would draw out the action timer and make things very slow – this would be your skiller set. Then you’d want a high quality set, this would be so you could get high quality results. In wurm unlimited, you only need one set, and you want it to be the best set possible because you want those high quality fast results. That means to level up blacksmithing, you don’t want to go slow and improve tools. Instead you want to make the fastest item that gives blacksmithing. In my case this has been small nails. Uses the least amount of ore, and it’s very fast. This is how you skill up in wurm unlimited. Fast actions.

What other differences are there?

Well, it honestly depends on the server. There are mods and rules that each one takes into consideration and it all depends on the play style for that server. Some may have 5x faster skill ups. Some may start you off at a higher level so you’re not beginning at 1. Some may start you out with full gear and weapons. Others may include more cosmetic changes, texture addons, maps, and things like that. A lot of servers have gone the rout to removing priest penalties so that you’re not required to play an alt but can enjoy being a priest as your main character. In wurm online, these things are just not possible.

Of course then there’s the difference in price. If you want to be premium in wurm online you need to pay a monthly subscription and this can be a deterrent especially if you like having multiple characters (priests, as example). It adds up. Wurm unlimited is a one time fee from steam to buy the game, and then you’re set. If you’ve ever been wanting to try out a fantastic sandbox MMO – but are reluctant to shell out for a monthly fee, wurm unlimited is a perfect choice.

That’s not to say that wurm online doesn’t also have its merits. The servers are huge, there’s more single players in the MMO version than you’ll typically find on any of the player hosted servers, and because of that the economies per server is pretty firmly established. People are friendly, and you don’t (typically) have to worry about the servers randomly shutting down because xyz person is unable to host them any more. In other words, it comes with some stability and you’ll not be subjected to the whims and decisions of a random GM who may or may not have the best interest of that particular player base at heart (not that Rolf hasn’t made his own random decisions over time, but at least he works with a team of people who can let him know if a decision made is a particularly poor one).

Playing one or the other? Have a preference? Let me know below in comments – and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

We’re Slaying Drakes


50+ unique individuals gathered together today on the Sklotopolis server to slay a drake. It was awesome. I brought my main character along with my Fo priest to link up with the healer, Gatwick (my apologies if I spelled that wrong). Cennydd wished me luck, and secretly Mizova wished Melketh certain death. Corax wished the same, but knew that if Melketh went, he’d be next.

We lined up for pictures and screenshots, posing for the twitch TV channel that was being streamed by Devily. The dragon was just a hatchling, almost like a large dog, and was lead to the fight spot easily enough. We all swung our swords at it. Nothing happened. Not even a scratch.

So we swung harder, while laughing nervously to ourselves.

Again no damage showed up on the drake.

Melketh cast smite – and finally we saw some damage done to the creature. We cheered inwardly but it was short lived as the dragon healed a portion and then all damage stopped again. We continued to swing, pondering if the dragon difficulty would be too much for our group – and suddenly, the creature just keeled over and died right in front of us.

We were confused, we had no idea what happened. Could it have been lag? The announcements said we’d killed the creature fair and square, but little other details were given. Once the beast was dead, it was time for loot to be rolled on and distributed. As I thought, RNG was not my friend and I didn’t win anything at all. There were 7 full sets of drake, along with a partial set given out though. A rare bone, a skull, and the body of the drake completed the giveaways. Afterward I attempted to find my way back home and only got lost once.. or twice. It was a pretty eventful day and it was fantastic to see so many show up. It was the first time I had ever seen a blue drake before, and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Lets Get Back to Fun


I’m tired of the debate regarding skill timers and what’s too fast or too slow. Last night there was a lot of discussion in GL-Freedom both for and against it, with most of the veteran players disliking the changes and the new players who haven’t experienced wurm online enjoying them. Either way no one is going to change their minds and it’s time to just move on and play the game and enjoy it. The devs have other things to worry about – like the PVP server that is currently in the works! That sounds pretty exciting.

I’m back to working on the dock. Have I mentioned that it’s taking a long time? Well, it is.

Oh! I did manage to reach 50 in butchering yesterday, and I also reached 50 in natural substances, which gives a neat apothecary title. I’ve never gotten that title before even on Wurm Online, so it’s completely new to me (and of course it’s the title I’m using). I also worked channeling up a fair amount and I’m finally able to cast CoC without exploding all the things. My casts are low, around 30 quality, but it’ll get better with time.

I sent my alt back to my other deed for a bit, mostly to make sure the wolves are still well supplied with meat, and check in on the horses. I can cast enchant grass now which I’ll fill my pens with so I can leave them for longer periods of time. I’d like to work on a bit of animal husbandry with the Fo alt over at my other deed, maybe I’ll get lucky and get a painted horse! Ideally I’d like a hell horse or two, but they’re impossible to find in the wild and only a small handful of people breed them or sell them. We’ll see in the future maybe.

Anyway, as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself! Don’t forget to say hello to me, Stargrace, on the Sklotopolis server of Wurm Unlimited (you can find the game on steam).

Cliques? Sure, they’re Everywhere


No matter what game you play, you’re always going to encounter cliques. Groups of people who are reluctant to let anyone else into the circle. It’s hard being an outsider and being constantly reminded of the fact. In wurm I applied to be a CA so I could assist players who had questions and generic things like that. I like to help people out, and most of the time I think I’m pretty friendly. However, a small portion of the CAs belong to a clique together, as any group of friends would. It’s awkward to hear them inviting each other into Teamspeak and being the one who is left out. Since I’m new it will take time before anyone is comfortable with me being there and I’ve already butted heads with some folks because I was not in favor of the new faster timers. What can I do? Just duck my head down and keep enjoying the game, helping players out where I can.

Which brings me back to the deed! Maya has been doing an amazing job in getting her fields terraformed and planted. Moumix has also been terraforming the top tier and I completed the rice field and worked on the docks. Thanks to the faster timers I raised my natural substance to 45, and my channeling is at 35. My Fo priest should be able to cast genesis soon and that will help Maya out with her animals.

Anders contacted me yesterday which was a nice surprise! A fellow Wurm Online player, they’re currently working on a road. Moumix bought a few weapons and tools from Maradesade who lives pretty close by, his deed is beautiful. Zekseidu will be taking a bit of a break, but I hope to see her around again soon, and me and Cennydd had a good chat this morning. It looks like new players (not alts but actual new players) have slowed down a bit but there are still a few each day which is really lovely to see.

Don’t forget if you decide to come play on Sklotopolis – say hello! I’m there as Stargrace, and you just /tell to open a chat window with me. I love answering questions and if you’re a new player don’t hesitate to give me a nudge.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

How Fast is Too Fast?


Today wild growth is the name of the game. I’m helping Mayameran out with her hedge pens by casting on them to encourage a growth spurt. Then she can create gates for the pens and move the animals over. After that the old stone pens will be knocked down and hedge pens placed on the other side.

I spent a bit of time locating a few water tiles on the top tier of the deed, easy enough. One is in an awkward place right outside the warehouse but a second tile was under the trash heap which is not a bad location.

I’ve been taking a small break from digging the dock area to work on other skills, like pottery. I’d like to make some compass’ and having nice pottery levels will come in handy for that. Right now I’m at 30, and I’m hoping to reach 50 before the end of the day. I brought my Fo priest over to the deed so she can help out doing odds and ends. I’ve almost reached 40 meditation, and I’m a few days away from rank 7 on the path of knowledge. My goal is to reach .. well, rank 12. I’ve still got a while to go.

Timers were changed today so things are even faster. I’m not really happy about the change at all, but c’est la vie. All I can do is go with it. I’m not fond of being able to raise my digging skill to 90+ in just a handful of hours, but I know there are many out there who have no issue with that. I ranted a bit about it and then realized that ranting would get me no where, so I apologized for the rant. I love wurm because of the sense of pride and effort that comes from creation within the game. Shortened timers felt like it was taking away some of that pride and effort – which it is, but in an MMO it’s not a single person’s vision that creates a server. If it REALLY bugs me, well, I don’t have to play, or I can find a server more to my liking.

With that bit of knowledge, I went back to working on the docks. I should have the whole area flattened today without any trouble at all. Then it’s just a matter of digging out the rice pens, and flattening out the rock areas with dirt or sand. I haven’t decided which yet. I’m thinking dirt, and then I’ll pave the entire dock (or have Moumix pave it with slate). I do also need to create some sections that branch off of the dock for boat parking. I’m hoping to have lots of dirt so that I can give some to the top tier as Moumix evens it out, but I may just end up using it all.

We shall see!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Digging, Mining, and More Digging


When I mentioned that most of my time has been spent digging and clearing a portion of a mountain in order to extend the dock by 8 tiles total, that’s exactly what I meant. It’s very boring grunt work. The left hand side of the screenshot is flat, and exactly how I want it to be. The right hand side used to be mountain, so I expose the area to rock, and then mine down the tile so that it’s one below the flat area. Then I can drop sand on it to even things out. It’s time consuming but the end effect should be beautiful. At the far end where you can just barely make out my horse and cart is where two rice fields are going. That section will be easier, I’ll just mine or dig down to a slop of 8 all around. I’m not quite at the halfway mark yet, but I’m hoping the other section of the dock will be easier. I don’t think there’s much mountain there to get in the way.

Of course I could be completely wrong. Maybe it will be a lot more silly work than I imagined.

Yesterday my champion wolf gave birth to a champion pup! I was pretty excited about that. When you breed a champion there’s only a chance for the pup to also be a champion. That statistic is increased if the mother is the champion one which is what happened in my case. Her pup is male, so now I have male and female champion wolves. They’re much larger than regular wolves but aside from that don’t really hold any special traits. I just like to breed them because it’s a neat aspect to Wurm. You can’t ride wolves or hitch them to carts, but they do make for neat guard dogs.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!



There are some absolutely beautiful deeds in both Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online. Each brick crafted by hand and mixed with mortar to create fantastic buildings. Moumix has been showing me some castle deeds to use as inspiration for our own place. We have a beautiful hedge animal pen that is being build up by Mayameran and I’m completely in love with it. Our buildings have started up, and we’re leveling the top portion of the deed while I work down below getting the dock situated.

The dock is coming along nicely, even if it’s a pain. About 2,000 dirt have been removed so far, and a few hundred rock shards. The portion I’m at doesn’t require any surface mining so it’s just a lot of plain digging. I’ll be taking a break from it shortly to work on mortar (which we need a LOT of) and small nails. Moumix has been taking over the construction of the buildings (thankfully, because creating buildings is not something I’m fond of) and he’s doing a fantastic job. I can’t believe how fast things are coming together.

The blue drake hatchling was finally found last night and I expect that there will be a server event to smush the thing this upcoming weekend. Maybe I’ll get lucky and finally win a set of drake for myself but I have a feeling that there is going to be quite a crowd of people there, and my luck has never been that great. Still, I’ve never seen a blue drake before, and it should be interesting even with the crowds. I’ll take screenshots and post about it just like I did for the kyklops slaying.

So far it’s been a pretty good week. Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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