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Torn Thoughts on The Agency

I have mixed feelings about The Agency screen that is now in EVE. I’m not sure when it was added, but it’s new to me, and while I like the fact that it gives people some direction on what they can do in the current system, I don’t like that it has made HI a LOT busier, and it feels like it has taken a bit away from the people who used to chase down those events on their own.

As an example, in the system I live in there is ice mining, and normally you’d have to scan down the signature for those with probes and find your way there – but now they just show up in The Agency, so there are over 50 people in what was once a quiet area, all mining ice.

On the other hand sometimes I’m at a loss on what I want to do, so seeing it all in a neat and tidy list is nice, I can just choose something and go from there. The direction and guidance is nice for those who need it or those times that I need it. There are still things ‘hidden’ in the system, but there’s a much larger chance of it being promoted (or such is my experience so far).

Lost a Tengu..

It was bound to happen sooner or later. I got in over my head. I had been flying my helios around scanning signatures when I found a particularly interesting wormhole. It was a class 5 which I knew was dangerous, but still I wanted to try. Inside were 8 more signatures, and one was a relic site. Since I had such luck with my first relic site I decided I’d take a peek. My helios warped in and immediately some big nasty were there, so I left and decided to attend with my Tengu instead.

Well, that was a huge mistake. I was jammed and webbed and I hadn’t aligned myself with a way out (though I did have the exit pinned at least) and unlike my helios who made it out, the Tengu was almost instantly smushed (NOT a good ship for tanking, the way I have it fit).

Insurance paid 35,000,000 ISK but the total value of the ship including fitting, was 895,000,000 ISK. My most expensive loss to date. There’s a saying that you shouldn’t fly anything you can’t afford to lose, and that holds true no matter where you are or what you’re flying.

Thankfully I could afford to replace it – and while I was on my way to Jita to do some shopping a good friend of mine logged in and helped replace those funds. He’s been playing a lot longer than I have, has more skills than I would ever know what to do with, and I regard him quite highly so this was a really big deal to me. Shopping in Jita was quick, prices were good, and I flew back home in my new Tengu – I’m still looking for a name for it.

Losing the ship sucked, but again, it’s EVE – and whether it’s players or pirates, you just have to be prepared. I, was not. For now I’m back to HI missions and grinding some faction, and doing simple mining runs.

Fly safe!

First Relic Site

After much humming and hawing over things, I decided to reactivate my account in EVE Online and dive in. Not only did I activate my main account, but I actually activated two accounts, my main and an alt. Why both? So I could have a dedicated miner and hauler, of course.

Once that was set up and I figured out what skills I wanted to train, I took a bit of a break from mining and went scanning some signatures. Out of the four that were in my area, three were wormholes, and one was a relic site, which I had never heard of before.

They’re a lot like data sites (which I’ve heard of but never discovered on my own). An area that was filled with little canisters that I had to play a mini game with. I failed one (twice) and the entire thing blew up. Hope there was nothing good inside. The others I managed to beat, and was rewarded with some pretty generic crafting supplies (which I am always happy to have, as I do a lot of industry). Obviously the rewards vary, and if you’re in LowSec or NullSec they’ll be better (risk vs. reward). Still, it felt good to find one and solve it, even if I did have to train archaeology I before I could scan the site.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

A Bunch of Industry Stuff

Monday is a holiday here in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving. Our holiday isn’t centered around Pilgrims or Natives, but instead is based on the seasons and harvest. Our harvest is coming to a close for the year, and so we look back at all the things we’re thankful for. While I know I have lots to be thankful for, this year, I’m just not feeling it at all. I feel like this year has been rather difficult as was last year and I feel sort of like I haven’t been able to get a break. As I write this my 1 year old is on the floor screaming his head off beside me because he threw a toy out of his reach (of course I got it for him I’m not a monster). Anyway. Since my husband is still gone for another few months I’ve decided this year I’m making ribs and salad for dinner, pizza for lunch, and I’m not doing Thanksgiving.

I did get some time to play EVE. I flew home from Jita, went to my Industry outpost, picked up a bunch of T1 and T2 blueprints I had been working on along with some PI components and re-filled all the manufacturing jobs I had let lapse. I’ll make another run to Jita in a few weeks to sell off the products, hopefully netting a tidy little sum. I’m also planning on doing some quiet mining, but I haven’t decided what I want to mine yet, and whether or not I’ll use my second account for hauling which is of course a decision I battle with every time I start playing EVE again. I’m also thinking of switching up where I call home, and moving all my assets someplace new, but we’ll have to see what, if anything, comes from that.

The Tengu is still treating me very well, but new ship itch is out in full force and it’s time to work towards something new.

Casual EVE Online Streams (Maybe?)

I love playing EVE Online, but every time I return I tend to forget whatever it was I was working on or working towards – it’s just that sort of game. I’ve been flying around in a Tengu for some time now, working on faction missions in order to be able to work with higher level agents for R&D (research and development). It’s what I’ve been working on for what feels like years now, because I tend to wander to and from the game.

Now that I’ve got a schedule set for streaming (see previous post) I felt like I could add some sporadic streams in there too, ones that don’t follow a schedule and don’t have a whole lot of hands on required. EVE Online lends itself to this very well – at least the way I intended to stream it. I did a practice stream today (you can find it over on my twitch channel along with my YouTube channel) where I don’t have my microphone active and I just fly around space looking at interesting things. It’s a relaxing chill stream with absolutely no pressure, something where you can listen to the EVE Online music (which is just fantastic) and if anyone has a question or two I’m around to answer them but things are pretty quiet. These streams are very different from my scheduled ones in which I’m doing a lot of talking and my little guy is roaming around yelling into the microphone. I can’t promise they’ll happen every weekend, but I’m hoping they do.

I noticed my computer was having issues trying to keep up with the stream this time around. I’m wondering if it’s my video card (a gtx 760) which is quite dated. The rest of my computer shouldn’t be too bad as I did upgrade it not that long ago. Video cards are pretty expensive and I can’t afford to go all out right now for one. Life is full of expenses, especially once you bring kids into the picture, and we’ll be moving in January to some where we don’t even know yet, and we have to prepare for stuff like that. Who knows how long it will take for our stuff to arrive. So I’ll have to see if I can tweak some settings and get the stream running smoother. For low intensity games like RimWorld I don’t seem to have many (any) issues, but for graphic intense games (EVE Online is an amazing looking game) I get a message from xsplit mentioning my computer is a bit strained.

Anyway. We’ll see how it goes. It’s nice to be flying again, and I’m sure I can come up with some things to do now and again. As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

An Impromptu EVE Stream

With my little guy out for a walk with his Dad, I had some time to myself and once I finished a few chores I decided to hop into EVE Online and stream for a bit. I knew I likely had 30 minutes or less and wouldn’t be able to actually DO much of anything, but it was still a nice bit of time to relax so I decided to take advantage of it.

While I’m still debating with myself as to whether I want to use Mixer or Twitch as my main streaming platform, I decided for today to stick with Mixer. Troy stopped by the stream and kept me company while we chatted about adventures in EverQuest and how many jumps was ‘too many’. I also mentioned the awesome Twitch streams I had been watching lately, everything from cooking, creating sushi, and metal working. It’s been a pretty good weekend.

I was docked over at my Industry place but completely forgot to actually remove my completed jobs and instead made the 19 jumps over to my mission running area. I’ve been working faction for an R&D agent, and the closest level 2 agent is that far away. The 19 jumps flew by thanks to great conversation and I had just enough time to grab a quick distribution mission and drop off the cargo they wanted delivered before I had to end the stream. You can watch it over on my VOD for the next 14 days, and I’ll be uploading it to my YouTube channel for anyone who misses it there.

I know most streamers go for larger amounts of time, but I’m determined to make it work with my limited time. So far, so good.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Flying (again)

I knew I had a PLEX sitting around, and decided that it was time to make use of it. EVE has been calling my name for a little while, and I’m usually pretty good at resisting the siren call – but not this time. This time I wanted to play.

PLEX has changed some (I think in March is when it started?) Instead of it being a single PLEX they have measurements like a type of currency. A month of game time is no longer 1 PLEX, but is 500 PLEX. You can purchase different amounts and use them for not only game time, but for character and account functions. You can sell small or large amounts for ISK just like before, and the value of PLEX has changed because of this. If you were to purchase 1 month of PLEX from the CPP store, it would cost approximately $25 USD (you can purchase 110 PLEX increments for $4.99). Meanwhile my subscription only costs $9.99.

Anyway, I logged in and actually remembered what I was up to for once. There were a few items for me to claim, and I had been working on faction in order to fix my standing with an R&D agent. I’m still sitting at -2.1 but it’s a start. I don’t know what I did to mess the faction up, I must have been working on missions that had me attacking them. Anyway, it’s something I can fix at least. I also checked in on my planetary colonies (I believe it used to be called Planetary Interaction, or PI) and set those working again. I joined the help channel to watch a little bit of chit chat flow back and forth and to pick up little tidbits of knowledge. There’s still so much about the game that I don’t know.

I flew L1 missions for most of the afternoon, taking my time, enjoying the views. Not great rewards, especially flying them in a Tengu, but it’s a start. As I work my faction up I’ll be able to access the more difficult missions and get some better rewards. Once I fix my faction I intend on going back to producing drones to sell at JITA. I haven’t done any mining yet (aside from the little bit that a mission had me doing) but I’m looking forward to some relaxing time hanging out in my hulk (or whatever other ship I decide to take out that day).

Speaking of ships, I need to figure out what I want to fly (build, collect) next. I have about 15 ships, which isn’t that many. I know a few new ones have been added since I played last, and I’m wondering what I need to be able to try them out. I guess I’ll have to research a bit!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Keeping up With Gaming

In EverQuest 2 things have come to a bit of a standstill. I don’t have the time to LFG to do dungeons, and I’m pretty bored of running the same advanced solo dungeons every day. I log in to craft, get my loyalty tokens, and putter around, but I haven’t been keeping up with my epic 2.0 or progression in any real meaningful way. Since I have so many characters just doing the little bit of daily stuff I do is enough to keep me ‘busy’ but I’m also wondering if it wasn’t a mistake to get a year long subscription. Of course I had intended to play EverQuest with that, not EQ2, so maybe when I have a bit more time I’ll go back to my original plan.

In WoW things are moving along (even if it is at a snail’s pace). I’m able to queue for a few raids a week, I do some world quests, my characters move up the chain of progression. I’m really excited about the new pet battle dungeon coming to the game soon(tm) and I can’t wait to give it a try. I wish pet battles could be done independently of logging into the game (ie: mobile) but things are not so bad. My subscription for WoW lasts until July, so I have a few more months of that left and I’ll probably renew. It’s a good game even with my limited time.

EVE Online. I subscribed with a PLEX and then played once or twice. Truth of the matter is as much as I adore this game (and I do) I really want to play it with TWO accounts and that’s just not viable for me at this time. I probably won’t renew until I can afford to activate both my accounts, so maybe once my EQ2 subscription runs out. Don’t get me wrong, I love the game, I love playing, but I really like both accounts active so I can make full use of things.

Wurm Online / Unlimited. I currently have two active accounts in Wurm Online, Stargrace, and Blesse (a Vynora priest). I’ve got three active deeds (two on Xanadu and one on Independence) and while I haven’t been doing much to them aside from keeping up with the fields and animals, I still enjoy logging in every day. Wurm is one of those games that just really relaxes me. Plus I can leave it up and running while I putter around with my little one in real life. I also logged into Wurm Unlimited to check on my deed there. One had fallen (I re-deeded the place, my buildings and walls were all still standing) over on Sklotopolis, and over on Age of Urath – well, that server is apparently done now. It had a lock symbol by it with no users online. Should have stuck with my first choice! I also noticed a “new” server with the highest population these days, Zaneth. I’m incredibly cautious about new servers because it seems like there’s a huge overturn and you never know if the server will actually stick around but as long as I don’t go off and donate right away (like I have in the past) then I suppose there’s no real harm in checking things out.

In the meantime life is pretty busy. I get maybe an hour of gaming a day, which isn’t anything to sneeze at, and by rotating what I play I keep from getting bored. Of course it does seem that as soon as I settle in to do a dungeon or improve some weapons my little guy is waking up and begging for my attention, but hey that’s the joys of parenthood. He’s 4.5 months old right now, and while things haven’t exactly gotten easier yet, they’re constantly changing.

I hope everyone else has been having a great time despite the turmoil that seems to be enclosing around the world. Are you checking out Conan Exiles? What about ESO’s big announcement today? Did you give For Honor a try? Head to PAX South? Let me know in comments, and as always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Oh Look, a PLEX!

Finding games that are easy to step away from at a moments notice has been one of my main game criteria since Leo was born. WoW doesn’t really fit into that category unless I’m doing nothing but pet battles, EQ2 fits fairly well as long as I’m just crafting or running quick instances – and lately I’ve (once again) felt the tug of EVE Online. The game has recently adopted a version of free to play that I was keen on checking out (also called having an alpha account) and I had a feeling I had a spare PLEX kicking around in case I wanted to upgrade to Omega.

I think I had logged in for a grand total of 10 minutes before I decided to activate my PLEX. I couldn’t fly my Tengu or train any of the skills I had been working on previously without upgrading, and honestly, why not. I have enough ISK to purchase another PLEX or two in the future if I want, and maybe I can earn enough cash to cover a subscription for the year or something. We’ll see how it goes.


As always, first thing I had to do was figure out what I was working on and why I was in the station I was currently in. Failing to do that I moved straight to my R&D agents, and decided to work faction because one of my agents is still only rank 1, and they give my most important datacores. So I flew out to the Amarr Empire, and started working distribution quests for Kaalakiota. My other R&D agents are at least rank 3, with one being rank 4, so I’d like to catch up the one that’s slagging behind. It’ll mean a lot of missions, but hey that’s something to do (and I really enjoy running them most of the time).

I also hopped into my hulk for a little belt mining while I was nursing, and noticed that my hulk has one less high slot than it used to before (the strip miner I had equipped in there was red, and when I removed it the slot was gone altogether). I’m not sure when that change happened, but as I told someone yesterday, changes happen in games and for the most part they don’t phase me, I just need to learn to adapt and adjust.

I also joined the Help channel so I could quietly lurk and learn more about what’s going on. I see a lot of talk about citadels, reduced tax rate, and selling PLEX 1 jump away from JITA to take advantage of that reduced tax rate. People were (for the most part) pretty helpful and answered all sorts of questions, so I imagine I’ll be able to learn quite a bit as I dive back into things.

I wasn’t exactly sure where I left off with my skill training, I’m just over 34 million points, which is not that much these days. I decided to finish up my ore processing skills. Once I’m done faction work to my hearts content I’d like to get back into some mining, as well as some production. I haven’t actually checked on my planetary interaction in months so I’ve got no clue what I was doing or where to pick up with that, but I’m sure I’ll get there with time (as long as I give it a little time).

It feels nice to be flying the skies again. We’ll see how long it lasts (normally this is something that is more of a money issue than a time issue). I’m also still in EQ2, alternating between the two games when / where I can. Leo also loves to watch me fly around in my ship – I can’t wait until he’s a little older and a bit more interactive with the games I’m playing.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Holidays and Games

It’s hard for me to believe that 2016 is almost over. This year has been such a mixture of emotions that I honestly don’t know if I’m happy to be starting 2017 or if I’m sad to be leaving the year behind. Even though I haven’t been posting very frequently here on MmoQuests, I HAVE been getting some gaming in daily – in between doing the whole new Mom thing which eats up about 99.9% of my time. I’m STILL recuperating from my c-section back in September. My hematoma isn’t completely healed, and I still have home nurses coming to pack and bandage the wound. I had hoped this would be over by now but apparently my body had other ideas.

Leo is now 13 weeks old, 8 weeks adjusted (because he was 5 weeks early). He’s thriving, and growing by leaps and bounds – but it’s also a difficult time as he has pretty bad colic and suffers from gas, so he spends a lot of his days crying every time he wants to fart or poop. It makes for a very tired Mommy and Daddy but we hang in there.

This Christmas is the first where I won’t be doing many of my traditions because I’m just too tired and there simply isn’t enough hours in the day. I have no family here, so I don’t have any parties or dinners to go to, but I still have simple traditions I like to keep up. I didn’t get myself (or Leo, too young) an advent calendar, and because money is tight we only bought Leo two presents and we’re going to hold off on anything more. I did send a few gifts as a secret santa exchange with my family, but I didn’t even get around to mailing out Christmas cards this year, and I only received two cards from others where I’d normally have 15+ displayed on my walls. I did put up the Christmas tree, but after a week the lights all burnt out and I haven’t replaced them. Sounds pretty pathetic, but I’m hoping that next year when Leo is older things will slowly get back to what I consider “normal”. I’m quickly learning that parenting is hard, and as much as I love kids I may not actually be that fond of babies. I haven’t had a lot of chances to vent (or places to vent) so.. there you have it. Now, lets get on to gaming!

After attempting to play on the EverQuest progression server I decided that it just required way too much time and attention, so I swapped over to EverQuest 2 and my old characters there. I quickly fell in love as I was reminded of all the joyous occasions I’ve had in game even though it has gone through some significant changes. I purchased the latest expansion, and my little guild of three people have been playing together once again.

Things have changed since Daybreak became a thing. Antonia Bayle is no longer the most populated server, and groups are hard to come by. Since I don’t really have time to do dungeons this doesn’t bother me too much. What I’ve been doing is working on getting my characters to 100, in both adventuring and crafting, doing the Kunark Ascended timeline, and then ascending my characters into their respective classes. I also created two new characters, a troubador named Mousical (ratonga of course), and a necromancer named Quails (also a ratonga). Add that to the 9 characters I already had, and it’s a pretty full house.

I haven’t started the crafting timeline yet, but it rewards a really nice cloak and that’s next on my list of things to do. There have been plenty of in-game events with Frostfell going on, and I may have spent a day or two crafting various housing items so I could decorate the guild hall for Christmas. My guild mates have been fantastic about my need to randomly go AFK, so I spend a lot of time on autofollow as we complete various solo / advanced solo dungeons, or just play around in older raids. We attempted a few of the “new” (a few expansions old now) fabled raids, but those kicked our asses, so they’re on a wait list while we gear up.

Inflation has become a HUGE issue. A krono sells for 300,000 plat, and people are not shy about throwing that sort of money around. I have a grand total of 40,000 plat, and thought that was a large amount. I often see loot being sold on the auction channel for 100-400k which is just insane to me.

Despite all of this I’m having a lot of fun. If you happen to be in game, please don’t hesitate to look me up! You can typically find me as the two characters mentioned above, or Stargrace, or some other rendition of me. Doing a /who all torrent knights will bring up either myself or one of my two guild mates.

I’m also contemplating diving back into EVE Online as it’s something I could play without too much trouble from my laptop, and hanging out in highsec doing mining missions or some such wouldn’t be that difficult if I had to randomly AFK. I spend most of my days with twitch on the television and I’ve had an absolute blast getting to know other streamers and refining what it is I like about some streamers vs. others.

All in all, things are going. It’s not always bad, it’s certainly not always good, but the days keep passing and we all keep trying our best.

Happy holidays, from my little family to yours.