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The diferances between girls and boys (or, girls rule and boyz drool!)



My computer desk, note the kitty cat desktop!

So, I was looking at the two computer desks in my livingroom. I live on the 11th floor of an apartment building, so there’s really only two choices, put them in the bedroom, or have them in a corner in the livingroom. Taking a look at my desk, well, it’s not the neatest of desks, there’s a bottle of multi-vitamin there, cute teddy bears, some pictures along the top, a candle and pens and pencils in a glass. the ever-present water glass.

Shadowgeist’ desk, just missing the pop cans

Note the WoW desktop (though he plays EQ2 mostly) keys, wallet, cell phone, house phone, boxes of kleenex… nothing as personal or soft as my desk. I have the biggest desk, but he has the brand new monitor (which makes me drool, I’ll admit). So it’s only safe to assume that when it comes to gaming habbits, there are differences. In play style, in attitude, and countless other things. There are times when I tend to be a little more… bloodthirsty, and times when I’m content to sit back and just heal. It’s finding a balance between the gaming styles that makes things work (or not work, as the case may be). Unlike a lot of couples who play MMO’s, we typically don’t play together at all. We’re in the same guild for the first time in five years, I want to craft, quest, and explore, he wants to squish things. I squish too, but at a more.. lady like pace.

Anyhow, I just wanted to point out some differences in play style. A small break from the every day MMO comments I post here. I’m heading out to see if there’s any copies of TBC left in Ottawa, I bet $5 there are none, Best Buy’s online merchandise check thing says they’re sold out, Future Shop claims to have some left, so we’ll see!

Mr. Steamsworth feels the burn

Some times, you’re just glad you follow sol ro

Actually got some quests done yesterday that I’d wanted to do for a while. One of them in Lesser Faydark had me kill a level 67^^^ who came with a 67^^ and that means, they were blue to me. Now, I’m a cloth caster, without masters of my pets or nukes. Wearing a few fabled pieces but a lot of treasured. So of course I had my doubts. I mez’d the ^^ and decided to take down the ^^^ first because I figured he’d update my quest (I was wrong about that as it turned out, I needed to defeat both and loot a shovel they dropped). I was very thankful I follow sol ro. Not only do I wear a cloak that gives me +65 damage to all of my spells, but I also get a miracle called incinerate. It does (with my current intelligence) 17,000 damage or so. Of course as you can see from the picture above, it can also crit. That’s on a mob with no debuffs. Toss it on a raid mob and it’s hittting anywhere from 28,000-32,000. If I had any heat based spells sol ro has a better miracle I’d have chosen (I have it on my fury, who can crit for about 45,000 or so) but for now, that’s not bad at all.

I keep my God happy by feeding a few pieces of spare gear to them every day, and those blessings and miracles don’t only come in handy on raids, but for my every day adventuring where I need a sudden boost of dps in order to win a particularly tricky encounter that I shouldn’t be soloing (but I am).

I finally completed my poets palace access. I’ve never needed it, I farm the zone with friends and haven’t ventured in solo yet on my illusionist. I wanted it mostly because the house reward is a carpet that ports you to the citadel (convenience is great!) and to up my very small quest count of course. I also did the access to ToS (Tower of the Sky, it’s an epic instance in shimmering citadel, and completing that zone gives you a scale, that lets you inside of the Djinn master’s prism, another raid zone with one hell of a script to run through). no house item for that one though.

Also a huge thank you and shout out to Mrrx, he’s been working on the Ashen Order faction and posting about it, I decided (since I collect titles, it’s a quirk of mine) that I’d go after “The Jade Tiger” title, and am now sporting it. Slightly annoying to get simply because I was at -20,000 faction with the order to begin with. After raising the faction to +20,000 in the sprawl, I headed over to pillars of flame – where there are large encounters of level 55 heroics that I can aoe madly away at and die in a matter of seconds. It was great. I also made about two plat from all of the stuff they drop after killing 10 groups of these. Each group netted 1,000+ faction each, plus a few quests I did to boost it a little higher. This was the first time I’d actually quested at all in DoF with the illusionist, I pretty much skipped the content in my mad grind to 70. It was nice to start working on it again. I’ll have to work on courts faction one of these days too I think, and there is silent city access I’d like to obtain, and a few other quests (of course I did my carpet quest already, who wouldn’t want a free mount!).

Mark of the Awakened (third time’s the charm)

Dasie frantically beating away at the Droag for MoA

Learning the raid strats for EH (emerald halls) has been challenging to say the least. Three hours on a single named encounter. Learned a lot though. When you zone into EH you have the chance to have a few random named up at the time, other times you’ll zone in and they won’t be there. So it was fun to see something new at least. Went to Deathtoll after that, but I was feeling slightly under the weather after 5 hours of raids, so I called it early. Deathtoll is a stroll in the park now anyhow and doesn’t require a full raid force any more.

TK is apparently going to be making a quick MoA run (the final quest is a x4 raid) for a few members who need it, so I figured I should get Dasie (my level 70 templar) caught up to that point. I’d already completed the major parts except for the solo trial. I was level 65 at the time, and any one who has ever played a templar knows they are not the most dps efficient of characters. The solo trial was impossible for me to beat at that time. It was a whole different story at level 70 though. I stocked up on some thornskin potions just for some extra dps, slapped yaulp on, and a 2handed weapon, and mashed away until everything finally died. I remember doing the quest with my warden, as well as my (at the time) coercer. So this’ll be the third time I’ve gotten my MoA for a character of mine. It’s a pretty significant piece of gear and I remember how pleased I was the first time I got it.

I was thinking back to the last time I was really impressed with an encounter and a guild kill, the last time I was so very excited and happy about raiding and the game in general, and I pin pointed it to the first time TK took down Chel’Drak, I screamed in the teamspeak channel when we did, lol. I also won a pair of the druid boots that night. I’m not sure what the game seems to be lacking lately, maybe (probably) it’s just me. Raid schedule’s changed a little bit, fri-sat-sun-mon and wed are the new days, instead of tue-wed. Makes for a long run, fun none the less.

Today – hopefully I’ll get Faydai a few more sage levels, at least two. I’d love to quest some more with Stargrace as well, we’ll see how it goes. I’ll probably dip into warcraft today as well.

Mayer Mayong says a painful hello

Stargrace standing in front of Mayong Mistmoore, in Inner Sanctum

A good weekend of raids so far. With a few blips of course. Friday night we headed to clockwork, took down the crazed mecha dragon with no issues, headed to Chel’Drak (which is by far one of my favorite fights) who we downed first shot, then we headed to Freethinkers Hideout, where things started to fall apart slightly. Downed one name with no issue and then two healers had to leave. That’s never fun. So after a few more attempts we called it a night, and I continued on my way working the “To Speak as a Dragon” quest line that I’ve been exceptionally lax on doing.

Saturday’s raid consisted of Inner Sanctum. Another zone I like quite a bit. The zone itself is a challenge, though it’s quite easy to kill the named in there – up to the final boss Mayong Mistmoore, who we’ve yet to down. We did get three pieces of class gear though, and I walked away with the little pretty pictured below

A item that’s clearly an enchanter one, since the majority of our spells are mental and magic and all that good stuff. Now I just need to find a pretty adornment for it. Apparently we may be getting some cross server transfers as well, that’ll be interesting. A guardian, dirge, and wizard from unrest came by the server looking for a raiding guild. I’m not sure we actually needed any of those classes, though maybe Jraxl (our current main tank / guild leader) is looking for a back up (we only have him as a guardian, though our shadowknights and bruisers can also tank quite well) and of course a lot of the time no wizards are around, though our dirge is exceptionally regular, the other dirge.. is not quite as regular. Anyhow, enough rambling from me for now, we’ll just have to see how it goes. I think the plan today is to head to Emerald Halls.

Casualties of the War of the Fae (Raincaller)

Level: 60

– This quest starts from Master Bowyer Mossberge, in Kelethin. Evil aligned can still do the quest, you may need to sneak past the guards though.

– The first step is to head to loping plains,and find the mouth of the Long Drawn River. It’s up north, there’s only one River in the zone. A level 52 Heroic wounded werewolf will be there, and close by Ranger Oast will spawn. Hail him for your update.

– Head to Lesser Faydark to the Wu encampment, Captin Trueshot will spawn there (940,-179). He sends you off to collect a few supplies to help create the bow.

– A spool of dwarven wire can be bought from Mender Horon Bronzethumb (-260,90) at West Fort Irontoe in Butcherblock Mountains. He won’t sell to you unless you have 10k+ faction with the irontoe, if you haven’t already gotten this from doing the level 17 HQ, you can slay kobold, or work some easy quests around the zone. To buy from him, right click him and when you open the repair window you’ll see a tab for “buy”.

– Two perfect micro servers, are semi-rare drops off of the clockworks in Klak’anon. Only the higher level ones will update the quest, and you won’t see an update as you kill them, but keep working at it, and eventually you’ll get it.

– Moonlight wood, comes from a harvestable tree in Greater Faydark, head towards Felwithe (New Tunaria), and up a cliff (1000,430), you’ll find a tree. The tree only spawns at night, and you must have a skill of 245+ to be able to harvest it.

– For the gold Fairy dust, Princess Saphronia will help you. She’s found in Kelethin and wants you to get a powersource for Sir Gearheart. It drops off of the last mob in court of Innovation (inside Klak’anon). Give her the powersource, and she’ll give you the fairy dust.

– Head back to Master Bowyer Mossberge, and he’ll send you to get it enchanted, go to Fethinal the Enchanted in Greater Faydark (inside the tree, -835,540).

– Take the bow back to Captian Trueshot in Lesser Faydark. He can’t use the bow though, and wants you to kill dragoons to help him out.

  • Dragoon V’Riv (-300,700) near the Estate of Unrest in butcherblock
  • Dragoon K’Geth (200,280)
  • Dragoon Captian K’Venx in lesser faydark, head towards the obelisk, heading around the left edge, you’ll find a climbable root that leads to a ledge where the captian spawns.

– Head back to Captian Trueshot.

– The Captian ends up being a vampire himself, kill him, and Huntsmaster Viswin shows up, and sends dierwolves after you. Kill them, and head to loping plains.

– Head to the steps of Castle Mistmoore, and an epicx2 level 60 encounter will spawn. Can easily be defeated with one group, he’s got a very small magic type dot. Defeat the encounter.

Reward: Raincaller bow

Reward: ??? Status points

The Staff of the Observers

Level 50

– This quest starts when you loot an Old Telescopic Lens from any level 41+ kobold found in steamfont.

– You can find the gnome to talk to in Steamfont Mountains at the Frugrin Observatory, The gnome you need to talk to is Vhizz Frugrin (Loc = -955.86, 156.56, 739.75)
– Head to Enchanted Lands, Then goto Runnyeye, and then goto the bottom to The Chamber of Rulgax, then fight your way all the way down to the last mob Lord Rulgax, kill him to get your Lens update.

– Head back to Vhizz Frugrin at the Frugrin Observatory in Steamfont Mountains. Collect three catalyst elements.

  • Head to Everfrost and then head to Icespire Summit, zone in and goto the last room kill everything in the room untill Karg Icebear spawns then harvest the coldest mana infused crystals from the middle crystal.
  • Heavy Oxidized Mineral Water is located in the Steamfont Wetlands (Loc = -588.28, 70.84, 1,589.89) you need to harvest the point inside the geyser to get the update.
  • Molten Mana Infused Stone (Loc = -411.68, -30.91, -580.68) is located in Lavastorm on the Mage Spire where Tyrock Cleaver is.

– Now that you have all the catalyst elements, You should return to Vhizz Frugrin in the Steamfont Mountains at the Frugrin Observatory.

– You can find a Grikbar outcast at (Loc = -1,195.62, 96.08, 1,304.12) (You need to speak Serilian to be able to talk to a Grikbar outcast)

– You need to collect the tongue of the Grikbar kobold Pechpooka

  • Digmaster Pechpooka is located in the Grikbar Crater (Loc = -108.46, 43.28, 1,184.89)

– You need to collect the tongue of the Grikbar kobold Pechmooka

  • Slave Pechmooka is located in the Mines of Meldrath, not the instance but the caves/mines in the Steamfont Mountains (Loc = -1,394.36, 85.41, 1,058.40)

– You need to collect the tongue of the Grikbar kobold Pechyooka

  • Scout Pechyooka is located around the Dragonscale Hills he roams the area.

– Return to the Grikbar outcast with the tongues. Enter King Grikbar’s Cavern, (King Grikbar’s Cavern is located in the Grikbar Crater on the south side you will see a cave called The Lair of the Rex it is in the back behind a Banner (Loc = -69.72, 80.10, 1,294.77)

– Kill King Grikbar and recover the Staff of the Observers. Make certain that you kill everything leading up to the King, as he will call all remaining adds to his aid.

Reward: The Staff of the Observers

Reward: ??? Status Points

A Thorn of Old (wurmslayer)

Level 70

– This quest is given by Fuzzmin the Lost on Whisperwind Isle in the Barren Sky, near the climb up to the Owl camp (-587,-408). It is the quest for Wurmslayer. You have three targets for the first step:

  • Azdalin – He is found at the Vicious Breeding Grounds in Tenebrous Tangle. He will spawn when you get near the center of the island, and is a 65 ^^^ Heroic.
  • Glyton – At the bottom of the Sanctum of the Scaleborn, at base of ramp.
  • Lord Xyfl – Spawns in Lavastorm. You don’t have to kill him though. He falls asleep, and you can pluck a scale from him while he is sleeping.

– After obtaining these return to Fuzzmin. He will give you a Rusty Wurmslayer.

– You must take it to An Old Weaponsmith next to the pool at the bottom of the waterfall at the Hidden Refuge in Tenebrous Tangle (+81,+192). You will have to read his text and answer carefully or the dialogue will end and you’ll have to start over. At the end of this conversation he will give you a level 60 recipe to build the Oak Shafted Wurmslayer. It requires a rare special oak-shaft which can be found in a chest next to Cyenadros in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn (+24,+308).

– You must then obtain a metal bar to craft the Sharp Bladed Wurmslayer, a level 63 recipe. This is found in the Palace of the Awakened.

– After this you must take the Quellthulian Enchantments from near the Carniverous Pillar in the Halls of Fate, and use them to create a Formed Wurmslayer. This is a level 65 geomancy combine.

– You must then slay the following dragons:

– Harla Dar: Epic x 4 in the Temple of Scale
– Lord Vyemm: Epic x 4 Dragon in the Laboratory of Lord Vyemm
– Sothis: Dragon in Halls of Fate

Receive Reward: Wurmslayer
Receive Reward: ??? Status Points

Draco Mortuus Vos Liveratio (Bone-Clasped Girdle)

Level 70

– This is the quest for the Bone-Clasped Girdle. It is initiated by talking to Sinephobis on Fear Tainted Island (-104, 871) in Tenebrous Tangle. It requires you to speak the Thulian language.

– He asks you to find and recover the strengthened draconic bones in the Bonemire. You must find the following bones, which spawn in multiple locations including the ones below:

  • A large dragon skull: (+947,+172) or (+866,+270) or (+868,+221) on the Isle of the Ravasect
  • A large dragon-bone tail: (+458,-611) or (+414,-481) in Carcotoxic Stain
  • A set of dragon ribs: (+276,-17) or (+241,-32) on Halls of Fate Isle
  • A set of dragon limbs: (+248,+776) or (+289,+695) or (+335,+726) on the Drednever Crash Site
  • A set of dragon-bone wings: (-637,+412) or (-728,+393) or (-776,+379) on the Shattered Weir Isle

– After this you must obtain four new items. These can sometimes be found on brokers:

  • Blue-Silver Sheet: Rare mined ore
  • Perfect Osseus Lumber: Rare lumbered item
  • Perfectly Cut Purple Geode: Rare mined gem
  • Strip of Supple Leather: Rare trapped object

Once you have all of these you should head to the forge in the Sanctum of the Scaleborn, near the Halls of Rites (-116,-33). It is a level 60 combine. You can scribe the recipe at any level, and attempt at lower levels, but expect it to take a long time. A quicker method of getting this update, and easier, is to bring a level 70 crafter to the forge with you, and use the consignment method. Have them Target you, hit N, select the recipe (they must have scribed it already) and right click the image, click create. Then you simply drop in your no-trade pieces to the window, and click accept.

– After completing this you are sent to kill Do’Ellin the Young. He is a 67 ^^^ Heroic who spawns on Ravasect Isle in The Bonemire, near the bottom of the waterfall. He has an AE Knockback. After subduing him you use the Phylatercy on him and return to Sinephobis. If you’re in a group be sure everyone does this step at the same time as he de-spawns after 10 seconds, he re-spawns within 10 minutes.

– After this you should return and do the hand in. You will then be given six minutes to place three rods. One on Gazer Isle, one on Bixie Isle and one on Fear Tainted Isle.

– After returning to Sinephobis he will spawn the Spirit of Do’Ellin, a dracoliche version of Do’Ellin. He is level 70 ^^^. Kill him for your Bone Clasp Girdle.

Receive Reward: Bone-Clasped Girdle

The Wonderous Inventions of a Crazed Gnome (Bag of the Tinkerers)

Level 65

– You have to rescue an ambushed gnome near the doomwing dig site in the Bonemire in order to start this quest. Go to (+117,+578). Two ambushers and a gnome will spawn; save the gnome from the ambushers before he dies. Speak to him to get the quest. Make sure you know the gnomish language.

– Gather 5 pile of goo. (big blue globs that spawn in the river). Turn this into Gimdimble Fizzwoddle at (-19,+496) in the dreadnever crash site.

– Collect core ground samples. Make sure the name of the area pops up on your screen.

  • Cacotoxic Stain (+301,-469)
  • Ghazi’s Rest: take Island of Ravasect and update near big bone head (+950,+445)
  • Carrion Briar (-58,-624)
  • Hive Vornerus (+40,+816)
  • Doomwing Excavation Site: fly to Halls of Fate (-255,-40)

– Stay on the Halls of Fate for the next 5, go around to all the islands from the main one.

  • Halls of Fate (-33,+5)
  • Calling pool (-108,+155)
  • Bashir’s Excavation (+143,+134)
  • Remnants of Xoch (+189,-11)
  • Akharu’s Dig Site (-3,-185)

– Turn in to gnome.

-Collect soil samples. You must collect 10 soil samples in the hive. This is the big volcano looking thing on the island with dreadnever crash site. The path inside is at (+73,+958). Once inside there are soil samples you have to mine.

-Turn in to gnome.

-Collect dizzwangle. This spawns on the middle island of halls of hate. Go to (-123,+296). You will get thrown off the island when you get this item.

– Collect carapace’s and padding for the device.

– Kill 5 vornerus drone, these come in groups of 3, one double down arrow and 2 triple down arrows.

– Kill 5 fetidthorn briar. These are located around (-122,+885).

– Turn in to gnome.

– Retrieve gnomes tools. This is on the Remnants of Xoch at (+240,-32).

– Kill a Young dragon. This is a 65 ^^^. It is a major undercon. This spawns on halls of fate flies around the isle then lands on top of the building. He has a huge knockback, may want to pull him inside of the alcove where you zone into Halls of Fate.

Receive Reward: Bag of the Tinkerers
Receive Reward: ??? Status Points

An Ancient Desert Power (Scepter of Rahotep)

Level 50

– This heritage quest is initiated by examining “A Piece of Ancient Parchment.” This item is a body drop on Desert Madmen and Lunatics in the Sinking Sands and the Pillars of Flame.

– You need to find a Desert Expert in Maj’Dul (The Planetologist) The NPC that you need to find is Planetologist Ahkar in Maj’dul. He is located at (-152,-124). If you go up the first flight of stairs from the zone in you’ll find him right there.

– Find Harshaa in the Sinking Sands Harshaa is found at (-405,-1331). When you hail Harshaa and work through some dialogue about him not helping you, 3 double down lv 51 mobs will jump you. After you protect Harshaa he will send you out to kill The Prophet of the Desert.

– Slay The Prophet of the Desert in the Sinking Sands. This is step 4 cause defending Harshaa actually is listed as step 3 in your journal. What you have to do here is find an altar that the desert madmen are preying at and flush out the The Prophet of the Desert. The Altar is at (-651,-514). There are 4 groups of desert lunatics either 3-4 in group around the altar. Kill them to spawn The Prophet of the Desert. He doesnt spawn everytime so get ready for some familiar PH camping. Had a few rounds where 4 desert maniacs would spawn instead of The Prophet of the Desert. The Prophet of the Desert popped at lv 49 ^^^ with 4 desert maniac friends. Nothing special about him. Kill them and then examine the altar. After that return to Harshaa who will then freakout and tell you to leave him alone.

– Return to the Planetologist Return to the Planetologist who informs you that there was this ancient group that ruled the desrt before recorded time and blah blah blah. Then he tells you that some qeynosians have found information on the civilization and that you should seek them out. Problem is that they were jumped by pirates and everything was stolen. So what you now must do is seek out these pirates and hope they have the relics.

-Investigate Dry Wind Island and find the pirates who robbed the Qeynosians.

– There are a group of Five (5) level 45 Samiel Pirates at (-2164,-24). As soon as you zone in you are attacked by a ^^^ 54 Samiel Maruader so who ever zones in first needs to handle themselves. Then Pull Lieutenant Kielmal he is a level 54 ^^^ as well. He will drop the key you need then you need to clear the rest of the ship which consists of Two (2) level 54 ^^ Samiel Maraders, Two (2) level 54 ^^ Samiel Outlaws (these are down the stairs to the right you can’t see them), and Three (3) Level 54 ^^ Pillagers, Once this are clear the chest is down the stairs and to the right you may not have to kill the last group of three if you are careful. Once this is done return to Planetologist Ahkar.

– Return to the libaray of my home city and speak with someone who may know about the Desert. Return to you Home City and goto the Libaray in North Freeport (Librarian Zabnolique)or South Qeynos (Libarian Dungil) he will tell you some stuff then send you back to Planetologist Ahkar (don’t you love all this running around?)

– Destroy the Legions of Rahotep. It’s now time to destroy the legions of Rahotep. You need to gather a small raid (2 groups) and head to the Twin Tears in the Sinking Sands. This is a short carpet ride away. After arriving at Twin Tears, there will be an NPC at the north side, named Rahotep. You can’t hail him, but when you come close a huge army will spawn. They are all NPC’s but become attackable in waves of like 10 mobs of lvl 55 epic x2 mobs (all ^ or ^^). Some 55 epic x2 named.

– Return to ‘Planetologist Ahkar’ in Maj’Dul to receive your reward.

Receive Reward: Scepter of Rahotep
Receive Reward: 70,000 Status Points

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