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Ding, 79 Necromancer (and 78 Enchanter)

Located within the highest icy peaks of the Serpent’s Spine Mountains is the home of the Krithgor, a species of giants which, unlike other giants in Norrath, are intelligent — some even masters of magic. 

Long ago and much to the chagrin of the other gods, Rallos Zek’s creations — the giants, orcs, ogres, and goblins — invaded the Plane of Earth. Among the giants who did not partake in the war was Beltron, the Krithgor king, who died a short time after the war’s end. The most noble of giants marched into Frostcrypt, the giant burial grounds, to lay their king to rest while the remaining giants stayed in their city, Valdeholm. 

That day in Frostcrypt, Rallos Zek committed an atrocity upon his own creations, setting a curse upon them, an event which marked the origin of the Shades of Zek. Now, the mission of the Shades is to end their creator’s curse. In order to accomplish this, they believe, every living Krithgor giant must be slain. To this day, the curse lives on as the Shades of Frostcrypt do battle with the living and fully functioning Wraithguards and citizens of Valdeholm. – Zam.com

Valdeholm has been my “home away from home” for a little while now. It’s the level 70 hot zone, and the experience has been really nice. There are a few camps that people seem to head to by instinct. One is the pit located right at the beginning of the zone. This is a great spot but the pulls can be a little slow if you’ve got a full group. My little trio (complete with boxed enchanter and cleric) typically heads to the Smith which is just down from the North gate. The north gate is typically camped by people who are looking to farm a particular named who drops a nice augment. My group managed to get one almost right away so we haven’t been after any named.

We’ve gotten a lot of spell drops and I’m hoping that my little bazaar mules will make some coin as people return to check out the anniversary events. I noticed that SOE is holding another contest that I can’t partake in because I don’t live in the US. Shame because I’d really love to enter, too. Anyhow, we’ve been grinding out experience in the hot zone and it’s been a lot of fun. Oh, not to mention the fact that my necromancer is level 79, almost level 80! The enchanter is level 78, and heading towards 79. So yes, the experience has been amazing.

When we were tired of that zone we headed to The Mechamatic Guardian, which is a giant robot who wanders along in Dragonscale hills. Typically when you wander in front of this giant robot, he kicks you. It hurts. It hurts bad. However there are also missions you can obtain and when you run up to his right foot while you’re on one of these missions you’ll get the option to either zone in – or be kicked. Who would choose “please kick me” I have no idea.

The experience in these missions is also pretty good, there’s some rare loot, chance at named, and the zone respawns. We haven’t actually completed the missions yet which is fine by me. Being this close to 80 is exceptionally exciting, I’ve never been so close to the level cap before and certainly not in so short of a time period. The grind from 80-85 I know is quite long but I don’t think I’ll mind it in the least bit. 

I’ve been back playing EverQuest for a month now, and it’s been so much fun. I’m looking forward to seeing what other trouble adventures I can get into – rumour has it that fabled starts on Monday, and every day when I listen to the general channel there are a few more people who have come back to the game to see how things are. It’s fantastic (even if I’m not on my ‘home’ server). I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend no matter where you’re gaming. 

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note – I’ve finally updated my ShutterCal account with pictures for the last few months, I had seriously neglected the site and I’m so glad to be back into the swing of things again. You can see my ShutterCal account here, and you’ll find lots of pictures from my trip to San Diego there as well. Safe travels!

Frostfell Guide Event, and DING 79 Templar!

Happy New Years to those who have already passed it, and to those who are celebrating tonight. I won’t be doing anything special per say, no doubt I’ll be gaming (not a fan of crowds of people). Yesterday saw a little excitement in game, for various reasons. As I was hanging out in Qeynos Harbor (which is a rare occurrence these days, with guild halls providing everything I could possibly ever want) I heard Gigglegibber Goblin screaming about not having any gifts to give to Aimee, a Ratonga. 

After four or five of these screams, I headed over to the bank portion of the zone, and was offered a quest from this Gigglegibber, who spoke nothing more aside from that (I had complained about the noise, goblins, what filthy creatures). 

The quest was to collect presents that you can see in the zone when you have this quest on you. It was a race with everyone else running after the same gifts, but Petites (the halfling who was doing the quest) was up for the challenge. 

I love seeing unique quests like this. Number one, they’re rare. Number two, they count towards your quest count. Two very good things. I chose the snow generator reward and headed off to Baubleshire to put it in Petites 1-room (amazing) house. It has the same graphic as the little statue you click inside of guild halls to obtain the recall to guild button, but it has an off and on switch. When you turn the generator on, it spews little puffs of snow up into the air and has a cool swirling effect. What can I say, I love the house items. Thank you to the guild who ran the event, I’m glad I could be in the right place at the right time (for once).

The paladin is inching her way to 71, 80% through level 70 right now. I was working on those quests in Kylong Plains and yes dragging my feet through them. In the last week or so (just before holidays) I went from level 62 to 70 with her, so perhaps I’m experiencing a little burnout now. The greatest moment of the evening aside from the house item was the fact that my level 78 templar (who just hit 78 not too long ago) managed to drag her way through the entire level yesterday and hit level 79! Only ONE more to go! Shadowgeist ran around the Moors of Ykesha helping me clear out the beginner quests that I’d never done (which was, lets face it, all of them) and then afterwards with raids cancelled due to people still being on holiday, Albrta, Eyenstein, Kasul, Shadowgeist, and myself made our way to Crypt of Agony in Sebilis. Yes, you remember that zone no one does any more because we’re all too busy in TSO instances? Well it turns out that Petites had never been there before, so it was a LOT of achievements for her, as well as some great experience. Since I’m this close to max level I decided to use my experience potions, better late then never. I rarely use them and I don’t know that they helped too much, but hey every little bit matters.

Today I hope to run her through more quests either in Jarsath Wastes or Moors depending on what mood I’m in, and finish those off. Inching her closer to 80. Once at 80 I’d love to work on her epic, though there is also Stargrace who has (once again been neglected) been waiting to work on her epic as well. This will be my 5th level 80 character, and with the paladin at 70, and the defiler at 74, it won’t be that much longer before I add two more to the list. 

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC evening tonight, don’t drink too much, stay safe and many HUGS from me here at MmoQuests.com!

Stargrace Dings Level 80 (finally)

I finished the bards betrayal back over to Troubador, made all of the skills she’d need in adept3 (that’ll have to do for now) and then felt a slight ‘ping’ some where that I had not yet gotten Stargrace to level 80. Stargrace was my ‘main’ a few years ago when I was in a raid guild called Torrent Knights, on the Lucan D’Lere server. I don’t recall if she was actually called Stargrace at the time, I don’t believe so. Since I’ve moved servers a few times I’ve had her name changed (and the wardens, and the templars, and the defilers). I remember doing EoF raids with her, Inner sanctum and Freethinkers Hideout. I was so excited, and I was parsing really well (for that expansion). 

When I move to Antonia Bayle and joined Arsenal I switched to my bard. Then eventually switched to my warden, and then just after dipping my toes into RoK raids (T1-T2) I stopped raiding all together and moved to Najena. It was just too much drama, too much time to devote to it. Stargrace became a much neglected character, sitting on the back burner while I played other alts and crafters. She’s been an 80 provisioner for months now, being one of the easiest skills to level up. She’s had a wonderful 5-room home in Qeynos that hasn’t been re-decorated for two years now and basically is a giant sized dust collector. 

I’ve been at 40% experience for a few weeks now, having no wish to grind out that final 60% doing quests that I’ve already done on a number of characters. Looking at the best plan of action, I decided to work on Jarsath Waste quests, the repeatables. They give roughly 10% when you turn in each round. Shadowgeist came along after raids, I was 80% into my level and he suggested we head to the Moors because the quests there were very quick and easy to do. 

Finally, I dinged the illusionist level 80. Woohoo!

So what’s the big deal? Well, number one she’s the 4th character I have to reach level 80, so that gives me a 40% bonus experience on my account for adventuring. It also means she can work on getting void shards, and get into instances with groups easier. She had every M1 from 70-80 but I’ll have to make those all into adept3 because even though the damage may be greater, so are the resists from the previous tiers masters. I bought 30 tynnonium cluster last night and I’ll set my sage to work today. 

Ok so it’s not THAT big of a deal that I reached level 80. It means I have a 5th epic to obtain (I have warden, coercer, dirge, troubador epics) and it also means that if I really wanted I could start working on getting the templar to 80, she’s been sitting at level 77 for months now. That’s even more painful then leveling up the illusionist though. 

I’ve been spending a lot (and I do mean a lot) of time thinking about what to do in regards to raiding. Do I want to join a hardcore guild, or do I want to start from the ground up. WHO do I want to raid with (which is the most difficult question of all). People typically respond with a “play whatever is fun for you” but what if all of your characters are equally fun, or if you’re simply used to bouncing around to alts over and over. It’s been years since I’ve settled on a ‘main’. 

Anyhow, I’m happy to have finally reached 80 with another character. I’ve had doppelganger (the level 80 illusi spell) for almost a year now, waiting in my bags to scribe. I also got to put on a few new pieces of gear. Can’t get any better then that really!

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