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An Eye for Power (Tobrin’s Mystical Eyepatch)

Level 45

– Starts from Master T’Lys in Everfrost (+80,+81).

– Master T’Lys asks you to acquire four pieces of his shattered wand. They are ground spawns, with semi-random spawn locations:

  • Red Shard: In the behemoth area
  • Blue Shard: In the cat/stag area
  • Green Shard: In the terrors area
  • White Shard: In the cougar area

– After completing this task and returning to Master T’Lys he will ask you to kill the leaders of the Frosthorn, Icegill and Numbfoot tribes in Everfrost.

– Head towards minotaurs and slay all the minotaurs at western campfire (-10,-430). It will trigger a group with executioners or Bloodrage. Bloodrage is who you need.

– Head towards the icegill goblins, on the islands past Permafrost. There is an island the north, 2 islands south of the raid mob (+511,-1400). Slay all the monsters and Webclaw will eventually spawn. Kill him.

– Head towards the cougar/stag area where the blue shard was and kill the Numbfoots around the tree. Eventually Chieftain Iceburn will spawn here. Kill him.

Now that you have all three pieces you must head to Miragul’s Menagerie. Zone in and kill everything in the dungeon.

Receive Reward: Tobrin’s Mystical Eyepatch
Receive Reward: 60,000 Status Points

By Hook or By… (Heirophant’s Crook)

Level 40

– Starts from Rukir Pineleaf in Rivervale (-806,-276).

The first step is to collect 100 horns from nightbloods in Rivervale. After doing this speak with Rukir Pineleaf again.

– The next step takes you to the Tower of the Drafling to find some Jum Jum Juice. The tap can be foud at (+353,+104). After obtaining the Jum Jum Juice you must return to Rukir.

– Rukir will then send you back to the Tower of the Drafling and find the Queen’s Chamber. The place you need to advance the quest is at (+477,-28). Once you find it the quest will update and you can return to Rukir in Rivervale.

– Asajj An’duuth and some assassins will then spawn. Kill them and then speak to Rukir again.

– Rukir then sends you to deliver some vegetables to Franny in Rivervale at the Fool’s Gold (-83,-25). You have a five minute time limit to reach her.

– These vegetables will make her sick and die, and you must then return to Rukir. It is important to note that she dies within seconds of talking to her, so the group has to time the turn in so that you all turn in your vegetables at the same time. If she dies and some players haven’t finished you will need to wait 10-25 minutes for her to respawn.

– After returning to Rukir you should once again time your hails. Everyone needs to finish his dialogue before he dies. Rukir will then turn hostile and must be killed to complete the quest. He is a level 46-48 ^^ mob.

Receive Reward: Heirophant’s Crook
Receive Reward: 57,500 Status Points

The Bone Bladed Claymoer (Bone Bladed Claymore)

Level 40

– Starts from examining the Glowing Sword in Stormhold (-150,-96).

– After closer examination of the blade you are faced with the task to kill Opalla who is located inside Blackburrow. You can find Opalla directly south of the bridge, in the farthest room. Opalla is Lvl 42 mob.

– After defeating Opalla, once again examine the sword and find out you must now slay Troll Warrior Redak who is a level 44 and located in the chapel in Stormhold. Easiest way to get to the chapel is to go down the spiral staircase, go down the hall to the atrium and enter the door to the left of you, Their will be a “pond” in front of you take the path to the right and follow it down until you are in the room with the cavaliers, go up the staircase and follow the hall that wraps around the room to a door that will be on your right. Inside Redak awaits.

– Once again examine the sword and find out that you must now re-forge the hilt and bone blade and make it one again. Now the bad news for some of you, In order to re-forge the blade you must have a ebon cluster which you will lose when you forge the sword. You can buy these or mine them in tier 5 zones. When you are ready head to Runnyeye and head down the path just past the bridge until you come across the first room with goblins past the archway there will be another room with more goblins, Once you enter the room to the left there will be a small outcove and inside will be a forge and a anvil sitting in front of the forge. Inspect the anvil to reforge the blade. Now the fun part!

Receive Reward: Inert Bone Bladed Claymore

– You will need to slay 1,000 sentient beings, no animal killing. This means any non-animal.

– Kill Gynok Moltar, the first wielder of the claymore. He is level 47 heroic mob, and is located where you first grabed the Claymore on top of the spiral staircase. Enter the room and he spawns. Slay Moltar and for the last time examine the sword.

– If you have completed the Berik’s Revenge (Sword of Thunder) quest in the past you will have a option to strike the claymore with Berik, Sword of Thunder. Doing this will create the Electrified Bone Bladed Claymore! If you have not completed than you will can only accept the Bone Bladed Claymore.

Receive Reward: Bone Bladed Claymore
Receive Reward: 58,500 Status Points

Saving Soles (Golden Efreeti Boots)

Level 50

– Starts from Charly Ashlash in Lavastorm (-323,+355).

– You need to speak goblin to receive this quest from Charly Ashlash. Before Charly will deal with you he asks you to destroy some monsters in Lavastorm. You must slay 50 crawlers and 50 Drakes. The lizards at the docks give credit for drakes.

– After doing this return to him. He will give you a boot. Examine the boot and the quest will update.

– You must find the corpse of a smelly fish to bait “The Big Squiggly”. The fish it is referring to is a level 47 solo fish named “Foulgill the Rotten” who spawns near the docks. He has a place holder.

– After killing the fish you will be given 2 hours the bait the trap for “The Big Squiggly”. This trap is a bit deeper in the zone where a named goblin spawns but not very deep. (-566,+410) It will look like a pile of underbrush. Have everyone right click and bait the trap and “a hungry goblin” will run up to the trap.

– Immediately following this “The Big Squiggly” will spawn and attack the group. He is level 48 or 49 ^^. After killing him you will recieve the right boot.

– The next step is to find an Efreeti to make sure the boots are truly Efreeti made. The Efreeti your looking for is Tazgar the Efreeti in the Temple of Solusek Ro in Lavastorm. When you speak to him 6 mobs will spawn. Kill them and speak to him again.

– He will then send you to Solusek’s Eye to kill fire giants until you receive a key. This is a semi-rare auto-updating drop. The giants are in deep, past the golems.

Once you have the key you use it to disable the spires in Lavstorm:

  • (-635,-+300) first goblin area
  • (+120,-465) lava field before the temple
  • (-115,+75) drake pit west of temple
  • (-438,+120) before dragon’s breath tunnel
  • (-567,-410) near Buglegreeder

– Once the spires have been disabled you must defeat The Magolemus. This is a new level 50 ^^^ Group x 2 mob who is located outside of Solusek’s Eye in Lavastorm. If you have disabled the spires, when you walk near him he will become attackable. Once you engage him you have 15 minutes to kill him or he will despawn. He procs a single target knockback on your main tank, so be sure to have his back to a wall.

– After killing him you must reactivate the spires that you disabled earlier. After reactivating them you need to return to speak to Tazgar.

– You must then kill Efreeti Lord Djarn. He is located in the Bastion of Flames.

– After killing Efreeti Lord Djarn you can return to Tazgar for your reward.

Receive Reward: Golden Efreeti Boots
Receive Reward: 50,000 Status Points

The Lost Legend of Lavastorm (Crown of King Tranix)

Level 45

– Starts from Fendaris K’Lorn at the Lavastorm docks (-125,+628).

– The first step is to kill goblins in Lavastorm or Everfrost until you have obtained 20 shards of the broken goblin tablet. This is an auto-updating, uncommon piece. After completing this task return to Fendaris.

– He then requires you to collect 8 goblin banners written in a secret goblin code. The 8 banners are pretty easy to get, just a pain to get the 8 you need right away if anyone else in the zone is on the same part of the quest. There are 2 areas for the banners that they respawn quite quickly. The first area with the solo whelps has 4 spawns of banners scattered thruogh the area. The second goblin area, past the stone bridge has another 4 spawns scattered throughout.

  • (-175,+334)
  • (-153,+274)
  • (-157,+199)
  • (-726,+339)
  • (-345,+324)
  • (-737,+437)
  • (-774,+389)
  • (-321,+458)
  • (-555,+470)
  • (-590,+265)

– After examining all of the banners and speaking to Fendaris, you receive a scroll written in Druzaic. You will need to know Words of Pure Magic to read it. It tells you a nice story about how the goblins got whooped in a fight ages ago. Pay attention when reading through it cause your gonna re-trace the story. Basically you must find the five pieces to the goblin poem. They are at:

  • (-646,+65) The Wound.
  • (-678,-159) Goblet of Ro.
  • (-635,+302) Gobln Ritual Shrine.
  • (-230,+149) Behind the Lavafall.
  • (-193,+251) Before the Lavafall.

– You then must find the name of the forgotten Lavastorm Legend. You do this by speaking with Bunglegreeder. He is in a hut near Asphyxia in Lavastorm at (-403,+194). He will ask you to obtain 8 rare rocks from Lavastorm. Six are mob drops and two must be mined. They are:

  • Metamorphite: Harvested from the metamorphite rocks
  • Flame Licked Diamond: Harvested from Flame Licked Ore
  • Molten Fragmite: Molten Fragments
  • Noxious Pearl: Noxious Emissions
  • Basalt Turquoise: Basalt Rumblers
  • Globule Rose: Flaming Globules
  • Dormizite: Dormant Basalt Rumblers
  • Bouldering Heart: Bouldering Guards of Tyrock Cleaver.

– Return to buglegreeder and get quest update, to search for info of King Tranix.

– Head to temple of ro and take all rights, this will lead to a library and it has a Ghost npc that will tell you to seek out the Dead Knights bones that were sent out across the Shattered Lands (you have seen them when examined it speaks of Flames and Swords on a medalion i believe) But there are 10 of them.

  • Liantis: Lavastorm (-551,+16)
  • Usalin: Lavastorm (-282,-435)
  • Mortanis: Everfrost (25,-478)
  • Edgarin: Feerrott (-1933,+557)
  • Karysin: Zek (-192,-553)
  • Jartellin: The Enchanted Lands (-398,-624)
  • Hogosh: Nektulos Forest (-1374,-697)
  • Weldin: Thundering Steppes (853,+1064)
  • Desdarn: Commonlands (249,+252)
  • Narisin: Antonica (-2051,-564)

– Then it has you Return the bones to the Censor of Souls you pass it heading to Solusek’s Eye through Temple of Ro past Tazga. This looks like a forge with a cauldron in the middle. Head back to ghosty npc in library and he tells you to examine the book about king tranix, its in the library you are in at the moment.

– Then head back to Solusek’s Eye, down to the Giants of Thyr the first room you see them in go to the left side and there is the chest at (+99,+189).

– It has you gather four circlets from various names in Sols Eye:

  • Speaker: Same room as the Chest
  • The Castigator: Room next to Bastion of Flames
  • Lord Crana: Glass Room deep in Thyr area
  • Onyxlam: Titans area (-31,-135)

– After killing all four you can go back to the room and open the chest for your reward.

Receive Reward: Crown of King Tranix
Receive Reward: 54,750 Status Points

The Stein of Moggok: It can be Rebuilt (Stein of Moggok)

Level 40

– Starts from Rumdum in the pub at the East Freeport docks (-234,+8).

– If you are from Qeynos, in order to speak to Rumdum, you must have a Freeport citizen stall the guard who is constantly entering the bar. Wait for the guard to head into the back deck area and then have your Freeport friend ask for directions from the guard. Keep buying drinks for Rumdum and he will eventually give you the quest.

– You must collect the four pieces of the Stein of Moggok. These can be found on the Bouncers in the Feerrott. These are all four rare spawns:

  • Left Half: Bouncer Flerb (-27,+392)
  • Right Half: Bouncer Fug (-446,+146)
  • Handle: Bouncer Hurd (-16,+770)
  • Lid: Bouncer Prud (Runs throughout the zone, despawns quick)

– After turning each of these in to Rumdum he will tell you that Clurg has a Blood Ruby and ask you to obtain it for him. This is found at a lake due south of the zone (-16,+697). Clurg the Bartender will spawn when you swim close to the bottom of the lake. He is a level 40 ^^^ Group x 2 mob. Kill him to obtain the ruby.

– After doing this return to Rumdum who gives you the recipe to create the stein. You must have level 9 crafting. You will need a Glimmering Stone to do this combine.

Receive Reward: Stein of Moggok
Receive Reward: 54,750 Status Points

The Reaching Blade of the Assassin (Serrated Bone Dirk)

Level 40

– Starts from Leelav Yekl in the Enchanted Lands (+220,-53).

– Leelav Yekl needs you to track down an assassin for him. He first sends you to Freeport to scour the inns looking for clues on how to track him down. He gives no further instructions but we can tell you that you must speak to Kreglebop Yekl in West Freeport. He is found outside on the patio of the tavern at (+289,+91).

– Kreglebop Yekl will give you clues that lead to Qeynos. You are once again told to scour the taverns of Qeynos to find an unspecified NPC. We can tell you that this NPC is found past a curtain (hidden) in a downstairs area of the tavern in North Qeynos. The curtain is at (+325,+148). The NPC is named Lodo Bightn and can be found at (+337,+155).

– You will then be sent to the Crypt of Betrayal to search for signs of the Assassin. Bring a group for this step. When you walk past the hallway near (+75,+18) two hired assassins (level 38 ^^ and ^ mobs) will spawn and attack you. Kill them and you will receive a Worn Note. Examine the note to receive a hint for the next step.

– You must now head to the mill at Windstalker Village. As you enter the mill you go to the corner just inside on your left (-1922,-608) to get an advance. You will receive a Crudely Scrawled Parchment a that point which can be examined to give information on the next step.

– Head to the docks in the Thundering Steppes. Make sure your party stays together at this point as when you go near the docks Verishu and some enthralled warriors will ambush you. Kill them and you will receive Nightblood Orders. Read this for a hint to the next step.

– Head to Rivervale and visit a lodge at (-545,-190). When someone enters this lodge Ethruia Aidora and several other Lamias will spawn and attack you. Kill them. Ethruia will drop a Quickly Written Letter which can be examined for more hints.

– You must now run out to Leelav Yekl in the Enchanted Lands and warn him that they are coming for him. When you speak to him Lodo Bightn and two Shadowed Halflings will spawn. You must kill them for the Serrated Bone Dirk.

– Speak to Leelav Yekl to close the quest.

Receive Reward: Serrated Bone Dirk
Receive Reward: 56,500 Status Points

Rescue of the Green Hoods (Short Sword of the Ykesha)

Level 40

– Starts from Sashra Thaltalis in Zek, the Orcish Wastes (+342,-464).

– Starting this quest requires that you have completed the Operation Green Hood quest. Sashra first sends you to the mine lift to see if it’s still functional. Just go there and it’ll update your quest. A few orcs will spawn behind you, but you can either sneak through this or fight them–there are about 4, and they don’t auto aggro, so if they’re greybies, you’re all set.

– Go back to Sashra, he sends you off to collect five scalps from Sullon Centurians, Tallon Raiders and Vallon Grunts. Grunts are near the lumbermill (577,-242). Raiders are linked in the camp east of the docks along with Warpriests. Centurians you can find either in a group of two (each a single ^) along the road to the Citadel. You can find a few wandering with a Sullon Lieutenant, and you can find four at the first gate on the way to DFC. This part is timed at 60 minutes, but the timer stops as soon as you get the kills, so it’s not a big problem. Once you have the kills, go back to Sashra.

– Now that he takes you seriously, he asks you to go kill Sentry Goorlux. Goorlux roams between the lumberjacks and the Sullon lumbermill. He can only be seen when he runs from one point to another, otherwise he’s invisible. He is a 37 or 38^^ mob. Kill him, then go back to Sashra. Again.

– Sashra then sends you into DFC to meet with Infiltrator Stryjin. She’s hiding out in one of the towers around the courtyard, so you’ll need to kill the Deathfist townies to spawn the guards and open up the tower doors. Once the doors open up, one will let you use ladders to get all the way up to the ramparts. You’ll need to kill all the nameds on the ramparts eventually, so go ahead and get it out of the way. The infiltrator can be found at one of the corner towers where there’s no ladder to get up. Just bring a scout with you, much easier that way. Once you meet up with her, she sends you to rescue three trapped Green Hood women inside the citadel.

– Two of them are in the jails down below, and one is brewing poisons for the orcs inside. So to get to them, you need to fight to the inner area where Emperor Fyst is, kill all his guards, and make him run down and open up one of the inner tower doors. You fight down through there towards the harem, kill everything in there. Behind the curtain is a room with an elevator, right click on it to activate it. You can go up one floor, kill Warpaw and any nameds there, then go up another floor, kill the boxes and the trained falcon. If the door across the bridge still doesn’t open for you, look towards the outer wall and see if you’ve killed the Lieutenant there. If not, kill him (pullable from there, just jumpcast it) and the door should open. This is the Magus room with the first woman. Kill all the npcs, and hail her with a single click to get credit.

– Once you clear the magus room, the elevator in that room goes active, so use it to go down to the midkeep, then go down one flight of stairs. Hang a right into the jail area. One of the women is behind bars, so kill the Jailer to open it up, and do the same process as with the first woman. The last one is just past where the jailer was, another named guarding her, so kill that off, then give her the quest recall stone.

– Once you get all three, make your way back to the Infiltrator and let her know what happened. She doesn’t depop, so you don’t need to fret about timing on this. She lets you know that Fyst was carrying the Short Sword of the Ykesha and you should kill him.

– Go back towards the jail area, then go down another flight of steps before you actually enter the jail. Kill any preaetorian guards there, along with elites. Run through the passages there (not the ones that lead back towards the sewers)–the ones near the henchling bookie. Be warned that a 5th preaetorian guard spawns back in the courtyard with the butcher. Most people dont realise this then wander the zone thinking it is stuck in a wall. Once all 5 preaetorian guards are dead, enter the gladiator arena ring event.

– The first fight is with four level 40^^ Deathfist Gladiators. For us, they fought dirty and when we had two gladiators dead, four 40ish ^^ lions were released on us. Knock all those down, and Dogolka spawns. he was, blue like the others, so could have been 42^^.

– After you kill all that then The Harrower of Zek will spawn. He is a level 40 Group x2 mob. After he dies Emperor Fyst himself comes down to engage you. I’m pretty sure that he was a 41 or 42 ^^^ mob, so he’s raidable, but we did it with 5 people. He has an insane amount of mana, but that’s really about it. Kill him.

After killing Emperor Fyst return to Infiltrator Stryjin for your reward.

Receive Reward: Short Sword of the Ykesha
Receive Reward: 54,000 Status Points

Foomby’s Stolen Goods (Bag of Sewn Evil Eye)

Level 40

– Starts from Foomby Slopdigger in the Enchanted Lands (-685,-638).

– The first order of business is to find a Cracked Gold Monocle which was stolen by some Darkflight Faerie in the Enchanted Lands. This is a rare drop that will automatically update in your journal after killing them for some time.

– After obtaining the gold monocle return to Foomby. He will then send you off to kill the big fish in the pond. He is referring to Chomper, a rare spawn in the pond (-169,-503). He spawns exactly four hours after he has been killed last. Kill him and return to Foomby.

– You will then be be sent to speak with Bellendis Tempestcall (+200,-260) in the Granary. You will then be sent out to slay 15 Lamias (any Lamias). This is a timed step, and you only are given 20 minutes. The timer does not start until you kill the first Lamia, however. Once the last encounter dies, Baz’Tarog the Corrupter (a named Nightblood) will spawn at (-481,-904).

– You have five minute to find and kill Baz’Tarog the Corrupter. Kill him then speak to Bellendis Tempestcall at the granary.

– Then run to speak to Foomby to complete the quest.

Receive Reward: Bag of Sewn Evil Eye
Receive Reward: 51,000 Status Points

A Missing Mask (Guise of the Deceiver)

Level 35

– Starts from examining a crate in Nektropos Castle Basement (-14,-32).

– In order to start this quest you must find and open a crate in the Marionette Doll room in the basement of Nektropos Castle. This quests has you following a large doll by the name of Billy around the castle. Often Billy will be up in rooms when you zone into the castle, if he is not up, you can zone in and out hoping he will pop. But if you have killed any Everlings, there will be an 18 hour lockout before you can re-enter. In order to get to the Marionette Doll room, you will have to have killed Everlings, so a lockout would be in effect if you zone out.

– You can also try to spawn Billy by clearing all the mobs in the room you want him to spawn in and then leaving the room until the next spawn cycle. GMs have confirmed that Billy is shy around people, so he will not spawn if you are in the room. You will need Billy to spawn in both the chapel and the gameroom, so I would recommend bouncing these two rooms until he spawns in both; you may also want to bounce the stables for the Swine King.

– First you must first kill Billy in the basement under Elise’s room. Billy is an instant activated spawn here, so there will be no need to kill PHs. Infact, Billy will continue to keep spawning here by bug; even after you have killed him.

– Next you must then kill Billy in the gameroom. This is a spawned room, you will neeed to keep killing mobs and leaving the room until he spawns. Remember, Billy will not spawn if you are in the room during the next spawn cycle.

– Finally you must kill Billy in the chapel. This is as well is a spawned room.

– After finding Billy in the chapel, go to the library and read a book in the secret area behind the bookcase (-23,+29). It’s written by Everling and he says, “the dolls I need always come to me in the courtyard”.

– Go down to the courtyard, the zone in area. Billy should be waiting down there and is hailable. The dialogue gives you two options either give him 5gp or yell at him. If you yell at him he agros and you must kill him. There is a bug where sometimes he will attack you and you will not be able to fight back. So pay him to 5g just to be safe. He tells you about the froglok ghost guy.

– Go to the jail and hail the Froglok Assassin, he tells you to get something to soothe his soul, directions for this can be found on a scroll in the hidden area of the library again. You need three things for this:

  • 21 Nyth dolls
  • Fiendish blood
  • Swine blood

– If you already There are only about 26 dolls in the zone, so if you killed any thus far, you may need to come back a second time. The Fiendish blood drops from an intant pop Archfiend that spawns when you leave the library. The Swine blood drops from the swine king you should have been spawning earlier.

– Once you get all 3 items, return to the froglok assassin and hail him. He depops at the end of quest conversation. If everyone finishes at the same time you’re okay, if not just wait ten minutes for him to repop. So try to time your hailing so that you all do it at once.

– The froglok tells you to kill Maltus Everling and get the mask from his chest. To finish the quest you inspect the chest that’s in the closet type area of the Everling Room (+224,+28). You must kill Everling to earn the right to open the chest.

Receive Reward: Guise of the Deceiver
Receive Reward: 43,500 Status Points

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