Ever since 2006, I’ve been betraying my ratonga bard over and over. This is probably the 8th time or so I’ve switched her, if not her class then her city. Why? I’m not quite sure it’s just one of those things. Alts and betrayal quests. I’ve betrayed every single one of my characters at least once at some point in their EQ2 careers. 

I even own both the dirge and troubador epics already, so it doesn’t matter which class I play, I won’t have to worry about that quest. I’ve got both of the mythical quests on me as well, which you can actually complete each of. If I ever get to that point. 

Which brings me to my next point, raiding. I think I want to raid. Well, I’m going to be left with a lot of very lonely empty nights alternating every week every month starting in January. Winter is already dark and lonely enough without anything to do, so I’m thinking of getting into raiding and wasting my time that way. We’ll see, I haven’t made any solid decisions yet (like who to raid with or what guild). It’s just been something I’ve had on my mind. I don’t even know how to get started any more, or if I’m too far behind. I’ve got the 80 troub, warden, and coercer, as well as the 79 illusi and 77 templar just waiting there, and the 74 defiler on her way up. I’d like to settle into raiding with one character. I don’t want to raid 6-7 days a week, but we’ll see. 

Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Wednesday!