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Simply Gaming

Aww no screen shot to go with this post because I spent the majority of yesterday bedridden again and the screen shot quality of the laptop is just not that great. Snuck onto the computer early this morning before I have to go back to my cave for the rest of the day, at least it’s comfortable (even if I don’t have digital cable in there and the channels I do have suck!).

Despite being confined to my room I did get a fair amount of gaming done yesterday! It’s not like I’m going to let a few little problems stop me, eh?

To start it off Satia (the dirge) is now level 79 and 40% into it! This will mark my 8th level 80 I believe. I already have an 80: Coercer, Illusionist (x2), Templar, Warden, Troubador, and Mystic. The 50% bonus experience for the (US) holiday weekend has been nice in helping me along, plus I had a few smaller experience boosting potions, and I mentored with my mystic. In order to get that bit of experience the guild and I headed to Crypt of Agony, Maidens Chamber, Vaults of Eternal Sleep, as well as Unrest and Shard of Fear. Oh, lets not forget Chelsith too!

Crypt of Agony, Madiens, and Vaults were slightly disappointing as none of them dropped a single item that any of us were searching for – however Ultann managed to get his choker from Unrest finally, and Wpus managed to get his ring from Chelsith (you know the one that procs a huge aoe when a mob dies). Hamal (Kasul) also inched his way closer to 72 and gained a lot of achievement points from the instances, so that was good for him.

At 79 my little dirge had a lot of gear waiting for her, she can wear some new weapons and her new gi and a handful of other random items. I believe I have a few shards saved up so at level 80 she can get a piece or two of void gear (T1) until I can farm some shards on her. She’s still quite far behind in achievements, but is almost at 100 which is better then some of my characters (like the illusionist, lol). Of course this character isn’t even 80 yet and I’m already debating who to level up next, probably the paladin and then who knows, I may just create something new. I only have three characters on my 2nd account, so there’s lots of room over there still. Maybe a pure dps class of some sort. Suggestions?

Aside from that, I’m expecting a fairly quiet weekend. Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, and their holiday Monday (for those who have it off). Chances are I’ll be some where in Norrath.

A Day of Crafting and Instances

Yesterday was Victoria Day here in Canada (though I was informed that it’s called something else in Quebec) and a quiet one too (at least for me). I’m still recovering from being sick these past three weeks which is a process that’s frustrating since I seem to be on a ‘good day bad day’ plan where I’m feeling fantastic one day only to get up at 2am the next and feel horrible.

Game wise things were relatively productive though not exactly on the same level as the day before. I managed to inch the illusionist up from level 40 carpenter to 46 before burning up my vitality. I have plans to get her to 50 so that I can do the crafting quests in the Moors and eventually take her to the crafting instances to try and obtain some books and other goodies. I’ve got all of them except one on the mystic (tailor) and it would be great if I could get that one to drop. Plus there’s the faction which would be nice to get and finish off one day (which I have slacked horribly on I’ll admit).

Aside from the crafting there were instances. Ah yes there are always instances. We headed to Maidens and Chelsith neither of which dropped anything of use this time around, and then we decided to head to The Crucible, a TSO instance in Everfrost. We’d never been there as a trio before and in the past you used to be able to stun the final named each 20% to avoid the massive AoE that goes off if you don’t click books in time. Since I had my doubts (that were later confirmed) that I’d be able to heal + click books effectively I decided I’d try the stun approach on my illusionist.

Except each time I cast my stun I was granted the annoying resist ping sound that happens, so we couldn’t stop the books from spawning. Wpus and I grabbed torches and burned books as they appeared, then Wpus took down the adds but alas it became too much for me to be able to burn books and heal at the same time, so we ended up giving the encounter three tries before calling it. If we added one more person to our little trio we’d have had it down no problems at all. We did manage to get him down to 46% which was amazing for just the three of us I figure. All was not lost though, we still got the ‘free’ shard update from the main floor, as well as the shard update from the quests given outside. I’m slowly working on getting a T2 set for the illusionist and finishing off the T2 set on the mystic. She only needs the breastplate and the shoulders for her set to be completed. What I also didn’t realize last night is that they changed the 5 piece bonus on my gear. That will teach me not to pay attention.

Now that both of my characters (on Kithicor) have their epics, it’s time to mark out a new plan of attack – what to do next. There’s a huge bundle of aa that the illusionist is missing because she was leveled up fairly fast, she’s only sitting on 100 right now, which leaves another 100 to go. The mystic is faring slightly better with 156 aa under her belt. Though I’m not in too much of a rush for hers because there’s not exactly a lot of ‘useful’ aa. What I’d really like (especially for the TSO heal aa) is for them to physically show on the spells you have. My TSO aa increase the amount of crit and the amount of the base heal, but when you examine the heal they’re not listed as being adjusted. Makes me feel as though the heals are doing no more then they would typically do.

Hopefully GU52 gets put on the test server soon so that it can move to live, I know a lot of people are looking forward to that one. In the mean time, I’ll see you in Norrath!

Valentines Ramblings and Instances

Yesterday was another relaxing day, with my flu going away a little bit more. I’m not 100% yet, but I’m confident that I will be sooner rather then later. Of course I made sure to spread the infection to as many denizens of Ottawa as I could in the mean time. If you wondered why some strange woman was out on the streets strewing used tissue around begging for someone to help her pick them all up, well now you have your reason. 

I promised myself when I finished all of my articles on Tuesday, that I would take the rest of the week to slowly absorb the going-ons of the last three weeks. Everything from the crazy passport incidents to the actual trip to San Diego and what it meant to me on a very personal level. My closest friends understand why this was such a huge undertaking, it wasn’t just about flying alone and going to a new place and doing my job but it was about incidents in the past and confronting my fears. I think I did pretty well. Of course it’s easy to say that now that it’s over with. 

So I’ve done just that for this week, done nothing but relax (some dishes, I’ll admit) and relaxed. It may seem odd of me to do, but I think I’ve deserved it. I didn’t really celebrate everything yet, and I plan on doing that Saturday. We’ll see how it goes. 

Yesterday in game I had a lot of fun. I worked on the Valentines quests in Antonica on the mystic, dragging my conjuror friend along with my coercer to partake in the races close to the North Qeynos gates. The rewards to this race (which requires a minimum of 3 people) are flowers, and the first place winners get the really Fancy ones in glass containers. This is the first year I’ve done any of the valentines stuff, you may recall that last year at this time I was playing Vanguard full time which is why I’ve never done the Valentines stuff before. I managed to gather one of all the fancy flowers, and purchased the new valentines crafting books as well making a bunch of everything. 

Ultann, Wpus and I did our regular Obelisk run where the shield did not drop (of course not!), we also did Vaults hoping for the guard for Wpus and we even got a master chest at the end of the instance but of course it had to be fabled scout pants and not the item we wanted. We also did CoA and no healer ring (or caster ring for that matter) dropped (again). We did Chelsith and the belt Ultann wants did not drop (not have we even seen it to date). Ah well. My coercer did manage to ding level 78, which was great. She’s about 30% into the level now, and getting closer to being able to wear all this gear I’ve been holding for her. 

Now I need to catch my minstrel up to the group in LoTRO, and I’d like to play a little EQ1 and VG this weekend too. Monday is ‘family day’ here in Canada and I believe in the US as well, so it’s a long weekend, should be lots of time to game! I hope everyone is having a fantastic friday, and I hope that those who are close to me forgive me for my distance over the past little while. I love and appreciate everyone in my life so much and I know just how lucky I am.

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