I have a great talent for taking screen shots – RIGHT – when my character is closing her eyes and blinking in game. I must have taken a good 10 shots of her riding a horse around to various locations and how beautiful everything looked and yet in almost every single shot her eyes are closed which of course draws your eye to that one incident and not the beautiful scenery. I spent almost all day yesterday wandering around Middle Earth with Kasul. He decided to create a warden and I made myself a minstrel (both elves) in the hopes of catching up to Malfi and Tipa some day. With the experience bonus (which I think we are getting?) and working on quests, we managed to get to level 13 without too much trouble. 

I love the quest system, the beta journal is nice as well (reminds me of WAR). I love questing, and I absolutely love the way I feel drawn into the story line as I’m working on the quests. When the edges of the screen flash a dull red and it feels like I’m watching a movie (and in some portions, I was) but my character is still right there. Sure, the story doesn’t change no matter who happens to be watching or making their way through it, and sure I realize that this is just one more cut and paste quest – but it’s presented to me in a method that I’m not used to with previous games I’ve played, and (for now at least) I really enjoy it. 

I didn’t experience a single bug aside from my graphic card going glitchy which I’ve talked about in the past as happening with LOTS of other games. I dusted out my computer yesterday and it didn’t happen again. If it does that will be the final straw for me and I’ll go out and buy a new graphic card. Even though this one is only a few months old (3-4?) and I’d rather not. Since my job relies on me being able to play these games I’d rather only have so many issues to deal with!

Anyhow. I managed to get my minstrel to level 13, had a blast doing it. Also started crafting! I read up on the Wiki after I started crafting but it’s not really that complicated once you find out what the different vocations are and what they all entail. I decided on explorer for now with the minstrel, so I can make light and medium armor, as well as gather resources for other guild mates. 

We actually decided on a schedule for playing, since I also have my group in EQ that I don’t want to neglect – and I would REALLY like to be able to say I stuck with a schedule for once. I keep trying and I fail, utterly. So. It was decided that we’ll play twice a week. One day, and one evening. Since Kasul’s schedule changes we’ll play during the day on one of his days off, and during the evening on a different day. That also allows us to play with Tipa and Malfi too if they happen to be in game (which Tipa was last night, woot). 

I do plan on creating an alt (big surprise) but I’m going to limit it to just one (gasps). I’m not sure what I’m going to go with yet, but I’m thinking Lore-Master. Not sure yet. I don’t know what craft they’ll go with yet either, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out. Before I knew it, it was time to head back to EQ to play with Ultann and Ninga. More about how that went in the next post!