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What Epic Was that Again?

Alright. I admit, I didn’t do that much in game yesterday because I spent most of it betraying my level 80 illusionist over to a coercer, and then I spent the remainder of it convincing my guild mates to help me with (yet another) epic quest. It wasn’t nearly as painful as some other epics have been though, the coercer one is VERY simple.

I’ve lost track of how many epics that is now. I believe I have finished epics for dirge x2, troubador, coercer x2, illusionist, templar, warden, and mystic. That’s a lot.

I had a good reason this time (don’t I always!) for wanting to betray. I had a level 40 coercer and just could not fathom the idea of leveling up ANOTHER alt. I have so many. I want to be able to concentrate on them properly and not just get to 80 and have them sit on the back burner. At least this way I can play the coercer (which I adore) and concentrate on bettering the character. Does that make sense? Well, it does to me.

The coercer epic is by far the simplest epic I have ever completed. There are no prerequisites aside from being level 80. There are no named required aside from Drusella in Maidens at the end. The entire thing took maybe three hours and that was including travel time, with four of us working on it. Now I just need to find a pretty adornment for it.

Today is GU52! I’m excited. I hope it goes well and I hope everyone is pleased with the new features. I’m off to the doctors again today and my fingers are crossed that it goes just as well. In the mean time, have a great Tuesday!

One more Day of Crazy!

Last day of craziness before things will be able to calm down for me, so I (once again) won’t have much to write about today, but a post is still in order! Yesterday I spent some time (once work was completed) playing my coercer in EQ2, and debating whether to finish leveling up the paladin (she’s been stuck at level 73 for quite some time) or move on to something else. I’m undecided so far. Idealy I should just stick with the characters I have and work on their aa so that they can be ready for the expansion in November, but we all know I’m just not that sort of gamer.

I did manage to dip into Sims 3 for a whole five minutes as well as get some quality Wizard 101 time in which was great, this weekend should give me plenty of time to game too. I was supposed to head to that Medieval Festival but alas it’s not in the cards for me this year. I will be going to the Upper Canada Village though once I can, and have a few other trips planned that will hopefully result in some amazing pictures!

I know everyone is SUPER excited about the SOE Fan Faire, though I am not going this year (pouts) I hope everyone who does go has an amazing time. No doubt I’ll be green with envy as I listen to blog posts, twitter updates, and other various communications throughout the event.

Happy Friday, I hope everyone has a fantastic day no matter where you end up gaming!

All About Goals

A proper screenshot of the dirge with her eyes actually open. Why I picked a half elf, I have no idea. I typically go for something that has racial abilities that will one day help me out (melee orientated, or spell, or the fun floaty one that a few races like erudite and dark elf get).

You’ll have to forgive my lackluster post, I won’t make excuses but this is certainly not the best of weeks I’ve had. Bare with me and things will improve (we all hope).

CoA – The Farseer did not drop, the Cardiocutter did not drop. We’ve been doing this zone every day for more then a month now and have not seen hide nor hair of these items. I’m beginning to think they’re mythicals and have since been removed from game. The bard goes without for a little while longer.

Did manage to get a few crafting levels yesterday which was great. Ultann inched to level 50 armorer which means he can partake in the TSO crafting now. Kasul has moved his main assassin over to Kithicor (until we’re all offered free transfers if that ever happens, so we can leave this horrible server) and now we find ourselves with a whole lot of dps – it’s going to be great. I believe today we plan on spending the day doing amazing instances that we normally can’t defeat because we don’t have the dps and I’m really looking forward to it. We’ll just have to see of course. I’m not sure if I’ll be playing the illusionist or the dirge but either way I’m sure it will be fun.

Speaking of fun I created my 4th enchanter last night. That’s right, another coercer. WHY?! Well. I have an illusionist and a coercer on Najena. I had a coercer on Kithicor but I betrayed her to an illusionist because their buffs are simply better for the group in general. You can’t go wrong with Time Compression and Illusionary Arm. I really love enchanters (no, they don’t play like EQ enchanters, but I still love them) and being able to charm things is an amazing aspect to the game (especially for thrill seekers) that I just can’t get enough of. So I searched last night for my master charm spells, I picked up the one for level 47, the one for 61 (which is all you need even at T8) and Wpus managed to have the level 20 charm stashed away. That was more then enough incentive for me.

I created an arasai coercer, and decked her out. What’s more I created a ‘goal’ for myself – no power leveling, and I want to try to have 200 aa BEFORE I hit level 80 (no matter how long that may take). I got her to level 20 yesterday, and then turned off experience as well as quest experience. That means the only thing I’m obtaining is achievements from quest completion and discoveries etc.

Wpus helped me out with spells while I did some shopping, and she’s sporting about 10 master spells now and a nice outfit of gear. I took her back home to Darklight Woods after playing in Wailing Caves and started working on the level 10+ quests. She’s only got 10aa right now, but I expect that to continue to grow. I figure I will do the 10+ quests in Darklight, Gorowyn, Commonlands, as well as any smaller zones such as Stormhold and Blackburrow before I enable experience again.

Why am I doing this? Well. I love having goals in game. I have so many level 80 characters now that getting to level 80 is no longer a thrill. Sure I could have 14 in total and get them all their epics and then have a steady stream of crafters to level but I’m already pretty tired of that grind. So I seek out new ways to play the game by my own rules, and different ways to interest me. Questing is not always something I enjoy doing, but if I place enough challenges along the way it looks infinitely better. Owning so many lower level master spells certainly helps too, and of course the coercers bread and butter which is my master charm.

No matter what game you’re playing or how you challenge yourself, I hope everyone has an amazing Friday, and an incredible weekend. Chances are I’ll be here, in Norrath as always.

Not too much excitement

Yesterday was Easter, and I spent the majority of it with family (which I am ever thankful for) so I didn’t play much at all. I did create a new rune-keeper in LotRO on Landroval to play (though now I need to hunt down someone from CoW who can invite me to the guild) and managed to get a few levels. Aside from that I checked the broker and did some banking in EQ2, checking on sales from various characters and contemplating betraying the coercer over to illusionist. Without a sage, it will cost me an arm and a leg. My 80 sage is on Najena, so that doesn’t exactly help me out. Ah well. 

Hope everyone has had an enjoyable weekend. Tomorrow is my birthday, so I don’t expect to be online all that much again either. We’ll see I suppose.

Coercer 2.0 hits 80, Instances, and.. more Instances!

Yesterday was a mixture of real life with some gaming which of course made for a perfect Saturday. There was the announcement that Free Realms was sending out beta invites, and then a mass amount of shopping that involved a wii fit, and a nintendo DSi with a few games (used, and cheap!) and other random goodness before I settled in to game on Kithicor.

I had so much fun I don’t even know exactly what we did. I know we started off with our usual Obelisk run (and again no shield – that one dagger and crusader shield that drops has dropped enough to outfit a small army by now) followed by us attempting to solo some TSO instances – this time Lavastorm. We did pretty well in Najena’s Hollow Tower, we defeated the gnome by burning down the bombs (I charmed a warlock pet, MUCH fun!) and then moved on to the djin water elemental named and once we figured out how to do this with three people it worked out just fine. Honestly that’s as far as we needed to get anyhow, there’s a cloak that drops from that particular mob that Wpus is looking to get, and it was nice to know we can trio him. 

Afterwards we attempted Deep Forge, but that zone is a little out of our grasp yet. The coercer was inching closer to 80 (hovering around 70% experience for quite some time) so we completed the three Commonlands void quests mentored – and then since we had no lock out for Cavern of the Afflicted, we decided to gather a group together and complete it the ‘big kid’ way. 

I wouldn’t be playing the coercer for this, just the mystic. So I took the coercer to East Freeport and purchased 15p worth of collections . Finally!

The coercer (my 2nd, and 3rd enchanter) managed to hit level 80. She had 40 void shards waiting for her that I’ve collected over time, so it was no trouble to have my mystic craft her almost the complete T1 set. I know a lot of coercers complain that the set is not that great, but when you don’t raid and are still wearing mastercrafted, it comes in handy. Plus it looks fantastic (screen shots some other time hopefully). Despite the fact that I love being able to charm things I am contemplating betraying her over to an illusionist. The group buffs are much more suited for my play style. I’m not certain yet, it will depend on whether or not I can track down a sage. 

I also spent some time talking with Troy  from Emerald Tablet who happens to play on the Kithicor server. Was nice to say hello after ‘speaking’ a few times on twitter. 

Afterwards I wasn’t quite ready to call it a night, so we decided to head to Vaults and see if we couldn’t get another praetor’s guard to drop. Granted, it’s taken us a good 20 tries to get the one to drop that we actually got, so I didn’t hold much hope. Good thing, since it eluded us once more. Maybe next time!

Before I knew it the clock was telling me it was 2am and I had to get up at 6am Blast those enjoyable evenings! Today is Easter Sunday and I’m looking forward to a great dinner with family, I hope everyone else has had an amazing weekend thus far, and enjoy yourself, where ever you end up spending your time!

See you in Norrath!

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