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Sand, Sand Everywhere..

screenshot_20140213-23-36-50Wow. Some people have created some truly amazing things in EverQuest Next Landmark so far. Me? I still have an empty plot of land with a few craft machines tossed about. Last night I decided it was time to create the line and paint tools, things I have been saving up to craft for some time. I didn’t want to collect the Elemental Cobalt required for the next tier forge, so I borrowed one from a neighbour and happily made my tools. Afterward I had enough supplies to create a cobalt pick – which of course ended up being slow even with my crafting bracelets on. That’s just the sort of luck I have.

Next will be to watch a few tutorials and try to understand how these new tools work. That, and collect a lot of sand and dirt. I turned most of mine into bags of gems and ore last night, then realized that I wanted to build with these supplies and I should have kept them on hand (and then paint them in a different material later on). Thankfully those supplies are abundant and I shouldn’t have too much issues finding more. Especially since I live smack dab in a giant desert.

The game is slowly getting updates now that some of the major bugs have been squashed (bugs like being unable to build on your claim, voxels vanishing, trees and boulders growing on claims that couldn’t be removed). There has been talk of the combat system, and new materials have been added as of yesterdays update. I’m still not spending a great deal of time in-game because I know it is alpha and thus it will be wiped and then there’s beta where it will also be wiped, but I am enjoying myself quite a bit and I’ve been narrowing down what I would like to eventually build. Whether I’ll manage to pull it off or not has yet to be seen.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Harvesting, Harvesting, Harvesting in Landmark

screenshot_20140205-17-05-41I’m still playing a lot of Landmark alpha, but I find creating the developer tools you use a bit frustrating. I’m used to harvesting, you have to harvest wood and stone in Wurm Online (along with dirt) to build so it’s not like I’m doing something new but it just seems to bother me. I think it’s because not only do you need to harvest to craft the harvesting tools, the crafting machines, and the developer tools, but you need harvests to build too (ie: you want a stone building, you need stone). It’s a LOT of resources to work through. I don’t play for any more than an hour or so at a time these days and almost all of that time has been spent harvesting so I can craft yet another item I need before I can work on my claim. For example right now I’m working my way towards the line tool.

I love how open SOE has been with their latest products. The forums are open for anyone to read, NDA has been down since the first week, and developers are having open and frank discussions with people on social media. It’s important, and really neat to see how it progresses because it’s so very different compared to how we all know SOE.

I hope to get building on my claim this week, although for that to happen I would have to settle on just one idea to go forward with. So far I have a few that I’m interested in building. I suppose I’ll just have to narrow it down once I get that line tool made! Oh, and watch some tutorials, I really want to watch a few of those too.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Saved Voxels and New Servers

screenshot_20140205-22-35-02My time gaming lately has mostly been spent in Landmark, with some Wurm Online. I would love to get back to World of Warcraft but I just haven’t managed to find the time quite yet as I balance things. It’s not that unusual when a new game shows up on my radar, I was dividing my time between WoW and Wurm Online quite well, but throw a third steady game into the mix and suddenly things change.

There have been quite a few improvements over the last few days with the alpha. New servers and new continents were opened up, voxels on claims now save, a few new graphics are out. Of course for each thing in-game that now works, something else breaks, but it happens. I haven’t done a lot of building yet because I have to spend so much time harvesting. I’ve upgraded my pickaxe to Tungsten, and I’m working on the burled log requirement for viridium. I’ve got a marble forge and a work table, but there’s a tungsten saw and the paint tool still to go. I did craft the smooth tool and spent a good portion of last night learning that mechanic, which I really love. You can’t tell from the screenshot but I rounded the edges of the platform that I built (and then placed my craft machines on it). Since my deed was partially mountain and the bottom corner was ‘floating’ in the air, I built a platform and then smoothed the edges to make it look like a natural part of the hill. Added my vault and some torches, and I’ll call it home for now while I continue harvesting.

The forums are now open for anyone to browse, and for those who have bought into the game to reply / make posts. There are some amazing threads with screenshots being posted and I highly recommend people check it out to see what sort of creations are being made. Of course I’ve been posting pictures as well on google plus and sharing with my gamer friends there.

Everyone keeps mentioning how wonderfully transparent SOE has been with the entire alpha process, and I have to agree. They post exactly what is going on, whether or not they’ve messed up, and how they’re fixing the situation. It’s refreshing, to say the least. Whether this keeps up through alpha, into beta, and beyond, I’m not sure, but in the mean time it’s restoring peoples faith and that’s wondrous to behold.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Seeing Possibilities

screenshot_20140203-11-41-14Stargrace found herself standing by the Wizard spires with her bags packed full of goods. It had been a long trek, but she had made it. Now, it was just a matter of gaining their attention.

“Tungsten! Gold! Amethyst! Traveling peddler here on Drift, you want it, I’ve probably got it or can tell you where to get it. Step up and find me by the wizard spires! Bargaining is my middle name folks!” She smiled as the locals started to gather.


Xartan was cackling maniacally. It was done. His creation was completed. Sweat and even a little blood had gone into his latest experiment. The monstrosity rose from the ground, jagged peaks and tall walls combined with confusing tunnels. At the end, a treasure chest filled with goods for the taking – if you could make it that far. He grabbed a piece of parchment paper and quickly started writing out his plans, then summoned a scribe to carry it far and wide. His laughter echoed over the rolling hills. They would come.

In another part of the same continent a new store was opening up. Blesse had cleared a great portion of land into a flat manageable space, and built display stands every few feet. On top of each display was one of her artistic pieces. From one display a hedge stood, carved into a beautiful horse rearing its head. One section of the sales area didn’t hold a display case but instead held a small cottage, draped in moss. Another held a selection of machinery.

“Oh, are you interested in purchasing the legendary pickaxe?” Blesse smiled at her latest customer. Business was good.

The point of this blog post was to show people that Landmark is indeed a sandbox game and that game is going to be limited only by your imagination. None of the scenarios I posted above are things you can’t already do right in this alpha aside from the final one because player studio isn’t in game yet (but we know it’s coming). None of them require any fancy mechanic and things that are not currently in game. Sure they require a stable game, but again that will come. When I talk about enjoying a sandbox game and the potential it’s not potential based on hype or features I think may be added later. It’s potential based on what I see, what I experience and then mold with my imagination. The game will be what you make of it.

What Landmark Is – and Is Not

I wasn’t expecting the NDA to drop so fast, and the game is currently down for patches at the moment so you’ll just have to use your imagination since I have no screenshots. As someone who has played countless alphas, I have to say that this one has absolutely swept me away. My steam account is full of them, so many that I decided just after Christmas that I wasn’t going to purchase games any more unless they were the completed versions. If they were all in the state that Landmark is in, I would probably purchase every single one that interested me.

You’ll have to take this blog post with a grain of salt. First of all keep in mind that my favorite MMO is and has been for some time – Wurm Online. This is a creation game in a survival setting and it takes hours upon hours to play it and to level skills. It is a game that has many bugs, a tiny dev team, and captured my heart so hard that I pretty much never have anything but good to say about it. Expect the same with my opinions on landmark.

Right now Landmark is: 

  •  crafting
  •  creation
  •  harvesting
  • exploration

Landmark is not: 

  • completed
  • bug-free
  • particularly exciting – UNLESS – you happen to be a die-hard harvester/crafter/creationist which I am
  • Does not currently have combat

Landmark is a sandbox. YOU will create the game. YOU will decide what parts appeal to you and how to make them exciting. If you don’t like exploring, creating things, harvesting, or crafting, chances are you may not like Landmark – at least not in the current state. Keep in mind that as the alpha progresses more aspects will be added and thus what you can make of the game will expand.

I can not stress this part enough. It is alpha. There are LOTS OF BUGS. You need LOTS OF PATIENCE. Post on the forums, let the devs know what the issues are. Can’t log in? Just sit back and go do something else. Lose all your stuff? Stuck? Attacked by giant robots? It’s alpha. You have to relax.

I can say with absolute certainty that the game is perfect for me. I am already incredibly in love with it and so very excited. It is what I have wanted in a AAA title for so long now that I feel absolutely giddy now that it is here. It is beautiful. It runs well. The mining process is mind-boggling, I have no better words. When you tunnel you create an actual tunnel that looks different and adjusts every time your pickaxe hits the ground. You must explore to find the different resources you need. Become familiar with how the terrain looks, how ore looks, if you want to create that castle or that house in the woods you need to go out and harvest those supplies. The possibilities of what you can craft are as vast as your imagination.

I think people who will enjoy this game play are people who are fans of games like Wurm Online, Starbound, Minecraft, and Terraria. You’re not going to love everything but expect a lot of Landmark posts in the upcoming months.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Yes, I’ll be playing EQN Landmark

UntitledAs an early Valentines present I received a Trailblazer pack to EverQuest Next Landmark, which I am pretty happy about. At first I was reluctant about the idea of paying for alpha – but then I thought back to my steam games and how many of those are also in alpha. I gave more consideration to the idea that paying for alpha helps to fund these games and enables them to kick off the ground and pay their employees. I looked at the items that the Trailblazer pack comes with and I felt that I was getting pretty good value, name in the credits and all the rest. Plus when it comes right down to it some of my favorite games involve building and creating locations, especially games like Wurm Online, Terraria, Minecraft, and others of that genre. Chances are pretty good that once EQN Landmark releases I would have wandered my way over no matter what, based on that alone.

There is still a lot of confusion out there about what EQN Landmark IS. Developers have been teasing and there are only a few days left before alpha is set to begin. How things will go still has yet to be seen, but yes, I’m excited.

Is it foolish to get excited? It feels like over the years many of my friends have decided that hype is a silly idea, one that we are better off without. However, I am glad that I still get excited about video games. I’m happy that I can still find that sort of passion in a hobby that I really enjoy. Do I think Landmark is the next big thing? Eh, not really. I think we’re past the days where there is ‘one game to rule them all’. Gamers are too diverse and every game eventually becomes niche to some extent. Still, I am looking forward to playing, and creating.

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