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Back to Making Gold

It has been a bit of time, but I’m back at it, making gold in WoW. I started out by reactivating my alt accounts so I was multiboxing with a total of 5. It didn’t take long before I decided to throw caution to the wind, and I activated 3 more accounts, so I’m doing a 2×4 team of hunters and druids.

Competition for farm spots has been fierce, with the pandemic going on and far more people at home than normal. Still, I managed to make some gold here and there. I’m not sure how long I’ll keep up with it, but I’ll do my best! Bring on the gold making.

Gotta Have the Ears

A Little Spinning Action

It looks so much nicer all spread out! I can’t wait to knit with it. No idea WHAT I’ll knit yet, but I’ll think of something.

BulletJournal Excitement

The image above is taken from Reddit, where I have fallen into the rabbit hole of BulletJournals once again. I absolutely love to have everything written and scheduled out, even if I don’t follow the directions, they’re simply nice to have. There have been a ton of covid-19 themed layouts, as well as (of course) Animal Crossing. So cute!

Working Order

I’ve slowly been cleaning and putting together my sock knitting machine. It requires oil to run smooth, and mineral oil is the one I was told to go with. The needles have all been inserted and they seem to move properly, but it was suggested that I replace them all anyway, it makes a huge difference in the knitting. I’m hoping I can take it for a test spin any day now! Here’s hoping I don’t have too many dropped stitches… I’ll be sure to post my results!

Free Patterns Galore

There have been so many amazing free patterns to pick up from Ravelry lately, I have no idea what I’ll knit next! I’m thinking of this shawl for my handspun, alternating white and colours that I’ve spun up. Shawls are nice for projects like this because gauge isn’t essential.

Never Too Old

My husband is one of the most supportive people I’ve ever had in my life. He bought me a brand new guitar so I could learn, because it has always been one of my dreams. He never questions when I want to pick up a new hobby, but always supports me and goes all in. I most certainly will dedicate my first country song to him, hehe.

So Much Animal Crossing…

I am not a fan of the Easter event, but that hasn’t stopped me from trying to collect absolutely everything I can. Unfortunately a lot of the events run during times of the day when I can’t play, but that’s alright. I’m still having loads of fun. My home has three rooms and this week I should be able to pay off the 3rd so I can afford a 4th. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them all yet, but I do love my sewing / fiber room!


Dill, basil, and mint are up next in my aerogarden, along with two tomato plants and a lettuce. I’m hoping to get some potting soil so I can get the strawberries going and also transplant the mint and dill when it comes time. We’ll see how it goes. The tomato plants were supposed to be done but they just sprouted new fruit, so I’m letting them continue on.

Bracers? I have just a Few..

I crafted 1900 (or so) bracers so that I could flip them for a profit. I sell the greens to vendor, then I DE the blues and either craft enchants with them to sell, or sell the raw materials depending on which are going for more. So far it has worked out very well.