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Guk: Halls of the Fallen, and Alts

Yesterday actually found us with most of the guild at home – something that has not been happening too often lately, and our lack of instance running has really been noticeable. We’re still doing lots in game though and still talking and hanging out when we can. I always expect things to slow down slightly for the summer months, so it’s nothing too serious, just another blip that I notice.

By early evening we did manage to drag ourselves over to Guk: Halls of the Fallen which happened to be the daily double. I thought that we had done Guk: Lower Corridors but we have not actually been there before, and where we HAD gone, was Halls of the Fallen. This is the instance that requires you to defeat the lord at the end. The last time we had been here it went pretty smoothly and Ultann had grabbed himself the awesome fungus spore charm from the final named. This time around things went even smoother and I left Arysh at home and brought the bard.

Unfortunately the bard didn’t have as much luck as the illusionist did and we didn’t see anything of note at all drop from the instance. The final named dropped a coercer level 80 master which I’ll be saving up for my baby coercer, and also dropped a cloth robe that’s pretty horrible to put it bluntly. Especially when in order to do the instance at all you’d better be sporting T1 or T2 shard gear (which means you have a chest piece already). We were proud that we had finished the zone, but the loots really could have been better for the amount of difficulty in the zone. We also neglected to get the single shard quest from outside the instance, so it was only a three shard run instead of four. Four is still better then none!

Ellithia (my mystic) is 4 shards away from her T2 shoulders which is the final piece she’ll need. I’m exceptionally happy to be finishing off her shard gear finally. Since my 2nd account has three characters who are all in the midst of obtaining T2, it will be a while. I’ve just finally decked them all out in T1, and while I know it’s a slow process since I rarely concentrate on just one character, it’s also nice to see them all get their bits one at a time.

Afterward I had an hour or two to waste and I decided to level up my baby coercer. I miss being able to charm and while yes, this would be my 4th enchanter, my coercer is over on Najena and I don’t want to pay another $50 right away to move her (plus that would require another long distance call to San Diego, and I just did that last week to move the troubador). For now I’ll stick with leveling the baby arasai the old fashioned way.

The transmuter is FINALLY able to break down up to and including level 70 gear, which means I’m officially on T8. My bank has been completely stuffed with items for a little while now that I’ve wanted to transmute and haven’t been able to, and it’s finally starting to dwindle. It will be nice to be able to help the guild out with transmute bits, now we just need a few more crafters to hit 80 and we can make all of our own adornments as well. So far we have the jeweler, tailor and alchemist able to make the T8 adornments, the carpenter, sage, and armorer are not too far behind.

Our little guild of three plus one (I use the term with love, as a nick name, lest anyone think that Kasul is not included in this little guild properly!) is doing amazing. We haven’t managed to find the venekor guild trophy yet, but our hopes are high. Speaking of the hall, we just passed level 45, and we’ve purchased more amenity. A huge thank you to Ultann who spent hours upon hours straight grinding writs in order to get us the levels while the rest of us pretty much slacked, hehe. I have hopes that eventually one day we’ll be able to move into a T2 guild hall, but I haven’t looked into the cost at all yet and I’m not quite sure how a move works – ie: does all of the coin and status we have put into this one carry over or do we start from scratch. Anyone know? I believe it carries over but I’ve yet to confirm it.

In any case, it’s wonderful. One of our best purchases to date has been the shattered lands bell that lets us port to the shattered land zones. These include Antonica, Commonlands, Zek, Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Nektulos Forest, Thundering Steppes, Everfrost, and Lavastorm. Combine that with our druid portals that we also have and we can reach anywhere with relative ease.

I hope everyone has had a fantastic weekend so far, and it continues to be wonderful! No doubt I’ll be spending the remainder of my Sunday in Norrath now that real life has quieted down some what. It’s nice to have something to blog about!

See you in Norrath!

You’re level WHAT?

I believe I started the day as a level 38 fury and 41, respectively. I was up early (always am) and had very little planned for the day (though some new living room curtains did get installed as well as a shower curtain) so I decided to spend most of it gaming. It’s not often I get those chances, this week has been work-free since my deadlines passed, and next week will be much the same (unless I manage to find extra work, who knows) until I get into gear to meet more deadlines. Ah, joy. Anyhow! I had time on my hands, that’s the point. I logged in and before too long Ultann woke up (way too early for him) and we decided to go play in Permafrost.

I’ve mentioned before about how I dislike that EQ2 zones can “grey” out, giving people little to no reason to ever revisit them unless they mentor down. I think it’s a poor game plan. You don’t want people to out level your content, you want to allow them the freedom to explore where ever they want – give them choice. EQ and WoW are both examples of this. Things don’t become trivial per say. As I entered empty zone after empty zone it simply reafirmed my thoughts in the matter. There was no one around and we gained quite a few levels. I believe Ultann’s inquisitor box was level 51 at the time.

Before long, Wpus joined us and we moved to new grounds. I don’t remember the exact order that the day went but by the end of it we had spent a fair amount of time in the Clefts of Rujark (we did the two instances within that zone) which is off of Sinking sands, we also hung around in Sanctum of the Scaleborn and Ultann had to head out for a bit so Wpus and I explored around Pillars of Flame gaining achievement points and exploring some dungeons I never knew existed before heading back to the Kingdom of Sky zones for a little lazy grinding.

Through all of these zones I didn’t see another person. I DID hear a lot of complaining on the 1-9 channel about lack of low level groups (especially on Kithicor) where the majority of the population is 70-80 and those who are lower level are alts.

When all was said and done, the paladin reached level 63, and the fury is level 60. I managed to stay on top of the paladins gear enough so that she can actually tank some places – though she has issues taunting with adept1’s I do get amends and that helps a great deal. I had a blast, we explored places we’ve never been and saw things that we’ve never seen even after 4 years of the game.

I hope everyone else had an amazing Saturday, and that Sunday proves to be just as interesting. Safe travels no matter what realm you find yourself in!

Alts are Expensive

Alts are expensive. I know if I devoted all of my time to one character instead of the … 20 I have now, I’d probably have a lot more money in game. Not to mention moving servers would be cheaper, and my house would be the most impressive thing this side of Norrath. I’d also probably be fairly bored, because anyone doing the same thing day in and day out is bound to get boring eventually. 

I’m not the only one with a whole lot of alts. I’ve tried cutting back and all it results in is more alts being made. It’s a vicious circle. 

Yesterday I got the recruit-a-friend mount that grants members in my group a 10% bounce to experience so long as I’ve got the mount buff on. Great idea. I’ve named the horse “gassy” I’m sure you can guess why. The mount is also 55% run speed, which is great. Plus, it’s heirloom which means you can place it in your shared bank for all of your alts to use. Another big bonus since you can only claim one. 

The paladin is now sitting at level 46, and the new fury at level 42. Last night Ultann took his baby inquisitor and we all headed to Obelisk of Lost Souls which is my favorite zone in the game because of how twisted and dark it is. We gained access to the lower levels, and it was a lot of fun (and surprisingly empty for once). Today I will hopefully quest in Everfrost until the boys log in and then we’ll decide what we’re doing from there. 

I spent 15p last night outfitting the two characters which I knew would happen sooner or later. While I could certainly make it to level 70 without purchasing anything at all for them, I can’t solo that way realistically. I outfitted them both in tier-appropriate gear, and bought all of their spells at least adept1 quality, a few adept3 and M1 where the cost was right. They’re not twinked by any means, but it should be more then enough to get by. I wish Kithicor had a better ‘small’ population, people below level 60 as it were. I know the role play servers are bustling with activity, and I wish all the servers shared that enthusiasm but alas, they do not. Kithicor’s main population spends their time whining about how uber they are compared to someone else and shooting down those who are not as good as them. It seems like every single person I examine is decked out in fabled, and makes me wonder what ever happened. Alas, without a merge or a server transfer (which I can’t keep splurging on) I’ll remain there (for now). Fingers crossed for one of these two events happening in the future though. 

Over all it was a nice night. After I shopped I decided to call it an early night and got some sleep. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend! Safe travels.

Recruit-a-friend goodness

Yesterday the trio veered off of the path and did something different for the evening. While we would typically be headed to Obelisk, Vaults, and Najena – this time we hung out in Fallen Gate and Runnyeye. Ultann is partaking in the recruit-a-friend program and leveling up an inquisitor to play with the group. I decided that I would also sign up for a month and level up a fury + my paladin who benefits from the 200% bonus experience when they’re together. 

Here was my thinking – you get a free month added to your account when your recruit purchases the game (up to RoK) for $15. They get all sorts of neat claim items, and you get a mount. I can use the 3rd account to level up my characters – and at the end of the month I can simply close the account. I am not out any money so much as I am purchasing next months subscription now. Does that make sense?

If I happen to grow attached to the fury (or whatever else I create on the account) I can pay the $50 for a character transfer later. Since the recruit-a-friend account does not come with TSO it does limit what I can do but the experience is amazing especially since it’s linked with an account that still has lower level characters on it. I created a fury last night and paired her up with my paladin who was level 38 by the time our trio decided to take a break in RE – the fury managed to ding level 31 in the remaining two hours that I played and the paladin also benefited from the experience, leveling to 41 while she was mentored. 

It will be nice to have a second tank around for those days where Ultann simply wants to be DPS and it’s a lot of fun going back to the older zones that we haven’t been to in a while. Another reason why I wish that zones wouldn’t grey out to people. 

We have hopes of attempting some level 50 raids with our make shift group, I have no idea if it will come to pass or not, but it’s been fun to talk about which instances we want to try to do. There’s the Trembling Lagoon and other raids in Ferrott, and then there’s also some talk of doing prismatic 1.0 for appearance slot weapons and I REALLY want to do the Godking weapons which people call prismatic 2.0 – and then there’s claymore which we’d still need an actual raid for. It may not be too bad though as pick up raids are frequent on Kithicor (so many people trying to out do one another). In any case, we’ll just have to see!

Today is FRIDAY and I hope everyone has an amazing time – oh! Don’t forget that Fan Faire registration has also started!

Betrayal, Instances, and Alts!

Yesterday was busy in EQ2, that satisfied busy you get when you’ve got so much to get done and your friends are right there helping you finish it all. Well, that’s what it felt like in any case. To start it off I betrayed my coercer to illusionist on Kithicor. I know, I already HAVE an 80 illusionist AND coercer on Najena. I’m obviously demented. My illusionist’ personal dps has gone down slightly (especially if you count the lack of charm) the group dps is way up with the new buffs. We’ll manage. It didn’t take long to betray and the illusionist is all settled into her new home in Qeynos, moved into a nice North Qeynos home that I’ll decorate some day I promise. 

Ultann picked up a recruit a friend account for himself in order to level up an inquisitor on his laptop as we play. A backup healer is great plus they have some pretty nice buffs we can make use of. Since he has been leveling up this character (approx 36 levels in two days if that) I decided it would be a great time for me to level up my paladin at the same time. It gives him a break from playing the tank if he wants, and I (yes) already have a 71 paladin on Najena. What on earth am I going to do with all of these character doubles if servers ever do merge or I do get my wish of some free character transfers. Well, not sure. 

Before we got going on the alts we decided to give instances another shot to see if anything useful would drop. Vault of Eternal Sleep refused to give up the praetor’s guard that we’re attempting to get for the illusionist. Obelisk of Ahkzul refused to give up the healer shield that I’ve spoken about pretty much every day for the last year it seems, and Najena’s Hollow Tower refused to drop the cloak Wpus is after that comes from the water boss. Our look struck as true as ever. If these things DID happen to drop I have no idea what we would do any more since it’s been our routine for quite some time. We make jokes about it, and try to guess exactly what is going to drop. 

So now the paladin is sitting at level 31, after being level 18 yesterday. We headed to Fallen Gate and lay waste to everything that stood (and a few that didn’t). Sure, she’s got no gear and is sporting app1’s (and getting adept3’s at level 80 is going to be not so fun) but part of the battle is done.

On an interesting note – the 10% bonus experience that recruit a friend people get from the mount – is group wide. So my paladin was receiving the 10% bonus from Ultann’s mount, since he was riding it. She was also gaining 50% bonus due to being on my main account with other 80’s and 55% bonus from a potion – and double experience from vitality which I managed to replenish with the orb of concentrated memories that players received with the 5 year veteran reward. 

Not bad. 

Tonight will probably be an evening of ‘more of the same’ but we’ll just have to see!

Unlikely Companions

The trio stood together in the Wailing Caves, which had been home to Lord Ree for a number of years now. His patrollers stood no match for the conjuror, coercer, and assassin as they made their way through the dark tunnels. The orcs were not the only ones to inhabit this area, it was home to other foul creatures with too much time on their hands. Was it some sort of twisted fate that saw these three adventurers gather together at the exact same time in the exact same place? They were after all, strangers to one another. Whatever had caused the phenomenon, it would be remembered by those who visited the caves that day for some years to come. 

Finally had some time to play EQ2 last night (woohoo) and since I’ve popped in and out of the game the last little while, I was at least (some what) refreshed on what I had planned for my characters. First, was trying to get my (2nd) coercer to level 80. Right now she’s sitting at level 78, and part way into it thanks to a few shard runs last night. It was interesting to see if I had forgotten how to complete the instances, but they seemed to go smooth enough. We completed all of the ones in the Commonlands, gaining three shards. That brings the mystic’s collection (since she already owns three pieces of T1 and two pieces of T2) to a whole 6 – I have a ways to go. The coercer is currently holding on to 19 shards – since she’s not level 80 yet I haven’t bothered to make anything with hers. Who knows what sort of gear she’ll be wearing by then and what I’ll actually want to upgrade (or not).

I decided it would probably be easier (and more fun) to get to level 80 by leveling up an alt and mentoring then it would be by questing. My reasoning is that the coercer receives 50% bonus experience due to the number of level 80’s already on the account. Grinding experience even at the low levels of 1-20 netted me about 10% in two hours. Now – I know that may seem horrible, but the higher up (closer in levels) the alt becomes, the more experience I’ll gain for mentoring. It’s an interesting experiment in any case. Though now that my alt is level 20 I’m contemplating deleting and creating a different class. I know, so indecisive!

I contemplated heading to Lavastorm to complete the new quests there – but – imagined it would be fairly busy, and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to deal with that again right now. 

Short term goals? Getting the (2nd) coercer to 80, working on void shard gear, and crafting (my 2nd carpenter is only level 38 – go figure it’s the coercer, my 1st carpenter who is already 80 is also a coercer. On another server though). 

Long term goals? Working on epics (still haven’t bothered getting the mystic’s completed), upgrading spells, and playing alts (as always).

I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday, I’ll see you in Norrath!

Another night of Alts

The weekend started off quiet, which I was happy for. Our resident magician (and cleric bot) is MIA this weekend due to some internet issues, so it was an evening playing alts for the most part. We started out in Mons Letalis which is the level 35 hot zone. Actually before that we spent a little more time in The Overthere, but the ramp was starting to get a little old.

Mons Letalis is an uncomfortable zone, the mobs path oddly and it was difficult to find a good spot to camp. The experience was nice though, and we eventually settled down in some little caves quite close to a zone in. Every once in a while we’d pull a little more then the group could handle, but before too long we had reached level 38-39 respectively. 

We decided to head back to PoK, maybe pick up some gear upgrades and skip the level 40 hot zone (Great Divide) to head to the level 45 hot zone which is Nagafen’s Lair. It wasn’t that long ago that I was in that hot zone leveling my necromancer. The night was getting late (or early depending on how you look at it) so we didn’t stay too long, but by the time all was said and done my paladin reached level 42, and the ranger is sitting at level 40. I need to look up their spells again, and spend some time working them up since it’s getting increasingly difficult to cast the simple ones in every day combat. 

I’d like to get the ranger some skill in her fletching, so she can make her own arrows. There are never any for sale in the bazaar, and the few that I have found (around 100 or so) cost 8p ecah. Far too expensive!

Not sure what this weekend will hold yet. I believe we’re going to be camping a DoD mission so that I can attempt to get a clicky shrink earring on my necromancer (which you can also use on other people) and would really come in handy. Plus who doesn’t want another clicky item! We’ll just have to see.

Sorry for the short post today, hopefully I’ll have more to write about tomorrow. Safe travels no matter what game you find yourself in this weekend!

Alts, Dings, and just Plain Fun

It’s no surprise any more when I make alts in every single game I play. I’m an alt-o-holic, and I’ve come to terms with it. I envy those people who have 1-2 characters they can dot on while I have 6+ in any given game. So it was that I created two new alts to play in EQ yesterday. I didn’t really have a heavy DPS’er and I was debating a beastlord but I already have my necromancer pet class, so I decided to go with a dark elf wizard named Ashria. Of course I needed a counterpart to box with, and I’d already created a cleric and a druid on Luclin, so I decided on a shaman named Sharatan this time around. Barbarian at that (and pictured to the right sporting her defiant gear and the always awesome kilt-skirt). I really don’t enjoy the tutorial any more but it’s more then likely simply because I’ve done it so many times. I do the very first quest for the charm and then typically head to Crescent Reach to continue my leveling upstairs on bats and rats. I’ve got some roleplay stories in mind for the duo, and I’m looking forward to playing them when things are quiet and no one is around. I don’t expect that they’ll level too fast, but it should be fun. I think I managed to level 3-4 yesterday before relogging to my other characters to play for a bit. 

We (ie: the other two I play with) decided to head to Dreadspire and grind out some experience. The zone is typically empty because most people hang out in the level 70 hot zone, which has higher level mobs. Dreadspire is the level 75 hot zone. We created a campfire in the ballroom ‘just in case’ and began mass slaughtering the room. After a little while I used my lesson of the devoted and the experience flew by. 

It was such great experience in fact, that the necromancer hit level 75 and is now 50% into her level. The enchanter hit level 73, and is also 2% away from hitting level 74. Two levels in a few hours is really not bad at all, especially since she does not have any veteran rewards at all, it was just regular experience. I also managed (thanks to named smushing) to collect the rest of the glowing runes I needed for my level 70 spells on both characters, which means the enchanter finally has group mana regen (as well as her haste which I picked up the day before). I’ve bought a few base spells 71+ for the necromancer but I haven’t looked into the enchanter yet, and I haven’t been able to afford the RKII spells that are for sale on the broker. I keep meaning to work up my researching to 300 (the enchanter is currently at 200) but when you spend your time in game actually playing the game, it leaves very little time for crafting, go figure! This is a great thing though, not a complaint. 

When lessons were spent in Dreadspire we decided to head to a GoD zone to work on some raid but it turned out we needed an annoying pre-quest that no one felt like doing so we went to Katta instead in TBS and worked on missions there for faction and more orux. I managed to get amiably with the merchants and purchased two new spells on the enchanter. The necromancer I decided to pass on, the spells were not that useful and were probably things I’d just let sit in my book and never do anything with. Now, I’ve never really solo’d in EQ (I know, how odd is that) in all of the years that I’ve played. I’ve always been with friends in a duo or trio type situation. I used to solo a little bit on my enchanter with dire charm when I was of level, but those days were long ago. 

I know necromancers can solo fairly well with kiting, but I’d never actually attempted it because I’m always with friends as I mentioned above. Yesterday there was a lull in the group when everyone went to eat and I had already eaten, so I decided I would head to the greenhouse in Katta and attempt some kiting for experience. Now remember my necromancer may be level 75, but she’s also still very new to me, with under 6 days played and I believe she’s probably two-three weeks old now. In other words, I have a lot to learn still. I did get the hang of kiting though, especially once I stuck the enchanter pet onto the mob as well. I pull with snare, load up all sorts of dot’s on the encounter, and thankfully the path in front of the greenhouse is agro-free and there’s lots of room to move around. It does (at the moment at least) take me a good bit of mana to take down white-con mobs (about 50%) but I can do it. I was so incredibly happy and proud of myself. I realize it’s sort of silly, but it was a huge accomplishment for me. Now, I know that with time things will get better. I only have 73aa and nothing into crit dot’s yet, nothing into mana preservation or anything like that. I worked on getting my pet some affinity and some crits and then foolishly decided I needed an army of undead fighting for me as well. Hey, I don’t plan on doing anything too serious with the character, it’s all just fun, and so that’s how I spent my points. In any case, I know once I get more aa things will go better. I’m eager to hit 80-85 though, so for now I’ve got my experience set to 90/10 – 10 being the amount of aa I’m earning. I’ll get there, slowly. 

I hope everyone else has an amazing Wednesday, no matter your game of choice (oh, and on a random side note, I decided to download Runes of Magic and play around in that a bit, more about it later – sure wish I was in the Free Realms beta instead so I could prepare to write about that! Teehee).

A Little Bit of Everything

Yesterday was another one of those game days where you are not really sure what you’re going to end up doing, but you know you’ll do something, and it will be fun. I set my trader up for the evening, and sales were slow, go figure. It’s pretty hit and miss with the market on Drinal right now. Some days I can make 10k plat easily and other days it drags by. Either way, the coin is used simply to fund my way through crafting, so it’s not very essential to me. When I had some free time I decided to create two storage characters for Kameeko (my crafter of course) to move things onto. I created Kamsmith and Kamtailor – gee very creative, I know. I promptly filled both up with delux tool boxes and then transferred all of the supplies used for those two skills over. I didn’t get it all, but I got a great deal and it was refreshing to have a little space in my bags again. Now some time I need to transfer all of the junk off of Minxes to those two characters. 

We did some DoD missions yesterday in the hopes of obtaining the 68-70 spells, Ultann left early so that he could spend the evening with some friends, leaving just Ninga and I. After a little break (did some artwork, a new render of my necromancer that turned out fairly well) we decided to spend a little bit of time playing those lowbies we’d created a few days ago. My paladin and ranger are still pretty much naked as far as gear goes, but Ninga helped me out and gave me a few new bits to wear. One of those pieces included the clicky (need a few levels of course) paladin breastplate, which was pretty awesome. 

The hot zone for level 20 is Stonebrunt mountains, not a zone I enjoy a great deal but it was better then the ‘regular’ experience from other zones. I actually miss the previous hot zones, the Moors used to be one and so was Stone Hive, two zones I really liked. Anyhow, we headed to the Gunthak stone in PoK and from there ported over to Stonebrunt. Down near the Warrens (remember, we were only level 15 at the time) were a few camps of Kobold, and we set up a few paces away and began our leveling. 

While some people may not enjoy this type of grind, it’s actually one I relish. It’s one I’ve missed. In EQ2 you are constantly moving around, there’s no such thing as a puller, your tank is the puller (grats on the added roll) for most instances. I enjoy setting up a camp and dividing the roles between people (including puller). I would lull with my paladin and then snare pull to the camp with the ranger, it worked out pretty well. After a little bit of time went by I was surprised to see that we had already reached level 20, a great accomplishment. Of course now I have to look up five levels worth of spells (again) and maybe even think about getting some gear. All in all it was a lot of fun. I’ve always enjoyed my alts. One of these days (when i have time of course) I’ll have to look into tinkering on the paladin too. 

The trio makes quite an amusing group. I hired a healer mercenary (only one of my accounts has SoD so that’s what I’m limited to for now) and the make up was gnome – halfling – dark elf (mercenary) and drakkin (resident Ninga on his bard). The little gnome paladin IS sporting an incredible purple pair of goggles attached to her helm which I adore. 

I also logged into EQ2 for a bit to make sure all was well there, updated some guild stuff (I WILL be back, I always am) and checked sales, made sure nothing had been falling apart. The new Lavastorm revamp is just around the corner along with some other changes, and I’m looking forward to writing about those. 

I hope everyone is having an incredible weekend, no matter where you find yourself. See you in Norrath!

A Night Off

Last night my little trio was supposed to head to Lavastorm and continue on with the DoN progression quests – however I wasn’t really in the mood to work on those (it happens) and so I decided to create two alts (one on each account) and play around on those for a little bit. Ultann and Ninga also came to play on alts, and we had a lot of fun. 

I created a gnome paladin so I could do some tinkering (love crafting, so much) and a halfling ranger so I could do some foraging (and have track available and what not). Ninga created a drakkin bard and twinked him out, Ultann had a low level paladin already waiting, so we set off to the top floor of Crescent Reach and killed bats and rats until we were big enough to kill zombie and skeletons, and then moved off to the bear caves. Hot zones don’t start until level 20, and the first one is Stonebrunt which can be difficult to fight in, so we stayed in CR for the time being. By the time my eyes were threatening to close we had reached level 15, which was pretty nice. I’ll probably spend a little time today shopping for some gear and purchasing spells for the two characters, maybe work up some skills. 

Tonight being Friday (woohoo weekend!) We’ll get back to playing the big’uns and continue with our DoN progression. I’m looking forward to earning a few more aa and excited about unlocking the next round of ‘special’ DoN aa that gives 250 health and mana. 

March is just around the corner, and with it the 10th anniversary for EQ. I’m excited to be playing this year, I have to admit. I’ve never really been around for the fabled events, and I know a little bit more about what will be happening since I asked the EQ team in San Diego. What are they? You’ll just have to log into EQ to see!

I hope everyone has an incredible Friday, no matter your game of choice. See you in Norrath (and more then likely Telon for a while today)!

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