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A Graveyard of Dead People


I started up (yet another) new village in Banished, and am now on year 15 or so. I finally had my first disaster, a wooden house caught on fire. The only well in the village was up North quite a ways, so I had some fear that the fire would spread, but since it was winter I had extra labourers (I remove the farmers from working in the winter since fields are stagnant) and they managed to put the fire out with only the one home falling apart. Of course that meant the family living there had no home, so I got to work repairing it.

I’m currently working on expanding the town up north, which is where the only stream and body of water is located. I wanted a place to fish, so right now there’s a big long road, an area with docks, a single home where the fishermen live, and a storage shed close by so labourers don’t have to travel too far with their goods. Eventually I’ll start building up that road with new homes and create a trade rout, but for now I have been focusing on survival.

I know the main ‘jist’ of the game is survival, seeing how long your little village can manage, but once you have ‘beaten’ that aspect of the game (pretty easy to do on my settings) the ‘game’ at least for me, becomes expanding and watching your little town thrive much like a sims game. That’s the point I’m at now, though the town is still quite tiny. I think I have 35 total adults, a handful of students and some children. The older generation has been dying off (the NPC you start with) and thankfully I had more than enough new labourers to cover their jobs.

I love Banished, and have ever since I started playing it. For such a well priced game ($20) I have really gotten my moneys worth out of it.

Back to Banished

2014-05-08_00008With my PC up and running, I was eager to get into gaming again. I was sad that I had to start over with the sims 3, but I was even more sad that I had to start over with Banished because I had a town that was finally doing well. I made it to year 10 or so and no one was dying from the plague (yet).

So I started a new town. This one has sheep (neat). My previous towns only had chickens or cows, I didn’t even know sheep were an option. I started out by building a giant pen for the sheep, and then a farm for potatoes. A mine was constructed in the mountains, a gatherer’s hut, along with some hunting shacks. Next came a school and hospital. My town is pretty far away from water, so I don’t think I will build any fishing yet until it grows and I have houses out that way.

Still, it was fun to see the village expand. I know others are still put off by the fact that the game is quite easy to “win” but I think that depends on your definition of winning. For me the fun comes from building and expanding. Even if nothing “new” ever happens, I can play for hours. Plus I don’t have all of the buildings up yet, that will come with time.

The game is very relaxing and perfect to play on my days off. I’m really glad to be getting back to normal in my daily routine and that includes playing games, of course.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

P.S. I have far too many games on my plate these days, and it’s fantastic. I’m playing WildStar, ArcheAge, and Landmark, and that doesn’t even include the single player Steam games I have been playing.

Third Time is the Charm?

2014-03-09_00001My second village in Banished did just as poorly as the first due to some poor decisions I made in getting started. So far, the third village is doing MUCH better. I’m on year 7, which is the furthest I have taken the game so far – and I know that isn’t very far, but I’m still pleased that the entire town hasn’t died yet.

My only annoyance is that the chickens, especially on high speed, are loud and get bothersome to listen to. I have 66 of them. Anything more gets turned into KFC for the villagers. The trader has stopped by twice, but never with any alcohol which is what I was looking to trade for. I have most of the basics in place, a mine, quarry, school, hospital, added some extra buildings so families could expand past the default homes, and have been working on restoring some of the forest area so that hunters and gatherers have more space to get their work done.

I haven’t personally encountered any natural disasters yet, but I know that’s just the way of the game and it will probably hit when I least suspect it. In the mean time I enjoy the fact that my town is fed, warm, and clothed. Now the key is to expand – but not too quickly, and not so slowly that everyone just dies out.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Lets Play More Banished

2014-02-23_00031In the hopes of not having everyone die on my second year, I’ve still been playing Banished and enjoying every second of it. My first town was a bust, everyone slowly starved to death. The second town started off strong. I created a woodcutter, I penned the cows, I even created a market. I felt good, confident. People were eating enough and things were going smooth – until the second year hit and their reserves ran out and I realized I didn’t create a blacksmith so they had no tools to perform their jobs. No tools means eventually no food, and now everyone is (once again) starving to death while they walk around aimlessly, tool icon hovering over their head along with the starvation icon.

I did plan a blacksmith, but it was too late the damage had been done. I know the exact moment it all went wrong, too. It was when I started planning roads. In my haste I forgot how long it takes to build those roads (they don’t magically appear) and so everyone was preoccupied with that for a while. There’s a fine line between building too fast and too slow. A line that I have obviously not managed to figure out yet.

Third time is the charm, right?

Lets Play Banished

2014-02-23_00023It started out innocently enough. I was in charge of a village. There were 6 adults, 6 children, and eventually 6 students. They had homes, and a small supply of firewood and food. Enough to last a year but not much beyond that unless I helped. I figured the best thing to do would be to create a hospital first, and then a school so my little village could become educated. Along the way I built a blacksmith, started a mine, created a gatherer hut, fishing docks, and some hunting stations.

Little did I know that I had neglected a few key points, the first one being that you need a woodcutter in order to create firewood. This is different than the typical logs that I had been stockpiling. My first winter everyone was nice and cosy, but when the second winter hit we were in trouble. Citizens were complaining about the bitter wind and a few died off, freezing to death. Then there were the problems with food. Crops were planted late, didn’t have a season to grow, and I had not rounded up any animals into pens to use for food even though the ground was covered with chickens. Citizens started complaining that there was no food, and they slowly, one at a time, died.

Children who were left with no parents had no way to bring food home, so they died. The chain went on and on until I gave up and started the town over, taking my new knowledge with me.

I’m still on my first year but at least I haven’t been hit with a tornado like a friend of mine was. His poor town was practically wiped out before he even started. In a “thank goodness it wasn’t me” moment I laughed. I laughed hard. The game is currently $20 on steam, but you can also buy it directly from the web site and you’ll get two keys that way. One for a DRM free PC version, and the steam key. The game is created by a single developer, and it makes me cringe to think back to the $60 I forked out for SimCity that I played for a month before giving up.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, or that the game is a guaranteed win with everyone. While the basic ‘jist’ of it is survival, some people get bored once they’ve accomplished that goal and have a bustling village. If you happen to enjoy building towns just for the sake of building towns I am confident you will have as much fun with Banished as I have been having not to mention the fact that the game is just gorgeous and incredibly detailed.

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