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Aion Beta Impressions

Now that the NDA is down for NA, I’m free to talk about my Aion beta impressions. Don’t forget to take a look at Tipa’s impressions too, they closely mirror my own. The game is not innovative, but that’s not what I was looking for. I don’t need everything to be new and make me think that it’s the most unique game of all time – I want specific features, coupled with a few bugs as possible, and that’s exactly what I got.

I love the beta, I’ll be honest. I had not given much thought to the game this past little while but as soon as I was playing, I knew I’d probably end up buying it when it came out. Will I keep subscribed? Not sure, we’ll see.

Character creation grabbed me and pulled me into the game before anything else did. I’ve always loved the character models from Guild Wars and Lineage II (even if I didn’t love the games quite as much) and there is so much customization, I haven’t seen this much since Vanguard released (and when it did most of their character models were looking more like 3rd world children then anything resembling people). While you can’t exactly make an ugly character, there are so many options you can at least look unique. There were over 30 hairstyles for females, with a huge selection of colours, and many sliders to adjust proportions all over the place. People WANT to feel a personal connection to their character (not because they look alike, though if you do that’s neat, but rather because you put the time and effort into making the character the way you wanted to look). Already I was impressed.

When I logged in there were people EVERYWHERE but the game still ran smooth. It was much like every other MMO where you have quest hubs and they send you out to slay creatures and bring back body parts and goodies to the NPC’s. People were friendly, talking in channels and exploring. It was a little difficult to obtain my quest objectives because there was just a huge mass of players, but that was to be expected. Re-spawns were fast which helped.

As Tipa mentioned in her post, the weather affects your character. I went afk for a drink of water and came back to watch my character brandishing her make shift umbrella over her head snarking at the sky for opening up over her.

The world is absolutely beautiful. It’s as though they took the bits from Lineage II and Guild Wars that I liked, and left out the bits that I didn’t like (lack of jumping anyone?) which I find just perfect. There is a lot to see, little eye candy treats everywhere that draw the player in. Not to mention, the combat had me squeeling and going “woah that was SO COOL” every time I pulled off an attack – and I was playing a priest, not a melee character.

Maybe it’s the Asian flare (in a game that’s not a F2P which, well, we all know how those can turn out) and the awesome cries of battle the character makes as you choose them from character select, or the fantastic moves as you press your attack keys – but I loved every second of it. Sure, it could have just been due to the fact that the game is new (to me) and there for it’s not a move I have already seen a million times in the past, but it was wondrous and I enjoyed playing a great deal.

I’m looking forward to the next beta event which is this weekend, the download was REALLY slow in order to obtain the game (a full day and a half of downloading) but now that I have it, it’s much better. I don’t want to get too burnt out from the game already before it even goes live, but this is certainly one that I’ll be giving a try once it comes out. Plus, there’s flying. Who doesn’t like to fly?!

Who doesn’t want MORE alts?!

Of course in game, I need more alts. Why? Because I had character slots free. I made three of them yesterday. Will I stick with any of them? Who knows. While I played on Antonia Bayle I listened to the chatter taking place in the craft channel. It’s amazing to see the difference in community on all of the servers I play on. I have level 80 characters on four different servers, and I’ve played extensively on two others that I moved from. I enjoy playing with friends which is my main reason for changing so often.

The atmosphere on the roleplay servers is completely different then that on ‘regular’ servers. I’m fairly confident that this can be said for almost all games, and roleplay servers also tend to be quite popular. Even the difference between Antonia Bayle and Lucan D’Lere is noticeable in EQ2, mainly because of the size difference. You always have those bad apples who talk louder then the 100 nice people you may have missed coming in contact with.

The casual atmosphere and the openness are two things that I notice the most on roleplay servers. People talk, almost constantly. They talk to people walking by, to strangers in channels and numerous other instances. I love it. Every time I walk through Freeport I can hear people roleplaying and on the roleplay channels there’s always a story going on. I adventured through Zek one day and came across a group of people randomly roleplaying around the druid rings, and walked into their story. It was an incredible experience and one that reminded me why I love these games, why I play.

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend, I’ll see you in Norrath (and maybe Free Realms, and Vanguard, and EverQuest, and.. )

Another Title to the List

Why I never picked up LoTRO before now is still a mystery to me. I’ve picked up pretty much every other title out there from EQ1 to WAR and gave them all at least the free month that came with the game. Since I don’t typically play console games myself spending the $40-50 every few months to test out a new game  has become some what of the norm for me. 

KTR was kind enough to toss a 10-day trial my way, which happens to be on a founders account. Before I even stepped into the game I was impressed. While other games do typically have some sort of ‘recruit a friend’ program these days having a reduced subscription and the offer of the life time subscription is a huge bonus. I was going to start downloading the client, but not being a huge fan of 2+ day downloads, I picked up the box at EBGames. Vlcan pointed out that Best Buy is going to have Mines of Moria (the complete edition) on sale for $19.99 so if you’ve been on the fence about this game get a hold of a founder and maybe think about picking it up. I didn’t mind paying the full price for it because I got a lot more then I bargained for – EBGames here in Ottawa happened to still have pre-order copies kicking around and I snagged one of those.

Not only was I already impressed before I logged in due to the recruit-a-friend (and a very smooth set up for that might I add, the interface to set up an account was really nice) but I love the goodies that came with the pre-order. What did we get with EQ2? Well, that pewter bear that collects dust on the top of my desk. What did I get with the LoTRO pre-order? A CD of all of the music, the ability to subscribe myself for $9.99 a month or get the life time for $199, and three unique in game items. A cloak, a title, and some in game tokens that I have no idea how to work yet but they were in my bags when I created.

When I upgraded my account from trial to a full member they didn’t just take away my 10 free days either, it was added to my account along with the free 30 days for purchasing the game so I have a bit of time before I’ll start to be charged for it. At $9.99 a month I won’t be complaining. 

Installation went smooth, it took less then an hour to install the two DVD’s, patch the game, and create my first minstrel hobbit, Petites. After the advice of others on twitter, I created on the Landroval server which is where I believe a few CoW members are hanging out amongst others. I honestly don’t know enough about the servers to have a secure preference yet. 

The introduction videos were a lot of fun to watch, I’ve always enjoyed them the first time through no matter what the game. I didn’t get to play a whole lot since by the time I got everything settled, (yesterday was another day of family stuff) installed, patched and what not I was looking to play a little EQ2 before bed, but what I did play I really liked. 

I enjoyed the character creation process. The characters look good. They look crisp and clear and while there are not a HUGE amount of options, there are enough to let me have fun playing with it. The characters themselves sort of remind me of WAR in colour and graphic, not necessarily a bad thing. Of course like every other game I play the first thing I do is re-map all of my keys to something I’m used to and more comfortable for me. That means getting rid of the WASD keys and changing them to the arrow keys on the number pad. After 7 years of gaming if I can’t move around in the way I’m most used to, it’s a deterrent. The game ran really really smooth, the UI was clutter-free even though it will take me some time to figure out how everything works, where it all is, and what it means. I picked up the first quest I saw after logging in (of course after putting on my cloak) and headed off down a road to talk to someone and smush some spiders. Combat was a little confusing to me but I was also trying to play EQ2 on the laptop at the same time which was a bad idea. 

Over all though my impressions (so far) have been very positive, and I’m looking forward to exploring middle-earth. I should have more solid time this weekend to play, and for $9.99 a month you really can’t go wrong.

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