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Inner Sanctum, Chel’Drak, Clockworks, and other randomness

One of Silverstep’s new pretties, server discovery from Inner Sanctum

So yesterdays raids took us first to Chel’Drak, who we took down on the 2nd pull (the first one was a bit buggy with positioning) and then we headed to clockworks, inside of Klak’Anon, which is my least favorite zone. We know how to spawn the 1 named in there at least, but it’s very difficult. After our attempts there, we headed to Inner Sanctum, a x4 zone off in Mistmoore Castle, that I’d never been to before. We had a hoot (literally).

The 2h weapon shown above has more power then my 1h + shield, and has wis + int so I expressed an interest in it, no one else seemed to want it, and now my fury runs around trying to squish things happily. I was hoping it would have some sparkly graphic on it, but alas it is just a regular staff.

A 2h sword that a fury can use?! Deathtoll run was interesting…

Also got this 2h sword.. probably one of the few (maybe the only) 2h sword a fury can actually use. It summons little lions who hit quit hard during battle. Nice for soloing! No one else wanted it (we get a huge amount of 2h weapons on raids) so it’s a nice toy. Deathtoll was interesting since the revamp. That, and our regular MT and MH were both busy with school things for the day.

Finished the War and Wardrobe HQ, it’s only level 30 so it was quite easy, and of course had a nice walk through already posted. Suppose I’ll do the lower level HQ’s and get them out of the way for some guild status, we’re not quite level 52 yet, it seems to be dragging by. I did manage to get Silver to 70aa now, but again, even that is slower.

As a side note: THANK YOU to the folks who have been sending me tells in game about my blog! I’ve heard from various people on various servers, mostly asking for help with the signature quest I wrote about, but a few also just saying hello! Always more then welcome to poke me of course, /tell Lucan_DLere.Silverstep if you’re interested. Some times I’m a little slow to reply depending on what I’m up to, but I try to make sure I reply.

Playing Messenger, and random updates..

Silverstep, playing messenger for the Fae Court in Lesser Faydark

Well, Silverstep’s been playing messenger for the Fae Court lately, doing chains of quests there to kill bees, and search for the blasted messenger who paths between the court and a brownie camp just north. The aa’s are a little scarce now since most of the quests are level 50-60 or so, but hey it’s better then none. I know I could mentor to get them a little more, but eh, just can’t be bothered.

Guild managed to get pretty far in Freethinkers Hideout this weekend, beat the first and second named, and got a good shot on the third before people decided to call it. I’m confident that next time we’ll clear the zone. Not bad for our 2nd time in there. Got two server discoveries on loot, some very nice fabled troubadour set piece, and an earring. Did Vyemm just for fun afterwards with two groups, played my coercer who got a relic hat and some dracomancer forearms. Yesterday was Deathtoll, and we threw in a T6 courts raid to get some guild status. We’re slacking since the cap was raised to 60.

In other updates: I’ve moved my alts to their own guild now, I typically end up doing that. I’m actually contemplating making a guild cloak for them, why bother most would think.. but I like the idea despite the cost. I need to find out a bit more info first like if your guild needs levels first before you get a basic design at all, I assume so. I know you need to be level 60 in order to get a background for your cloak design. We’ll see how it goes.

Stargrace: Took through some EoF zones and got a lot of aa, got her upgraded relic gear.

Dasie: Hit level 70 templar! Means I’ve got three level 70’s now as well as crafters. Working her aa up but it’s slow going. Far too many templars around.

Faydai: On hold slightly. Took her to Steamfont for the aa, keep meaning to work up her sage skills and slack instead. She’s still sitting at 49 necromancer 48 sage.

Yamini: Been leveling off and on between raids. Sitting at 46 assassin, 48 alchemist. Got some pretty nifty upgrades, got her the cloak from Crushbone.

Ricotta: Slacking! Level 43 dirge, has been to steamfont and Klak’Anon for the aa but that’s about it. Probably going to stay that way for a bit.

The other alts are all level 22 or lower, so no real updates on them. Looking to get my tailor (my 4th tailor, I keep deleting them when they hit T6 or so) off the ground eventually. And work on Dasie’s transmuting some more. Deity quests too.. so much to do!

Silverstep, Nybright Benefactor

Continuing on my search for unique and interesting quests with the new EoF expansion, I’ve been spending some time helping out the small Nybright village just south of Tunare’s Grove in Lesser Faydark. The quests are very easy at level 70, and reward with a lot of faction towards this group of people as well as some vendor items and coin, the aa is not too bad either if you manage to complete the 60+ ones.

The best part of doing these quests was obtaining the title “Nybright Benefactor” through one of the chains, which Silverstep now runs around wearing proudly. There is another series of quests in Lesser Faydark some place where the reward is a Thexian log book, but I can’t seem to find it for the life of me. A guild mate managed the discovery on the item and gave me no more information other then that it came from the zone in general. I’ll have to keep searching for it.

I took some time off from questing, and worked my alchemist to level 45, I continued on with transmuting on Dasie, who’s just hit 30. It’s a long hard expensive process, but I am not in a huge rush, eventually the prices for items will come down and since the books are body drops and not chest drops, this makes it *much* more appealing to me as a crafter. Silverstep has put tinkering on hold, as salty loam makes me queezy right now. Prices on the market have just skyrocketed and are exceptionally out of proportion right now. I expected it, it happens every time there is a new expansion. I just hope the economy does not suffer for too long. Only the wealthy seem to be privileged with adornments, I donated a bunch of legendary and treasured gear as well as adepts and masters to our guild transmuter in order to get mine. My hat now sports +400 power, gloves and wrist items have +40 to heals, and my cloak doubles as a parachute that can lessen the falling damage I take since I’m prone to leaping from great heights and don’t have the luxury of fae wings to keep me afloat.

Raids have been at a stand still since EoF came out pretty much. People have wanted to do other things, and they’ve been getting increasingly discouraged when we can’t handle the zones due to the recent revamping of combat. We’ve yet to try to go back to any KoS zones so I can’t speak for those ones, but I expected the EoF ones to be difficult. We did manage to down the first named in Freethinkers, after finally figuring out the strategy. The second named is do-able for sure, but by then the majority of our raiders were tired and frustrated and we decided to call it a night, myself included. It’s difficult to be taking down high end content in KoS (granted it took months to get there) and then have to start back at square one with the learning process in EoF. Progress is progress though, and I’m eager to see what new heights we as a guild can reach.

I’m also looking forward to seeing us hit level 60, though that is even slower then I’d have hoped, as very few people seem to be interested in doing any courts raids (a great source of guild status) or grinding our writs (which I can’t blame them for, that is utterly boring). We’ll just have to see how things go!

QoTW: Missing Sister

Most Annoying Quest in the World.. Quite Possibly..

This is the current quest I’ve been working on. It is quite possibly the most annoying quest I have ever encountered. Each item that Teriniu’s sister has lost and you have to find, is a little tiny microscopic clicky on the ground. The first one was easy enough, it is a hammer on the ground in Greater Faydark. The second item is an earring located at: -41,25,-795 in New Tunaria. It is a TINY little clicky on the ground partially obscured by some bolders that you have to drop down to see. The third update, is at: -532,70,-1,077 and is a white bracer on the ground. The next portion is to find a doll or a person or something from what the icon shows on the quest, but other then that, and the fact that it’s also in New Tunaria, they give no information.

Now, I’ve been enjoying working out most of these quests on my own, but oh my goodness, talk about hard. One quest has broken already for me, and three others I’m at dead ends with. I did manage to work my way down a quest that has now turned into a level 70 epic quest, the reward, a fabled cloak. The cloak does +25 to healing and damage spells. A slight upgrade over the tunare cloak I’m wearing now, if I can ever manage to complete the quest.

I had my level 44 assassin un-deleted by soe, after deleting them on June 18th. I petitioned and within two hours they’d given me the character back, I was exceptionally surprised. At the time I did not have room for more characters, so I’d deleted her. I now have station access and it’ll be staying that way, so I figured there was no harm in asking if there was anything GM’s could do. Despite the issues others may have with sony’s customer service, I have not had a single issue thus far. A huge thank you to them.

Signature Quest – Corruption of the Faydark ; Ivy-Shrouded Orb of Tunare

Server discovery on Lucan D’Lere

I stumbled upon Arloona in Lesser Faydark, who hangs out around the great tree, in Tunare’s section. A priestess who rambled on about shards, who I barely paid attention to at first. Finding myself bored one day, I attempted to complete this signature quest, which was.. very.. frustrating with no walk throughs. I appreciate the work everyone else does much more now.

There are 9 quests to this signature quest, each one fairly easy — if — you know where to go for your updates. A lot of it is running around talking to various npc. The 9 quests are:

Corruption of the Faydark, Making it Manifest, A Champion of the Koada’Dal, Aquiring the Second Frag, An Evening Jaunt, Tracking Down the Necromancer, A Small Testament, A Predestined Fate, The Hidden Crystal.

I’m not going to post a walk through here, but if you do have questions about it, feel free to /tell Lucan_DLere.silverstep and you’ll more then likely find me in game, I can answer questions if there are any. A HUGE thank you to my guild mates and friends who helped me out with this quest, I know you guys must have been tired of hearing me looking for a Satyr.. (who is behind a rock in the Thexian camp for those who can’t seem to find him either! You’ll know what I mean!)

I’m up to 64aa now, and settling into the expansion a little more. Still lots to do, lots to update, but for now, this will do.

Silverstep, wearing her new signature quest item! Ooh it glows!

A follower of Tunare, and a new cloak

Silverstep in her home before the alter of Tunare, proudly displaying her new guild cloak

Torrent Knights recieved the heraldry for their first guild cloak two days ago, and I must say I quite like it. There’s also nothing quite as imposing as standing together in a raid all wearing the same unique design (unique to your own server at least). While I don’t typically like the actual bat-man-cape type graphics on the cloaks, they are another form of unity and I do like that general idea.

I had hoped Silverstep would be able to follow Sol. Ro, the burning prince, as her God. However, after looking at the rewards offered. Tunare was really the only way to go for a healer. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to work it into my role play yet, but I’ll find a way. Creativity knows no bounds after all!

The entire Tunare chain was solo-able at level 70, and I had a lot of fun doing it. Typically I am the first one to look for a walk through with any quest I think, especially ones that make me figure things out. I’m just not patient enough with them. However, this was one of those few quests that I took the time (along with fellow healer Mard) to figure out and complete. Well worth it, as the Tunare cloak gives +30 to my healing spells.

I also managed to complete two quests in New Tunaria with Xani, it took us about 8 hours total to figure these quests out though, and we received discovery for completing them. I progressed a level 65 signature quest that I’ve been working on as well, I don’t know what the reward is but they’ve sent me to find some satyr in Lesser Faydark and talk to him about a void shard, very interesting.

Did my first two instances yesterday as well, one is located on the top of Crushbone Keep, in Greater Faydark, and was about the same difficulty as the KoS zone “Nest”, but more unique encounters with interesting twists. I also did the new Obelisk instance, completed a quest for that zone as well. All in all, pretty fun thus far. With the ravamp though I’m not exactly overly enthusiastic about raids tonight.

Oh, also got to 17 in tinkering. I’ll rant more about that later, the craft from hell. Not quite as difficult as transmuting though, which I keep hearing horror stories about from Eleyn. More ranting to follow I’m sure.

EoF is here, and .. wow..

No pictures to post quite yet as the last 24 hours in game at least has been a whirlwind of quests, discovery, more quests, shinies, and various other tid bits. So here is my first general impressions since the expansion has gone live, and what I think.

New Tunaria.. is.. oh my goodness. SO beautiful. It is perhaps the most beautiful zone I have ever seen before. I love it. Granted, the mobs in the zone don’t like me, nor me them, but uh it’s still so pretty. Expect some screen shots to follow.

Quests. Are EVERYWHERE. A few that I’ve started, two signature quests, a few new heritage quests, my deity quest for Tunare (I’ll have to do some fancy rp’ing to wiggle Silverstep into that one since I had every intention of going the Sol Ro rout until I found out Tunare rewards). Learned the new fae language, and have yet to make a fae. Lots to do.

Lesser Faydark horse stables ROCK. These are like griffin flight paths, but instead you mount up on a horse and take off across the zone. SO MUCH FUN! Spent some time having Faydai mentored as well and farmed some named in Steamfont, which brought back so many memories.

Klak’anon hurts at level 49!

The expansion was up ahead of schedule, there was no down time at all last night, and while they are understandably patching this morning, it seems to have gone off without a hitch. I still have not created my fae character yet, but that’ll come today perhaps. I’ve decided to go with a ranger. Other random tid bits.. they’ve combined the markets, not sure I care for that quite yet, means a LOT more competition between players. Tinkering, fun! Transmuting.. EXPENSIVE. More thoughts once I’ve slowed down some. Prayed to my Tunare alter and stocked up on God status points. Miracles inc!

Careful, crafting can drive you insane.. Godking raids, and manastone 2.0

Silverstep diligently crafting away, trying to reach that elusive next tier

Finally, ding 59 woodworker. Out of all the crafters I have, or have ever had, the woodworker has got to be one of the worst ones out there. The provisioner was pretty bad as well but I managed to get by and hit 70 before they removed sub-combines. The woodworker, is lucky if she gets two new recipes a level. Level 55 rewarded me with one. So to keep some sanity I’ve been grinding out those wonderful tradeskill writs, working my faction with the Ironforge Exchange. I think I’m at about +3,000 now or so with 11 more levels to go. Thankfully, I’m out of vitality, and I use this excuse to end the madness.

With EoF just around the corner, I’ve been busy getting collection quests ready for turn ins, and playing my alts some. Raids as usual and generally keeping to myself and avoiding the horrendous drama that is known as Lucan D’Lere Server. Managed to pick up a few pretties last week in labs, go figure I had been hunting for a new hat and breast plate forever, well, since betrayal at least. Low and behold BOTH dropped on the labs raid. I passed on the breastplate having already won a very nice belt and the relic hat.

Relic leather hat (Fury) and the Sash of Perdition

The guild also decided that we would farm eyes over the past two weeks, and do the Godking raid, which is the final mob needed for prismatic 2.0 as well as manastone 2.0. I had already completed my prismatic quite some time ago, but I had neglected to do the manastone as the named I needed wasn’t up. So this was a good opportunity for me to finally get it done.

Manastone 2.0

I use this constantly on raids, even the non-legendary version that I had for almost a year now. It can be a life saver when you’re low on power. It does have a recast timer of 30 minutes though which is slightly annoying, but as long as you know which fights to use it in and when to save it, it’s still very nice. You turn into a wraith type mob when it’s used. Over all a pretty slow week, but I’m actually enjoying it. The bardling snagged level 41, though she’s still an exile and hanging out in Haven until I manage to get her to level 60 or so. No point in going troubadour quite yet!

The anticipation of EoF

Silverstep, standing in Lesser Faydark

I was accepted into EoF beta about a month ago, but honestly, I played very little. I perfer to leave most quests / zones a surprise, and just wanted to know a little about what to expect with my characters. I think I spent more time looking at fae and exploring the lowbie zones and Gods then doing much of anything else. Since the NDA has been lifted, I can post a few screen shots of the expansion and ramble a bit. It’s an absolutely BEAUTIFUL expansion, despite what bugs may be around currently. There is literally something for everyone, from level 1-70. There are new raid zones, new instances, new regular zones, a new obelisk even. New lore, a new race. Two new crafting subclasses, new aa’s, a second earring slot, a new cloak slot, new guild levels.. it’s quite amazing.

Some people are of course upset that there is no level cap increase. I can see why SoE did this though. The one thought on everyone’s mind is whether or not there is enough content to last until the next expansion comes out. With Vanguard coming out in January (unless it’s been pushed back, I never know) there’s lots of competition around.

Standing outside Castle Mistmoore

Contested mobs should keep raiders interested, along with the new raid zones. The fact that there’s a new race is appealing to those who have wanted to start a new class and had no motivation. Not to mention there are new starting zones, and you could level from 1-70 in EoF zones alone and never leave. It’s certainly one expansion I’m really looking forward to.

QoTW: The Battle of Cauldron Hollow (Tunare Quest revealed)

The prophets foretold of two more Gods who would soon be walking the lands of Norrath this day. One was Tunare, and while some may consider this an obvious choice due to the fact that I am a druid, it is not so. None the less I listened to their woes and eagerly aided them in their trials, but do not doubt for a second that it was because of my own selfish curiosity rather then a desire to walk along the path of Growth.

I was told not to question their methods, and that I would be able to inhabit the body of Gandari for this battle. I rode astride a mount so glorious. I could smell the fear in the air. We rode and the calls of battle echoed through the air. It was glorious.

The reward for aiding them was a small fountain for my home, which has a spot in the back yard. It may look slightly out of place amongst some of the other… pieces.. I have out there, but it looks wonderful none the less.

(( Absolutely *amazing* quest, very fun to do, and a new turn on things here in eq2. Those who have done the monster missions in eq1 will be very familiar with this form of quest, and I have to say it’s sort of fun to see it here too. I would certainly recommend this quest for anyone who enjoys questing or house items or both! The starter can be found in Antonica, by the druid rings just past the wizard spires. The evil version is found by the priest guild in NFP ))

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