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Adventures continue in Divinity Original Sin II with my husband – we managed to escape Fort Joy, had a living ship sail us around (which reminded me VERY MUCH of Robin Hobbs books), and visited the underworld or some such before we were spat back out on a much larger map. We rescued a little baby chick from some void creatures, and then they killed the entire flock of chickens EXCEPT for this evil-ish one, so now I’m leading around a wee tiny void chicken.

Gotta say, this game is enjoyable for the stories, that’s for sure. We’re playing on story mode so there isn’t much chance that we’ll actually die from anything (though we did, once) and I’m comfortable with that. It’s a great way to spend an hour or two together in the evenings when the kids are asleep.

The Couple that Games Together

Me and my husband met back in EverQuest II many years ago. We lived long distance, so we gamed together. It’s what strengthened our relationship, and while neither of us has the time we used to, we still try really hard to get some game time in together.

These days we’re not playing MMOs together any more – but we’ve started playing Divinity Original Sin II – something I’ve had in my library for some time, but never really put any time towards. So far, it is fantastic. The story is interesting, and there are so many options and secrets and little hidden quirks to find out. We’ve just made our way past the very first chapter, and I can’t wait to see what else there is in store.

Diving into Divinity Original Sin 2

I own the original game but I never actually completed it because I ended up getting to a point I just found too frustrating. Plus I almost never (ever) finish a game. Why stop now!

I noticed a few days ago a lot of my friends were picking up the game, and I started hearing trickles of talk about what a good RPG game it was and how the story was fantastic. Then @scopique stumbled into the fact that there’s a GM mode, something I had not heard from ANYONE so far. Well now. That’s something pretty unique and awesome. He has a much better write up about it here, so I won’t go into a lot of details, but I do highly suggest you watch his video and also check out the amazing Matt Mercer video (he has a link of that, too). Fascinating stuff.

I was going to hold off buying it until I had a bit of extra cash in the budget or until it went on sale, whichever came first – but my significant other ended up buying it as a surprise for me (along with STEINS; GATE which I’ll get into later)! It took a bit to download (it’s not a small game) and I debated adding mods right from the start but decided to hold off for now and go with the vanilla experience.

When you start up the game there’s a bunch of different ways to play listed. GM mode is pretty self explanatory but since I had never really played before I had no idea what the difference was between “explore” and “classic”. I ended up going with the classic experience, at least for now.

Without giving any of the story away (which is fantastic, by the way) you create a character and find yourself shackled on a ship headed some place to do something! Your character has a ton of RPG replies for those around them and the voice acting is absolutely superb. I’m not that far in yet because I keep getting distracted by items I can take. Kitchen pot? Sure why not grab that. Laboratory equipment? Sure, I may need that. Rotten stuff from the floor? Why not.

Oh and my character does have the corpse eating trait. Why not. I ended up rolling with one of the pre-created characters until I got a better grasp of things.

Have you picked up the game? Curious but waiting? Love it so much you haven’t stopped playing? Let me know in comments and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

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