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Tracing the Map

Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Living Tombs (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is initiated by examining a Makeshift Grave at (-318,+520) in the Living Tombs. This is on the road towards the Oily Wall. This will result in a Map that you must examine to initiate the quest. You must visit the following locations in the Living Tombs:

  • The Wall on way up to the Harp from the last quest (-477,+372).
  • The Aqueduct that leads to the Priestess Court (-354,+355).
  • Further along in the Aqueduct at (-344,+290).
  • Drop down into the Priestess Court and on the right hand side you receive the last update towards Varin at (-347,+188).

– Once you are in Priestess Court you must speak to Varin N’Mar on the right hand side of the aqueduct.

– Speak to Lect’Zadh to close the quest. He is spawned by placing the following runes at the Monolith at (-178,+162).

  • Rune of Ahk
  • Rune of Duak
  • Rune of Hek
  • Rune of Lect
  • Rune of Zoda

This results in your choice of rewards and opens up the “Undead Censership” quest.

Finding My Way

Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Living Tombs (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is intiated by examining the Ruins of the Great Directory at (-471,+446) in the snake pit of Living Tombs, after you have completed the “A Frightful Feast” quest.

– You must then play the Serpent Harp of Cul up the climbable wall at (-470,+371).

– This will begin a 5 minute timer to kill the five custodians in the zone. These all spawn in the Residence Court, the time limit makes it difficult, you may want to have someone ready to pull them all to you as you’re at the harp, then run after the two that are out of range.

  • Cul’Ahk
  • Cul’Dan
  • Cul’Kahn
  • Cul’Osis
  • Cul’Vahk

– Return to the Ruins of the Great Directory for your reward. This opens up the “Tracing the Map” quest.

A Frightful Feast

Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Living Tombs (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Orus’Dakh

– This quest is intiated by speaking to Orus’Dakh in the Living Tombs (-325,+520) after completing the “Auxiliary Service” quest. It is part of the lengthy Peacock Club quest series. If Orus is not up you can spawn him by placing the 5 runes into the Orus’Un Monolith.

  • Rune of Ahk
  • Rune of Duak
  • Rune of Hek
  • Rune of Kan
  • Rune of Orus

– He will ask you to gather a few ground spawn objects in the Residence Court area of the Living Tombs. Each object can spawn in two different locations.

  • Bottle of Spoiled Wine (-300,+416) or (-382,+424).
  • Bucket of Spoiled Meat (-284,+409) or (-276,+354).
  • Crock of Spoiled Cheese (-353,+500) or (-301,+509).
  • Pot of Spoiled Coffee (-545,+457) or (-487,+372).
  • Pot of Spoiled Soup (-391,+477) or (-354,+369).
  • Spoiled Peacock Eggs (-437,+475) or (-391,+477).

Auxiliary Service

Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Living Tombs (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: The Steward of Fyr’Un

– This quest is given by the Steward of Fyr’Un after you complete the “I Seek Knowledge” quest. He is located in the aqueducts area of the Living Tombs.

– Clear the east and west Natatoriums in the Living Tombs (-680,217 and -588,+217). These are the small pools of water on both sides of the Trade Court (first area). When you go near them Undead Shepherds and Pilgrims will spawn. Kill them in each section.

– Kill a Channel Prowler. These spawn in the Aqueducts near the Steward of Fyr’Un.

– Speak to the Steward to complete the quest and open up the “A Frightful Feast” quest.

I Seek Knowledge

Level: 50
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is initiated by reading Seeker Abdeef’s Notes. These notes are rewarded to you after you complete the “Delving Into Darkness” quest.

– Speak to Phar’Ahkt in the Living Tombs. He spawns when the Ahk, Hek, Kan, Phar and Tal Runes are placed in the Phar’Un Monolith (-636,+120), but only speaks the language of the dead. He allows you to ask him many questions but only one of the branches will advance the quest, keep going until you get the update.

– Speak to the Steward of the Fyr’Un and ask him “What is the Ewer of Sul’Dae” to continue the quest line with the “Auxiliary Service” quest.

Delving into Darkness

Level: 50
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Antiquator Kantus Mor’Tael

– This quest is given by Antiquator Kantus Mor’Tael after you have complete the “A Final Note” quest. You must first grab a book on the right of the Antiquator. Read it and then speak to him again.

– Speak to Seeker Abdeef at (-226,-103) in Maj’Dul, near the entrance. Abdeef will send you back to the Living Tombs to collect a number of stavse. These staves look like staffs on fire, and spawn all over the Trade Court, not far from the entrance. They are random spawns that can spawn anywhere in the court.

– After collecting these return to Seeker Abdeef for your reward. This also opens up the “I Seek Knowledge” quest.

A Final Note

Level: 50
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is initiated by walking to the Peacock Club entrance after completing the “Secrets of a Used Skull” quest.

– Examine a note outside of the Peacock Club. It’s right outside of it on the ground.

– Speak to Camel Dealer Hak’Al near the Court of the Coins in Maj’Dul.

– He will send you to speak to Camel Trainer Jabiri in the Sinking Sands (-1173,-323). You must then find three ebbnuts in the Sinking Sands. These are ground spawn at the bottom of the ocean near (-1795,+170).

– Find a Dunestrider Camel (-832,-522) and lead it back to Camel Trainer Jabiri.

– Head to the Oasis of Raef and inspect a note at (-581,-770) it’s a scroll sticking out of the doorway to the wooden hut. Once there visit Kerakta the Guide who wanders near (-364,-820) to (-701,-921). This requires you to be able to speak Lizardman.

– You must first gather 5 auto-updating pieces from Skeletal Cobras (-398,-413). Then return to Kerakta.

– You must then gather a number of artifacts that are ground spawn near (-335,-1005). Just wander around the Oasis and they spawn randomly in this area. They are and known locations include:

  • Calligraphy Set
  • Map Scroll
  • Correspondence Pad
  • Sketch Book
  • Drum
  • Wine Bottle

– Collcet three auto-updating pieces from Anaz Mal Scavengers outside of the Living Tombs entrance.

– Speak to the Weeping Hermit who wanders around the west side of the northern oasis.

– Head to (-375,-1460) and some Sandcrack Gravediggers will spawn and attack you. Kill them and return to the Weeping Hermit.

– Head to the Living Tombs. Jump down into the pool from the entrance and a number of Sentinels will spawn. Kill them to spawn an enconter that includes Kahil Baldoras and Hakfssa Ka’lin. Kill them. Examine the corpse in the bottom of the pool.

– Head to the Peacock Club and speak to Marshal Ralem Christof. Upon exiting the Peacock Club the quest will close and you will receive your reward. This opens up the “Delving Into Darkness” quest.

Secrets of a Used Skull

Level: 50
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is initiated by examining the skull that you receive at the end of the “Down to the Last Peacock” quest. After this you must visit Antiquator Kantus Mor’Tael in Maj’Dul (-240,+3). He will ask you to collect some wards in the Sinking Sands.

– The wards are random spawns but they spawn in particular areas of the zone. Known locations include:

  • Ward of Dissolution: In the Broog/giant area (-1028,-1173 or -1099,-1006 or -1022,-839 or -1136,-831).
  • Ward of Oblivion: Near the lizardmen (-334,-574 or -439,-551 or -349,-898 or -321,-896 or -411,-560 or -322,-888 or -221,-742 or -338,-654).
  • Ward of Ruin: (-394,-385 or -599,-359 or -487,-469 or -487,-490).
  • Ward of Ethernere: By the Eye of Anuk or near Meathooks (-952,-1169 or -1043,-1248 or -836,-1062 or -1031,-1299).
  • Ward of Necrosis: Near the gnolls (-510,-1096 or -451,-1012 or -370,-1328 or -486,-1229 or -319,-943 or -448,-1066 or -158,-1078).
  • Ward of Demise: By the chimney and tarantulas rune (-1176,-706 or -1189,-564 or -1024,-576 or -1104,-682 or -1090,-748 or -754,-726),

– They look like Y shapes symbols jutting out of the ground. After getting each of them return to the Antiquator. He will send you out to examine the Deathknell Pyre in the Sinking Sands (-603,-1143). This is the rock with all of the unliving skeletons near it.

– Once you examine the pyre you will need to kill 5 level 50+ skeletons within 3 minutes. There are Dry Bone Skeletons who are solo nearby, and heroic unliving skeletons who spawn near by.

– After killing them you must examine the Pyre again. This will spawn The Ghost of Hadal. Speak to him and collect your reward. This opens up the “A Final Note” quest.

Down to the Last Peacock

Level: 50
Starting Zone: The Peacock Club (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Peacock Lord Wad’dah Haz’Iz

– You receive this quest after you complete the “Welcome to the Peacock Club” quest. After returning you find the place ransacked and Peacock Lord Wad’dah Haz’Iz in the last room of the house asks for your help in finding the last culprit you are to put a stop to the activities by putting an end to his life.

– Your first part of the quest you need to search for clues inside the peacock club. In the first room there is a dagger that you need to inspect. Inspecting it reveals blood and a coarse animal hair on it. It will then suggest you find someone in Maj’Dul for camel information.

– For that you need to talk to Camel Dealer Ha’Kal. He is located at: (+173,+3) or (+110,+63). That is on the south side of the Court of Coin building. After talking to him he will send you to Sinking Sands in search for 3 different camel herding Families and kill a camel in order to compare the hair found in the Peacock Club.

  • Baldoras Family – (-233,-397) this is first tents you see north of the Undercity Arena carpet landing spot.
  • Amal’an Family – Wandering mobs that run around in the desert near the Eye of Anuk. Stand next to the revive tent up on the dune and he should run right past you.
  • Hafasal Family – Are located Southwest of the Undercity Arena Carpet landing spot. There are 2 level 49 ^^ Guards in your way to the camels (-67,-129).

– After collecting the hides you are then required to return to Camel Dealer Ha’Kal and he inform you that he had found to the information on the camel and that the skins collected will go to “orphans” but states that the camels belong to the Baldoras Family camels. After finding that information the quest updates and has you go back to the Baldoras Family tents and eliminate them and then search for clues.

– There is a scroll sitting on a chest, inspecting that reveals that they have a secret burial site. At this point you get a timer started you have about 4 min to find the site. The site update is located at: (-994,-1235). This is an auto update. After you get the update it then states to find some remains those are located at: (-1002,-1278). After inspecting the remains you retrieve 7 skulls then says to return to Wad’dah Haz’is at the Peacock Club.

– After returning to the peacock Club you talk to Wad’dah Haz’is. After his conversation he asks you to leave.

– After leaving, you inspect the skull you get, and it opens up another quest called: “Secrets of a Used Skull”

A Thief in the House of Truth

Level: 50
Starting Zone: Maj’Dul (Desert of Flames)
Starting NPC: Item Triggered

– This quest is initiated by examining the Service Entry Key to the House of Truth when you have the “Welcome to the Peacock Club” quest. It is a sub-quest for the “Welcome to the Peacock Club” quest.

– You must then sneak into the Court of the Truth using the service entrance on the side of the Court. Once inside you must clear the mobs in the zone to get three keys and then work your way downstairs to obtain the banner.

– This will spawn a guardian who is blocking your exit. You can kill him or run by. You must exit through the service entrance.

– You have 10 minutes to complete this entire entrance.

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