Who says there’s no such thing as flying pigs? Wandering around in Norrath today I managed to complete the Brew Day quests before they were vanquished for yet another year. Before I headed out to do these quests I did also manage to get a few guild writs done, inching Nostalgia further along level 42. Since I’ve been playing EQ lately, I haven’t really been in EQ2, but I know the guild is (for the most part) self-sufficient and regular members (Tipa, Kasul, and Ecor)  know that I tend to bounce around from game to game depending on where my whim takes me for the month. Looking through the guild hall I decided I should try to get back into decorating a little bit of it too some time. 

Today though, today was all about the booze. Or rather, walking around in a booze enhanced state where everything was blurred and I didn’t have to wonder (for once) if it was my video card acting up (again). 

I headed to the Commonlands on Silhouette (the coercer) and zoned into the Bar of Brell. It’s a special zone that you can only gain access to this time of year. There were a few new quests to pick up as well as the quests that I’d completed yesterday. The best part about these quests of course is the fact that they (typically) reward a choice of house item. 

The quests listed above were the ones associated with Brew Day, and I loved doing each one of them – in particular Snoogle’s Presentation, because it rewarded me with a pink elephant plushy that I added to my (fast growing) collection of plushies. 

The reward from Ale Goggles was very nice too, I added a fancy looking jug to Silhouette’s table and had a lot of fun doing the quests. Logging in to LoN (Legends of Norrath) also rewarded me with my free loot cards for today – in EQ2 it was a vision of the void (which you may remember being similar to the vision of fury) that makes black darkness shoot out your eyes. In EQ the item is a blue crystal staff that shoots of some particle effects. I’m not sure if today is the last day to claim items, but I believe it is so don’t forget!

After placing all of the new items in my house I took a glance around a few of the half finished housing projects I have ongoing (and have had ongoing for quite a while now). I need to get Goudia’s home done some time, I created an amazing little miniature library for her and then left the rest of the home relatively bare. I’ve always loved the housing in EQ2 and I doubt that will ever change. 

Anyhow, it was great to wander around Norrath 2.0 today, and I hope everyone is having an amazing Friday! Here’s hoping the weekend is just as fantastic.