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Saturday Bits and Pieces

Ah yes, another picture less blog post which means I’m blogging from bed again where I have no screen shots saved. Not going to rant about that here, no doubt my spirits about this whole situated will improve before too long.

Yesterday was not nearly as productive as I had of hoped. I did get some wizard 101 time in and my alt, Emma, is level 8 now and wandering through Triton Avenue and Cyclops Lane completing quests. She’s picked up a few more house items but nothing of any great significance. Mostly books and candles.

In EQ2 it was also fairly quiet, most of my friends were either away for the day or working, so I spent most of it working on my transmuting (I believe I’m at 230 skill now maybe slightly over) and working on the carpenter.

I love carpenters, I already have one on Najena, the coercer. This time around it’s my illusionist. I was at level 55 and running low on vitality but thanks to potions managed to inch my way to level 61, which is when the cool recipes start. Level 60 also meant I could head to The Isle of Mara and pick up the carpenter only shiny collection, granting me some very nice Asian themed recipes which will certainly come in handy.

That was the extent of my gaming for the day. I haven’t figured out if Sims 3 can be run on my laptop, but I may attempt to install it to find out. EQ2 runs just fine (and EQ) so we’ll just have to see. I’ve been contemplating starting up WoW again just for something exceptionally casual (please don’t flog me) but I only own up to the burning crusade and I’ve never managed to get a character over level 50. Go figure that the ONE game that is supposed to be the ‘easiest’ out there is also the one I’ve never had a max level character in, nor have I ever raided. I think the fact that you can simply use addons that will ‘do it all’ for you is a turn off in that regard and it’s why I’ve never tried.

I attempted to move my troubador to Kithicor via the email character transfer service, but their responce was that I would have to call their office for security reasons. I have no idea why, but it seemed odd (and annoying) that I would have to wait until 1pm on a Monday and then call to San Diego. I’m not sure moving a character is even worth whatever hassle will come from that so I may just decide against it. Not like I don’t already have plenty to work on.

I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend, I’ll see you in Norrath (and probably Telon, and Wizard city, and any other number of places)!

A Day of Crafting and Instances

Yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada (though I was informed that it’s called something else in Quebec) and a quiet one too (at least for me). I’m still recovering from being sick these past three weeks which is a process that’s frustrating since I seem to be on a ‘good day bad day’ plan where I’m feeling fantastic one day only to get up at 2am the next and feel horrible.

Game wise things were relatively productive though not exactly on the same level as the day before. I managed to inch the illusionist up from level 40 carpenter to 46 before burning up my vitality. I have plans to get her to 50 so that I can do the crafting quests in the Moors and eventually take her to the crafting instances to try and obtain some books and other goodies. I’ve got all of them except one on the mystic (tailor) and it would be great if I could get that one to drop. Plus there’s the faction which would be nice to get and finish off one day (which I have slacked horribly on I’ll admit).

Aside from the crafting there were instances. Ah yes there are always instances. We headed to Maidens and Chelsith neither of which dropped anything of use this time around, and then we decided to head to The Crucible, a TSO instance in Everfrost. We’d never been there as a trio before and in the past you used to be able to stun the final named each 20% to avoid the massive AoE that goes off if you don’t click books in time. Since I had my doubts (that were later confirmed) that I’d be able to heal + click books effectively I decided I’d try the stun approach on my illusionist.

Except each time I cast my stun I was granted the annoying resist ping sound that happens, so we couldn’t stop the books from spawning. Wpus and I grabbed torches and burned books as they appeared, then Wpus took down the adds but alas it became too much for me to be able to burn books and heal at the same time, so we ended up giving the encounter three tries before calling it. If we added one more person to our little trio we’d have had it down no problems at all. We did manage to get him down to 46% which was amazing for just the three of us I figure. All was not lost though, we still got the ‘free’ shard update from the main floor, as well as the shard update from the quests given outside. I’m slowly working on getting a T2 set for the illusionist and finishing off the T2 set on the mystic. She only needs the breastplate and the shoulders for her set to be completed. What I also didn’t realize last night is that they changed the 5 piece bonus on my gear. That will teach me not to pay attention.

Now that both of my characters (on Kithicor) have their epics, it’s time to mark out a new plan of attack – what to do next. There’s a huge bundle of aa that the illusionist is missing because she was leveled up fairly fast, she’s only sitting on 100 right now, which leaves another 100 to go. The mystic is faring slightly better with 156 aa under her belt. Though I’m not in too much of a rush for hers because there’s not exactly a lot of ‘useful’ aa. What I’d really like (especially for the TSO heal aa) is for them to physically show on the spells you have. My TSO aa increase the amount of crit and the amount of the base heal, but when you examine the heal they’re not listed as being adjusted. Makes me feel as though the heals are doing no more then they would typically do.

Hopefully GU52 gets put on the test server soon so that it can move to live, I know a lot of people are looking forward to that one. In the mean time, I’ll see you in Norrath!

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