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Sklotopolis – Day 2


Yesterday most of my time in game was spent wandering around the vast lands, looking for a place to settle. I had a few decisions to make. Did I want to be in the middle of nowhere with few neighbours, or did I want to be within range of the happenings that take place around starter villages. Did I want to create my own village, or join one already established. What resources did I want to have available, and did it matter if I had access to the ocean.

In the end I settled about mid-way through the map, East of the starter town, right by a little lake. The land was anything but flat and I spent the remainder of the evening terraforming it into something I could live on. This process takes a bit of time, even with the bonus of speed on the server compared to the regular wurm online game, and so the next day I went back at it. I’ve only got one corner left to even out and then the deed (at least the land for it) will be manageable and something I can build on. I also want my place surrounded by trees, and the area around my place is pretty barren. I went out harvesting a couple of sprouts yesterday to place around the perimeter, but I’ll need a lot more.

I also want to connect my deed to a main road. Thankfully there is one East that just sort of dies and there’s another one just South of me that joins up to the Eastern road. There’s completed roads that lead West back to the starter town, and lots of roads for me to use to find my way. What I don’t have on-deed in an easily accessible way is a mine. There’s a hill behind my place along the road, so until I figure out where the rock level starts I’ll just use that mine. I don’t absolutely need one on deed, so long as there’s one I can reach without too much trouble.

I did also donate a bit of money to the servers, and got a 2×2 clay tile on deed in return for my donation. There wasn’t any clay that I could spot around my lake, and since it looks like I’ll be here a while I did want to help out a bit. With the deed area flat, and clay in supply, it’s time for me to figure out where I want my building(s). I’m keeping this deed relatively small compared to my previous places, and I love trying to get creative with my space. I imagine I’ll have a workroom on the main floor with storage and living quarters up above. A small farm and pens for two horses should be all that I need. I’ll probably plan things out in Deed planner so that I have some idea of what I’m working with, but it’s not essential.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Sklotopolis – Wurm Unlimited


I bought Wurm Unlimited when it first came out, set up a server, played for a bit, and eventually (like many others) drifted back to Wurm Online. With a baby on the way and other expenses coming up I knew I wouldn’t be able to renew my Wurm Online accounts, especially not since I have 3 total (my main and two priests) that I enjoy playing together. I also didn’t want to turn the game into a job and have to worry about whether or not I’d be able to earn the 10 silver each month. I let the accounts lapse, made sure there was plenty of upkeep to keep my deeds going and checked in periodically to mend things that needed repairs and make sure that all was well.

If you don’t have a subscription to Wurm Online you’re hit with a lot of limitations because your skills can’t go above 20. It’s fine if you’re a casual player just looking to explore a bit, but I’ve been playing for years now, and those caps really hurt. Wurm Unlimited gives me an alternative to Wurm Online even if it’s not exactly the same.

Instead of setting up my own server I decided to explore the ones available. Wyvern was the most populated, but it didn’t really appeal to me. Instead I decided to settle down on Sklotopolis. They have forums, a web site, and of course a post on the official Wurm forums. I spent most of the afternoon wandering around exploring and trying to find the perfect place to settle down. Eventually I found it. I decided to set up Quail Ridge to the East of the starter town, near a lake. (Edit: X1681, Y1053 is my location)

Chat isn’t especially active, but there are folks around. Skills increase faster than they do in Wurm Online but not so fast that you feel like you’re flying past everything. Since the game is buy to play, and deeds on this particular server are free with no upkeep, I can scratch that Wurm Online itch I constantly have without buying a subscription. You can make donations to the server to help keep it running, and you get some pretty neat things in return, like resources on your deed, statues, and guard towers. You can also earn money in game by making sure to bury your kills, and for defeating animals. If you volunteer to place a guard tower or work on roads you’ll also be paid a bit of silver for your trouble. The server community has adopted a no griefing policy, and there are contests and events run by players throughout the year. Overall I feel that this server will be a good fit, even if it is a bit more quiet than usual and I’m having fun setting up my place. I haven’t decided what I’ll focus on yet, maybe something I’ve never tried before, just because.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Monk Adventures Continue


The Noblegarden world event is taking place right now and runs from March 28th until April 4th. This is a combination spring / Easter type event and I always have a lot of fun with it. This year I ran around collecting 100 chocolates so that I could get the Mystical Spring Bouquet companion pet (you can’t level this pet up, it’s just for decoration). The Noblegarden area was relatively empty, I saw a handful of bunnies bouncing around as we ran after eggs but there seemed to be enough to go around. I’m still missing a few of the achievements from the event, but after collecting 100 eggs I was ready to move on. One of those achievements requires another 100 eggs and you’re supposed to eat all of the chocolate. That means I need 200 eggs. No thanks!

My monk tank is now sitting at a lovely level 48. The monk tank I was playing with decided to level ahead and is now over level 70. I decided to slow things down, and instead of running dungeons I turned to questing. I’ve seen very little of Azeroth since.. well, pre-cataclysm era, and I wanted to see how things had changed over the years. I started out in Thousand Needles, a land that used to be nothing but desert, and is now a giant lake. The quests here were fun, you get an under water buff so you’re able to move about quickly, and you even get a boat that you can summon at will. This comes in handy when you want to get to Tanaris, the next zone on my list. Down at the southern end of Thousand Needles is a path through the water. You can swim it, but that would go pretty slow.

Being back in WoW is nice and relaxing and I’m pleasantly excited about Legion even though it’s still a ways off. Unfortunately the cost for tokens has skyrocketed these past few weeks – probably with the excitement of the latest movie trailers that have been released. A few people coming back here and there who would rather use in-game gold to pay for their subscription (and rightly so). My account is paid for the next year so for now I don’t need to worry about such things.

I should be able to get the little monk to level 50 early this week, and we’ll see how things go from there.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Weekend Wanderings in #BDO


An Easter event is taking place in Black Desert Online. You go out collecting eggs and turn them in for various house rewards. You can also choose to eat the eggs instead and they’ll give you buffs. Unfortunately you need 40 of any one egg type in order to get the housing item, so the chances of me getting any of them is pretty slim. At the time of this post I have a grand total of three eggs, two different types. I’m sure I could try to go crazy and farm them, but that’s just not how I enjoy playing the game.

When I logged in yesterday I realized that I had skipped a bunch of areas on my way to Velia. I headed back to the Western camp and picked up a bunch of tutorial quests that involved harvesting, crafting, and trades to the outer farms. I received a second donkey, and two more free workers. Since I don’t have lodging for them I’m just keeping the forms in my inventory for now. One of the tutorial quests taught me how to craft trade goods in order to sell them for more money. I set a worker out to create a potato box, using 10 potatoes (which another worker harvested) and a black powder (which my 3rd worker crafted in the refining house I purchased). Then I went and did a bit of AFK fishing in anticipation of my potato boxes completing. I haven’t sold them yet so I’m not sure how the money compares to vendor sold trade items, but it should be an increase. I completed a few kill quests that just wanted some local wildlife and I thought about just how large and involved the world is.

I still haven’t claimed my purchase items yet, and I haven’t decided on a permanent home to live. I have a cheap residence over the Inn just to be able to use my cooking tools and I’ve put a few furniture items in there that I got from quests simply to move them out of my inventory. I still need to find some sort of light source for the inside of the home, it’s always way too dark.

My character reached 50 hours played, and I got a claim reward from it that included some experience boosts and some dye. I’m still only level 18, but that bothers me less and less as I find other things to focus on and keep myself busy. The game requires quite a bit of time investment, something I don’t mind. It’s nice to feel pride in creating things again, pride in the levels I do have.

Today I’m hoping to explore worker created trade items a bit more, and finally step into the amity game. I also have a lot of trade quests that I want to clear out of my journal. I had three quests to trip little children in the town of Velia, but I had no idea how to trip them so I ended up forfeiting those quests for now. I tried to run into them, run ahead of them and cut them off, etc, but nothing would give me an update no matter who I attempted it on. Maybe I just never found the right NPC, but it was frustrating me. I need to remember that I don’t NEED to complete every quest (though it would be nice). I even tried to watch a few videos on those little kids running around. Everyone else seemed to be able to find them and “trip” them within two minutes or so. I spent a good hour running around – nope.

Maybe next time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

10 Days of EVE Online for .99? Sure!


Lately I’ve heard the siren’s call to return to EVE Online, but I’m reluctant to spend $15/m USD, especially since that’s really $21.22 Canadian a month. You can imagine my excitement when I saw that there was a ‘come back for 10 days’ deal going on. There seems to be two versions. One version is come back for free, and this seems to be aimed at those who have been away for quite a while. Then there’s also a come back for .99 (the same 10 days) and this seems to be aimed at people who have been away, but not for as long. I have two accounts, and received both emails. At first I was confused, I thought it was my main accounts that had received the 10 days free vs. my alt account who received the .99 offer – but it’s actually the other way around.

I signed up for the 10 days, and I may end up picking up the $9.99 deal that I also have. I do have a PLEX stashed away for a rainy day too, so that’s always an option.

As always, it was easy to dive right back in. I had a bunch of holiday claim items and I took those back to my main base first. Then I set out working Caldari State faction, which is what I was trying to fix last time I was playing. I’m still only able to run Level 1 missions, and in a Tengu this is extreme overkill, so I managed to grind my way through quite a few quests as well as the special storyline missions that pop up after you’ve completed a number of those. I didn’t bother salvaging or looting any of my kills, though I know I could have for a bit of extra money. I was more interested in just getting as many missions done as I could.

I didn’t dive back into invention like I typically do, though I’m debating setting up my 2nd account for the 10 free days so that I can do some mining between my orca and a hulk. My 2nd account is my mining account, and my main I use for hauling. It would be nice to make some extra cash and mining is always so relaxing.

Have you taken advantage of the return to EVE email?

As always, happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

Trying Out Steam Link


My birthday is coming up in April, and as an early birthday present from a friend I got steam link along with a steam controller. I haven’t actually used the controller yet (that will be today) so for now I’m just going to focus on talking about steam link.

What it does isn’t anything we haven’t heard of before. It basically takes steam and streams it to your television. There are 3 USB ports for various accessories (mouse, keyboard, controller) and it runs wireless or wired. For my first set up I decided to go wireless because my ethernet cable doesn’t quite reach. I decided to use my wired xbox controller, and I also plugged in my PC keyboard and mouse since a lot of my games are not controller supported. The steam controller takes away the need to have these extra accessories, but again I haven’t used it yet, I wanted to get used to the basics first.

Setup is incredibly easy. Just plug in the power cord to the steam link box, and plug an HDMI cord from the TV to the box. That’s all that’s involved if you’re going wireless. If you’re playing wired (which many people suggest) then plug in an ethernet cable to your router. It was that simple.

There were a few updates for steam link before I could connect to the steam account on my home network, but it downloaded and installed quickly. The first game I tried was Stardew Valley, and I have to say, I absolutely love steam link already. I experienced no lag at all, and the games look beautiful on my TV. As a pregnant woman, I get uncomfortable if I sit at my desk for any length of time these days. Being able to game from the couch is a huge relief (and probably exactly what was in mind when this particular gift was given). It’s also perfect if your PC is in another room from the TV. Stardew Valley only has partial controller support so I soon swapped over to Telltale games, Minecraft. That game also ran perfectly, no lag. No issues at all as it has full controller support. I played for a few hours, loving every second of it. It also inspired me to start playing my other telltale games, I have so many of them and I’ve never loaded them up.

You do need to keep your PC on with steam running for this to work. I ended up just turning my monitors off since I wasn’t using them. You also get the regular steam overlay, with chat and pop ups and all the rest. One of my favourite things about steam link isn’t the fact that I can play steam games on the TV – but that I can add non-steam games to steam, and stream them to the TV as well. That means games like BDO, WoW, and EVE Online I can also play from the couch and not my desk. This is an enormous bonus. You can pick up a cheap bluetooth keyboard and mouse if you want, and those will both work with the steam link. The box for my steam link just happens to rest on the coffee table in front of the TV, so it’s very simple to go wired. I may think about purchasing a wireless keyboard / mouse in the future though, just to have less clutter around. Either way, having options is great.

Over all I’m incredibly pleased. I hear that steam link went through a bit of a rough time at its initial release, but I have had absolutely no problems with it. The one problem I may run into is lag, but again I can combat that by going wired vs. wireless. I suppose my biggest ‘issue’ is that the box came with lots of packaging and I prefer a more minimalist approach to trash, but at least it can be recycled.

Do you have a steam link? Like it? Thinking of getting one? Let me know in comments!

Overpowered Lowbie Monk Tanks


After reaching level 33 with my troll warrior, I suddenly decided that I wanted to try out a monk instead. See, I have an alliance monk, but it was one of those boosted characters that I rarely played so even though she’s level 92 I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. Compared to my other characters she feels like she’s made of tissue paper. I die on practically every WoD quest.

I decided to make a Tauren this time around. Getting to level 12 was pretty easy – and then I had a thought. I wanted to catch up to the other 33 monk I’ve been playing with and I wondered if I could go and solo Ragefire Chasm. Once again my character was wearing heirloom (pants, shirt, shoulders, hat, charms, necklace, cloak, weapon) but would that be enough? I was pretty certain that my warrior would not have been able to solo it at that level, I could barely hold my own at level 33. Maybe monks were different. I decided to go down the tank spec, one I’ve never played before. I’ve always WANTED to tank, I keep saying I am eager to learn and then when it comes time to queue for dungeons I completely freeze.

I was still too low level to pick up the quests, but that was alright. I’d do a run or two to get some levels and then snag them – IF I could complete the zone.

Turns out I could. Easily. I went from 13 to 19 in a matter of minutes, I think I cleared the place twice. I was excited to hit 20 because monks get a daily buff that grats 50% more experience from kills and quests. I filled my bags with some green loot to sell on the AH and by the time I hit 19 I had already fallen in love with the class. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Ragefire Chasm was a breeze – could Wailing Caverns go just as smooth?

It was a bit more difficult, but by then I had a heal that I could use on myself and it was just a matter of spamming some attacks, regenerating some chi, and healing myself if the damage got to be too much. The zone was certainly harder than Ragefire, but just like the first dungeon I was able to solo it with no deaths.

Since I had my 50% bonus buff, I actually went from level 19 to 25 in one run of the dungeon.


Now I’m debating Blackfathom Deeps. So far the monk tank is incredibly fun – even though I’m sure it can’t last. Playing through the game this way is exciting, and it’s a break for me from doing the usual garrison runs every single day. It’s exactly what I need to renew my interest.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Completed a Raft – So what’s Next?


When you’re workers are doing stuff, you need to be online. They don’t complete things while you’re offline, which helps account for the numerous AFK fishing people out there. The game really doesn’t want you to log off. In some ways this is a fantastic idea, it makes the world look constantly vibrant and filled with players even if they’re not actually doing anything or active, because they just never log out. In other ways this is a weird awkward system.

My workers finally finished the 28 steps required to create a raft license. I turned in my quest, got some experience, and set out on the open water as soon as I could. The cute little otter NPC who resides on the docks of Velia gave me a quest to head out to an island and visit some family members of his, so that’s where I went. Once there, that otter gave me another quest to gather him some fish, so I set out to do just that. Of course I never caught any of the fish that he wanted because that’s how my luck in video games goes. Like Stardew valley, for example. I had been catching loads of sardines, no problem. Then one day I got a quest for sardine. Not a single one to be found. You can apply that lesson to pretty much any video game I’ve ever played.

I find the raft very lovely, though I’ve heard many others complaining about it. I don’t find it slow at all, and after the awkward handling of my first wagon, and my first donkey, I think that it handles rather well. Better than either of those other mounts so far.

Now that this major craft project is completed I have to decide what I want to work towards next. Completing quests in my journal? Staying in Velia? Moving on to the next town? Linking more nodes? Simply exploring? I also need to decide what to do with my Velia workers in the meantime. One is still out collecting potatoes, but I have two others free. The shipyard does let me make a ferry, do I want to make that as an upgrade to my raft? Or I could free up those houses I bought for something else, or I could swap them to a different function. There’s always so many choices to make – the joy of sandbox games.

If you’re playing Black Desert Online these days what have you been up to? How do you spend your time? Let me know in comments!

Lowbie Shenanigans in World of Warcraft


I’ve been playing both alliance and horde for most of WoD, between two servers. Over the weekend I decided to create a brand new horde character on the server where I had no horde, and level up by doing quests and exploring the post-cataclysm world, something I had not done for many years.

My troll warrior, Moglette, is outfitted in heirloom for the slots where I have the gear (I think I’m missing some of the more uncommon items, like rings) and in a duo set out to explore the lands. On a whim we decided to try dungeons, just to see if they could be done as a duo when there was no healer present. My warrior is down the DPS line, with tank as a back up. The duo consists of a monk playing alongside my warrior, and they decided to go tank for now too. So one DPS, one tank, and lots of mean mobs, starting with Ragefire Chasm.

The dungeon was so easy, and so rewarding, that by the time we had completed it we set out for Wailing Caverns. That was completed in a duo pretty easily too and we got some black fang gloves that sold for a whopping 4,000 gold! At level 20 playing a new faction that didn’t have any cash, this was a big huge bonus. I immediately upgraded bags.

After Wailing Caverns it was time to head to Ashenvale, completing quests along the way. Basically I skipped the barrens because I leveled through them too quickly. Ashenvale quests are… frustrating. I didn’t have fun working through this zone at all. I continued my way up the coast and eventually ended up at Blackfathom Deeps. All of these dungeons have been revamped since I was in them last, and so it was as if I was doing them all for the first time. I had fond memories of the old versions, but the new ones are not that bad.

Next up was Scarlet Halls, which is completely different than what I remembered, and the first dungeon where we had a death or two in the duo. Mobs hurt without a healer, and the bosses had mechanics that couldn’t simply be ignored by brute force. I did get a few levels there and my little Moglette is sitting at a pretty respectable level 31. I picked mining and blacksmithing as my professions, along with the usual fishing / first aid / cooking / archaeology.

It has been pretty fun so far and I’m eager to see more of Azeroth this way – without rushing, without power leveling, without buying in to level 90 (or 100).

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

More Lodging, More Workers


Still working out node management and workers, today I decided to finally purchase a house that could be designated as lodging (granting me the ability to hire an extra worker) and then upgraded it so that I could hire 2 workers total (plus the 1 ‘bonus’ one that I started with). Now I’ve got three workers. I have one working on my raft (it’s almost done, I’m on step 25 out of 28 at the time of this post) one is off collecting potatoes, and the third is off collecting.. chicken meat. For now. I think I’ll probably swap that to some sort of ore collection in the future. In order to do that, I’ll need to link some nodes.

Before I can link any more nodes, I’ll need to earn more contribution points. Right now I have only 1 available, and that’s where management comes in handy, and planning what it is you want to do, and where to spend those points. I’ve also been neglecting my questing because I’ve been focusing on getting the raft done, and AFK fishing in the meantime. I managed to hit beginner10 in fishing which FINALLY allowed me to wear the gear they gave me way back when. Why they felt it necessary to give me gear I wouldn’t be able to wear until I had many hours dedicated to fishing, I’m not sure. I’ve also almost reached gathering10, which will allow me to don the outfit they gave me for that. The problem with these outfits is that when you equip them they bump gear out of the way, and they fill more than one slot, so suddenly you need to have 4 inventory slots free for your regular gear. Yes, inventory is still an issue for me, but not quite as big a deal as one may think.

I know the raft is nothing fancy, and a lot of people even say to just skip it, but I want to get the full experience, and who knows what quests unlock once I complete it.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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