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Happy Corner (3)

Last night was another miniatures night (Saturday & Sunday are the two evenings I’ve set aside for this hobby) and I built myself a little cash (complete with menu) and a shelf unit – I also glued together two chairs and a table, but they have to dry before I install them into the small tiny coffee cafe. My glue work needs .. some work, but at least it dries clear and shouldn’t show up quite as much.

I’ve been having fun working on this little project. It’s a trial in patience, which is pretty rare for me (as in I have no patience). I’m eager to get this place wired properly and have the lights working, it’s really going to look swell then. I also need to find a better way to photograph the thing.

Happy Corner (2)

I recently created a schedule for myself to organize my hobbies – I know, it sounds a bit silly, but I have a lot of hobbies and I wanted to make sure I worked on them a little bit each week, so that at the end of the month I could see some actual progress. I can assess the hobbies any time and they’re not in stone or anything like that, it’s more to do with the fact that in the events I tend to sit at my desk and think about all the things I could be doing instead of actually doing any of the things I could be doing (if that makes sense).

Last night was miniatures night (and so is tonight). The schedule is organized so that activities that HAVE to be done at night (ie: after the minions are sleeping) get a little more time than hobbies I could potentially do while they’re awake, or when it’s the weekend. Since this hobby uses knives and glue, it’s something I don’t want to do with the 2 and 4 year old poking into everything.

I’ve been working on my first miniatures kit. I bought it some years ago from Wish, which is pretty hit and miss if you’ve ever ordered from them before. I think I spent a total of $15 per kit, and I bought three of them. They are TINY scale, much smaller than 1:12, and that makes it awkward but I’m having a lot of fun slowly working on it. This kit is called ‘Happy Corner’ and is a bunch of little shops and some cute accessories on the street. I had to build the balcony from scratch, and you can see my glue is drying (it will turn clear once it dries) but I still love it so far. I also had to add lights, do the wiring for that, and there are a billion other little small details and pieces I’ll work on. I can’t wait to see it done and get it all wired so that it works.

Sockhead Cowl (4)

I know the cowl is supposed to be 12″ long before I start the ribbing again, but I tried it on and honestly I think this length is perfect for me. So now it’s time for k2p2 ribbing for 3″ and then this project will be completed, ready for next winter. I have to say, I’m REALLY glad to almost be done. Not only is the pattern a bit of a snore (great for TV knitting, but a bit too slow for me even with that) but the yarn is difficult to work with. It’s single ply thick and thin chroma from Knitpicks, and I’m honestly not a fan. This was yarn I bought when I was just starting out, and I’m determined to use it up.

Sockhead Cowl (2)

I have been having a difficult time settling on what I want to knit next, so I decided to take some advice and finish off a few WIP – or at least work on them a bit while I mull over what comes next now that my shawl is complete. I started this project back in November 2020, and intended on having it done for winter, but now it will have to wait until next winter. Sometimes scarves are just not ideal, so I wanted a cowl to wear that would keep me nice and warm. Unfortunately it’s not the most interesting of knits, a lot of ribbed work and then a lot of plain knitting in the ground followed by a whole lot more ribbing. I’m determined to get it done, eventually.

The yarn is single ply chroma from KnitPicks, a bit awkward to knit with but it’s coming along beautifully so far. It will be nice to get this out of my stash.

50s inspired headband

I was looking for a simple knit to use up some of my hand spun yarn – so I made this ‘pin me up’ head band from a pattern over on Ravelry. It’s cute, it used my whole skein, and it was an instant gratification project that I’m pleased with.


I’m honestly not sure what project to pick up next now that I’ve finished my massive shawl (that I adore). It’s blocked and almost ready to wear, I have a few small things to fix (like dropped stitches that I’ve picked up with stitch markers to fix at a later time). I’m thinking it MIGHT be time to bring out the Silver Bell Sweater that I’ve had in time out since December. I could almost stomach fixing it. I think.

Stillness Shawl – Completed

I am finally done my Stillness shawl (pattern is from Ravelry) after having started it February 1st. I am so proud of myself for knitting such a large project and actually sticking with it. What I did to help myself along was to actually print out the pattern and assign rows to specific days as goals. This way I wasn’t overwhelmed with a whole lot of knitting, and if I wanted to work ahead I could. Some days I didn’t knit at all, and instead I knit twice as much on other days. It was the perfect way to keep me in line.

There are mistakes, but I still love every inch. I’m also ready for a new less time intensive project next. I have a pair of socks to finish off, and then we’ll see what is next.

Stillness Shawl – 95%

This shawl is gigantic. I have 4 more rows to go and then that’s it, it will be completed (according to the pattern, I haven’t decided yet if I’ll do extra rows). My hands have been pretty sore lately and I’ve dropped some stitches due to not being able to manipulate the yarn properly (just health downsides) but I’m confident that I am in the home stretch – after two months of working on this project every single day.

I’m excited to see it blocked.

Stillness Shawl – Details

A simple 10 stitch repeat is the rest of the shawl before the bind off. I’m loving the gradient and the sparkles! Cashmere & merino, this shawl is HUGE and I hope to get a lot of use out of it. I think it would look fantastic paired with a little black dress, if we ever get through this pandemic.

Silver Bell Sweater Progress

I’m having a lot of fun knitting this Silver Bell Sweater (pattern found on Ravelry). It’s an oversized sweater that you would wear with a camisole under with a pair of nice jeans – perfect for the holidays at home. There’s 6″ of positive ease, so it should fit nice and large. I’m knitting it with an alpaca blend, and I know it will require some blocking, but I love the colour and I just love how it’s turning out so far. It is also a neat construction. You knit it from the bottom up, separating after the body to a front left / right panel and the back piece. The shoulders are joined with a 3 needle bind off which I still have to learn. I’m working on the second front piece now, then the back, then the sleeves, neck, and cuffs. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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