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Halloween Cross Stitch – Update 10

I haven’t been able to work on this in some time. The goal was to get it done before Halloween this year so that I could frame it and use it as decoration – and I THINK I’m still on track for that at least, but it will mean dedicating some time to it instead of just putting it aside for other projects.

TAAT Sock Progress (2)

A few more rows, and then we’re onto the heels. These socks have been taking me forever to knit, but I haven’t been working on them that often, so I’m OK with the slow progress.

Wash Cloth (1)

I have a few skeins of 100% cotton that I bought specifically to make wash cloths out of, so I decided on a pattern (it’s a 2 row repeat, very easy to memorize) and have gotten started. Hopefully they don’t take me that long to complete. I’m aiming for 2 wash cloths per skein, but we’ll see how that goes. I absolutely love hand knit wash cloths, they are good for a number of things and are pretty great for in the shower due to the texture of the cotton. Every few years I like to add to the collection as they do get worn with time, the family uses them that much.

Cross Stitch (6)

It has been some time since I did any cross stitching, but I have recently gotten back into it. I picked up a lovely grime guard, a needle minder, and some new patterns. I’m working on this halloween themed one to begin with, and then we’ll see what’s next. Probably some super hero ones I picked up. It’s a lovely way to pass the time (when my hands and eyes allow me) and I also picked up some frames so I can hang / gift some creations.

Sock Machine – Back in Business

I should have started with a proper cleaning, but I got back to knitting with my antique sock machine and it was lovely. I recently purchased a ‘bonnet’ to help with casting on – I had been using one of the antique tools that came with it, but it was falling apart and took forever to set up properly. The bonnet is MUCH easier to use, and sturdier. Hopefully this helps me preserve the tool. The sock above is slightly too tight, so I need to mess with tension still, and I need to kitchener stitch the toe – but it took under an hour to complete, and I’m glad that I can use up some stash this way. I have an entire bag of kroy sock yarn to use up, and I’d also like to do a few practice socks while I learn what size my husband wears. You can never have too many socks.

Day 1 – Halloween Cross Stitch

I recently started a new cross stitch that I hope to finish in time for Halloween. It’s not as large or complicated as some of my others, so that should be a pretty simple goal. It gives me a chance to complete some pieces and not always be looking at half completed projects.

Side note, I love the QoL changes that have happened to the craft since I’ve started. The magnetic needle minder, the grime guard – Q snap. All of these things help me with my cross stitch and make it just a little bit easier.

Happy Corner (5)

There’s just a little bit of work left to be done on my Happy Corner miniature kit! It’s so tiny, and I’ve really enjoyed the process. I set up the wiring and everything works!

Sock Scrap Blanket

One of my goals in scheduling my hobbies in the evenings was to try to work on my sock scrap blanket a little bit. I only have one evening a week assigned to knitting because knitting is something I can do throughout the day, the kids are not destroying it or anything like that. During that time I wanted to focus on a few specific projects – one of them is mitered squares for the sock scrap blanket I’ve been working on. I’m hoping to get at least two squares a week completed, even that small amount would be a big step towards getting this blanket rolling. Each section is 3×3 squares, and I’m going to stitch them together. I haven’t decided how I’m going to do that yet, whether it will be with a crochet boarder, or just whip stitch or some other method. I’ll probably have to see what I prefer. Each square is 20×20 stitches, and they knit up pretty fast so long as I can remember which way to pick up stitches from.

Happy Corner (4)

The coffee house and the book store are completed (minus trimmings along the outside) and the glue just needs to dry before I move on to the bakery and the flower shop! I’m pretty excited to get these completed. It will take a few more sessions, but I can’t wait to see it all wired and lit up.

Organizing Hobbies

I enjoy a lot of craft related hobbies, but I rarely have time to dedicate to all of them, and I tend to binge craft and then forget about everything else for months at a time. Other times I’m so tired that without a clear idea and path of what to work on I’ll just sit at my desk and do nothing. Then it’s bed time. So I set out a schedule for my crafts and then organized them according to whether I can do them when the kids are awake / around or if I need to wait until they’re asleep (ie: using needles in cross stitch means I need to wait until they’re asleep).

Anyway, I’ve been using this schedule for almost a week and so far it’s going very well.

  • Knitting: Tuesdays
  • Cross Stitch: Monday/Friday
  • Miniatures: Saturday/Sunday
  • Spinning: Wednesday
  • Drawing: Thursday

I figure that this way at least my crafts / items are being used, and over time projects will get completed even if I don’t binge on them. I also made mini goals for each craft so I know what I’m working on. Now, this may seem counterproductive to a creative mind but this method works for me and actually has me feeling better about things than I have in a while. If I’m not feeling up to working on something I just don’t. No big deal, these are not hard set rules or anything like that, it’s just a bit of direction.

Maybe when I have a bit more free time than 2 hours in the evenings I’ll be able to open this up a bit more but for now, I’m just going to keep doing what works.

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