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Playing Catch Up

I’ve been away from EQ2 since 2016, so of course I’ve missed out on a few expansions worth of content. One of my broader goals while I’m playing is to get my crafters caught up; including the quest chains (signature) that they’re missing. I had a few characters who were not quite 100 crafter (that was the cap when I played last) so my initial goal is to get them all to 100 through guild writs. Then after that, they’ll start signature quests. It’s a long and tedious process, but one that I actually find quite enjoyable. For each character that you have at cap, you gain a 20% bonus for the alts. I know that there’s probably going to be an expansion coming up that raises the level cap (again) and I’d like to be ready for it. I am not 100% sure that I’ll be playing, but I’d like to be.

Thing is, almost everyone I know is playing FFXIV. I also want to be playing FFXIV. I think that game is incredible – but I also don’t want to be paying for more than one subscription at a time, and I’m not ready to bail on EQ2 yet, having just returned and invested in the current expansion. I’m fighting off the urge with all of my being. There was a time when I might have subscribed to 2-3 maybe even 4 MMO at once, but these days I’m a lot more realistic about where I put my money. After all, I could subscribe to one MMO and have some play money left over for yarn, or.. well, you see what I’m getting at here. Yarn > all.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

My First Celestial

I finally got my very first celestial loot today! I think it was from a chest as I was going around clearing out quests, and I’m tickled that it was such a nice upgrade over what I was wearing previously. I’ve been working on the Reign of Shadows signature quest line, and slowly unlocking zones and dungeons for my account(s). A real life friend has also returned to Antonia Bayle, so we’ve been clearing out some old raid zones that used to smack us around back in the day. Thanks to the ability to mentor down using a chrono feature, the encounters were worth loot, and a lot of awesome guild status. Our tiny guild of three is almost level 97, which I’m quite proud of after all of these years!

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Older Halfling Homes

My inquisitor (who happens to own a room in Qeynos) has an adorable halfling sized home that I’m quite proud of, even if it has aged a bit. She has all of her comforts, as well as a nice fulfilling kitchen. What sort of halfling would she be if she didn’t have an impressive pantry, after all! It was lovely to go back to her home and tour through her collection of items. Each character of mine has their own home decorated to suit their personalities. I’ve always loved that EQ2 gave me the opportunity to do that.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Searching for a Halfling Home

This week I created a new character over on the Maj’dul server, and joined a small group of friends who are going through some older content. I decided to go with a Halfling coercer – sometime between when I played last in 2016 and now, they moved enchanters over to the ‘neutral’ category so that you could be either illusionist or coercer with any race available. In the past, coercers were limited to evil races. Illusionists were limited to good races. I love coercers. It’s my favourite class. I also love halflings, they’re my favourite race. It made sense that I went with this combination.

I made it to level 30 pretty easily and that’s where I turned all of my adventure experience to AA so that I could stay at this level for a while. I also decided to go down the jewel craft line for crafting, and I made it to level 55. That lets me get some mount quests out of the way and unlocks some things that would be unavailable unless I raised my adventure level.

Next was to find a home. I’m using my second account for this character, so I don’t have a lot of the bells and whistles that my main account has. I did have a few veteran bonuses to claim, and after touring through a number of different prestige homes, I settled on the Isle of Refuge.

I plan on creating a farm / garden type home for my halfling coercer, and refurbishing the basement that comes in the mage tower into some sort of bedroom. These days there are tons of building blocks and other items you can use to completely build your dream home from scratch, and I’d like mine to be halfling sized. There’s also an editor you can use to make sure your items get placed exactly how you’d like them, flipping and rotating them and all that good stuff. The homeshow channel (/join antonia_ bayle.homeshow) is as active as ever, with competitions and events being posted on the forums, and once again I’m reminded of how hands-on this community is (and how much I love it). For now, there’s very little in the home, but I’m sure that will change with time.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Leveling up a Berserker

I recently started (another) new character, this time a gnome zerker on my second account. I tend to power level using my husband’s 120 zerker, and I follow zones that I’ve done for years now. We start in Commonlands, head to Wailing Caverns, then go over to Enchanted Lands, Runnyeye, and then Feerrott and Cazic Thule. This time when we showed up Venekor was there waiting, too. Even mentored at level 45 he posed zero threat, and dropped a nice bunch of fabled gear along with a handful of master spells. I am not sure if that stuff sells any more, but I put it all up on the auction house in any case. The zerker is now level 46, and I’ll head to the Sinking Sands to complete the dungeons there some time tomorrow.

I know the popular method of leveling these days is to run Agnostic Dungeons until 96 when they become pointless (and at 100 you can no longer run them at all) but I love exploring the ‘regular’ zones.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

The Specifics

What have I been up to since I’ve returned to game? Well, to start it off I do have three active accounts – these were the same accounts I had active on EQ1, since station access grants all access across games, I just continued playing them. I’m used to the alt-tab method of boxing, and since EQ2 has a spell queue system, it’s pretty simple. I spent a little time deciding what I wanted my group to be and settled on my coercer/carpenter, fury/sage, berzerker/woodworker for the main group – along with two mercenary. That leaves me with room to invite others to play, or to use the mercenary depending on whether or not I can find a group. Next came leveling. The berzerker and the fury are already 120, but the coercer is(was) sitting at level 100 from when I played last and was leveling in Skyshrine. I’m not sure where to level these days, most people say that questing through PoM is the way to go, and then you can get from 110-120 in about three hours of pre-blood of luclin questing. I’m not quite at that point yet, but I did take the coercer to the Plane of Magic to quest, and she’s sitting at level 105.

Next was to work on their crafting. I’ve been trying to get them all to at least 100 crafter, and then working on the tradeskill quests to raise them further. Right now the sage just hit level 51, and the woodworker and carpenter were already at 100 from last time I played. I have them training their mounts, training their mercenary, training familiars, participating in Overseer – and that’s pretty much where I’m at so far. I’ve been doing two solo dungeons in RoS (current content) but I haven’t continued the timeline yet because I want that coercer to be able to quest as well, and for now she’s too small.

When the summer event starts next week (the 10th is the reported date) I’ll have three more 120 boosts (one per account) and I plan on using them to boost up some alts, not only for the 20% bonus they provide for having max level characters, but also to give me some options if I don’t feel like using the static group. I’ve also been participating in the Festivals that are ongoing, the Tinkerers Fest ends tonight at 1am and the Kelethin city festival is going on right now. With all of the writs I’ve been doing I have a lot of city tokens to be able to spend. Speaking of which, the guild is inching its way towards 95 in which case I MIGHT actually upgrade the guild hall to a T4 hall instead of a T3 one (I can’t actually remember if it’s 95 for this or 100). I know it’s just me actively playing right now, but my guild is compromised of a few real life friends who haven’t played since 2016 and I find the status and plat requirements fairly simple these days.

In any case, that’s where I’m at and what I’m up to! As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Producer’s Letter

Before anyone asks, yes, there are still updates to EQ2 – so what’s coming up? The producer’s letter goes into details on what we can expect this summer, including an update that is releasing August 10th, just around the corner. They are also going to be running a sort of ‘welcome back’ promotion, where if you’ve got an all access account you can obtain a 120 character boost. I do NOT suggest this for anyone actually returning to the game, but at least grab it and use it for an alt (which is exactly what I plan on doing). There will be bonus satchels if you’re questing in Reign of Shadows (the latest expansion) and are also an all access member, and they include things like currency.

There used to be an event called Days of Summer – which is being renamed this year to Panda, Panda, Panda! I’ve actually never participated in this before, so I’m looking forward to checking it out and seeing what everyone else is talking about when they mention it. Apparently it involves lots of .. everything. Catching your characters up, housing, that sort of stuff.

At the end of the letter there was also some sort of centaur hint, but we’ll just have to see what that is all about! I’m not sure that ‘excited’ is the right word to use, but I am certainly looking forward to seeing these events first hand. It feels comfortable to be playing, and I like that.

A Few Days In – Now What?

I’ve been back playing EQ2 for a few days now, and I’m starting to settle into a bit of a rhythm (finally). I’ve been able to complete two solo dungeons from the latest expansion, upgraded a few pieces of gear, did some crafting, and even worked on some of the timelines to the expansions I skipped (unintentionally, I should not have used the 120 boost I got from buying the latest expansion, so I wanted to go back and complete what I had missed).

The game is pretty quiet compared to 5 years ago when I played last – but there are definitely people around, and they have a lot of passion for the game. Chat is not overwhelming, but it is active. There’s people around in most of the zones I head off to, and while I haven’t quite hit the pace I used to have, I’m getting there. I’m comfortable enough with things that I’m going to stick with it for a while and see how it goes. There’s still so much more I want to do, including working on housing – oh, and alts. I have so many alts that need some attention!

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Let’s Try That Again

After many failed dungeon attempts yesterday, I started reading the forums (and you’ll see this echoed in comments from yesterday’s post too) to try to figure out where I was going wrong. Surely there must be something very basic that I was missing to create such a cluster of fail. Turns out, I was. I stumbled across this post that talked about the exact encounter I was having problems with, and it wasn’t just me.

Returning players can’t just take their 120 boosted and call it a day. No, you have to make sure that you reach a potency and a fervor, and a HP, and other thresholds. You need to go do what is commonly called ‘panda quests’ for augments, you need to get the gear out of the crate that is in the starter zone to the latest expansion (and the one prior) and then take the augments out of that gear, and use it in yours.

It was also suggested that I work on crafters first so I could help my characters out – fantastic suggestion, because I only have adept rank spells right now, and I want at LEAST expert. Those cost 10,000 platinum each which is pretty cheap compared to the inflation of today, but well out of my price range. Crafting those spells/skills will be a much better option.

That being said, things DID get better as I learned the ‘new’ way of playing. I did manage to do two Echo Caverns solo adventures, got some upgrades, even dinged my guild level 92! I had a really great time, and I slowly, ever so slowly, started remembering WHY I played EQ2 for so many years. I obtained a few more familiar, I did all of my Overseer quests for the day, and after three days of trying, felt like “hey, maybe I could stick with this for a bit”.

Honestly? It was lovely. I’m looking forward to things a little bit more now.

Restless in Life – Restless in Gaming

Well, that happened. I was looking at my EQ2 housing and remembering all of the good moments I had in the game – and since I was already subscribed through station access (since I’ve been playing EQ1 for a month or so) I found myself purchasing the latest EQ2 expansion and trying to figure out what I was doing last time I played, back in 2016. Thing is, when you purchase a copy of the latest expansion they also toss in a 120 boost, I assume so you can get right back up to speed playing with friends (or whoever is left) so of course I used it on my main character.

That was a bit of a mistake. They don’t actually explain any of the game systems or mechanics to you, so now I’m 120 with even less of an idea of what to do than before. I haven’t started ascension, and everything I’m reading says the four NPC who handle that should talk to me (but they don’t). I didn’t know about the hidden daily familiar quest in Freeport/Qeynos (why would I, there’s no feather to mark it!) or what familiars were, or how to go about getting one. I knew about Overseer thanks to EQ1, but it works a bit different in EQ2. So far I only have three agents, and three quests available to me. I’m sure that will change with time. I need to be level 10 before I can start doing the daily for THAT, which is also in the starter cities.

I ended up doing the public quest for the tinkerer’s festival again, this time in Antonica. There’s an achievement for doing it 5 times, and it’s one of the most obnoxious PQ I’ve ever done. I did get a familiar for my efforts, so that was nice.

I attempted to head into a solo mission from the latest expansion, but it took me so long to kill anything, after the first two named I gave up and called it a night. No deaths, just incredibly long boring fights. I don’t want to start characters over yet since I’ve got a whole lot of them already sitting at 100 (or 120) but I feel like EQ2 does a very poor job of directing returning players to any direction at all. My inventory is filled with items I’ve gotten in the mail that port me to what I presume are the starters of various expansions – but examining these items doesn’t give me enough of a clue as to what expansion they belong to, or which one is newest. They’re more like “hey so and so wants to talk to you! Click this item to head there” type descriptions. Not useful if you haven’t kept up with the news/lore.

That doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying my (slow) return – I am. I just also find it frustrating, and after two days of trying to break into these systems I still don’t feel like I have any direction on what to do next. I have finally figured out familiars, I have figured out Overseer, I still have no idea what I’m missing ascension wise, and I’m not completely sure what I should be working on or what I missed that was important. I do plan on continuing on, and I’m doing my best to figure things out. I’m just also slightly frustrated.

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