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What Was I Thinking..

I haven’t played EQ2 for five years. Prior to my son being born I had also taken a few years break here and there, and I haven’t properly played in.. well, a long time.

That being said, even 15 years later, MOST of the posts on this blog are about that game. That game where I met my husband. Where I made amazing connections and some of my very best friends. Even all these years later it’s hard to give up. It’s hard to move on, and to remember that I am not that person any more, and that game has changed too.

I’ve been having an absolute blast playing EverQuest and for some reason today I thought to myself ‘well, wouldn’t it be nice to check out my old houses in EQ2’ and I should have known better. I should have known better because I spent countless hours on those houses setting them up exactly the way I wanted – and I love them so much. My favourite place in all of Norrath is my library where I have over 700 unique player written books. I spent hours buying any new book I found on the broker. Some are silly, some are sad. Written by players who have long since left the game, and some who have left this world.

It feels silly to have such an attachment to this game. It hasn’t been ground breaking for some time. It’s not talked about in any of my circles. Yet here I am. Logged in, watching chat, reminiscing. I’m vaguely contemplating buying the most recent expansion and leveling my characters up – why? I am not even sure. Could be fun! I don’t have the faintest idea about anything any more. I see they’ve added Vah Shir, and that’s pretty neat. Overseer is a thing too, which I’ve been playing in EverQuest.

Anyone else out there still playing? Thoughts?

Inflation? Just a Little..

The last time I played EverQuest 2, the level cap was 100. Now it’s 120. The year was 2017 and the items posted above I had for sale for … significantly less. Back then, they didn’t sell. Fast forward almost 4 years to the day since I played (I was playing in May of 2017) and they’ve sold for significantly more than I priced them for in 2017, but for significantly less than what market value these days is, thanks to – you guessed it – inflation.

Honestly, I took a look at 120 master spells and they’re selling for over a MILLION plat minimum. I think the cheapest I saw was 1.2 million and they just went up from there. The krono (item you purchase for a single month of game time) is at over 11 million plat each now.

It’s hard for me to fathom that sort of gold.

That ONE Game

Lets face it, we probably all have a special spot (or two) for that game. A game we want to love, that we keep installed or maybe even keep a subscription to, but we don’t actually play it. Every time we work up the courage to log in something stops us from going further. I can’t be the only one, right?

For me that game is of course EverQuest 2 (and the original can probably fall under that umbrella too). Back in December of last year me and my husband found ourselves with a few extra hours while kiddo was asleep (typically on me) in the early morning hours, and we wanted something we could play together so we returned to Norrath. Even picked up the latest expansion. I subscribed for a year. What was I thinking! It has been ages since I played any game for a year straight let alone one that has fallen so far off my radar I shouldn’t even have it installed.

We played for a few months but then a combination of things happened. As kiddo started getting bigger he was awake more hours and wanted more attention. This baby has always been pretty high maintenance and that hasn’t changed. Then we got to a point in the game where we couldn’t get any more upgrades doing content with just the two of us, we would have to group – except finding a group and having time for that when I never knew when I would be called away was next to impossible.

The other half stopped playing first. No real surprise there, we may have met in EQ2 and it will always have a soft spot for us because of that, but the game has changed, the players have changed, WE have changed, and we were looking for things that just don’t exist for us in that game any more. I trudged on, convinced I could do something myself and that I wouldn’t need groups, or that I could invent a magical group that could complete content in the 15 minutes free I had.

Silly Stargrace.

Months go by, I don’t log in. Then EQ2Wire announces they’re shutting down and nostalgia rears its head and suddenly I find myself pushing the play button. I still have a subscription until December, wouldn’t I just like to peak in and see how things are.

It might have been different if channels worked and I saw any sign of life in game – but for some reason my global channels were all missing (I believe it has to do with a bug of copying another character’s UI) and I was once again in game alone. The last time anyone logged on in our small guild of three was almost a year ago. I don’t want to play an MMO alone. I’ve got a whole steam library of single player games for that. So I checked my broker (made 2k platinum, yay!) and logged out. Needless to say I won’t be renewing my subscription this time around.

I keep trying to find a magical MMO that I can play in the few brief moments I have here and there but lets face it that probably won’t happen again for a few more years. For now I’ll continue to flounder about, pretending to play games where I get nothing accomplished in the hopes that something will eventually stick. Guild Wars 2 is a good one since it has no subscription. I have been logging in daily and getting a few things done here and there but honestly I’m waiting for the expansion to go live – mounts sound exciting.

For everyone reading – what’s that one game you keep installed and you have good intentions about but you never actually end up playing it? Let me know in comments, I know it can’t just be me.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Goodbye, EQ2 Wire

Fan sites are essential to video games. They draw communities together and they help to create hype for the games we all love and share. They provide players with a ‘space’ out there on the internet, something creative that doesn’t have to constantly be monitored by those who run the games.

I remember Feldon very well even though we’ve never met in person. I served with him a number of years on the SOE community council (is that still a thing?) back when it was SOE and not Daybreak. He has always been incredibly opinionated, and sometimes that didn’t go over too well – but he was always honest and true to himself and his site which I admired in a huge way.  I’ve used his site countless times over the years, both when I was a hardcore EQ2 player and just to keep up on things while I was away. He brought honest and informative news to EverQuest 2 players for many MANY years in what can only be considered a thankless job.

Well, not completely thankless. A tough job though, that’s for sure.

I’m incredibly sad to see him shutting his doors after so many years. I think it will be a hard niche to fill as well as he did and I think that Daybreak is worse off for his leaving especially with the demise of sites like ZAM. I do wish him all the best and I completely understand his branching off to pursue other hobbies, we all have them even though video games may encompass a large portion.

So thank you, anyone and everyone who has worked on EQ2Wire. Dellmon, Feldon, and anyone else behind the scenes. Your presence will be greatly missed.

EQ2 Has a New Progression Server (But it’s Not for Me)

EverQuest 2 opened up a new server yesterday, a timelocked progression called Fallen Gate. I have such a sweet spot in my heart for EQ2 that I jump in pretty frequently even though the game has changed well beyond what I enjoy these days (and beyond what I have time to play). Even though I said I wasn’t going to play any new MMOs and I was going to settle (has it only been a week?) I found myself creating a ratonga necromancer and before I could help myself I was on the Isle of Refuge.

After completing a few quests I realized that I wasn’t really having fun. Chat was different, people were harping on one another depending on whether they played on live servers or had just returned to check out the fun. You do need a subscription to play on the TL servers, but there was a lot more animosity than I remember. There were lots of folks around and it was a joy to see, but I wasn’t feeling it. Every time previous that I had returned the rose coloured glasses that I wore lasted at least more than one play session – but not this time.

Maybe it’s because I myself was overly tired, maybe it’s because I find myself having a hard time getting into anything these days besides quick little games that I can easily jump out of, but the traditional lure that I counted on being there just wasn’t.

I logged out and spent the rest of my evening playing a silly little clicker game I picked up from the steam sale. Sometimes you just need to know what you’re in the mood for, and what you’re not.

I hope those who are playing have a fantastic time, even if it wasn’t for me. I’m sure I’ll still stop into EQ2 on occasion, but until I have more time it’s easier to just live those events vicariously through someone else.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

EQ2 and a Free Level 100 Character

Every so often I still get the urge to log into EQ2 and poke around, even though I really don’t have a lot of time to play the game (ie: I don’t have enough time to get a group together to do things). I heard that Daybreak was giving away a ‘free’ level 100 character for people who logged in before May 22nd, so I eagerly patched my launcher – only to have it crash with an error 10x in a row. I took to the forums and found that a lot of others had the same issue. So I waited it out.

Saturday I was able to log in without any issues, and in my /claim window I was granted my level 100 character boost. Now most of my characters are already level 100 because right after my Son was born I had a lot of free time on my hands while he was sleeping the days away (not so much these days). I only had two characters out of my collection who were not already level 100. A dirge, and an inquisitor. I decided I would boost up the dirge.

I have incredibly fond memories of EQ2 as anyone who has been reading this blog for the past (almost) 11 years knows – but things have changed over the years. I’ve changed. The game has changed. How the game is played is changed. I return, but never to the same extent as I did back then. It’s just not possible. It’s not a bad thing either, it’s just how things are. I miss how things used to be, too. I miss raiding. I miss the community. I remember it all with fondness though and I don’t “blame” the game for changing because I think that it’s 1. completely natural for things to change over time and 2. completely necessary. Plus like I mentioned above, it’s not just the game that has changed, I’ve changed too. What I want out of a game has changed. What I can give into a game has changed. I find it a bit of a fascinating rabbit hole to dive down and think about, really.

Anyway. It was good to log in, I’m glad I boosted my character, and yes, almost immediately after I logged out. My station access is probably up before too long and I just can’t justify paying for another year of the game when my time is so limited. I feel the same about my World of Warcraft subscription which is also set to expire before too long. Of course if anyone would like to nudge a donation my way I’d keep them active (lol) – can’t blame a gal for trying! Speaking of subscriptions, EVE Online has once again been calling my name. There’s a game that I absolutely adore that doesn’t require a whole lot from me if I choose to play it that way (invention, mining, running missions, etc). Something to think about in any case.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself!

Epic 2.0

People have been in a frantic dash to figure out the latest epic quests in EverQuest 2 – the Epic 2.0. There’s a few details that I’ve heard (and seen over on EQ2i) that have some people upset. I have been listening to the chatter in the EQ2 discord channel because I am no where near ready to begin this massive undertaking.

You need to complete city quests in Freeport or Qeynos (depending on your alignment). You also need to be a level 100 tradeskiller. Since I want to do the 2.0 on my latest character (my brand new necromancer) that means I have a while to go. I’m only level 35 at the moment in my crafting.

You also need to be level 5 ascension before you can even begin, and that takes approximately a month of grinding every single day. There are rumours that you need to be level 10 ascension level before you can complete the epic, which means three months of grinding every single day. Perhaps this is a way to keep people subscribed and playing your game? Not sure.

I know the mage epic involves a KP named that others are killing to grief mages, and people are unhappy about that. The tradeskill portion cannot be commissioned, and the non-tradeskilling players are upset about that. I imagine crafters are going to be upset too because they would typically make money off of the adventurers who didn’t want to craft, and now everyone who wants their 2.0 will be forced to do it. I don’t like the idea of forcing crafters to adventure any more than I like the idea of making adventurers craft. Some people just like to do one or the other (or neither). Allowing people to ‘play the game their way’ is much more important to me.

Still, 2.0 has people pretty excited, and I like to see that. I haven’t seen any completed ones yet, so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s all worth it in the end.

As always, happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.


Yesterday was a really tough day. My little guy has been going through colic and yesterday was one of his more difficult days with it. Colic is just another word for ‘unexplained crying’ – where you’ve taken care of the basics for your little one, and they still cry, for what seems like no apparent reason that you can figure out. Burped. Bathed. Fed. Changed. Bounced. Walked. Talked. Sang. Swung. You try all of the tactics in your arsenal and for whatever reason your baby decides to keep on wailing. Sometimes for hours.

So that was Leo.

Then I found out my hematoma that I’ve been dealing with since September is once again infected. To be blunt this absolutely wrecked me. I’ve been trying so hard to heal up and get rid of this wound that I’ve had since my c-section that it just made me burst into tears to see it this way again. It took me three weeks last time to have my doctor finally prescribe some antibiotics and I’m not sure I even have the strength to go through that argument with him again. I have nurses coming tomorrow to look at things (they’ve been coming every two days and then twice a week ever since it happened) and I’ll see what they say.

To say I was in low spirits would be an understatement.

Then I received a very nice letter from a random person on steam, and along with it a game from my steam wishlist. This person had “known” me since I started writing about EQ/EQ2 many years ago (2017 will be my 11th year) and they wanted to let me know that they appreciated my posts. I don’t write a lot of controversial stuff, so my posts tend to remain without comments or discussion but I have always simply written for myself and the simple joy of writing. I have met some wonderful people through my blog over the years, and I have received my share of whispers and tells and notes from those who have followed along.

This note (and game) came at a time when I was feeling pretty low about things. We had heard that Carrie Fisher passed away, as well as the Author of Watership Down. 2016 has not been a kind year. In 2017, I’d like to see more kindness. To ourselves. To each other. To strangers. It’s kindness like the one I mentioned above that keeps people going, keeps them believing, keeps them pushing on when their day to day lives may be difficult.

It’s pretty easy to be kind in a video game setting, and that’s something I want to do more of moving forward.

Happy gaming, no matter where you find yourself.

Epic Repercussions (again)

My necromancer hasn’t been around for very long but I already have a list of things I wanted to complete on the character starting with my fabled epic which I completed a few days ago. The necromancer epic is incredibly simple. It requires no factions and just a handful of old dungeons. Once I had the fabled, I went to the mythical. That one required Protector’s Realm, Leviathan, and Nexona from Veeshan’s Peek. I mentored down and completed them all solo without too much issue.

After that it was time to start Epic Repercussions, and that quest probably took me the most amount of time, but I got it completed this morning. Now the necromancer is set to begin her 2.0 whatever that entails. Since she’s “new” there’s lots of faction and language work that I haven’t done on her yet. I also want to work her up as a provisioner. I do already have a level 100 provisioner but she’s on Maj’Dul which isn’t much use to me these days.

I leveled the carpenter to 100, bringing my crafters to 5/9 at level 100.

Next up? Probably working on the signature line for the previous expansion. There’s an ethereal I can get if I complete both that signature line and the one for Kunark Ascending. I’m not sure how long it is or how complicated but hopefully it’s not too bad. I’m still using twark gear in my off-hand, so completing this and getting the ethereal would be really nice. Then it’s back to faction work in KA.

Busy busy!

A Response to a Response (or Time Management)

This post is in response to one I read over at Inventory Full and it probably won’t offer any useful information at all, but I did want to explain how I manage my time these days in order to be able to complete what I can in EQ2.

I “play” roughly two hours a day. I put quotes around play because I’m actually in game all day long. I have EQ2 set up on my MacBook Pro which I keep beside the couch, and the couch is basically where I live as I nurse the newborn / his change table is nearby / Netflix is nearby / etc. So when I’m nursing or doing something else I can still watch chat and while I may not actually be moving my character around, I can type on-handed, or my husband can drag me around an instance and I can hit accept for loot. I don’t consider this actively playing though.

What it comes down to is time management. It takes approximately one hour to grab the quests and run through every solo and advanced solo dungeon in KA (it takes myself as a necromancer and my husband as a wizard this amount of time, your time may vary). That leaves one more hour for whatever else happens to catch my fancy that isn’t group related, because on Antonia Bayle at least there’s no way I’m going to find a group in that time or complete a dungeon. Normally I just end up crafting or running through older instances. There are so few people on Antonia Bayle that the Jarsath Wastes PQ has failed multiple times now since the recent changes (the statue stays kneeling for less time than before). I do still manage to complete the PQs a few times a day though, since I’m logged into the game all day long and they respawn every two hours (approx). I complete each of them maybe three times. I typically leave my character in the guild hall transportation room or in JW / Fens in order to be right where the action is when it goes live. I can do all of that one handed, or have the husband move my characters for me.

Do I think the expansion was worth the cost? For the basic version, yes, I certainly do. I’m getting more than my monies worth out of it and I think the value is great, especially because there IS a lot of content – it’s just content that you have to repeat, every day. How many times do you want to run through the exact same solo / advanced solo dungeons before you get bored of it. The signature line takes my characters two or three days to complete, and I have 7 level 100 characters. I was also disappointed that Daybreak didn’t add any bonus experience or any Frostfell sales over the holidays, it just felt very un-festive.

That being said, there’s lots of things I’m not currently working on that I should / could / will one day work on. I need to complete the Thalumbra signature line on a few characters still. I kept up with crafting on that one, but not adventuring. I still haven’t completed all of the Frostfell quests. The Mushroom Grotto event was a bust (for me) since it doesn’t last enough time, and of course the holidays are busy for everyone.

With the spare time that I DO get in game, I make sure I know what I’m doing and I run off and do that right away because I don’t know how long that time will last. Lately that includes farming one very specific solo dungeon when my timers are up because an item there sells on our server for 150k (charm with 1k potency). I could really use that sort of cash.

Anyway. That’s how I’m spending my time these days. Again please do feel free to drop me a hello in game! I’m on Antonia Bayle as Stargrace / Quails / Mousical – it may take me a few to respond if I’m not actually around but in most cases I have no issue watching the chat scroll by. Helps to make me feel a bit more human instead of a constant milking machine…

Happy gaming! No matter where you find yourself.

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