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More Steam Screenshots – and Steam Sales


[36/50] We’re winding down for IntPiPoMo – and I’m so glad I got the opportunity to participate, because I have revitalized myself with some amazing screenshots I forgot I even took. Each one comes with a memory of whatever game I happened to be playing. It’s wonderful.

Yesterday the latest Steam sale started, and this time they’ve removed a lot of the hustle and bustle that you used to see from it. There’s no more “vote on what goes on sale next!” type of deals, nor are there any “this deal is only around for 2 hours and then it will be new sales!” deals either. Instead, what you see is what you get. I found this to be both good and bad. Good, because now I no longer have to wait during a sale to see if a 50% off game will drop to 75% off sometime throughout the sale, and bad because I also have a lot less hype for things.


[37/50] Even with the new version of doing sales, I still ended up making a few purchases. To begin with, all of the DLC for Tropico 5 along with two expansions I was missing were on sale for 75% off. There were 11 DLC in total that I didn’t own and I love Tropico 5, it’s an awesome game, very relaxed.


[38/50] I didn’t buy any more games (yet) but I did add a few more to my wishlist.┬áDon’t forget you can always add me to steam! Anyway, I added Life is Feudal to the list, along with StoneHearth, two games I’m very interested in but just don’t have extra funding right this moment. Life is Feudal of course being the more exciting of the two for me at least.


[39/50] Then I spent a bunch of time looking through the activity section of my steam. I love this, it shows me what everyone is up to, what purchases have been made, what items are hot on wishlists this year. Don’t forget to add a wishlist guys, you never know!


[40/50] There’s four days left of November, and 10 screenshots left to post – so I think I’ve done pretty well on IntPiPoMo. Even with my sporadic blog posts. It even encouraged me to write a bit more than I normally would have. With NaNoWriMo going on this month, and holidays coming up, I know everyone is pretty busy. One thing I’ve learned from working at home, is how to manage my time to make sure that “all the things” end up getting done. Of course this year I also had to let some things slide (Gamers Secret Santa, I’m looking at you) but I know it was for the best.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Yarn Sales? YARN SALES!


Since I just recently started knitting (September of this year) I’m still learning about the ins and outs of yarn purchases. What I do know is that the yarn I usually get from Michaels (the only local craft store in my area) is not as nice (also the price is very expensive) as the yarn I get from say.. KnitPicks while they have their cyber monday sale going on. That means that most of last week was spent stocking up on a lot of yarn. I mean, a LOT. Probably too much. OK definitely too much. I do have quite a few patterns in mind and added to my queue which should take care of most of these, but here’s the grand total of what I’m waiting to show up at my door. They should arrive throughout the week and into next week, hopefully:

  • Lint Shaver
  • Locking Knitting Stitch Markers
  • Blocking matts
    2 Cobblestone Heather Brava Worsted
    2 Dublin Brava Worsted
    2 Baker Street Felici Special Reserve
    2 Rainbow Felici Fingering
    2 Fedora WotA Sport Yarn
    2 Forest Heather WotA Sport Yarn
    2 Thyme WotA Sport Yarn
    1 Black Brava Sport
    1 Dublin Brava Sport
    1 Silver Brava Sport
    1 Umber Heather Brava Sport
    1 White Brava Sport
    2 Rainbow Felici Fingering
    2 Time Traveler Felici Fingering
    2 Black Stroll Glimmer
    2 Sagebrush Palette
    1 Blue Varigated Special BUY
    1 Denim Varigated Special BUY
    1 Fashion Varigated Special BUY
    1 Peacock Varigated Special BUY
    2 Purple Varigated Special BUY
    1 Red Varigated Special BUY
    2 Black Brava Sport
    1 Celestial Brava Sport
    1 Dublin Brava Sport
    1 Eggplant Brava sport
    1 Fairytale Brava sport
    1 Grass Brava Sport
    1 Lady Slipper Brava Sport
    1 Marina Brava Sport
    1 Red Brava Sport
    1 Solstice Heather Brava Sport
    1 Wine Brava Sport
    2 Fanciful Felici
    5 Clover Palette
    2 Jay Stroll Glimmer
    2 Potion Stroll Glimmer

Most of the yarn was less than $2 per skein, the felici was a bit more, but it’s amazing sock yarn. The blocking mats I really needed since I have nothing to lay projects out on at the moment, and I still have my shawl ongoing. I bought brava sport in colours to make a hue shift afghan, and I saw a stranded colourwork mitt done with stroll glimmer as the background colour that was just amazing. I’m hoping that this is enough yarn to keep me busy for the next year, and my goal is not to buy any yarn at all, but instead to work on my knitting skills, gifts, and enjoy my hobby. Don’t forget, if you’re on Ravelry you can add me as a friend here. I’ve got my projects posted, my yarn stash (to date) posted (I haven’t added the KnitPicks sale items yet as I haven’t received them) and I’m pretty active on the forums in a few groups that I have found.

This weekend I started working on my 2nd pair of socks, the first sock should be completed today. It’s amazing how much faster they go once you’ve made a pair, my first pair took me a week per sock, these ones are three days per sock (approximately). They’re a pair of patterned socks, since my first pair were plain I wanted to keep challenging myself. More pictures in tomorrow’s post!

Graviton Physics – The bane of my existence


[31/50] Doing L1 distribution missions in my Tengu – why? Because I can. Well actually it’s more like because I have to. See, I recently returned to EVE Online and wanted to check in with my R&D agents – except one of my agents now suddenly hates me and won’t talk to me, even though I’m pretty sure we parted on OK terms last time I was playing. I’m not quite sure what happened, maybe I left a faction quest incomplete, or maybe I worked a quest for an opposing faction that lowered this one. In any case, my R&D agent is insisting that I run lower level missions and earn back her trust.

Low level missions are not much of a challenge for me these days, but everyone has to start some where, and hey I needed a refresher course in pretty much everything anyway.


[32/50] I did also manage to cut down some of the crap that I had floating around at various stations. I even made a little notebook dedicated to EVE Online stuff and marked down which stations were service what purpose (ie: home storage, invention, etc). Nothing fancy, but I do love organizing.


[33/50] I put a blueprint original in to copy, and was a bit surprised at how quickly it completed. In the past there were days when I would have to wait almost a month for a copy to complete, but now it was just a matter of hours. I also put in a few manufacturing runs, creating more drones and then T2 drones from those runs. Eventually I’ll need to make a run to Jita to sell everything I’ve been collecting, but it’s quite a jump from where I’m set up, so I’ll wait until I have a good amount before setting out.


[34/50] I haven’t started back into Planetary Interaction yet, but everything should be set up so that all I need to do is go collect my storage items and set the factories running again (I know they’re not actually called factories, but that’s what I consider them to be). I had thought of starting up some new PI from scratch, as my setups are quite old and are probably not optimal any more, but on the other hand, why re-do it when they already work. Components from my PI setup used to sell for a pretty nice amount in the past, but I have no idea if that’s still the case. I suppose I’ll see when I haul it all to Jita.


[35/50] The changes to the skill queue system are not that new any more, but it still surprises me to see when I have 139 days worth of skills queued up. Right now I’m working on shield emission systems, mostly because of the reduced capacitor need for shield emission system modules. I have a bunch of ‘reduce capacitor need’ skills in the queue right now, my Tengu fit isn’t stable – though it doesn’t need to be because I rarely have everything active at once, still the longer I can keep it running, the better. Once I’m done with those skills (is anyone ever really ‘done’) I’ll go back to my production / mining skills, and toss a few more drone skills in there just because.

For me, EVE is a very calm game. I know that isn’t always the case, especially with so much PVP built into it – but as a PVE player, I adore it. You just have to remember not to get too attached to your thinks.

Canal dredging and Bridge Building


[28/30] This week I’ve been busy working on the market area at P22 on the Xanadu server. The canal dredging is coming along, but it’s a huge project so there’s still lots to do. So far Yetian (alliance member) has managed to complete the Northern end of the canal, and we’re working our way further down. As I mentioned before, right now the canal is only deep enough for boats like knarr and sailboat. It’s our intention to dredge it down to a depth so that the larger ships are able to pass. The shallow depth meant that I could easily walk between the market and my own deed with animals, the new depth meant that we needed a bridge. I’ve started a brick bridge over the canal, and have been busy collecting clay to turn into mortar so I can continue with the construction. It’s not difficult, but it does use a lot of raw materials.


[29/50] In the screenshot here you can see the shallow depth of the canal. This is what we’re working on lowering. To the left is my main deed (a bit through the woods) and to the right hand side is the market. A huge thank you to my alliance members for helping out with this project. Wouldn’t be able to do it without them.

[30/50] I’ve also started working on some of the decorative aspects of the market. I began a Vynora colossus closer to the water, and I’ve started placing some statues. I’m hoping to create some dye to help make them pop a bit more. Last week I also brought home a hell horse, I’d like to get a pair and start breeding them. I’ll just have to see how that goes. All in all, it has been a pretty productive week!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

A Love of Steam Screenshots

[23/50]It’s another screenshot dump! This time from my steam library. First up? The Flame in the Flood. This quirky little game is still in beta, but developers have been updating it on a regular basis thanks to feedback from players.


[24/50] Next up? H1Z1 by SOE. now, yes, when I first bought this game it was specifically because it was created by SOE and I was still in love with EQ2 – however, those days are a bit behind me now. That being said, the game is still absolutely breathtaking.


[25/50] Another amazing steam game – Life is Strange. This game.. I just don’t even have words. If you’ve never played it before you should pick it up (especially if you’re into any sort of games with great stories).


[26/50] Of course lets not forget Magicka – the game I spent more time killing my team mates than any other game. Oy.


[27/50] The final one for today, Pillars of Eternity. Another beautiful game with an amazing story.


It Takes a Community to down a Dragon


[19/50] Wurm Online has these massive battles (basically raids) where players go and kill “uniques” on each server. There are rewards for anyone hanging out in the general vicinity of the fight, then there are rewards for all players who land a hit on the unique, and then there are treasures on the corpse that are handled by the organizer of the event. In yesterday’s case, the organizer decided that all loot would be rolled on by those who participated. The crowd gathered at Summerholdt market, and wow, was there ever a crowd.


[20 / 50] In total there were 50 players not counting alts who showed up. People started showing up the night before, but when I got there at 4am PST the crowd was already bustling. Once we gathered at the market we moved to the staging area of the event, which was about 5 minutes away by horse. People generously offered up mounts, along with wagons for those who had come by foot. No one was going to be left behind.


[21/50] These events are a bit more complicated than just going out and killing one of these uniques. Wurm Online has a code built into the system that only allows for a certain amount of people to be actively hitting the target at once. That means in order for everyone to get credit for the kill players are required to take a swing, and then back off to allow for others to take their swing. It’s a fight that requires coordination and cooperation more than it requires anything else. For this fight in specific, there were absolutely no issues, everyone got their hit and moved away. We waited for the all clear, and then swooped in again.


[22/50] GM Renegade even showed up ahead of time while we were staging to chat with players and see how we were all doing. It was a nice little touch. Once the dragon was killed, Booskii generously offered to create potions from the blood we all received. In order to create the potion you need a source salt and you combine it with the blood. For this particular white dragon hatchling we received a potion of frost. This imbues weapons with frost. I was thankful she offered since I didn’t have any source salt on me.

After the kill we all went back home, whatever way we had gotten there to begin with. I was contemplating gating, but I had sailed up in a boat, and I didn’t want to just leave it behind. Thankfully it was a pretty fast trip back home, the entire East Coast is easy for me to travel these days since I can just cut across to Release and travel up that much smaller coastline – then head back to Xanadu, and have traveled the majority of the way. A 1h trip is much preferred over a 8 hour one depending on winds.

I also just want to wave and give a shout out to Kohle who sent me a PM in game mentioning they just recently started reading this blog. It makes me smile when I get these little messages, as most of you know I’ve been playing Wurm Online for over 6 years now, and the community still surprises me almost every day. They’re wonderful people, and it’s a major reason as to why I keep playing. Thank you for that!

Once I made it back to my deeds, it was time to get back to work on the market. The canal dredging is coming along nicely, and I have started my very first bridge. That will be in tomorrow’s post. It’s brick, and it looks stunning.

I also purchased a few more rare tools yesterday, trying to grow my collection (especially blacksmithing). I now own a rare carving knife, small anvil, hatchet, and saw. My priest Maivis owns a rare rope tool and spindle. Unfortunately a purchase I made from the Wurm Online web site didn’t go through, so I’m missing 10 silver, but I’ve put in a ticket and hopefully this week someone can help me out.

In the meantime, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Collecting Datacores (Again)


[18/50] Next thing I wanted to do was head out to all my R&D agents and pick up my datacores. I’m not sure if faction decreases over time, but for some reason one of my R&D agents now hates me, and I can’t interact with them to spend my RP (I’m at -2.9 standing, did I maybe decline a mission unknowingly? This is a possibility). I’ll have to figure out a way to fix that before too long. I tried to get my agents all in the same area, but of course it doesn’t always work out that way. The R&D agent I’ve apparently lost faction with is my graviton physics datacore supplier, which I use quite frequently in my line of crafting, so I’m a bit miffed at whatever happened.

I ran around to the agents I was able to visit, picked up my cores, and hauled them all over to my crafting area. Since I didn’t have the datacores that I wanted, I decided to start 1 copying job, and 4 manufacturing jobs (10 runs each job) in the meantime while I figure out what I want to do about the R&D situation.

I also decided I should clean out the bits that I have spread all over the universe. I looked at where my assets were at, and labeled what each location was for (as in what the purpose was of me even being there). One location I consider “home”, another I use as my base for missions, and a third for my crafting location. The other areas are just junk that I’ve got strewn about, like my smallest ships located in Jita for whatever reason. I’ve also got a PLEX stored up that I’m contemplating using, either to sign my second account up for a little while to use for mining, or to sell off for a bit more ISK. I don’t really need ISK especially if I get back into production and PI but it does come in handy.

I still don’t feel like I’ve remembered everything I need to (yet) or feel that I’m particularly settled. There’s still a lot of changes that I don’t know about and that I’m sure I’ll stumble into. With that being said, it is sure nice to be playing again.



Where Was I Again?


[17/50] One game that I’ve been longing to get back into but never made the time for was EVE Online – and today I decided that enough was enough, it was time to dust my ships off (again). Of course that means I don’t have the faintest idea what has changed, what I was doing, or what I want to be doing. Typically when I return to EVE Online the biggest changes are UI changes. I start slow. First, figure out where I was docked. No big deal, I was right where I left off at my “home” base. I use the term loosely, my stuff is spread all over the universe. Home is with the Gallente Federation, and while my stuff may be all over the universe, most of my ships and fluff items are all in one spot. I looked through my collection of ships and decided that I’d get familiar with the basics, first. That meant making sure my ships were insured and then heading out to a nearby asteroid to mine while I decided what I wanted to work on next. With EVE, it’s very simple. I love exploring, I love missions, and I love crafting. Sure, I’m a carebear, I admit it. That’s part of the fun of EVE though, you can make what you want of the game. In my case, it’s better to start small.

I’ve kept my skill points running while my account has been active, even if I haven’t been doing a whole lot of playing. Right now I’m working on Research Project Management 5, which will finish in 3 days. I’ve got 28,407,784 skill points total – which is very little by EVE terms, but I’m still proud. Anyway, I think my alt has one of my hulks that I built, so I found a second one and gave it a name before insuring it and taking it out for a spin. I flew to a nearby asteroid, a few Serpentis wrecks scattered around and one person mining but aside from that the area was pretty quiet. Exactly as I left it, so nothing has changed there. I thought there used to be a way for me to scan to see the volume of ore in a given asteroid but for some reason I couldn’t figure out how to do that any more. In any case, I settled in for some quiet mining, easy enough. That part is like riding a bike. You never really forget how to do it. Filled up my hull, decided not to bother with cans, and headed back home.

Looking through everything, I decided that my next step would be to get back into invention – except that required me to go around collecting all of the datacores that I had stored up at various locations. I’m currently working with 4 R&D agents. One is level 4, and the rest are lower. I had been working on raising my faction so that I could work with more agents last time I played. One of my Agents has 23,500 RP built up, so I should get a nice haul of datacores to last a bit. Once I collect those I’ll haul them to my invention area and probably start up with some project or another. I haven’t quite decided yet.

Then there’s PI to go over and re-learn. I’ll also need to figure out what I want to work on next as far as skills. I think I still have some refining skills that could use some love, gas and ice mining skills maybe. Missions are easy enough to run in the Tengu with my PVE fit, but I’d like to work towards a new toy. Then of course there’s also the idea of subscribing my second account so that I can haul with my Orca while I mine. A trap I tend to fall into every single time I play EVE.

In any case. It’s nice to be flying the skies again. Lets see how long it takes me to get back into things.

Deed Pictures

Some very lovely screenshots from my latest deed acquisition (see previous post for details) I love that it’s already completed, so it needs very little maintenance.


[12/50] Looking towards the market, the archway welcomes merchants.


[13/50] The rare guard tower is surrounded by a stronghold building.


[14/50] This building is the kitchens and an inn for people to rest at.


[15/50] Side view of the temple where sermons take place.


[16/50] The temple, filled with preachers and sermons taking place. Enough altars for everyone.

The Kindness of Strangers



For a few weekends now I’ve been taking my two priests (Oshi, Maivis) over to F26 on the Xanadu map for sermons. I leave them up for the entire weekend, and when it’s my turn, I run a sermon. If we have enough players (7 total, all have to be premium) my prayers get re-set from the 5-a-day limit, and I’m able to earn a bit more faith for the day. Otherwise, I just wait the 3h timer to sermon again. In order for sermons to work “properly” everyone should leave their characters online even when they have to go AFK. The characters don’t need to do anything, they just need to stand around. Unfortunately there are always a few who tend to log out right after their sermons. When you do that, it means the rest of the preachers (you can only preach every 30 minutes due to alignment gains) won’t get the gains from having you around.

When the sermons dipped below the .120 required for prayer re-sets, I sent them back home. On the forums the next day I received a message from the owner of the sermon deed, and she had an interesting proposition for me. She mentioned that her time in Wurm as of late has been strained, and that she was longing for other games. She didn’t want to see her two deeds fall into disuse (and thus become disbanded properties) so she was offering me two deeds completely free of charge, so long as I agreed to keep them running for as long as possible. One deed is the area where sermons have been held and there’s also a market in the same place, and the second deed is a maze that players can adventure through. Each place costs a few silver a month in upkeep, but are lovely locations that have a lot of history for the area.

I already own two of my own deeds, but I really dislike it when people leave (for whatever reason) and then seeing their deeds become disbanded. I get that it’s the nature of the game, but it still makes me sad. So, I agreed.

Maivis (my priest) would take over the sermon / market deed, and the mayor came with the deed to the maze, so there was nothing for me to do in that regard except make sure that there was enough upkeep paid to keep it running. No problem there. While I had three of my characters settled at the sermon location, a few more stopped by – enough for us to run weekend sermons with prayer resets.


It was completely unexpected, and I had no inclination that I’d be taking over these deeds. I’m thankful that the owner trusted me enough with her hard work, both places are beautiful. She also included a few champion pets, such as the wolf pictured above – I know it currently looks like a zombie, but that’s a left over effect from Halloween, and is actually a wolf.

The community is just part of the reason I love Wurm Online, and one of the major reasons I continue to play, even 6 years later.


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