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Down go Leviathan and Druushk!

Most of yesterday was spent traveling to my parents place, and then traveling home afterward, a good time was had by all. I came back with a loaf of amazing banana bread that I doubt will make it through the rest of today. I spent the remainder of the day doing pretty much nothing, just exploring around EQ2 and then out of luck I remembered I had taken on a project to decorate a friends house (Pennie, from Paradise Lost on Oasis) and me being, well, me. Completely forgot to actually go off and decorate the home!

So I grabbed my little carpenter and set out to do just that. Pennie is a gnome, templar living in Qeynos and so I tried to make his home represent him. Once I get permission I’ll be posting videos of the house (I need to finish two more rooms as well). I’m excited about it. So far it’s turned out pretty well.

Later on in the evening, it was time to buckle down and FINALLY get my troubador her epic weapon. Goudia has always been a fun character of mine to play but since TSO (The Shadow Odyssey) I’ve barely played her. In RoK (Ruins of Kunark) she was my raid main, but I stopped raiding not far after I started. Needless to say, each time someone asks me if I have UT (upbeat tempo, it’s a troubador thing) I cringe a little on the inside. She’s resting at 152aa, not nearly enough to have this skill. Some day though.

Paradise Lost was hosting a Leviathan raid – as well as VP (Veeshan’s Peek) following. These raids are typically run once a month (because the guild no longer has a need to run them) and consists of 1 and a half groups of guild mates, and the rest are pick ups. It can be VERY messy, but it’s also a lot of fun. PL gets a chance to scope out some talent, and people get their updates. The way PL runs it is that they do NOT charge for updates – but when it comes to loot drops, all PL tagged characters get +250 to their roll. What this means is that loot drops, you roll /random 1000 and anyone wearing the PL tag gets +250 added onto that roll. Seems fair, since they’re hosting (and main tanking / healing) the raids.

It still gives a chance for lots of things to go wrong. We ALMOST managed a flawless victory on Leviathan but there was a wizard who had a suicide wish and kept nuking so that of course kept reflecting and they died a few times. Even though we specifically told people to just stand there and look pretty for most of the fight, letting PL take care of everything else.

There were a LOT of people around who wanted to make their way through VP, so I decided to sit out for the run, and just come during my specific fight, which was Druushk. The fight is really nothing special. There’s two rooms, one has four statues, and one has Druushk. Every so often you’ll hear a script emote about the flapping of wings, one of those four statues becomes active and whoever is stationed there must click their statue – a mob will spawn, they have to survive that, then a 2nd tank will pull those mobs over to the raid and the raid will kill them, as you’re also working down Druushk in between pulls. It works out well. We did have a few wipes at the start because some people didn’t know where their statues were, but before too long it was over, and I was sporting my new axe, having visited Barren Sky first of course.

The weapon itself is a huge upgrade over the fabled version, and it grants some very nice stats for players. This makes the third mythical that I’ve completed, I also have the mystic mythical and the illusionists completed. I’m hoping that they’re still used some how in Sentinel’s Fate, because you can’t really get BETTER then a mythical weapon, and I’d hate to see all of the work I did for this go to waste.

For those out there who think you have to join a raid guild in order to get anything done in game – don’t buy into that. It’s simply not true. You don’t have to spend a lot of money, or dedicated 12 hours a night to raiding, or anything like that. On every single server out there there is an alternative method for you to get your mythical completed, I guarantee. Some times it takes a little work, and some patience, and yes, some time, but there’s still a way.

Today is the 20th, which means Moonlight enchantments are in game – complete with a few new house item rewards. If you’ve never taken part of them before I highly suggest you take a peek, the achievements for completing them are worth it alone. Speaking of which, I think I’ll grind out some aa in the new Frostfell instances and get some questing done.

See you in Norrath!

What Epic Was that Again?

Alright. I admit, I didn’t do that much in game yesterday because I spent most of it betraying my level 80 illusionist over to a coercer, and then I spent the remainder of it convincing my guild mates to help me with (yet another) epic quest. It wasn’t nearly as painful as some other epics have been though, the coercer one is VERY simple.

I’ve lost track of how many epics that is now. I believe I have finished epics for dirge x2, troubador, coercer x2, illusionist, templar, warden, and mystic. That’s a lot.

I had a good reason this time (don’t I always!) for wanting to betray. I had a level 40 coercer and just could not fathom the idea of leveling up ANOTHER alt. I have so many. I want to be able to concentrate on them properly and not just get to 80 and have them sit on the back burner. At least this way I can play the coercer (which I adore) and concentrate on bettering the character. Does that make sense? Well, it does to me.

The coercer epic is by far the simplest epic I have ever completed. There are no prerequisites aside from being level 80. There are no named required aside from Drusella in Maidens at the end. The entire thing took maybe three hours and that was including travel time, with four of us working on it. Now I just need to find a pretty adornment for it.

Today is GU52! I’m excited. I hope it goes well and I hope everyone is pleased with the new features. I’m off to the doctors again today and my fingers are crossed that it goes just as well. In the mean time, have a great Tuesday!

Another Epic Bites the Dust

No screen shots again today (blogging from bed is not nearly as exciting as it sounds) but yesterday was a fairly good day in game none the less, even if I wasn’t completely coherent for the duration of it.

With the bard hitting level 80, it was time to begin yet another epic. You may recall that I actually already have the dirge epic, on my troubador when I betrayed. I have no desire to betray this second bard at all, she’ll be staying a dirge (I know, a few months down the road I may be eating those words). The quest starter comes from Sebilis, and we were lucky with the drop (or at least I like to think we were) getting it fairly painlessly and getting some achievements along the way.

The dirge epic is one of those fast easy painless epics that you can complete in less then a full day. You don’t actually have to do any instances for it, you need to harvest a few bits in Chelsith and kill Abyss Lurkers which are right at the entrance, and you need to go to Maidens and kill two bottomless devourers but they’re not that far into the zone either. You need 50 drake kills from Jarsath Wastes which Ultann Wpus and Hamal were kind enough to get for me as I auto followed them through the zone, making myself some dinner last night. They had it completed by the time I got back.

After that and talking to a few npc’s (and a kill in New Tunaria) it was simply a matter of making our way to the library in Chardok and killing one more mob there. Back to my halfling friend in Gorowyn and I’m proudly sporting the dirge epic on Kithicor. Yes, that’s my uh.. 8th epic? 9th? I forget now. Troubador, Dirge (x2), Coercer, Illusionist, Templar, Warden, Mystic. Guess it’s 8th. Of course I don’t have my mythical on anyone and unless I settle down to one character I doubt I will, but it’s a nice little goal to have completed in any case.

Next in game goals? Perhaps getting the paladin to level 80 (sitting at 73) and then concentrating on getting those achievement points. A huge congratulations to Wpus who managed to hit the 200 mark this week – Ultann is not too far behind at 194 I believe. Since I’m always bouncing around from character to character my mystic actually has the most at 158. Hopefully I can inch my way closer by completing some quests, I’ve avoided them like the plague since RoK’s release. I’d also like to continue leveling my crafting, the dirge is a level 30 provisioner currently, and the carpenter is sitting comfortably at 52 waiting for her vitality to fill back up after that wonderful bonus experience weekend.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Wednesday, and happy gaming no matter where you find yourself.

7th Epic Completed, it’s a Sickness, I know.

When I logged in yesterday I didn’t have a very clear indication of what I wanted to do. I figured I’d work on obtaining some achievements and maybe do a few instances as per usual. Instead it was suggested fairly on in the day that we work on my illusionist epic, and so that’s what we spent most of the day doing.

The first portion of the quest is spent retrieving instruments for a bard who hangs out in Kylong Plains. He’s agreed to give you a book in return for said instruments. The only problem is that once you do your part, he gives you an empty book with the pages torn out. Seems like he’s got a bit of a money problem, and he’s ripped those pages out and used them as IOU’s to various people throughout Norrath. The IOU comes up to 189 plat, which is more then it would cost to purchase the actual mythical weapon these days so it’s your job to run around to each NPC doing various tasks for them in order to pay off the debt.

There are 10 pages in total that you’re sent out to retrieve all with varying tasks like killing 100 yah-li for updates, and obtaining 30 pieces of T8 player crafted furniture. That portion cost me approx 5 plat to complete, and then there’s a portion later on where you’re sent to retrieve 6 masks for a halfling that requires you to have completed the hool’oh hat quest in Barren Sky. The alternative method to completing that quest (because of course I have not done this on my illusionist) is to pay off the bird with 5 plat. So in total my epic cost about 10p give or take a few coins – and a lot of time. There are a LOT of sub components to this quest.

Instance wise it was not so bad. I needed to get one of my masks from the Queen in Chardok which we did fairly painlessly. She was even up rather then a place holder. Then there was the Maidens update which also went really well (though the zone itself didn’t drop all that much).

Finally after a full day of questing I completed the fabled version of my epic. This marks the 7th epic that I’ve completed to date. I have the epics for: Mystic, Templar, Warden, Coercer, Troubador, Dirge, and now Illusionist. I know, it’s a sickness. Once the quest was finally done we headed over to Obelisk of Ahkzul where the healer shield refused to drop (again) but it was the daily double shard zone so we all walked away with three shards and I managed to get the illusionist her first piece of T2 gear which was nice. The final mob also dropped a master for her which was a great bonus, she has all of her adept3 but illusionist masters on kithicor are priced insanely, and she hasn’t owned a single one. Pessimism marks her first.

We headed to Crypt of Agony shortly after that to attempt (once again) to get the fabled range item for Ultann but our luck held steady and we got a treasured chest from that particular named. The Farseer eludes us once more. On the plus side a level 73 mystic master did drop, a temporary pet that helps heal and cure the group. Not as wonderful as a heal or a buff spell but hey it’s better then nothing. The mystic actually doesn’t have horrible luck when it comes to getting her masters, and that one marked her 4th drop.

All in all it was a very productive Sunday game-wise. Kasul also managed to tear up the levels with his baby assassin and inched his way to 61 with a handful of aa via the new hotzones that were around for the weekend. Before long we’ll have ourselves another DPS in the group – and a full group at that, which will be great. The faster we can kill stuff before it tears us to shreds the better. I hope everyone enjoys their Monday, and if you happen to have today off for the holiday, enjoy!

See you in Norrath

Completed Epics and Guk Adventures

After some running around yesterday it was time for the final fight I needed in order to complete the mystic epic. I realize I had been slacking for quite some time (ie: more then a few months now) on this epic. The biggest barrier I had was that I didn’t have my harvesting skills up to snuff. It was done, the final fight was pretty simple (instanced with an 85^^^ and a few level 80 adds that posed no problem to the shadowknight tank). Now I need to get to work on the illusionist epic. I have this epic partially started on my other enchanter, but never completed it. The thought of killing 100 yah-li is intimidating, as well as having to buy 28 T8 house items – when I don’t have a T8 crafter on Kithicor. My carpenter is sitting at 40, though I could probably push her to 80 before I worked on this epic if I wanted.

With epics out of the way it was time to take on new zones. I spent a little time relaxing and crafting, and then we headed to Guk: Halls of the Fallen, which happened to be the daily double. The group was Ultann (shadowknight) boxing his 80 inquisitor, Wpus (conjuror), and myself playing my illusionist and boxing the mystic.

We did fairly well for what we had (two boxed healers) and in the zone we were in. We managed to down the first two named (or was it three?) and also completed the daily double which was great. Once we got to the hallway where the froglok skeletons respawn almost instantly and it is almost impossible to clear it, we decided to call it a day. I headed back to do a little broker sales (and to mend my poor gear) and decided to go read for the remainder of the night. Day 6 of health issues that have kept me pretty much house / bed ridden, and needless to say my nights are ending earlier and earlier each day. Fingers crossed that I’m on the home stretch and will be feeling more like my usual self before too long.

I hope everyone else had an amazing Wednesday, only one more day to go until Friday! Safe travels and see you in Norrath!

A Little Bit of Everything

I decided to disrupt Princess (my cat) for most of the day yesterday, and spent it spring cleaning. Moved all of her ‘beds’ around and rearranged the apartment, it looks much better now. I still have a few rooms to go, but it’s a start. Once that was done I headed in game to find Ultann’s boxed inquisitor at level 80 – woohoo! Less then a month to level from 1-80 using the recruit a friend method, which means he can start working on his epic now. We decided to head to Crypt of Agony and see if the Cardiocutter would drop (which it didn’t) or even the fabled ranged item for Ultann (which also didn’t drop). What DID drop though was that caster ring (legendary) with some pretty nice spell crit on it. Of course it would drop, since I had been trying to get it for my illusionist for quite some time and we never saw it. Thankfully, it’s also a nice ring for a bard who makes use of both CA’s and spells.

That was the only thing of note to drop within the instance, and afterward we decided to head to Courts off of Pillars of Flame in order to get some more guild experience (not to mention a good handful of craft rares). We one grouped everything except the final Black Witch who happens to elude us because our dps is too slow to take down a x4 before she ports most of us all over the zone, leaving either no healer, or no tank, or no dps (which makes everything even more slow). She also places curse of insanity upon the group which means you can get one shot if you go below a certain amount of power. Seeing as we were one group trying to take down an encounter meant for 24, we use a lot of power.

It was still a lot of fun, we still gained a lot of aa and the guild is nearing level 30 where we’ll be able to purchase a guild hall.

After that we headed to Chardok in an attempt to obtain the inquisitor starter which has been noted as dropping either there, or in Chelsith (or outside Chelsith). We didn’t see it and ended up calling it early because red encounters were absolutely ripping my bard to shreds.

The evening went well over all. The bard dinged level 74 and is 30% or so into it. As you can see above, she gets a good chunk of experience each kill. I wish it worked for quest experience too but such is not the case. At level 75 she can start doing shard missions, though you do have to be 79 to pick up the daily doubles. I haven’t begin to work on obtaining her skills yet, but that will be next. I cringe at the number of silicate loams I’m going to have to get.

I hope everyone else had an amazing Saturday, don’t forget next Sunday is Mother’s day!

Quests and all the Rest

Admittedly a large portion of my time in various games has been spent questing. I enjoy quests, even the ones that tend to be a grind. What I don’t enjoy, is ONLY questing (example: Ruins of Kunark) in order to progress in a game. I like a mixture of things, be it quests, experience grind (just good ‘ol plain killing) crafting, and simply hanging out. It’s all of these things combined that draws me into any MMO. If I start to feel pressured to do one thing or another, chances are I’ll end up giving the game up. 

Yesterday was spent doing a combination of things in EverQuest, as well as peeking my head into some Spellborn, though I didn’t have much time to do anything before I had to go out for a few hours. First I spent some time hanging out in Stoneroot, and my little halfling druid managed to inch her way to level 71. Friends make this type of grind so much easier, I burned my lesson of the devoted and we were set. Drachnid fell every which way. It only took half an hour or so to get the level, and then the group broke up a little. Next? It was time to work on my epic. Now, I had given up on the epic the day before in frustration because the Bloodgill foragers that I needed decided to spawn inside of the walls of a building. Not fun. Today we hoped that would not happen – but if it did we would be prepared. You can order your pet to attack by text command rather then a target, and that’s what we did. It worked, thankfully. My little Bobo (name of my druids bear) headed into the wall very brave like and calling him back caused those foragers to head right for us. 

I thought that would be the most difficult portion of the day, but alas it was not. Once I’d moved past a few more steps it was time to play Hide and Seek with a bunch of Goblins in Frontier Mountains. This requires you to first make a disguise, hang out in the front of the Temple of Droga, wait for 7pm game time, and then use the disguise, mention starting a contest, and then the King sends all these Seekers out and a few Hiders. Your job? Kill the correct Hider, before the King says the game is over (30 minutes).

Well dang. I ran around with track going and managed (with the help of Ninga of course) to kill a good portion of Hiders, but it was not the specific one that I needed. 30 minutes passed by and I lost the game. Unhappy that I’d lost and the disguise at the beginning only has one charge so you have to start way at the beginning again – I decided to call it a night. It’s always better to step away during those frustrating times (I’m sure lots of people have stories like this) then risk getting upset in game. 

It was fine by me of course, I have a few books I’ve been neglecting and I ended up spending the rest of my evening playing scrabble on yahoo which was something I haven’t done in years. Today my mood has calmed some and I’m not quite so cranky at having to start all over. Not that I’ll be doing it again any time soon, teehee. 

I’ve been trying to plan out my schedule game-wise for the next three weeks. Not for my personal game play, but because I have a few Beckett Articles (few = 5) due in early April (not to mention my birthday is coming up, dang I feel old!) and I have a review for MMORPG that needs to be completed. I love the way I have a few weeks of quiet and then everything comes all at once. Typically it begins with me emailing my editor about a separate issue and then the casual ‘Oh by the way, we need it a week earlier and we need five pieces not two’ comes into the conversation. I am quite used to it now, and it’s actually something I adore about this line of work. Gets the blood going!

In any case, I hope everyone is having an amazing weekend and enjoying some of that nice weather if you’ve been so blessed. Hopefully I’ll get some more game time in this weekend, I’ve got a few projects on the go that need some work first.

Safe travels!

Deadly Dragons

There is nothing quite so majestic as a dragon, nor as terrifying or exciting. Nothing that I have found in my travels, in any case. Yesterday as myself and the human monk traveled through the frozen lands of the Western Wastes we happened across such creatures. Many of them in fact. It does not matter how many of the great creatures you either slay nor admire, each time they will give you reason to pause in your tracks. The monk acted as though he had a personal vendetta with each and every one of the creatures, tearing at them with his hardened claw-like weapons. Myself, I watched from a distance. While I did not have anything personal against these great creatures nor was it my place to interrupt

Yesterday was spent working on the druid 1.5 pre-quest for the most part. It was actually not too bad, involved a lot of foraging which I sort of assumed. The drops were not quite as rare as forum posters made them out to be (at least for me) and on our way through the Western Wastes (since servers had been taken down for 6 hours just prior) we came across 6-7 fabled dragons all lined up in a row. Of course they all dropped nearly the same thing, a fabled talisman, but it was still nice to be able to partake in some of the fabled activities without having to elbow other players out of the way. 

After completion of the 1.5 pre-quest I decided to begin working on the actual quest itself. I didn’t get very far though because when I approached the Lake of Ill Omen where I was to spawn three Goblin Foragers – they spawned directly inside of a wall. They didn’t path, and I had no way of reaching them. Instead of bothering support with my epic woe’s I decided to call it for a bit. Frustrated? Sure, slightly.

Afterwards with some guild mates we decided to work on the PoR missions that reward spells and auras. I felt pretty much useless as my druid has 10 levels of spells lacking (that I can not find in the bazaar at all, not to mention with fabled season well under way spectral and ethereal parchments are more difficult to obtain) so I sat around and tried to do what I could and not die, which is always a bonus. Afterwards we headed off to another mission in North Ro, where I ended up looting some piece I shouldn’t have because the same person needs to turn in all four pieces. This was not mentioned in the mission any place and I couldn’t have really foreseen it, my night ended on a some what sour note in any case. 

On the plus side, today is Friday! I hope everyone has an amazing day and finds themselves in awesome stories with mighty battles. Most of all, I hope you all write about it, because I certainly love reading it. 

See you in Norrath – or where ever I end up this weekend!

Fabled Loot, Leveling, and Epics

I haven’t actively gone after any fabled in game. The really good amazing stuff is either camped – or it’s held hostage by encounters that there’s no way I could kill, even with friends. Later last night it was suggested I begin working on the druid 1.5 pre-quest (difficult to work on 1.0’s when the named you need are fabled up) and so I was heading to Plane of Growth for some foraging when a fabled encounter walked into view. I had no idea who they were – but as coincidence would have it, they did drop a nice clicky for me! My first fabled drop and it’s not so bad. 

As I mentioned, yes. I decided to begin working on the druid 1.5. Ideally I’ll do the 1.0 as well but with fabled up for the next month it makes it a little difficult, and I’d rather own my 1.5 anyhow. My first task was to head to Jaggedpine forest, a zone I have not been to in many moons. It looked almost exactly as I remember it way back when. After speaking to my npc there I headed to Plane of Growth (no fabled Tunare up) to forage a nut, which took most of my evening. Thankfully Tipa’s tweets on belly button line kept me entertained and slightly disgusted, either way. 

Before heading off with a guild mate to work on my druid epic, we hung around Stoneroot and managed to ding the little druid level 70. It surprised me because when I started playing her again she was level 63 – only a few days to get to 70 without even trying. Of course it shouldn’t surprise me after the speed in which the necromancer leveled (from scratch) but it still makes me giggle. 

By the time I managed to forage the one item I needed, it was getting late and I was getting tired, so I called it a night and headed to bed. Today I’ll pick up on it again as I’m sure there are plenty more things that need to be foraged, and it’s easy to get it done while I do other things. Inching the druid up a few more levels will be nice, though not on the top of my list of priorities. I still haven’t completed the new deity quests that are in place and for some reason servers came down last night at 2am and should not be back up until 8am – I have no idea why. The MoTD claimed it was for a hot fix, though I’m not quite sure what hot fix takes 6 hours to implement. Guess we’ll see!

The new LoN items today are great! For EQ2 it’s a parrot for your shoulder, in EQ it’s a special frost particle effect. Be sure to check out the LoN free loot items for EQ’s 10th anniversary. Even if you don’t play the game there’s no beating free items. 

I should have some role play posts to add here soon, it’s been a little while and I’ve missed it. We’ll see how that goes! In the mean time, happy adventuring no matter where you find yourself.

Veeshan’s Peak, and Epics

Yesterday I wrote a little about how odd it was to experience things in EQ2 first before finding them in EQ, and I had yet another strong encounter with this. It was only a few months ago that I did a dungeon guide on Veeshan’s Peak (EQ2 version) for Beckett, explaining the named encounters that you’d run into and a little bit about what it would take to defeat them – or at least what each encounter did (without giving too much away). I’d never been to Veeshan’s Peak in EQ – though I had killed plenty of Mistmoors friends so apparently I was amiable with the Ring of Scale. At least on my enchanter. The necromancer didn’t fair as well and after one kill (the dragon pictured to the left) she was agro to the entire zone. Hard penalties for killing dragons! Ultann, Ninga and I decided to head to VP and see if we couldn’t get a few clicky pretties that drop. I’m not sure about all the other servers but Drinal is pretty heavily camped, all of the PoP gods, and a good number of the Luclin named (Grieg’s End, the named in Umbral, etc) Trak is also pretty camped, as well as Seru and others. We did manage to find Maestro up, but no Innoruuk. Anyhow, it sort of helps that you take such huge faction hits for slaying dragons, as the entire zone was up with all of the named. We decided to only kill a few of the mighty creatures before calling it a day because it was annoying to camp fire around the zone in order to avoid as many faction hits as we could. Nocbot and Kameeko (the two amiable) stood far away and out of combat, while Ninga, Minxes, and Ultann pounded on the dragons. 

We killed Hoshkar, Silverwing, and Druushk. The lute on the right was from Silverwing, and I giggled when I saw it. We didn’t have a bard in the group, but it of course made me think of the EQ2 halfling bard, the famous Tipa. It would have been a nice twink item for Ninga’s bard had we been able to drag him into the zone easily. The necromancer also managed to get herself a clicky staff, we all giggled at the graphic though, it’s just a straight wooden stick. Very drab compared to what we were all expecting.

Afterwards Ninga headed to bed (sleep is important) and Ultann and I decided to work on the enchanter 1.5 pre-quest. It would be easier just to finish doing the 1.0 I think. You need to head to Veksar and gather shards (that only drop VERY rarely from the mobs in the theater) and spawn the dragon. I remember doing this once before but the zone is now very grey to me and it was really slow. The respawns were also slow, and we spend most of the time seeing how large of a train we could gather and fight all at once. After a few hours there not a single shard dropped and I decided this morning it’s probably just easier to finish off my enchanter 1.0 then it is to do the pre-quest for the 1.5. Hopefully I can get all of that completed before too long, we’ll see how it goes. 

I also did a little crafting yesterday, working on my spell research. It’s expensive. It’s long. I did get three skill ups with over 100 combines. I suppose that’s a good thing? I still love crafting in EQ but wow when you miss out on an expansion or two you really get left behind. 

Today I believe we’re going to explore Seeds of Destruction a little bit. Not everyone had the expansion until yesterday, but now we’re all sporting it as well as the two boxed accounts. One thing we certainly want to do is to do the progression quests in order to upgrade the mercenary that we can purchase. I haven’t set foot in any of SoD yet aside from those mercenary, and it should be a lot of fun. That, combined with working on my enchanters epic of course. I’ve been working on that for so many years now it would be fantastic to finally finish. 

Happy gaming no matter where you find yourself!

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