Welp, it finally happened. I was getting fed up with the video card issues I was having, and have been having for quite some time. Almost as soon as I installed my 8800 Nvidia as it were. No, I didn’t have a warranty for it and even if I did I didn’t want another nvidia sent back to me. 

My power supply is also quite low, only 450, and I didn’t know if it was a card issue, power supply, or something else. It’s cheaper to get a new power supply then it is to get a new video card (even I know that in my VERY slim  knowledge of computer bits) so I took my card out, put in my old 7600 (also by Nvidia) and put the 8800 in a different computer. Booted up EQ2 on the second PC and less then an hour later (the 2nd computer has a higher power supply) the exact same graphic issues I was experiencing on my own pc. Great. Time for a new card.

This time around I’m going with an ATI. I’ve been with Nvidia for my entire gaming career (if you can call it that). I can’t afford to keep buying new cards every single year but since my job involves playing video games I’m not left with a whole lot of options. Newegg.ca offers very nice prices, and I settled on an ATI Radeon HD 4870 – 1gig for $280 Canadian, delivered in 5 business days. 

Tomorrow I’ll go out and pick up a new power supply and then once the new card gets here I should be all set. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. 

Some times I really dislike computers.